Author's Note: This is the sequel to my Legacy of Kain fanfiction, Lacrimosa. Because this fanfiction includes original characters and several alterations from Blood Omen 2, you will have to read the first fanfiction to understand this one better. Thank you to everybody who stayed with me. This is for you.


Her home had always been humble and comfortable; a place for meditation, solitude and peace. As she was no fan of the ever changing weather in the canyons, it was no easy feat for The Seer to find new lodgings for herself. Eventually she had made a very deep cavern her new dwelling, but it had not the warmth and comfort of her former home. Unfortunately, she had her doubts about her life being comfortable again any time soon.

After sending Kain away to the Device, she took it upon herself to exit her burning home to confront her attackers. As his body faded away into nothingness, she turned on her heel to face the front door and thrust her arms forward. The force of her telekinetic powers channeled through her arms and blasted it's way across the room, causing the entire front of the house to explode in a fiery rain of burnt wood and furniture. This sudden explosion caused the Sarafan soldiers to duck and take cover, dodging the planks of wood and other debris as it flew at them. As they recovered, they saw the Seer standing in what once was her doorway, glaring hard at the leader.

The Sarafan Lord did not flinch. He gave no order, as though he knew what was about to happen before it even did. In their panic, the women armed with crossbows took aim at the Seer. She didn't even need to turn her attention to them. Just as the arrows took flight, they snapped in half in mid flight and the ignited tipped ends of the arrows flew back at them. In a collection of screams and cries, the women fell to the ground, clutching their breasts, stomach and faces. The oil from the from the arrowheads spread across their skin at an unnatural speed, and yet the flames seemed to be taking their sweet time killing them. The armed soldiers went sprinting pass the burning bodies of their female comrades, swords drawn, prepared to cut the witch down where she stood. The first two who made it within three meters of the Seer came to a sudden halt, like a dog caught on a leash. Their bodies bent backwards as their hearts burst from their chests and dropped to the ground. The two remaining soldiers stopped in their tracks, gaping and screaming at the sight before them.

The Seer hadn't even touched them. Her eyes remained fixed on the Sarafan Lord. His glowing eyes burned back into hers.

"You know better than to send these dogs after one such as I." she said, folding her arms in front of her chest.

"You know why I am here." The Sarafan Lord growled.

"Kain." was her immediate response. "He has been sent away from here. His fate lies along a different path. As does hers."

At that moment, the Sarafan Lord lifted the Soul Reaver, aiming the sword directly at the creature before him. This motivated the two remaining soldiers to charge at her again. Their confidence in their leader was met with great disappointment. The same telekinetic force that destroyed the Seer's home had been recreated and this time crashed into both men. They flew through the air and smashed against the walls of the towering canyons. Their broken bodies collapsed onto the ground, not yet dead. The Seer had no intention on letting them die quickly.

"Your treachery will not go unpunished, Seer." The Sarafan Lord took a step towards her. The Seer flinched, preparing for either an attack or a hasty retreat. As powerful as she was, the Soul Reaver could cut her down with no effort. "Where have you sent them?"

At that question, she smiled. "It matters not where I sent them. I feel that things, for a time being, shall work in your favor." Her grin grew wider. "...But make no mistake, your future is not looking so bright. You've made some powerful enemies. And then shall cut you down."

The Soul Reaver hummed with energy before a projectile fired it's way towards the Seer. Anticipating this attack, the Seer's body dissolved away. The projectile hit what was left of her burning home, demolishing it.

Much had changed since that fateful night. It all began, many days after sending Kain away, when she felt that strange shift in the air. As if the world had begun to crumble and tremor like a failing human heart. She fell to her hands and knees, gripping the rocky floor and feeling the change pulse through her. Energy channeled up from her arms and into her mind, flooding her with images and faces she had yet to meet.

Six men, all of different rank and stature, seemingly dead yet very much alive. Vampires...

The corpse or remains of a creature she had never seen before: blue, winged, with glowing white eyes and a strange, glowing arm...

A creature with green skin and flowing silver hair, wielding the Soul Reaver. Another vampire? Or something more.

She saw the sky of Nosgoth, bursting with green light and fire. From it came the monsters of Nosgoth's past. Though their bodies were skeletal and demonic, she knew her own kin when she saw them, just as she recognized an invasion when she saw one.

She saw a hidden place far from here, and the place it would soon become centuries later. A citadel, run by a family and a collection of warriors. She saw their faces, knew their reasons for being there, and yet their futures were nothing to her but shadows.

And last, a face she recognized all too well. That strange human woman, in the center of the chaos. Her appearance was different from before, but it was absolutely the same person. Lady Holly, the widow of the later Sir Vladmir Angela.

The tremors stopped. The world came to an uneasy halt, neither peaceful nor completely dead. Her body collapsed onto the cavern floor, her eyes wide and bulging. And she knew exactly what had happened.

"...That human," she whispered, and her shock slowly melted into a deranged happiness. "She never gave them the stone... the gate is still open."

She had no intention on leaving her cavern for the next few days. Everything that happened was everything her new visions had anticipated. The gate was wide open, and she felt the vile presence of her people flooding into this dying world. It did not take long afterwards when the Hylden woman felt a strange new presence in her home. She did not bother to face her unwelcomed visitors. She knew who they were, and why they were there.

"You felt it, did you not?" Vorador's familiar voice echoed throughout the cavern. "The time stream, reshuffling itself."

The Seer moved her hands to her temples, massaging them with her fingertips as though to rid herself of the most unpleasant of headaches.

"She told me that you sent her to me." the second person spoke, and this one was older and more experienced. She had not anticipated a visit from the Janos Audron. "She trusted your foresight. She put her trust in me. Why did she not return? Did you know this was going to happen?"

The Seer chuckled for a moment before turning to see the two vampires. The memories of the past few days rushed through her mind. Holly's refusal to return to Sanctuary had sent the vampires into a frenzy. Kain had left the resistance and infiltrated the Wharves of his own will. He never returned, nor did he return any of the whispers sent to him from Vorador. Despite the odds, the older vampire believed Kain to be alive. Even when the Hylden army poured into Meridian, prompting the first of many battle between Hylden, Sarafan, and vampire, Vorador and Janos knew he was alive. He was merely feeding them to the wolves during his own quest for revenge.

"She found a Time Streaming Device." was the Seer's response. "The human is stubborn, ignorant of what her actions have caused."

"How did she know where to find a Time Streaming device?" Vorador noticed shortly after asking the uncomfortable shifting of his sire. His eyes widened as her turned to face Janos. "You told her where to find one, Janos?"

"He lied to her." was the Seer's response. "He thought if he could promise her the chance of saving the lives of the men Kain would kill in the Wharves that she would close down the Ward Gates."

Janos glared hard at the woman before him. It was a mistake and it cost him greatly. Clearly he was not the only person who broke promises if it meant achieving a personal goal.

"You needn't fear..." the Seer chuckled. "She is merely taking a detour towards our goal. It is no deliberate act of treachery."

At this, Vorador approached the witch. He stopped a short distance away from her and looked her directly in the eye. "Can you see into the past, Seer? Do you know what she plans to do?"

At that, the Seer placed her hand on Vorador's chest. "I see all, but there are dark places in the time stream that are unknown to me. I fear that history may be altered again and again. Everything that leads to this moment is uncertain to me... but she now plays a crucial part in our history."

At this Janos also approached her. When Holly had come to him, he had expected her to be a human that could be used and easily discarded when she was no longer of any use to them. As immoral as he felt about it, the reality of the situation was clear to him: when she handed over the Nexus Stone, even if he protested, she would be at the mercy of Kain and probably would not have lasted long. He never expected her to be such a monumental part of Nosgoth's destruction or salvation.

"Who is she?" Janos asked. "...What has she become now?"

The Seer closed her eyes, focusing on the flow of the time stream and paying close attention to the images rummaging through her mind.

"She is..."