Blood Drug: Past, Present & Future

Damon watched Julian discreetly in concern. The vampire hybrid had become distant. He wouldn't talk. It felt like Julian hadn't touched him in such a long time. Sometimes, he would just sit there and stare off, his eyes blank, for long periods of time. Damon hated feeling this way, but at the same time he couldn't stop it.

"Do you think it felt pain?" Julian whispered suddenly.

Damon blinked and realized that he become obvious. He sat down next to Julian on the couch, and it didn't take him long to understand what Julian was talking about when he saw that the boy had his hands at his stomach. "I think that it took comfort in the fact that you tried to protect it."

Julian looked at him. "You're being rather sensitive today." he remarked.

Damon smiled carefully as he leaned back, relaxing an inch. Julian was talking. "I can be when I need to."

Julian gave a small smile in return as he took Damon's hand in both of his and started playing with his fingers. Damon enjoyed the attention, what little there was.

"Sometime, I wonder..." Julian told him, looking up at him. "A boy. He'd have your blue piercing eyes and our dark hair..." he stopped, pursing his lips tightly as his chin trembled. He didn't wonder sometimes, he wondered all the time.

Damon grabbed both of his hands and held them tightly to his chest. "You need to stop blaming yourself." he said firmly, but Julian shook his head rapidly.

"I can't." he sobbed. "It's my fault!"

"No!" Damon growled angrily and suddenly, causing Julian to pause. "It's Klaus' fault. You tried to protect him, didn't you?" he demanded.

Julian nodded jerkily.

"You didn't just give in, did you?"

A rapid shake of the head.

"You fought, didn't you?"

A nod.

"It is not your fault." Damon's voice turned soft, and he grasped either side of Julian's face.

Julian put his hands over Damon's. "I didn't everything I could." he whispered.

Damon nodded, pressing their foreheads together. "And the three of us know that."

"The three of us," Julian sighed, feeling that absence inside of him of what could have been.

"Someday there will be,"

Julian swallowed. "Someday." he repeated.

Damon gave him a small kiss, not pulling away. And Julian didn't want him to.

note: I hope that you liked the happy ending and hope that you review! I don't know when, but I hoped to do two more prequel fic for my Blood Drug series.