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The next night was all over the place. Paul still thought I was serious last night, Marko still called me Love, and David and Dwayne still refused to say my name! this when on for several nights that turned into weeks. Then months. Finally, a year had gone by and Dwayne had just started saying my name! YIPPY! Summer just ended and the boys were getting low on food (tourists). My dreams began to play on what Jane Gyre called a window. (it's kind of like a TV but without the channels) tonight is probably the most amazing night yet! David just said my name! Tonight will have answers to many questions unanswered.

"Boys! I think its time we take a trip down memory lane. Marko! Jaedyn! Story time!" David called

"Ugh. I'm not a toddler. Story time don't intrigue me in the least." I groaned

"Ya man. What story we talking about?" Marko asked

"Ya wanted to know why we didn't want to say Jaedyn's name?" Dwayne said

"OHHHHH. Otay!" Marko and I said

"When Jaedyn was Jane Gyre, she was in this realm more than once. The first time was when I was human." David said

"The second time was when I was human, and for the first few weeks of when I was a vampire." Dwayne added

"Then the last time Jane was in this realm was when I was human and the first few weeks of when I was a vampire." Paul concluded

"Okay. One, you are still vampires, and two, David starts cause his summary is the most cofuzazilationinating. That is my word for confusing; since yall are obviously wondering." I said and David began his story. Next was Dwayne's story. Then Paul told his story. Paul's story seemed the saddest but then again his was the most recent. It seemed as though they all still held the feelings from their stories; even now! I think I almost cried! Boohoo.

A/N. hey sorry its short. if u want to read the boys' stories they should be up on my profile soon. i will also b putting up dreams, that will b the dreams that are showed on the "window". davids story is DAVID. dwaynes story is DWAYNE. and pauls story is PAUL

jaedyn out

P.S. i'm a girl and jaedyn is my real name