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Chapter 32

Hermione had shrugged on her old gym shorts and Ron's old Chudley Canon shirt, pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and slipped her feet into her fuzzy socks. She had a long night ahead of her, and well, she might as well be comfortable.

Ginny and Pansy had already made themselves comfortable on Hermione's bed. There were pillows everywhere, along with other random items.

Coming out of the bathroom, she flashed her friends a smile, climbing into bed with them.

"So what's first on the agenda?" Hermione asked, pulling the covers up over her legs.

Pansy took a long look at Hermione. "Shots. Hermione, you look like hell. I think some alcohol is exactly what you need."

Ginny nodded in agreement, grabbing the bottle of firewhiskey. Pansy grabbed three shot glasses, holding them while Ginny poured some of the alcohol into each one. She handed them out.

Hermione took a glass, feeling a jolt of excitement run through her. Maybe this would be fun. A smile appeared on her face, a real one. Ginny smiled back in response.

"On the count of three," Pansy said. "One. Two. Three!"

Hermione knocked the cool liquor back, closing her eyes as it hit the back of her throat. It burned all the way down, leaving Hermione feeling great. "More!" She exclaimed.

Pansy clapped, while Ginny quickly refilled their glasses.

Many shots later….

Hermione watched the movie, hugging her legs to her chest. This movie always broke her heart, no matter how many times she had seen it.

Looking over, she saw Ginny hiding her face behind her hands and Pansy sobbing into a pillow. It seemed The Notebook had the same effect on anyone. The movie reduced even the toughest women to tears.

"Why do Muggles like stuff like this?" Pansy sobbed. "It's torture! Breaking people's hearts… is this what they call entertainment?" She sniffled, burying her face in the pillow once more.

"It's so tragically beautiful, though," Hermione said, wiping away a few of her own tears.

The end credits rolled up, leaving the three women sobbing.

"It pulls at your heart strings, in all the right places," Ginny said with a sniffle.

"It was beautiful," Pansy added. "One of the most romantic movies I had ever seen." She sighed, falling backwards onto the bed. "I wish I had a love like that," she added wistfully.

Hermione took her pillow and slapped Pansy in the face with it. "You do have a love like that."

Pansy shook her head, frowning. "No, I don't. I know Draco loves me, and would do anything for me, but I can't even imagine having something like that, so passionate and true."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Draco gives you plenty of passion from what I hear."

Pansy giggled. "I suppose you're right. But we've had our tough times… I don't know. Sometimes, I wish I had the perfect fairytale life."

"But Pansy, that's why they are fairytales. Because stories like that aren't true, and nobody's perfect, so no relationship could ever be perfect." Hermione said after a moment. It was true. Not everything was rainbows and butterflies. There would always be bad times, but more importantly, good times. People in a good relationship were able to pull through anything, and that's the type of love all the girls had.

"I think the movie has made me rethink the meaning of true love. It shows us what could have been... ya know? I love Blaise, and this movie made a lot of things go into perspective." Ginny said with a smile.

"I thought about Charlie the entire time," Hermione said with a giggle.

Ginny nodded, "Me too. But with Blaise, obviously."

Pansy giggled. "I guess we all have our true loves."

Hermione nodded, "I guess so."

There was silence for a few minutes, but Pansy quickly broke it. "Let's play truth or dare."

Hermione bit her lip, knowing that could be potentially dangerous, but nodded anyways. She was having fun with the girls. Ginny clapped her hands, nodding enthusiastically.

Pansy grinned slyly. "Okay Hermione, truth or dare."

Hermione thought about it for a moment, before answering "Dare."

Pansy grinned. "I dare you to lick Ginny's foot!"

Hermione and Ginny both let out a squeal at the same time. "That's gross!" Hermione exclaimed.

Pansy shrugged. "Too bad, you picked Dare, so you have to do!"

Hermione rolled her eyes, before grabbing Ginny's foot. Ginny tried to scoot away, but Hermione tightened her grip. She sent Pansy a glare. "You're sick," she said, before licking the top of Ginny's foot. Ginny screamed, yanking her foot away.

Pansy, meanwhile, was clutching her stomach she was laughing so hard. "Oh my gosh, I didn't think you'd actually do it." She laughed even harder, her face turning purple.

Ginny started laughing too, once she covered her feet in socks.

Hermione simply scowled. "All right Pansy, truth or dare."

Pansy stopped laughing long enough to catch her breath. "Truth." She didn't want Hermione to get her back.

Hermione thought for a minute. "Did you ever cheat on Draco?"

Pansy pursed her lips. "I did."

Ginny's eyes bugged out of her head. "What? When? With who!" She leaned forward, waiting for an answer.

"It was fourth year, with one of the boys from Durmstrang. I was trying to make Draco jealous." She explained with a shrug.

Hermione grinned. "You Slytherin."

Pansy nodded. "I'll do anything I can to get what I want, regardless of the consequences."

"Did it work?" Ginny asked, leaning forward.

Pansy laughed. "Of course it did. Draco got his head out of his arse after that."

Ginny smiled, "Good."

Hermione yawned. Minutes later, Ginny did the same thing.

"Maybe we should just go to bed?" Pansy suggested, starting to feel tired herself.

Hermione nodded, getting under the covers. Pansy and Ginny did the same on the side of her. The three of them quickly fell asleep, all tucked in, safe and sound.

But Hermione had forgotten to take a Sleeping Draught that night.