"Hummin' Bird?" You joke, carefully reaching out to shake Dave's shoulder slightly. Craaaaaaaap, another black eye, and probably a broken nose. Looks like you are a better hider than you thought. "Fuck, Egbert. Don't touch me right now...Could you get the nurse?" Dave flinched a bit, just enough to escape your touch, it upsets you. "Dave, it's okay. And she's on her way with an ice pack." You pout, sweeping some stray hairs out of his face. This has been going awhile now, two? Three months maybe? This weekly, sometimes even daily, bullying. You two have been baten more than the chess club! They were the main target until you two were, well, discovered.

"Love you, Dave!" You cheer, kissing him quickly on the cheek, a derpy grin plastered to your face. "Wwell, wwell, wwell." Oh no, you both knew that voice. The hipster popular kid, Ericc Dan Ampora. "WHO'RE THESE FAGS?" Another familiar voice, it was Kayden, Kayden Vantas. Dave hissed as he heard Kayden's voice. "The coolkid and the dwweeb, wwho wwoulda thought?" Ericc snickered, a evil smirk spread wide across his lips. "NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESS STRIDER, EVERY GIRL'S DREAM WAS A GAY." Kayden sneered, popping his knuckles loudly and threateningly. "Fuck off, douchebags." Dave hissed, putting a arm out in front of John and sweeping him backwards protectively. "Strider, quit your fuckin' wwhinin'. God, so annoyin', pussy." Ericc chuckled, taking the first swing, hitting Dave directly in the eye, shards of broken lense slashing his face, and fine dust getting in his eye. He screamed in tthe opposite direction, Kayden following close behind. You just stand there, mortified and staring at your screaming boyfriend on the floor, tears suddenly flooding in your eyes. "F-fuck! Dave, I'll get help!" Is the only thing you manage to make out before running to get the school nurse, she came back with an eye flush. Luckily no serious damage to his eyes, just slight seeing impairment, fixed with colored contacts so he could stop wearing shades while faking the whole normal eyes thing.

Soon enough, Ms. Goodwin came running in with an ice pack. "Dear me! Dave, you poor, poor boy." She chimed, a heavy sense of pity in her voice. "And Principle Hussie hasn't done anything to stop these boys?" She looks up at you with this question and you just shrug. "I don't know, but just for the record it wasn't Ericc or Kayden. It was Ethan this time, and I think Gamal might've had some part of it? I'm not positive I was uh, hehe. Hiding in a locker." Dave rolled his eyes at your last comment, pressing the ice to his nose and flinching as he did so. "Careful, Dave!" You warn, catching his slight jerk. "Is it broken? If so I should probably reset it. Ethan is a really tough guy, he's got some power for 14." Your head jerks up, a look of astonishment on your face. "Wait hold up! Ethan is only 14?" You shout. 14, you two are 17 and this KID beats you up. Not to mention he's taller than both of you! "That's right! 8th grade!" Dave growled, facepalming. "What the FUCK is a 14 doing hanging out with a senior?" He thought out loud. "He has a point." You second. Ms Goodwin shrugs before huffing. "Well dear me, I have to get back to my office. I hope you heal fast, Dave!"

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