A/N: It's the final chapter! In a way, I wish I could make this as long as my other multichapter fics, esp. last chapter. Normally I would separate that chapter into two parts at least to avoid a certain plot I try to avoid: realization followed closely with a kiss, then a confession/suggestion. It's moving too fast for my taste, but we have a deadline, so I can only do my best to summarize one year in a paragraph or two. Anyway, enjoy this last chapter!

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Making History

Tuesday, February 14 2012

Fuji put the pizza between them and then opened a can of beer that he offered to Tezuka before opening one for himself. "Best anniversary party ever!" He exclaimed as he raised his can for a toast. He wouldn't mind using up all of his saving to bring Tezuka to a romantic getaway or take him to an expensive restaurant –Tezuka surely deserved it for being willing to tolerate him for so long. But Tezuka preferred intimate celebration, one that put focused on what truly mattered; the two of them.

"It's our first anniversary." Tezuka reminded him with an amused gleam in his eyes. Fuji had been very excited about their anniversary, coming to him with all sort of crazy ideas to make tonight special. To Tezuka, the night was special even without any kind of money-wasting activities. But he had to admit that it was flattering to see Fuji so willing to do anything to please him and prove how much he meant, even if it meant breaking the bank. Fortunately, Fuji finally agreed to keep the anniversary party very private.

This had been a strange year. They still weren't entirely sure how they got from best friends to lovers. They wished they could say that the transition was smooth, and indeed some things never changed. They had been seeing each other a lot in the year before they got together, now they just had to add more romancing to those meetings, which they also now called dates. But they had their arguments over little insignificant things, arguments that thankfully always ended well (if completely exhausted). Well, they didn't expect their relationship to be perfect anyway.

Fuji nodded absentmindedly, not wanting reality to get in the way of fantasy. It did feel like thay had been together for a very long time, but Tezuka was a realistic man while he was a visionary. The difference could be a source of arguments, but it was also one of the reasons why their relationship worked; because it forced them to work together as a team. "I believe we owe it to my music video."

"That music video?" Tezuka asked, cocking his eyebrow in disbelieve. "I'm glad you stick with being an architect." He commented dryly although they both knew that he had saved the video in his laptop.

They argued while finishing pizza and beer, stopping briefly when Fuji managed to convince Tezuka to prove that he had better music skill. After that they watched a silly romantic movie Fuji rented, only to ignore it in favor of a heated discussion on which one of them was the better boyfriend to each other. By the end of the night, they found themselves on the floor of Tezuka's living room, so tangled they almost couldn't find where one began and the other ended. It was normal to them. They had stopped assessing the situation, choosing to enjoy what was here and now.

"Move in with me." Tezuka said breathlessly.

Fuji propped himself up on his elbows, looking down at his friend of more than a decade and boyfriend of exactly one year. How they got to this moment, he still wasn't sure. But he was glad they did. "Isn't that a little too fast?" He asked although he was smiling widely.

"You mean too late." Tezuka retorted before kissing Fuji to stop him from teasing him for his eagerness. He pulled back when Fuji's gentle caresses through his shirt threatened to make him lose his patience. "Thank you." He said, stroking Fuji's cheek with his thumb. "For all the wonderful years you've given, and for this moment."

"Thank you for being you." Fuji replied. He reached for Tezuka's hand to hold it tightly. "And for letting me be me."

Tezuka smiled. "Happy first anniversary."

"Happy first anniversary." Fuji said, leaning down to close the gap between them again.

They spent the night marking the end of one chapter in their history and the beginning of another. This achievement might seem small to some, but still worth celebrating. It was a reminder of a year of love. It was their anniversary, the first of infinity.

The End

A/N: So my 50th fic in has finally come to an end! Anyway, maybe some of you think this fic ends pretty abruptly and I agree with you, but there are several reasons why it's like that. First, I want to focus on V-day only so I have a limit of how much I can write. Second reason is I don't know what else to write (I'm not that romantic). There's no more life-changing events I could think of and I think it's a little too weird if something big always happens on February 14. And third reason is I don't want it to seem like they always spend time together on V-day. They may have things to do like work and don't have times to have deep insight about each other. Life (and relationship) is like that sometimes. Anyway, yeah, those are my excuses. Thank you for reading so far ^^ And happy anniversary, Anya!