Hello all! I know it's been forever since I wrote anything, but I've been inspired lately! I'm excited for this Thursday's episode, I love Valentine's Day! So here's a little two shot I came up with in anticipation of the next episode. Enjoy!

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"Mark! This is kind of a big deal!" Callie said as she grabbed her jacket and keys from the kitchen counter, "It's just for one night. Please, please. You love spending time with Sofia, just think of it as one of your daddy daughter nights."

Mark fed Sofia another spoonful of green mush, "You know I love spending daddy daughter time but Daddy," he paused and covered the baby's ears, "needs to get laid! Come on Torres, it's Valentine's Day."

Callie huffed, "Look, I have this big thing planned for Arizona. My wife. Wife trumps girlfriend so YOU are babysitting tonight. Have fun", Callie shot him a smile before rushing out the door.

Sofia promptly knocked her bowl off her high chair and the green mush splattered all over the floor. His little girl gurgled at him with her tiny fingers in her mouth and Mark shifted his gaze to the mess, "I think it's time we called Uncle Derek, whaddaya say princess?"

She spit up more green mush and giggled loudly.

"I told you on the phone, I have plans with Meredith tonight," Derek read over a patients chart before handing it back to the nurse, "go troll for a babysitter somewhere else. Or get an intern to do it."

"I don't trust interns with my patients let alone my little girl," Mark sipped his coffee and leaned on the nurse's station, "Isn't it your first night away from Zola? Wouldn't you rather spend time at home with your child, the light of your life, most precious thing to you in the world?"

"Says the man trying to pawn his own daughter off on Valentine's Day," Derek chuckled, "Look I have a surgery... Try Bailey…or Kepner. Good luck!"

"Kepner", he scoffed under his breath. What a joke, he would never let that nutcase near-

"Yes?" Mark slowly looked to his left.


April furrowed her brows, "You- you said my name?"

"No I didn't."

"Are you sure? I could have sworn…"

"You babysit Kepner?" Desperate times call for desperate measures. She's better than an intern at least.

"I did…when I was 15…Did you need a babysitter tonight Dr. Sloan?" April tilted her head.

Oh thank goodness. "Yes! Be at my place at-"

April blushed. "I'm sorry sir, I uh, I have a date tonight." She looked so damn pleased of herself with this stupid school girl-y grin on her face.

Mark glared. "You're useless", with that he downed his coffee and made his way down the hallway in search of a babysitter.

He scrubbed his arms nervously and glanced to the figure to his right. "So…Dr. Bailey."

Bailey paused momentarily before she continued. "Do you have something to ask Dr. Sloan? Rumour has it you're looking for a babysitter for tonight."

Mark grinned in relief, "Great! So you're free? Be at my place at-"

"Did I say I was free? What makes you think that I would not have my own plans on Valentine's Day?" The water turned abruptly off as Bailey backed into the OR, never breaking eye contact.

A babysitter should not be this hard to find.

Lexie leaned over the nurse's station and grabbed her patient charts, just to check them over before she headed over to her sister's for the night. Meredith kept flip flopping on the idea of going out. One minute she's enthusiastically discussing possibilities of where Derek will take her, and the next she was panicking about leaving Zola. Lexie didn't mind either way. If she wasn't babysitting, she'd be sitting alone in her pjs, eating ice cream and watching sappy romantic movies while she downed some wine. At least if she babysat she'd have an excuse not to have a date.

Lexie sighed. Valentine's Days alone were the worst.

"Are you kidding me? Is there no one pathetic enough in the hospital to not have a date tonight?" a familiar voice behind her shouted at a nurse and she couldn't help but let out a bitter chuckle.

"Seriously?" she muttered to herself and flipped the binder closed. She kept her head down as she bolted to the elevator to avoid running into Mark. The last she needed was to make small talk about the amazing night he surely had planned with Julie. Or Julia. Whatever.

But no such luck. The elevator doors opened again with a cheerful 'ding!' at the last possible second.

"Dr. Grey," Mark greeted her with a smile as he stepped into the confined space, effectively trapping her in there with him.

"Dr. Sloan." Lexie became very interested in the scuff marks on her runners. The elevator hummed quietly.

"So…you have any big plans for tonight?" Mark shifted his weight awkwardly.

"Uh, no actually. Jackson and I," Lexie paused, "we uh, we broke up. So Zola is my valentine this year."

"Right. Sorry, I knew that," Mark could have kicked himself for bringing up the fact that she had no one on Valentine's Day. "So you're the babysitter, huh? Derek was lucky to get you, everyone in this hospital seems to have plans tonight."

"Yeah," Lexie shrugged, "super lucky. You uh, having trouble finding a sitter for Sofia?"

"No. Well, yes," he sighed "Julia will kill me, but it looks like I'm have a night in too." Lexie already regret what she was about to say, before she even said it.

"Look," she said while her brain was telling her to Stop! For the love of all that is good stop!, "I'm already looking after Zola tonight, so-"

"I couldn't ask you to do that, Lex." Mark looked at her sadly.

"It's no big deal. We'll listen to bubbly music, chew on some crayons and go to bed early. It'll be great." She smiled while telling herself You're an idiot, why are you doing this to yourself?

"Are you sure?" He asked, obviously giving her an out.

"Yes." No.

The elevator dinged open again on the main floor. "I'll drop Sofia off in about an hour then." He said and walked away.

"What is wrong with me?" Lexie followed him out a moment later.

So there it is! The second part will be up before the new episode this week. Let me know what you think!