It was nightime, and most stores were closed and empty.

The Trix rabbit was outside an Albertsons Super Market, cutting out the glass of the locked automatic door.

"Finally," the silly rabbit said "I'll have that fruity cereal, and yogurt. Why do all those kids have to always keep them away from me? Always saying Trix are for kids, so that means they can't share any with me? Jerks."

Meanwhile, on top of the market. A certain wolf with a purple nose was opening an air vent so he could sneek in as well.

"Finally," Chip the wolf said "I'm gonna eat some Coooookie Crisp!"

Chip quicky covered his mouth, hoping none heard his howl, then got back to his work.

The Trix rabbit stuck to the cereal aisle of the super market, then he saw it. The Trix cereal

Silly rabbit was in awe, he had tried to obtain this cereal for years, ever since he had first tasted that little crub a kid left when he was eating some as a snack in a park. And now he finally had it again, and no one could stop him.

Yet just then the sound of something crashing into the floor echoed throughout the store

"Huh!" Silly rabbit gasped

"This isn't the ceral aisle," Chip said "It's the soup aisle,"

"Who are you?" Silly rabbit said "You're not getting my Trixs this time kid

"I'm not a kid," Chip said folwing the rabbits voice to the ceral aisle. "I'm a wolf,"

"AH!" Silly rabbit cried "Please don't eat me!"

"I don't want to eat you Silly rabbit," Chip said "I want some Crisp!"

"Did you realy have to howl that?" Silly Rabbit said covering his ears

With that Chip and the rabbit got some bowls and milk and finally ate the cereals they had desired for so long.

"Mmmm," Silly rabbit said as he basically inhailed all the Trix cereal and yogurt. "Soooo good,"

Yet Chip on the other hand wasn't enjoying his cereal. "This dosen't taste like cookies at all, not even the sprinke kind,"

Chip the wolfs stomach growled, he was so hungry.

"Man I could eat..."

Just then Chip saw the now very plump rabbit

"Anything," Chip said

The Silly rabbit was to distracted by his own tasty ceral to notice Chip until it was to late. And Chip ate the rabbit in one bite

"Mmmmm," Chip said now rubbing his new big belly "Why did I ever quit meat for a yucky cookie cereal?"

"You could've just went to the snack aisle and ate some Chips Ahoy!" The silly rabbit said

"Great idea," Chip said "I'm still hungry."

So that was the end of the Trix rabbit.

Silly rabbit, bunnies are for wolves. And so are cookies

The End