Summary: The Cullen's left and she survived with the help of Jacob and the Pack and slowly she learns to live and love again. She gives Jacob a chance and she falls for him, hard. But then fate steps in and Bella is left heartbroken again, can she survive a second heartbreak when the only one that she thinks can fix her is the one who has broken her?

Info: I've changed some of the ages; Sam (23), Paul (20), Jared (20), Embry (18), Jake (18), Quil (18), Leah (21), Seth (17), Brady (17), Collin (17), and Bella (19)

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A Drop in the Ocean

Chapter One- History Repeating


We have to find her

Shit this can't be happening again, not again, not to her!

This is going to kill her

I had tune out my Pack mate's inner thoughts, it was making it harder to concentrate on finding Bella instead of running back to La Push and beating the shit out of Jacob fucking Black.

Not without me, if anyone is beating the shit out of him it's me came Leah's furious demand.

And me Paul added before snarling again. Where the fuck is that girl!

Isabella Swan has not had an easy couple of years. Three years back the Cullen's abandoned her, leaving her in the woods cold wet and half dead but we found her in time and though it took time she healed, we all helped but it was Jacob she relied on most. Jacob was her 'sun' as she referred to him as on many occasions and he was the one that slowly integrated her into Pack life and with that we all found a place in our hearts for her and a need to see her smile again.

She did, eventually. She began to eat, laugh and talk without having to be spoken to first. Slowly the Bella from Jacob's memories returned and he fell even more in love with her.

I warned him, I warned them both but Jacob was adamant, he would never imprint and he seemed to convince Bella of it too. So they started a relationship.

A year and a half they were happy and for a time I thought that maybe Jacob was right, that he wouldn't imprint because if anyone looked at Jacob when he was with Bella you could see that he loved her deeply. They made each other happy and so I let it go because that's all anyone wanted for Bella, and for Jacob. He finally had the girl of his dreams- literally.

But in the end it wasn't enough.

Stop Sam, stop! Let's just find her Leah was close to hysterical. Bella was her sister in more ways than one. It was as if they were soul-sister, they got each other perfectly and they knew what the other need instantly but they were also step-sisters and neither of them could have been more thrilled when Sue and Charlie had announced their engagement.

Bella was special to everyone in the Pack in different ways; we all had our own unique bond with her. She was Pack, she was family and we needed to find her. Fast. Images of the last time I had been searching for her flashed through my mind.

Her curled up on the forest floor.

The pain-filled whisper's as she kept repeating 'he's gone, he's gone'.

The pale blue shade that stained her lips and the way she stared blankly at me.

Please stop, no more

I shook my head and kept running, nose to the ground. She had to be out there somewhere.

The question is where? Paul thought full of worry and frustration.

Paul and Bella had a weird love hate relationship. They could argue for hours about anything and everything, they would call each other names and Bella often threw things at him when it all got too much while Paul would just hurl more abuse at her. But then if she needed advice, a laugh or to talk she would go to Paul, they could spend hours missing and you could find them later on the beach, sitting together, sometimes they weren't even talking merely just sitting and watching life happening around them. Sometimes I wondered if he had more feelings for her than he ever let on.

Fuck off Uley, like I'd feel that way about leech-lover Paul snarled though his emotions gave away his fear of not finding Bella before something happened to her.

Between her being a danger-magnet, a major klutz and he mental state of mind anything could happen to Bella.

An image of her scarred arms flashed in our minds, it had come from Embry.

We all winced in unison.

We need to find her Sam

We will

We all remember the time that Embry walked in on Bella cutting herself. It had been in the early stages of the Pack getting to know Bella and we often had took it in turns going to visit her in Forks while Charlie was at work. It was the day that Embry was supposed to keep her company but instead ended up carrying a sobbing Bella all the way back to La Push and to Sue's in a blind-panic.

There was so much blood Embry thought sadly.

Sue had bandaged Bella up and she had slept for hours in Embry's arms all the while silent tears running down her cheeks. That was the day Embry said she had taken a piece of his heart, the day he saw her at her lowest as she had clung to him for dear life.

We had all seen the memories and we all feared the worse this time around. Without Jacob would she be able to heal, would she be able to pull through?

She has to Seth whimpered; he loved Bella as much as he loved Leah and it killed him that she could be lying somewhere hurt.

We all wanted to find her.

I think I've got something Jared began running faster, weaving through the trees with us all hot on his heels. Then it hit me, cinnamon and apple, it was Bella's scent and oddly enough she smelt slightly different to each of us and as we each recognised her scent we picked up our paws a little faster.

I don't think we should crowd her Leah commented as we all drew to a slow walk as we reached a clearing.

Your right, you Seth and I shall go I said, the rest of you stay here and then I phased out along with Leah and Seth who came to stand beside me after dressing.

We could see her small shaking form, we could smell her salty tears and we could hear her soft sobs. It broke my heart and as I looked at Leah and Seth I saw it was breaking there's too.

We approached slowly, Leah taking the lead. The rest of the Pack waited inside the tree line, all eyes on us and Bella as we got ever closer. She didn't move nor did she give us any indication as to whether she knew if we were there or not. Leah glanced at me sadly and motioned to Seth and I that she would go ahead, we both nodded and stopped ten feet away while Leah carried on.

"Bella," she whispered softly.

Bella didn't move but she spoke, softly and almost silently.

"He just looked at her and like that he was lost to me. I sat for ten minutes hoping he would remember I was there," she paused, a sob erupting from her chest. "But he didn't, he just kept talking to her, laughing, smiling... flirting. So I left. He didn't even notice." She trembled as her tears fell and she cried out with a heartbroken sob as Leah pulled her into her arms.

She was getting worse. That was for sure. Every second, like a frayed ribbon she would lose a thread; a thread of her life, strength and will to live and we watched on helplessly not knowing how or where to begin at trying to save our Bella.

But we would save her, we had to.

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