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NOTE: For the purpose of the story, Tezuka was born on October 1983 and Fuji on February 29 1984 although according to the canon which was set on 1999 (the year of the first publication) Tezuka's was born on 1982 and Fuji 1983. 1983 is not a leap year so I made it 1984. Also important to note is school year in Japan begins on April (according to wikipedia that it). So for example when the story was set on Valentine's Day 1990, Tezuka was 6 and Fuji was 5 and they're still about to enter grade school instead of already in 1st grade. There's a link to a spreadsheet in my LJ to make things clearer.

Disclaimer: The anime and manga version of PoT and SPoT don't belong to me. I only play with the characters and universe.

Making History

Wednesday, February 14 1990

Tezuka didn't understand what Valentine was all about. His grandfather grumbled about some unnecessary festival, while his parents traded strange glances all morning. He only knew it had something to do with chocolate, which he rarely ate. Surely an event involving such delicious thing couldn't be that bad, he thought as he ate the chocolate-flavored candy his mother gave him when she dropped him off at the kindergarten.

"Can I sit here?'

Tezuka looked at a boy who was standing in front of the bench he was sitting at at the playground. He had never seen him before, but thought his smile looked friendly. He nodded and tried not to stare as the boy sighed in relief and sat down next to him. He looked tired, like he just ran a good distance. Tezuka wondered where he had been and what he was running from but thought it was rude to ask the stranger.

Fuji just ran away from his own wedding. The drama that led to it (cat fight to get the right to be his bride was only entertaining for so long) exhausted him. He left a note explaining that he believed he wasn't ready for something so serious and she deserved better than him (as long as it's not poor Yuuta), and left home with a handful of dowry (bribe) from his bride.

"Girls sure are trouble, aren't they?" Fuji joked, thinking of the overeager brides he had left. His companion didn't say anything more than a vague hum, but Fuji didn't mind. He dug into his pocket to take a couple of bars of slightly melted chocolate and offered it to the brunet. "Would you like to have some?"

Tezuka hesitated. His parents told him not to take any food from strangers. But then again they also told him not to talk to strangers and yet his mother seemed to strike conversation with every single person she met. And surely, when they said strangers they didn't mean boys with friendly smiles and pretty blue eyes (yes, they were definitely blue eyes. Tezuka didn't know Japanese people could have that). Slowly, hoping that his family wouldn't be angry when they found out, Tezuka took a small (and sticky) bar of chocolate. "Thank you."

Fuji smiled wider and nodded. They ate in silence that felt like a blessing after all the screaming and whining he had heard. His new friend seemed to enjoy the delicacy more than he did, making euphoric face at every bite. Fuji wanted to ask why he looked like he had never eaten chocolate before but couldn't bring himself to break the peace. Besides, partly melted or not, chocolate would always be delicious. Fuji, as much as he loved spices, couldn't stop eating it.


The panicked call of the familiar voice roused Fuji. He looked at his new friend apologetically. "Sorry, I have to go. My mother is looking for me."

Tezuka nodded, feeling slightly disappointed. He had thought he would gain a new friend. He watched the boy went to his worried mother and apologized before going home. He watched the corner where they disappeared for a long time while finishing his chocolate, stupidly hoping for at least a wave goodbye. There was none, but Tezuka thought they would meet again anyway. Then he went home, a smile on his face as he thought of about the taste of his first Valentine's Day chocolate.

Monday, February 14 1994

A burden he didn't ask for was what came to Fuji's mind when he looked at the bagful of chocolate he was carrying home. He wasn't talking about physical burden; it was the responsibility that concerned him. Fuji knew how much Valentine's Day meant for girls. His sister had been fussing around the kitchen for days just to make the perfect chocolate for her crush to express her feeling for him. Girls took February 14th seriously. It's not just a festival for them, but a special event to express the affection they normally hid. And it was Fuji's responsibility to respond to the affection without hurting them.

"The only way out of this," Yumiko had said last year when they finished the chocolate Fuji got together. "is by getting a girlfriend." It was a good advice. In fact, Fuji would've done it if not for the fact that he was just nine and his parents would most definitely not approve of his having more than simple friendship with a girl. Fuji planned to start looking for a girlfriend once he's in junior high school. He just somehow had to survive another Valentine's Day next year without dying from chocolate overdose. Maybe he should feed Yuuta some of them. His brother wouldn't notice that his own pile of gifts had increased.

Valentine's Day was the most troublesome day of the year.

Tezuka didn't mean to complain. He certainly appreciated the trouble the girls had gone through to buy or make him chocolate. Considering how little he spoke to many of those girls, he was surprised that they cared enough to give him anything today. But what should he do with them? He certainly couldn't eat them all, but he couldn't throw them away, either. Tezuka sighed quietly, exasperated by girls' annual unreasonable, unbearable excitement.

Having a girlfriend was useful, Tezuka thought. His friend, Kyo, who had a girlfriend in another class, didn't get as many chocolate. Some girls did give him friendship chocolates, but that was it. He didn't have to go home carrying a bag of chocolate. He wouldn't have people stare and giggle at him. He wouldn't have to deal with disappointed girls on White Day. And to think Kyo was envious of him for getting so many chocolate!

Lost in thought of how to solve the chocolate issue, Tezuka bumped into someone when he rounded a corner. He quickly apologized then knelt to pick up chocolates that had spilt from his bag. He noticed that the stranger did the same, collecting his own fallen wrapped chocolates. His bag contained even more of the treat than Tezuka's if that's even possible.

"Sorry." Fuji apologized with a slightly weary smile. He had noticed the boy's bag of chocolate. From the look on his face, he seemed to enjoy the day as much as Fuji did. He knew he shouldn't be, but Fuji was glad that he wasn't the only one suffering today. The boy nodded and left quickly. He couldn't blame him. Fuji, too, didn't like being seen carrying so a bag of Valentine's Day gifts. People stared and even pointed and laughed, and Fuji could only completely ignore them for so long. He had to admit he was a little embarrassed, even though according to some of his friends he should be proud instead.

On his way home, Fuji promised himself that he would definitely get a girlfriend when he entered junior high school. He figured it was the polite way to reject a Valentine's gift. No one would be hurt and he wouldn't have to be responsible for any girl's heart, except for his girlfriend's. Yes, he decided with a bright smile, that was a good plan.


A/N: Nope it hasn't ended yet. There will be 7 more chapters and a little angst. Also, I apologize if anyone's offended by Tezuka and Fuji's view of getting girfriends. I personally disagree with them, but they're just kids in this fic and wouldn't know better. I hope you like it so far. Please R&R!