This is the third story in my series.

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Three months before.

"For the love of God," Dean mumbles as he's awoken by Sam. They find themselves in the Impala's front bench seat after falling asleep. Dean looks around with complete confusion. "What are we still doing here?"

"I have no idea," Sam tells him honestly as they both thought they would have been under the effects of the dream root by now. They hear something from outside the safety of the car's cabin. "There's someone out there."

They both exit the Impala to investigate, looking around the wooded area. Suddenly they both hear 'What's Your Name' playing through the dark night air. Looking around for the source of the song with confusion, they are quickly greeted by a bright light illuminating an impossible scene in front of them.

"Hey," Lizzy says, having appeared out of thin air in front of them. "You gonna take your shot?"

Dean stares wild eyed at the woman he hasn't seen or talked to in several months. She's wearing tight jeans, her favorite Led Zeppelin t-shirt she had on the night they'd met, and tall back boots with quite high heels. She has a bottle of beer in one hand and a pool cue in the other. There are several new tattoos added to the artwork on her left arm and she's looking at him expectantly while she leans against the pool table now standing on the green grass of the clearing. She smiles warmly at him.

"C'mon! We only have an hour before we have to get back and let the babysitter go home." She grins while placing her beer on the edge of the table to line up and take his shot for him. Dean looks quickly over at Sam with slight embarrassment before looking away.

"I've never had this dream before," he dishonestly tells his brother. Sam knows it's a lie and steps toward Dean with a knowing look.

"Stop looking at me like that," Dean warns him even though he never actually saw the expression on Sam's face. He just knows it's there.

"Sorry," Sam apologizes but keeps the look in place. He knows this is always what Dean had wanted deep down. At least now he has proof.

"Hot Shot," Lizzy calls her favorite nickname to him as she's bent over the pool table while aiming. He turns his attention back to her. "I love you." She gives him her patented wide, toothy smile that she shows when extremely happy. The entire scene, Lizzy, pool table, and all begins blinking in and out and, as quickly as it all appeared, it's gone.

"Where'd she go?" Dean panics, missing her already.

Three months later.

"She's on her way there."

"Bobby, what do you mean she's on her way here?" Dean prays it isn't true.

"She called in a frenzy. Didn't sound too stable neither. Wouldn't tell me what's wrong, but demanded to know where you were."

"So you told her how to find us!" Dean closes the laptop in front of him and squeezes his eyelids shut. He'll have to come back to the how-to-save-your-soul-from-hell research at a later time. Not like he plans on finding some miraculous answer on a random website anyways.

"It was the only thin' I could do. Somethin' is seriously wrong, Dean," Bobby tells him and sighs loudly. "I think she was alone."

"Shit," Dean bemoans. Why would she ever be alone? "That doesn't sound good."

"No it doesn't. She's comin' from Oklahoma City so expect her in about five hours. She's gonna be irrational at best if our conversation is any indication. I know the clocks a-tickin' for you, boy, and I know things between you two ain't been none too pleasant, but she needs you right now. I think that's pretty damn clear."

"Fuck me." Shit just keeps piling on, doesn't it?

"Call me back and let me know what's goin' on. I'm worried about those two."

"I will, Bobby. Thanks."

Dean closes his cell and stares down at it in his hand. It's been over a year since they'd last seen each other. He had talked to her several times on the phone after they last parted ways, for a couple of months at least, but life took one hell of an unexpected left turn and he hasn't talked to her since. After making his deal with the crossroads demon it became too painful to communicate with the person he felt so strongly about. He didn't know what to say anymore and if he told her the truth about what he'd done, it would crush her. Ignoring problems is Dean's usual answer to handling difficult situations, so he'd have Sam answer the phone whenever she'd call, or worse, he wouldn't pick up at all. He did still send a text every great now and then to let her know they're alive…for now. She made him promise under penalty of an ass kicking to do so and Dean held up his end, though he was less concerned about getting his ass handed to him by girl and more about the fact that he'd promised her. He still thought the world of her, even if he never allowed himself to show it.

"Hey," Sam greets as he comes through the motel room door and drops a take-out bag onto the table. "Don't worry; I didn't forget the pie this time." Sam smiles at his brother. He'd forgotten Dean's dessert last week and he hasn't stopped hearing about it since. He definitely remembered it this time. Often he's found it easier to give in to his brother than to deal with his childish whining.

"Thanks, Sammy." Dean's downtrodden response concerns Sam immediately. His brother's eyes are set on the cell phone in his hand and they remain there as he acknowledges him.

"Dean?" Sam cautiously bids. "What's going on?"

"Bobby called a minute ago. Told me Lizzy's on her way here."

Lizzy? They haven't seen her in more than a year. Sam had always assumed that with the way Dean handled things between the two of them, they'd seen the last of her.

"What?" he sputters in shock. "Why is Lizzy coming here?"

"Don't know. He told me she called him in a panic and demanded to know where we were. Said she'll be here in five hours, so by three AM," Dean says while checking his watch.

"Uh, ok," Sam begins while slowly taking a seat on the edge of the bed nearest Dean. "What is this all about?"

"She wouldn't say. Bobby told me she sounded irrational at best and…" Dean pauses before revealing the most disturbing detail, "he thinks she was alone." It's even more terrifying to say it out loud than to just think it.

"Shit." The worried word leaves his lips before he could stop it. Sam's eyes widen as he tries to process what this could mean. With his elbows propped on his knees, Sam leans down and runs his hands through his hair in frustration. She was never alone, they both knew that. Lou would never leave her, never. "Why the hell would she be alone?" Sam asks, despite being afraid to get the answer.

"Not sure I want to know. She and Lou never leave each other's sides. Attached at the freakin' hip those two."

They sit in silence for some time while both let all the possible scenarios run through their minds. There's a rock of dread and fear growing larger by the second in the pit of Sam's stomach. Lizzy and Lou are so close. They've been best friends for years and are more like sisters than Dean and he are like brothers half the time. Lizzy would rather die than leave Lou's side so the idea of her traveling alone is more than daunting.

"You think something happened to Lou?" Neither wanted to say it out loud, but Sam finally asks the glaringly obvious question that had been hanging in the air. His face is long and riddled with worry as he looks over to Dean for an answer.

"Could be," he admits. "I mean, there's got to be something big going on to make Lizzy act like this. Not like she'd come and see me if there wasn't. I highly doubt she's in any way wanting to see me right now." It's true; Sam is more than aware that Lizzy is harboring some pretty serious hatred towards Dean. It could get very ugly when she arrives.

"Crap," Sam lets out in a long sigh. He had bonded with Lou during their brief encounters and they'd become really good friends since, might even be more than that at this point. Considering Dean himself is taking a permanent trip downstairs in just three more months, Sam isn't sure he can handle yet another loss. He really hopes Lou is alright, for not just Lizzy's sake but for his own. Lou is a great girl and she continually helps him get through the mess he's constantly in. Hell, he called her just a couple weeks ago after he and Dean failed to save everyone they'd left behind in the county jail that Lilith ended up obliterating. The guilt he'd felt from that had been crushing and Lou really helped talk him off the ledge.

"Sam, it may not be that. Maybe they got themselves into a situation they just really need our help with." Dean is trying to keep his little brother's mind open to other possibilities. They don't know anything for sure yet, even if it doesn't look too good. He begins trying to justify the situation for Sam's sake.

"They have called us in the past when they've gotten themselves cornered," Sam rationalizes. "Could just be they got too deep into something this time." Sam's willing to buy this explanation for now, for his own sanity.

"Definitely. We shouldn't make ourselves crazy with this until she gets here and we know what's up for sure," Dean stands up from his chair and grabs his leather coat. "We have a few hours to kill before she's here. I'm gonna head out and make a beer run. I think we're gonna need it."

For once, Dean was right about that. They needed alcohol. Both of them.