Each of these will stand alone. Separate warnings and ratings.

Title: sorting

Disclaimer: not my characters

Warnings: pre-series; AU, possibly

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 200

Point of view: third

Prompt: McGonagall, Minnie gets Sorted

"Don't be nervous," Professor Dumbledore says kindly, eyes twinkling, as he places the Hat on her head. "There's a good girl."

She doesn't glare up at him because Mother told her to always treat teachers with respect, even when they're condescending. But she's not nervous, and she's not a little girl.

You are good, though, the Hat says, and she is thankful that Mother told her the Hat could speak. Otherwise, she might have startled and Professor Dumbledore would twinkle at her some more.

Brave and succinct, the Hat continues, an aptitude for Transfiguration. Turning feathers into kittens at nine! My, you do have potential, Minerva.

Thank you, she tells it.

You have a fine mind and would do well in all of the Houses. In Slytherin, you would be great, and in Ravenclaw. The Hat pauses.

Mother had been Ravenclaw. Father had been Hufflepuff. She has never really considered what House she might be, even when all her friends did.

Where to place you? the Hat asks. Such a quandary. You are fearless, but love learning. You work hard and have such aspirations…

She says, I do love cats.

Professor Dumbledore grins at her when the Hat shouts, "Gryffindor!"