By: Missfortune
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
Warning: Weirdness
Notes: I was going through my notes and came across this passage. It's strange and one of those things that will probably never be recaptured so here it is, just a strange blurb of sentences. *shrugs*


If I told you that I had a secret, would you be curious?

Would you burn with the desire to know?

If I tell you will you speak of it to no one?

What if I told you that I raped Son Goku?

Then what would you say?

Would you be speechless?

What if I described to you in detail the struggle, the wild fight for dominance?

Would you turn away in disgust?

Or perhaps you would be strangely fascinated?

If I described the heated sensations?

/The insane ecstasy./

The sights?

/Tear stained face, begging full lips, open innocent eyes, sweat glistening skin, bloody lash marks, dark bruises, all mine for the taking, for the hurting, mine to do with what I will./

The sounds?

/The pleading, like music, the whimpers, pants and moans. The sound of skin breaking under a whip. The sound of bone breaking under force. The sound of pain, so exquisite. A symphony of agony/

The smells?

/The smell of fear. Sweet and cloying in the nostrils. The smell of musk and sweat. The smell of sex and blood./

The feel?

/The feel of his blood on my hands. His skin beneath my nails. The shuddering of his body. The feeling of my power over him./

The taste?

/The taste of his reluctant ejaculate. The taste of his blood. Like wine. Like a drug./

Would you listen?

Would you be held captive by my words?

What would you say if I told you that I enjoyed it and I want...I want to do it again?

Would you try to leave?

Would you be repulsed?

Would you think me sick?

Or would it perhaps turn you on?

And if it did, would we be sick together?

What if I told you that it was all just a dream?

Would that make it better or worse?

What do you say to a woman that dreams of raping her husband?



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