A knock at the door. Wait, a knock? At Jake's door?
Shits going on, and he wasn't sure whether it was safe or not.
He grabbed his double pistols, slowly creeping down the stairs, once at the door he opened slowly...
Very...Slowly... Dirk?
"Mister Strider! What the devil fucking dickens are you doing here?" Jake semi-shouts in astonishment. "And HOW did you get here?" He is shocked to say the least, one moment he's alone on this island with nothing but him and frightening fauna. And suddenly there is this super cool Texan on his doorstep. "English." He stated, immediately kneel and taking Jake's hand in his. "I swore to myself, and my AR that this was going to be a big fucking deal. So here I am, on your island, how I got here is up to your imagination. Jake English, you are my best bro, and probably the most important thing in my life, just thinking about losing you is absolutely TERRIFYING." Dirk started, rubbing small circles into the back of Jake's hand, who was just staring silently in awe at the kneeling blonde. "What I'm trying to say here is...Jake English, I want you to be the cutie mark to my pony, the kawaii to my sugoi, the eight gig flashdrive to my robot. And most importantly, I want you to be mine. English, I really like you, what do you say? Do I got a chance?" The rays of the sun bounced of his anime-esque shades perfectly, and Jake giggled a bit, his face red. "Wow, Strider! I don't even have the words to explain all the things I'm feeling right now. Golly, Dirk. How could I say no? I guess we could give it a try and see what happens?" Jake smiled his goofy smile and pulled Dirk upright. "Now, since you're here, how about some good ol' rough housing? Are you up for some fisticuffs?" Dirk smiled the smallest of smiles. "Fuck yeah bro, let's do this shit."

A.N: I can only write drabbles at 6am. This is for my girlfriend! Pistol Pony Rodeo is one of her favorite pairings I'm p sure! So yeah here's this cute lil' thing.