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"I'm looking for a lover not a friend,

Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to.

I'm looking for someone who won't pretend,

Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you."


'I hate this. I hate it all! I can't take all this crap. It's not fair, I did nothing to deserve this!' Kurt hid his face in his pillows, letting his tears absorb straight into the fabric and punching the puffy pillow beside him for good measure.

-'Kurt it's going to be okay,'

Kurt sat bolt upright and came face to face... with himself... and screamed.

"Kurt? Kurt are you okay?" came his father's panicked voice as he thundered up the stairs. He burst into his son's room and quickly surveyed it before running to pull Kurt into his arms.

"Kurt, what's wrong?" Kurt seemed incapable of words but after a good five minutes of crying into his father's shoulder he managed to look up into his father's eyes.

"Dad, w-why am I s-sat over t-there?" he managed, his pale face growing somehow even paler.

"Oh Kurtie. It's okay. It's okay Kurt."

"Wh... What?"

"Kurt. When people get to your age, they see a version of themselves. Just like you've seen now. Like when I was just 17, I saw myself just lying in the middle of my bedroom. I totally freaked out and, just ran away. But it's okay. Look, you're still sat over there right?"

Kurt looked slowly to the edge of the bed and true to his father's words, there sat another Kurt Hummel, dressed just as he was now, sat cross-legged on the bed. He was staring into his lap sadly, twisting his hands.

"Yes." Kurt practically breathed.

"Well that's because he's called a projection. It's pretty complicated and I have no idea why it happens, but basically he's the way you find your soul mate."

"My what?"

"Your soul mate, Kurt. No, your soul mate isn't the version of you over there, that's just what your projection looks like because you don't know the person yet. It's a sort of way you can connect to them. Don't be scared of your projection Kurt, you don't have to hold back because they're you. You talk to them in your head with your thoughts and stuff. They'll help you and make sure you're okay. When you finally meet your soul mate, and get to know them, then your projection will start to look more like that person and less like you. From not long after the beginning though it'll have the voice of your soul mate. Some say that makes it easier to find your soul mate but it's hard to find someone by just their voice. Anyway, eventually, they'll disappear altogether because you have your soul mate and you won't need the projection any more... Please tell me that made sense,"

"I... yeah I just... this is a lot to take in I..."

"I'll leave you to your projection. They'll have a better way of explaining it I'm sure. If you want me, just yell okay?" Burt said, taking his son's hand in his own and squeezing it.

"Yeah okay," Kurt said, as his father kissed him softly on the top of his head and left the room silently.

'So... this is weird,'

-'Sorry', the voice apologized sheepishly. -'Just so you know, your soul mate's having just as weird a time over finding a version of himself in his own bedroom.'

'What so, we're both finding our own projections at the same time? asked Kurt.'

-'Yeah. It's annoying that neither of us knows more, because what with you being soul mates, I bet you'd know how to comfort each other.'

Man I wish I knew who it was! Urgh, and I thought today was confusing enough.

-'You wanna share? I mean, I could go into your head and find out what's up but I don't want to be rude. Plus it's always easier to think of what to do when you have someone to bounce ideas off of.'

'Also helps when the person you're bouncing off of won't judge you.

-'Kurt I won't judge you. I'm practically you Kurt.

'Okay...' Kurt sighed, lying back on his bed. The other Kurt - the one that, now Kurt looked a little closer, was a tad see-through - scooted closer and sat by the real Kurt's side. 'It's Karofsky. I just don't know what his angle is! I don't know why it's me he hates so much. It's pissing me off so much and I just want him to stop already. And urgh, nobody even notices.'

-'Kurt it's okay. Shhh... Just calm down, it's okay. Other Kurt said, holding Kurt's hand as he began to cry again.'

'I just don't know... Also I can't refer to you as "my projection" or "other Kurt" in my head because that just isn't fair. I don't suppose you'd be able to tell me my soul mate's name or whatever?'

-'Well, unfortunately all I know about your mate is that they'll have found their projection today too. That's the way it works see. A pair of soul mates will find their projections on the same day. And, you can call me whatever you want, but be nice.'

'I'm always nice,'

-'Uh, you and Rachel have had how many arguments?'

'Oh like I'm counting,' Kurt laughed.

-'Yeah that's true,' smiled the other Kurt.

'Okay well, how about...' Kurt bit his lip, thinking hard. He just didn't know. What sounded right? What should he be aiming for? 'Umm... God why is this so hard? Okay, lets go with... Blake? Does Blake sound okay?'

-'Blake sounds fine with me,' smiled other Kurt, newly named Blake.

'Well then Blake, thanks for being here...'


"What the-"

-'Shut up! Someone will hear you!

"What the hell are you doing talking in my head?" he hissed though the ghostly boy had clamped a see through hand over his mouth.

-'Shh! Stop talking out loud! Someone will hear you and think you're mental! Unless they've found their projections already...'

'Their what?'

'Their versions of me' smiled the ghostly boy. -'I'm a projection! Everyone has one. You only see me though from some point after when you turn 17 because before that you're too young to know anything about projections or soul mates.'

'Woah. Slow down. What the hell?'

-'Sorry, I'm rambling but I'm excited! I exist! I've never existed before! Wow it's cool.'

'You're weird.'

-'Says the boy standing in his towel,' the ghostly boy said, raising a thick eyebrow.

'FUCK! Hey you're the one who turned up just after I got out of my shower for god sake!'

-'Sorry, just get dressed and sit down and I'll explain okay?'

'Fine,' he grumbled. He dressed awkwardly and tried to tame his hair before giving in and sitting on his bed in a pair of tattered sweats that some time ago showed the school emblem along with a grey tank top.

'Are you going to explain what a ghost version of myself is doing in my dorm room now?'

-'Hey! I'm not a ghost!'

'Sure as hell look like one,'

-'You'd better start being nice soon Mr. Or else your soul mate won't even like you.'

'My what?'

-'Now you're interested.'

'Please just tell me what's going on he sighed.'

-'Sorry. Basically, I'm what's called a projection. I'm like a version of you but not. Okay that's a crap explanation. Basically I'm a way for you to have like, god it sounds so childish but it's the only way I can think to explain it, like an imaginary friend. Shut up'! The ghost added as Blaine started to snicker. -'I'm a way that you connect to your soul mate.'

'My soul mate?'

-'Yes douchebag. That is what I just said. Anyway, when you meet your soul mate, I'll start looking less like you and more like them. Soon I'll start to have his voice and in the end I'll fade because you won't need me anymore, you'll have him.'



'Wow... I mean, I was sure I was gay but, man... Dad's probably gonna throw a fit when he finds out.'

-'Blaine, why don't you tell them? They'll be happy to find out you've finally seen your projection and even if dad gets angry, he can't stay angry. It's your soul mate. You're freaking made for each other!'

'Yeah I guess so. I just...'

Blaine sighed and flopped back onto his pillows, staring up at the ceiling.

'I just don't know I can handle that...'

-'Here,' said the projection and Blaine felt a small object land next to him on his dorm room bed. Looking up he found it was his cell.

'How'd you-'

-'Pick it up? There are some things I can do physically. It's complicated. But you should call them.'

Sighing, Blaine sat up, picked up the phone and punched in his home number.


"Hi mom,"

"Blaine, how are you?" she asked in her kind voice.

"I'm good. Uh, is dad there, I want to talk to you both," Blaine asked nervously.

"Yes, d'you want me to go grab him now or can I know first?"

"Well, I guess I'd rather you knew first anyway. I saw my projection,"

"Oh Blainey! That's fantastic! Let me go find your father," she gushed before putting the phone down and Blaine heard her footsteps getting further away from the handset. A minute later, footsteps returned.

"How do I put it on the speaker?" she mumbled.

"There's a button mom," Blaine said, trying not to laugh at his mother's lack of technological know-how.

"Found it!" she said happily, "Oh baby we're so proud of you. Did your projection explain everything?"

"I think so. There's probably other things he's left out but yeah, the most important bits I guess."

"Do they know anything about your soul mate? Sometimes they know a little about them," she gushed again.

"Uh, yeah... they said it was a 'he'..."


"Son." His father's voice said gruffly through the speaker on Blaine's cell.

"Look dad, I know you don't like my being gay but it's who I am. And if my soul mate out there is a guy then he's my soul mate and we're made for each other. I don't care if you don't like who I am but at least appreciate that this will be true love and we'll be soul mates." Blaine said, trying to keep his voice from sounding as if he was pleading.

There was a very short muffled conversation between his parents then footsteps and the sound of someone fumbling with the handset again.

"I'm sorry Blainey," came his mother's defeated voice. Blaine sighed, flopping back onto his pillows again. "Your father's just..."

"Yeah I know." Blaine said, his eyes beginning to fill with tears. 'For once, just once I wish he'd just love me for who I am.'

"No matter what he says I'm still so proud of you baby. It seems like yesterday when you were first going to school,"

"Oh god don't do the 'oh how you've grown' spiel mom." Blaine laughed half-heartedly.

"Sorry baby. I'll let you talk to your projection some more and try and reign in your father... He'll come round you know."

"I don't know he will mom... I don't know..."

"Don't you worry about him. You have more important things to worry about than him. Now go and live your life Blainey, and let your silly mom dig out all your old photos to see how much you've grown,"

"You'd better hide them by the time I get home in a few weeks," Blaine said.

"Of course! These are just for silly old me. Oh god I feel so old now!" Blaine couldn't help but laugh now.

"I'll see you soon mom,"

"I love you my Blainey,"

"Surely I'm old enough to stop being Blainey?"

"Nope. You'll never stop being my little Blainey,"

"Oh god..."

"I love you,"

"Love you too mom, bye..."

Blaine hung up and threw his phone across the room.

-'Hey! You need that!' said his projection, catching it before it hit the wall and placing it gently on his desk.

'More fun to see it smash though.'

-'Blaine, it's okay. Things are going to be okay you know.'

'Doesn't always feel like it...' Blaine grumbled.

-'Look, forget about him. Focus on now. Like how you haven't given me a name yet,

'Oh, sorry. Am I meant to?'

-'Well everybody does. It makes it easier to have a conversation with someone when they have a name.'

'Oh, right. Um... I don't know...'

-'C'mon Blaine! It's not that hard. Just think of a name. Whatever springs to mind...'




-'Cute. I like it.'

'Well then, "Hello Kurt" I guess.' Blaine laughed.

-'Hey Blaine.'

'This is... weird.'

-'Well... from what I know of your soul mate, he's... he's probably welcoming his projection. All I know is he's not having an easy ride of late.'

'How do you know that?'

-'I don't really know. There are weird things that slip through. In a way your projections are... connected I guess. Not very strongly though... I can just tell he's got it bad right now...'

'I wish I could help him. I wish I could just be there.'

-'Blaine, don't let me, or things I say get in the way of your life right now. Remember sectionals?'

'Shit. We have that 'spontaneous' performance do to next week. Shit I totally forgot.'

-'Calm Blaine. Practice is tomorrow and you're totally ready for it anyway. It's like your song. You practically owned the performance last practice. You'll be fine. And it's not like the choreography is complicated.'

'Yeah... yeah I guess so... man I wish I could just, find him already... I hope I find him soon...'

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