A little random Jogan drabble, because I was asked to write more of it and my sister and I came up with this headcanon this morning.

I do not own Glee, which belongs to Ryan Murphy, Fox et al; nor do I own Logan, Derek or Julian, who are the creations of the fabulous CP Coulter.


"What, Derek? I'm trying to finish this essay."

"The news is one," Derek calls.

"And?" Derek can almost hear Logan rolling his eyes.

"Jules is going to be on there. He's doing an interview, talking about his new film."

"Why does that mean I'd want to watch the news?" Logan asks, sighing exasperatedly.

Oh, I don't know, maybe because you love him, even if you won't admit it? Derek thinks savagely. But he can't say that; he's not entirely certain that Logan's been taking his meds recently. "Because he's your friend?"

"That pampered Primadonna has a big enough ego without any help from me," is Logan's terse reply, and his door clicks shut. Derek sighs.

"OK, well, I'll be in the common room is you're interested." He goes back downstairs and settles down to watch, having deliberately refrained from mentioning that Julian will have no way of knowing whether or not Logan has seen his interview. You don't contradict Logan Wright, not if you want a long and peaceful life.

Logan walks in just as they show a clip of Julian's latest film. He hovers in the corner, eyes fixed on the screen as he fiddles with a book from the shelves lining the walls.

"Need anything, Lo?" Derek asks, trying not to smirk. He always does this; pretends he doesn't want to know and then sneaks in to watch anyway.

Logan jumps. "No...no, nothing. Just looking for a book." He brandishes the one he's holding, but doesn't leave. Instead, he perches on the arm of the sofa and watches the interview in its entirety. Derek lets it slide.

This time.

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