*So this is a fanfiction about when Jacob and Bella were little, and she would come and visited Charlie every year. Sadly I don't own this Stephanie Meyer does. If I did things would have been different in New Moon. This is my say of what would have happened if Bella would have ended up living with Charlie when she was younger and how her relationship would be with Jacob as they grew up together.

" She said I don't know if I ever been good enough. I am a little bit rusty and I think my head is carving in. And I don't know if I ever been really loved." ~ Push by Matchbox 20.

Chapter One: First Love

This would be the first summer that Bella was visiting with out her mother being here with her. They finally decided she was old enough to fly without a parent even though she was only eight years. The airlines reassured both Renee and Charlie that she would be perfectly safe for the flight. They had an air stewardess assigned to Bella who would help here when she landed in Port Angelo' was nervous that Bella would be a wreck when she got off the flight, and want to go back to her home in Phoenix.

Jacob was talking non stop about Bells being back for a whole summer. He couldn't wait to get to the airport with Charlie to pick up his Bells. Jacob was only six and still pronounced some of his words wrong, but he knew exactly what he was going to do when he saw his Bells. He would do what he saw in movies that his twins sisters would make him watch. He would run to her and give her a huge hug. Then he would spend every day with her until they made her leave again. Jacob loves Bells almost as much of Charlie if not more.

"Chief lets go we are going miss Bells," Jacob said as he was jumping up and down in his living room. On the couch sat his mother and father who just stared at their little boy. Summer was defiantly his favorite season. He knew it meant he would see Bells, and it would be fun. They would go to bonfires with their family and friends at La Push. They would have movie sleep overs and cook outs.

"Whoo Jake we still have two hours until her flight lands," Charlie said as he ruffled Jacobs hair. Jacob stomped off into the bathroom to fix it. He wanted to look perfect for his Bells that he waited almost a whole year to see.

" He didn't sleep at all last night. He keep the twins up. He was running in and out of his room looking for clothes to wear," Sara said smiling. She enjoyed the times when Bells came here to visit. Jacob always seemed the happiest when she was here. He would also act his best when she was here.

" I would have thought he was one of the girls running around. He just keep saying Bells is coming tomorrow," Billy laughed while he talked. "I think at one point he ran into his bedroom door, from not paying attention."

"Where are the girls?" Charlie asked as he looked around. Usually they would be up by now trying to play dress up with Jacob, or picking on him. It was actually quiet at the Black's residence for once which was unusually.

"The girls are over that the Clearwater's hanging out with Leah. They said that she needs to act more like a girl so they are probably torturing the poor girl," Sara said frowning. Sara loved her girls more then anything but sometimes they could be over the top. Leah and them hang out a lot and become inseparable almost but they are the complete opposite. Leah would prefer climbing trees or digging for bugs. Rebecca and Rachel hated that. They hate getting dirty and climbing things. I don't know how much these girls actually have in common.

"Mama," Jacob yelled at he ran into the living room.

"Whats wrong sweetie?" she asked looking at her sons big brown eyes.

"Bells sleep over tonight?" he asked.

"Oh sweetie its her first night back. After you and Charlie pick her up at the airport you guys are going to the diner to eat, and then you mister are coming back here, and Bells is going home with her dad," Sara said to her son. He started to bit his bottom lip, and his eyes got watery.

"I sleep over Chief's house?" Jacob asked as he fought back his tears.

Sara looked at Billy for help but he was surprised that Jacob even thought of sleeping over there. He was getting smarter everyday.

"Son you will see Bella enough this summer, I think the first night she should spend with her dad," Billy spoke up. Sara didn't have the heart to tell him no. She hated seeing her son sad, and Bella seemed to make him happy.

"You know what Jake I think if its okay with your parents that Bella would love for you to spend the night at our house. I am sure she misses you as much as you miss her," Charlie finally spoke up. He was happy that his daughter and his best friend's son were inseparable. He also secretly hoped when they grew up that they would become a couple. Charlie really had a soft spot for Jacob.

"Yay I sleep over Chief's house! I go pack a bag,"Jacob said as he jumped of his mother's lap and ran into his room.

"You made his day," Sara said smiling.

"This is going to be a long summer," Billy said as he kissed his wife's forehead. A few minutes later Jacob ran back into the living room with a bag packed. Sara looked at him in surprised. She knew she should probably check his bag for actually clothes because knowing him there was his little toy cars.

"Jacob let me check you bag," Sara said as she reached over to her little boy. He gave her a devilish smile and handed her the bag. She unzipped it to see that there were no clothes in there. Instead there were vhs tapes and his toy cars.

"Jacob what do you plan on sleeping in?" Sara asked the little boy.

" I don't know," he replied looking at his feet. She grabbed his hand and walked back into his room.

"Little boys,"Billy said smiling.

"So you get rid of Jacob for the evening what are you and Sara up to?" Charlie asked his best friend.

" I am thinking dinner and a movie. Its been awhile since Sara and I have been out just the two of us without any children," Billy said smiling.

"So Harry and Sue are keeping Rach and Becca for the night?" Charlie asked.

"Yes they are in for one long night. Last time we did the slumber party thing it was difficult when Leah and Seth were here. Rach and Becca thought it would be funny to put make up on Seth and Jacob when they fell asleep. Leah doesn't like when somebody besides herself picks on her baby brother. So when the twins fell asleep Leah got them back. It started prank wars against all them. It was a long night," Billy said laughing.

"I would say the next sleep over can be at my house so you guys could go on a double date, but my house isn't prepared for prank wars with little kids," Charlie said laughing as he picked Seth and Jacob in make up.

The next thing both the dads knew was Jacob was running towards Billy with Sara following.

"Daddy tell mommy I need my toys. Bells has dolls. Boys don't play with dolls," Jacob said as he jumped on his dads lap.

"That is true. Little boys don't play dolls they play cars, and play with bugs," Billy said.

"Does that make Lee Lee a boy?" Jacob asked. All three parents laughed a little bit.

"No sweetie, Leah is just a different type of girl. Now that you are all packed you are good to go," Sarah said as she looked at her son.

"Come on Chief Chuckie lets go," Jacob said jumping of his dads lap and running towards the front door.

"Where does he come up with these things?" Charlie asked Sara. She laughed a little

"Well Chief Chuckie the twins taught him that one," Sara said biting her lip to stop laughing.

Jacob gave his parents a huge hug and kiss then grabbed Charlie's hand and walked towards his car. After Jacob got situated in the back sit Charlie started up the care and headed to the airport. Jacob wouldn't stop talking the whole way, and when he wasn't talking he was singing along to the radio. Charlie was laughing because it was a sight. The finally arrived at the airport and Jacob was sound asleep in the back seat. Charlie found a parking spot and shut off the car. To his surprise Jacob's eyes popped open and he asked, "Are we there yet?"

" Prefect timing. Come on let me unbuckle you and get into the airport," Charlie said to Jacob. Charlie would spend hours day dreaming about how life would be different if Bella lived here with him. He was playing around with the idea for a while now. How differently their lives would be, and how close he could get to his daughter. He never liked the idea of her being so fair away, but he couldn't force Renee to stay there with their daughter.

"Chief is Bells going live here?" Jacob asked as they made their way through the airport.

"Only for a few month's then she will have to go home to her mom," Charlie answered honestly. Every year at the end of summer Jacob took it the hardest when she left. He wouldn't leave his room for a week and would fight with everyone screaming I want Bells back.

"Can't she live here forever? I don't like her being far away," he said. Little did the boy know Charlie didn't like her being far away from him either. He always felt at peace when she was here, and he felt like he missed so much of her growing up. She is only eight and has a long way to go, but still. Charlie looked at the board to see if Bella's plan arrived yet. It arrived a few minutes ago , and they should be letting the passengers out any minute.

"Only a little bit longer before you see her," Charlie said. Jacob keep jumping up and down to see Bella over the crowd. Charlie bent over and picked up Jacob so he could get a better see of the people.

"Do you think she will be excited sleep over?" Jacob asked. Then he got a huge smile on his face and was fighting to get down from Charlie. He must of saw Bella walking with the air stewardess. Jacob ran into the crowd of people towards Bella. Charlie walked behind Jacob.

"Jakie," Bells screamed as she dropped her bookbag , and caught Jacob in a hug. Charlie arrived a few seconds after Jacob hugged Bells, and he released her.

"Daddy," Bells said as she gave him a hug next.

"Oh Bells you have grown so much. I am so glad that you are finally here I have missed you so much," Charlie said as he finally let go of his daughter.

"I take it you are Charlie Swan?" The lady asked who was standing next to Bells.

"Yes sorry that would be me," he replied.

"Its nice to finally meet you. Bella here has talked the whole flight about her dad and this boy named Jacob that she was excited to see him," the lady said smiling.

"So Bella I will see you in a few months on your return flight. Enjoy your summer," the stewardess said as she left Bella with her family.

Jacob took Bella's hand and they started walking towards the exit. " Guess what Bells?"

"What Jakie?" she asked in a sweet voice. She had a huge smile on her face. Charlie watched as the two kids walked in front of him hand and hand. He imaged how it would be when they were teenagers and if they would still be this close. He dreaded the day when Jacob would ask his girl out on a date, but he knew Jacob would never hurt Bells.

"You daddy says I can sleep over," he said with a huge smile on his face. Bella started to giggle a little bit.

"That is because my daddy is the best," she said. That comment there made Charlie want to keep Bella here and never let her return to Phoenix. Would he still be the best if she lived here full time? This is something he would have to talk about with Sara and Billy.

They made it all the way out to the car and he got the children loaded in and headed towards the diner.

"Are you hungry Bells?" Charlie asked.

"Yes very much. They only give you peanuts on the plane, and we were running late to catch the flight so I didn't get much of a breakfast," Bella answered. That was one thing that annoyed Charlie that Renee had moments to be irresponsible. He remembers she wasn't the best cook, and neither was he, but for his daughter he would learn how to be a cook.

"Alright then," Charlie responded.

"Daddy, mom wants me to call her when I landed. Do you have a phone?" she asked.

"Sweetie you know I have a house phone. I also have the phone in here for emergency's only. You can use the phone at the diner," he replied. He wanted to talk to Renee anyway.

"Bells I got a goldy fish. I get to keep it in my room and I have to feed it every day so he stays alive. I named him Pete. Bec and Rach say thats a stupid name for a fish," Jacob said.

"Its not a goldy fish, Jacob. Its a gold fish. Also, Pete is a good name don't listen to Rachel and Rebecca they are just jealous they don't have one," Bells replied. Jacob just continued to look at her like she is the only person in the whole entire world. Charlie would never understand the bond these two have.

The kids continued to talk the whole care ride to the diner. Charlie just listened to them going back and forth between the two of them. Explain their year, and what they learned , and the one boy who was picking on Bella at school. Jacob got all defensive and told her he'd beat him up if that kid tries to hurt his Bells. She smiled and blushed at those words.

"Come on kids out of the car," Charlie said.

They all walked into the diner and took their usually spot. They ordered the same thing they do every time they come here.

"Daddy we should call mom," Bella said. He got up with her and walked over to the pay phone and put a few quarters into the phone and called Renee. She answered on the third ring.

"Hello?" Renee said.

"Mommy I made it to Forks. I am with daddy and Jakie," Bells said into the phone. Bella went on with the conversation talking about the flight and other things. Then Bella handed me the phone and walked over to Jacob.

"Hey Renee, how is it going?" Charlie asked her.

"Listen Charlie I have some big news, and Bella doesn't know about it yet. I figured I should run it pass you first," she said.

"Okay go on," he said.

"I met this guy, Phil, we have been actually seeing each other for a long time now. He asked me to marry him, and I told him yes. We plan on getting married then moving away from Phoenix. Maybe going to Florida or Texas. This concerns you too since Bella will be moving half way around the country. I was looking for your import," she said.

"What? You tell me this over a pay phone that you plan on taking may daughter to Florida? I won't allow it. As it is already I only see her during the summer which is what two months while you get her the other ten, " he said into the phone. He was angry. Beyond angry actually. He didn't want Renee to get married, and he most certainly want Bella living with Renee and this Phil guy.

"Well I kind of figured you wouldn't take kindly to this news, but I didn't have to tell you," she snapped at him.

"You know what Renee I don't want our daughter living with a stranger. I don't know him and I don't want her moving farther away. She is my daughter too," he replied.

"I understand that she is your daughter too, that is why I am telling you this. I am not trying to hurt you. I know this is hard enough for you," she said.

"Well how about I keep her. You move to where ever with who ever and keep Bells here. She will have a stable home, and she has friends here," he said. It was the best idea he had because he refused to let his daughter live with a stranger.

"Charlie that is a lot to do. Taking in our eight year old daughter. Maybe we should talk to her," she said.

"Bells Sweetie come here," Charlie said. Bella ran over to her dad and he handed her the phone.

"Bella sweetie remember that man you met, Phil?" she asked.

"Yes mom why?" Bella asked as she was watching Jacob steal a fry from her plate.

"Well sweetie you see he asked me to marry him. I would really like to marry him but that means we would have to move. Now you have the opinion of moving with Phil and I to Florida or Texas, or you can stay in Forks with your dad," she finally said. Bella looked at her dad and then back at Jacob and a huge smile came on her face.

"Mom are you serious? I could live with daddy if I want to?" she asked happily in the phone.

"Yes baby if that is what you want," her mother replied.

"I want to live with daddy in Forks," Bella said. She didn't even think twice about it. She handed the phone back to her dad and ran to Jacob to tell him the news.

" Well I guess she is living here," Charlie said into the phone.

"I guess I will start packing up her things to ship them up your way. I do want her at the wedding," Renee said.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. When are you planning on doing that?"he asked.

"I don't know Charlie. We will be in touch good bye," she said and he hung up the phone.

He was finally getting the one thing that he really wanted in this world. For his daughter to live here with him.