Eddie sighs as he shuts his locker, gnawing on the inside of his cheek. The loud buzz of the hallways barely keeps him awake. God, he was tired. Why was he so exhausted?

He begins to shuffle numbly down the hallway, books in hand, not registering it when people shove him against the wall. Why is he so tired? He never gets this bad.

He was about to turn into science (he thinks) when he feels a hand on his arm, and he's suddenly pulled into another room which he eventually identifies as a janitor's closet. He's shoved up against a rack full of toilet paper and paint as his abductor swiftly slams the door shut and spins to meet his gaze.

The face sure as hell makes him alert.

"Yacker?" he manages to choke out. "B-But you're de-"

He's interrupted by the- supposedly dead- redhead wrapping her arms around his neck and slamming her lips onto his. He's taken back for a few moments but then reacts, slowly snaking his own arms around her tiny waist and pulling her closer to him. Soon it's turned into a full-blown make-out session, becoming more heated and hungry and passionate by the second as they desperately grab for each other's shirts, hair, and faces.

But it seems too soon when Patricia is pulling away, a smug look on her face. Eddie stares at her open-mouthed, lips still swollen from the kissing , as she turns around and out the door, shutting it behind her softly.

"Holy fucking-" he jolts up, almost falling off his bed and onto the floor, breathing heavily as his eyes dart around the room, trying to take in his surroundings. After a few seconds of panic, his heart rate begins to drop as he realizes he's in his room.

His room.

So that means the make-out session with Patricia was a dream.

A dream.

A lump seems to be caught in his throat as it settles in his mind that he was dreaming. That he really hadn't seen Patricia, she hadn't randomly pull him into a janitor's closet and make out with him against the shelve. That she was still dead, not alive. She couldn't kiss him because now she was a corpse (and no way in hell is he making out with a corpse, whether it's Yacker or Megan Fox).

But he suddenly realizes that it was his first dream since she had been killed. His dreams were back. He silently cheers to himself, adrenaline still pumping from the dream he just had. He glances over at the clock to check the time. 3:24 a.m..

Silently, he shifts around under his covers until he's comfortable and slowly lowers himself down, eyelids slipping closed as his head rests on his pillow.

It's then when he realizes, with a start, that today was Patricia's funeral.

Eddie huffs, playing with the knot in his red tie, annoyed. "Ties are obnoxious." he groans to Fabian, who rolls his eyes in response.

"I know." he straightens out his black coat.

"I mean, seriously. What kind of idiot thought a tie was a good idea? Who would want a piece of cloth tied around your neck?"

"I dunno."

"Who came up with the tie, anyway? Was someone really so bored that they decided to try and tie some cloth around their neck."


A few minutes of silence go between the two as Eddie struggles to tame his tie and Fabian checks over the last of his outfit. The brunette finally breaks it with, "So how's your search for The Stuffer going?"

Eddie rolls his eyes. "Why do you care?"

"I-I..." Fabian trails off, and the blond smirks.

"Interested on joining in, Fabes?" he quirks an eyebrow.

Fabian looks flustered. "No, no, no." he insists, shaking his head. His face begins to turn a burning shade or red. "Of course not." he releases a nervous laugh. "Just... Making conversation."

Eddie nods, smirking. "Sure." he mutters sarcastically. "And, if you must know, it's going fantastic."

Fabian raises his dark eyebrows, turning his head to look at his new roommate doubtfully. "Really?"

His smile falls as Eddie's shoulders droop. "Y-Yeah," he stutters. "Tot..." he sighs defeatedly. "It's sucked so far, okay?"

Fabian grins a little. "Yeah, thought so."

"It's just... We're nowhere! We've only noticed that he always kills 15-year-old girls." Eddie moans. "That's barely a lead."

Fabian shrugs, glancing at the clock on his nightstand. 4:45. "We gotta go, mate." he says, flattening his hair with his hands one last time. "Funeral time."

"Funeral time." Eddie repeats glumly, letting his- untied- tie hang around his neck limply. "Maybe I can get Jerry or someone to show me how to tie this thing..."

Fabian rolls his eyes, untying his own tie. "Look, you do this, and then..."

"Time to go, guys." Nina pokes her head in the door, giving a small, sad smile. "Cab's here."

"Whatever." Eddie grumbles, yanking his tie off from around his neck and tossing it on his bed. "Let's go."

He wishes the ride would go longer, but it was only a few short minutes. Funerals suck. They truly, honestly do. All the crying. All the sad stories. And, of course, the dead body lying in the front of the church. Who enjoys spending time in the same room as a dead body? Really.

He sits, hunched over, in the long, mahogany pews, as the priest drones on and on about how young, how loved, how special Patricia was. He must have mentioned how young she was at least 5 times. And he mentioned bombs a lot, too. "Death is like dropping a bomb on your life", "I've preached for people blown up by bombs, even", "If you want to lose weight, you have to drop a bomb in your life to change". Eddie couldn't help but wonder if he was a bomb technician in a past life or something.

There was also tons of crying. Tons of it. Joy was crying, Nina was crying, Piper, Amber, Mara (he even swears he saw Jerry and Alfie tear up a bit, but he wasn't in the mood for ratting people out. He doesn't rat people out. Just like Yacker...). God, he hates crying (although he was holding back the urge to cry himself, but he would never say that out loud).

And then came the eulogies. Only Joy, Piper, and Patricia's dad did one. They hadn't asked Eddie to do one, and, frankly, he was glad. He wasn't sure he would have the strength to.

They're all depressing and sad, of course. About how much Yacker meant to them, how much they loved her, how they miss her. They all made him want to break down and cry himself, but, no, he can't do that. He's bad-boy Eddie. Without emotions or feelings or cares...

He despises it sometimes. Especially at times like this.

And, by the time Joy finishes her eulogy, he finds light tears running down his face. He didn't even know he was crying.

And he was surprised to find he doesn't care.

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