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Chapter 7

"Her son what's that got to do with anything?" Delia asked the next morning over coffee. Delia was never open to the idea of something she could not see or touch but after she met Melinda and found out what she could do her whole life changed weather it was for the better she didn't quite understand but she loved Melinda never the less.

"Not sure. It could mean nothing," Melinda paused

"The again it could mean everything," Delia interrupted.

"Yep. It just makes me so mad that they come to me in pieces you know? I never know until it's too late or not important. I can never get a straight answer," Melinda explained a little frustrated.

"So what are you going to do next?" Delia asked.

"Find her son," she said pulling her laptop out of her bag. After a few minuets of searching through the hospitals database of all the Lizzie Sammers in the area she found what she was looking for.

"Here look. Using the medical records that Jim gave me this morning I can see..." Melinda trailed off in mid sentence.

"What?" Delia said a little worried.

"Well according to this she had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, a week before she died," Melinda said to Delia quite enough so no one around them could hear.

"So there's a 3 week old baby around with no idea who or where it came from," Delia said surprised

"Looks that way but look here it says the adopted parents took him away to New York just days after he was born," Melinda commented. "So it can't be the reason Lizzie is still here," Melinda continued.

"So it still begs the question, why is she here?" Delia asked again with a frustrated edge to her voice.

"Her sister is our best bet again but this time we need Rob to be away long enough for me to ask," and with that Melinda clapped shut her laptop, pulled it back in to her bag and walked off with Delia following close behind.