Damage Control

Steve cracked his knuckles and knocked on the door. It was time to take care of some of the essential clean-up work of this Christmas. "Come in!" a voice answered in a sharp monotone. Steve opened the door and strolled into a large boardroom where several elderly men were sitting around a large table. They all raised their eyebrows at him and his attire as he slapped a poster down on the table.

It was probably the most un-flattering picture of Molly Scrooge that could be found. It was obviously from some sort of party- blurry as she had tried to duck out of frame at the last moment. Her hair was still red and long. But it was the font that really had him worried. MISSING DECEMBER 25th. MENTALLY UNSTABLE. CALL THE FOLLOWING IF FOUND. "I'd like to speak to you about these. The department sent me."

"It's an awful shame, really. The girl was a bright young worker who looked as if she had a comfortable future ahead of her. After Thanksgiving though she just started this rapid decline- cut her hair and left early until finally she snapped. She quit and told us she was headed for the North Pole to be with Santa Claus because she loved him."

Molly had conveniently left that part out of her tale. She had mentioned that she had just fled Chicago so he had come to clear out things in terms of her apartment since she wasn't leaving Arthur's side for a moment while he was still in bad shape. Then he had noticed the dozens of posters.

"Is there any word on the girl?" Now Steve knew there was two ways he could play this. He could be thoughtful, methodical, and build an alibi for the ages. Or he could have fun. And judging by all the stress this past month had been, he figured Molly owed him some fun.

"Yes. We found her this morning in a freezer of an ice cream shop. She claimed to have reached her destination. Her mental state is very fragile right now. She's been put in the very best hospital for this sort of thing." The group reacted with a sort of horror that made him angry deep inside. They obviously cared more about themselves than for her. He was glad she was tucked up at the North Pole safe and sound.

"Do- do they think… I mean given her background…"

Steve had to keep himself from hitting the man right there. "It's too hard to say right now. She's very far gone. Her delusion has taken over her entire existence. She probably would think you all were elves. I honestly doubt that you will ever see Molly Scrooge again."

"We should have seen it coming," was the only reply he got. This hadn't ended up being very fun at all. These gentlemen were just making them angry. He could literally see them writing her off their minds as he said his good-byes and exited. He was almost certain Molly would never be mentioned in this office again.

He moved everything out of her apartment and had the elves take care of any and all posters scattered around the city. Molly Scrooge had effectively vanished off the face of the earth… and no one seemed to care.

Steve almost had a feeling of melancholy about him until he saw his brother sitting in his bed as she brought him a hot chocolate. Only she slipped on the icy floor and ended up spilling it all over herself. They both paused for a moment before bursting out into hysterical laughter. Steve couldn't help but laugh himself.

Molly Scrooge wasn't just cared about- she was loved by the most loving person on the earth. Steve could see now she would never be alone… quite the opposite in fact. She finally wasn't alone. She had Arthur, her brother, and he felt soon enough the entire Christmas clan.

Molly Scrooge was home. Disaster successfully averted.