Chapter 1

A cold winter afternoon in Grandview. White snow lay like a fluffy blanket over the paths and roads. Melinda had just made her way home from her antique store and was looking foreword to a quite night in with her husband Jim and son Aiden. She arrived home at 5:00pm to find Jim passed out on the sofa.

"Working late again were we?" she asked loud enough so he woke with a fright.

"The hospital was short on staff again," Jim said pulling himself from the sofa. Jim was a doctor who had been working at Grandview memorial for over 5 years; he started just before Aiden was born.

"Have you ever thought of saying NO, I mean I never see you and Aiden wants to see more of you to. Speaking of Aiden where is he?" Melinda asked slowing down so Jim could catch up.

"Aiden is upstairs playing with robo man. Did you know when I came home he was soaked after his snowball fight with the sitter? It sounded like they had fun," he said laughing.

"Good to know" Melinda joked.

After a nice normal dinner and Aiden was tucked in to bed and Jim was sound asleep Melinda got up to get a glass of water. Melinda had a special gift that allowed her to communicate with the dead. Dead people want to talk to the living and they go to Melinda for help. Since she had a son she has learned that he can do the same as her and much much more so her main priority along with Jim's is to keep his safe.

Suddenly as Melinda was making her way back upstairs she heard a high pith screeeeeeeeeeeeem! Melinda collapsed to the floor in agony as she tried to look for the source of the screaming. Then out of the darkness came a nurse in blue scrubs and white pumps. The nurse was carrying 2 packs of cells or blood and she was shouting for a monitor and a drip. Then Melinda saw a hospital bed with a woman about 25 screaming in pain. Then nothing, just the darkness as if nothing happened.