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Author's note: I plan to write one drabble focussing on a different Vorta every day, ultimately ending up with at least one for each named Vorta.

Eris appears in the season two episode 'The Jem'Hadar'.

Eris is trapped in the Alpha Quadrant when the Federation mines the Anomaly; one of ten thousand Vorta who has been cut off from the Dominion's home territory until Central Operations on Terok Nor can take down the minefield. Of course, the Cardassian Union is Dominion territory now, but it doesn't feel like home the way so many of the Gamma Quadrant systems do. The people are different; she's used to a certain amount of deference, and most Vorta have perfected that piercing, unblinking violet stare that encourages it further when it's slow in appearing.

It doesn't work on Cardassians. She notices this immediately from the glinn who mans the transporter pad at her new, hastily-reassigned posting. He eyes her in that way that males do who have never seen a Vorta; sizing up her paleness, her small frame, her delicate face, and deciding it's frailty. It's a common misconception – a mistake – and it makes the Vorta so good at what they do.

The glinn looks her boldly in the face and she can tell he's also sizing her up as a potential mate – in the basest sense – and she misses the Gamma Quadrant again; misses her own people, which is a feeling she's no stranger to after years of infiltrating non-Dominion worlds. But she'd been used to the idea of going home, and now she's going to be posted with Cardassians whom she can already tell will not respect her or what she represents.

She'd put in a request to Central Operations to be transferred, except she knows that every one of those ten thousand Vorta is in the same position that she is, up to the highest levels of command.

She motions to her Jem'Hadar, gives the glinn an imperious look, and leaves the transporter room. The faster that minefield comes down, the better.