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Chapter 23

Bella looked nervously around at her family. They just defeated the army of new born vampires, and the pack was feeling pretty good. That was until Alice let them in on a secret. She wasn't sure if the pack would be ready for another battle. She hoped more then anything it didn't come down to that. All she wanted to do was be a normal teenager.

"It seems Edward had a plan b just in case his first plan didn't work. There is this coven of vampires in Italy. They make sure our secret isn't told to humans, and if it is well they either kill the human or that human becomes like us, but that hardly ever happens. It seems Edward went to them, and explained the situation here with Bella. They will be here any minute. There are rules vampires must follow and they make sure they follow them or else," Alice said.

The pack all growled and Jacob was the worse out of all of them. He just beat Edward and felt like he could go up against anything that was thrown at him. Bella knew deep down they were exhausted the pack took out all the new borns plus Edward. That is a lot and now there maybe another battle coming their way.

Well they aren't touching you Bella. We didn't come this far just to have it taken away. That isn't how this works- Leah

We will take them out just like we took those other blood suckers out- Paul

"What are they capable of doing?" Bella asked. She knew if they were to keep vampires under control they had to have something special about them.

"It is a good thing you asked that. You see they will not be defeated. All of them have some sort of special ability, and even with Bella's shield it won't help defeat them. We don't want to start a fight with them because losing isn't an opinions for them. The coven is known as the Volturi, they live in Volterra, Tuscany (Italy). They are regarded as "royalty" by other vampires because they have lived for well over 3000 years and act as police, enforcing the rule that vampires' existence remain a secret from humans." Carlisle said. "They often send enforcers from Volterra to prevent overzealous covens and renegade vampires from exposing their kind. They are guarded by several powerful vampires who have been recruited for their powers and skills. I once stayed with the coven as a guest, but left due to his desire to avoid harming humans ."

Bella looked at her pack and then back at Carlisle. The pack was going crazy saying they were not going down without a fight. "Okay so what are we going to do?"

We need to get B out of here- Leah

No time they are here- Bella

"The Volturi leaders include Aro, who can read every thought a person has ever had once he has made physical contact with them. Marcus, who senses the strength and nature of relationships. Caius, who has no known power, but Aro keeps him around which says there is something about him. Aro's wife Sulpicia, Caius' wife Athenodora, and formerly Marcus' wife Didyme, who had the power to make others happy, also act as leaders. The Volturi guard consists of a lot of other members, including Jane, who creates illusions of pain; her twin brother Alec, who is able to block others' senses; Demetri, who can track anyone once he has the tenor of their mind; Felix, who possesses exceptional physical strength and speed; Chelsea, who can change emotional bondings and causes members of the Volturi to be loyal to the coven; and Renata, who can make anyone feel distracted and wandering when they are near her ,also known as a shield," Carlisle said.

"So isn't like against their law then for you to be telling us all their abilities. My guess is we need to figure out a way to take out the shield and then I can blow them up. I can keep my shield up around you guys and the pack, but the question is did Edward tell them what I am capable of?" Bella asked out loud.

This is crazy. They all have abilities there is no way we are a match to them. Especially with the ones that can make us feel painful things.- Seth

Well if they are suppose to control rogue vampires where the hell were they when Edward was making his army? They must of known about the army, which means they turned their cheek the other way, but why?- Leah

Because of me- Bella

What do you mean? Paul

It is actually easy. If I have all these powers and I am human, my bet is they want me for their coven. I am also betting they don't like the Cullen's because their coven is big and they also have a lot of special abilities. So my guess is Edward promised to gain their coven as long as he got me, which meant I would have gained as well, not willing of course- Bella

"They will be walking through there in a few seconds," Alice said. Bella didn't feel anytime of fear at all. She knew that if they defeated an army of newborns that they could go up against anything and be alright. She trusted the pack, and she trusted the Cullen's for the most part even if the pack had their second guesses.

"Ah Carlisle it has been far too long. Its good to see you and your family, even if you are missing one member," Aro said. Bella stayed quiet she didn't want to open her mouth just yet. The pack was tense and watching every move the other coven was doing. The didn't trust them and Bella pretty much figured out who was who. Surprisingly there wasn't as many vampires there as she had thought there was.

"Ah Aro I wish I could say the same about you guys being here. I do have to say it is quite a surprise thought. What brings you here all the way from Italy?" Carlisle asked.

"I think you know why I am here. It seems one of our laws have been broken, I am sure you can tell me which one that is. It seems Miss Isabella here is human, and knows our little secret. Also, I would guess she also knows a lot about our kind," Aro spoke.

"Well I think its only fair that I know as much about you do as me. Also, don't call me Isabella . So when are you leaving?" Bella asked.

"Edward told me about the great powers you have, and how you are wasting them away. I figured I would come and convince you which side is the best side for you, and your powers," Aro said. Jacob growled at this, and Bella smiled.

"You may not be able to read the packs mind without touching them, but i am sure by that growl that you can guess my answer. I know the right side, its the side that doesn't kill humans," Bella spoke.

"Edward was right, you speak when you shouldn't. Oh do you remember the days Carlisle when woman knew their place in society. They never spoke to any male with such a great disrespect. They always obeyed the males. They knew their place, this is what is wrong with the times. Woman speak when they shouldn't," Aro said.

"I guess my guess was right about you being a sexist pig. Also what is up with those robes come on now! Nobody wears those anymore, and you are worried about humans finding out about vampires, did you ever think what you wear gives them a hint from which time period you are from?" Bella asked.

You would insult their clothing Bella. Now isn't the time you know this. We have more important things to worry about besides their clothing. We need to get them out of Forks quick. We don't want them hunting on our lands or being near our families~ Jake

"Well I can see where your values are based on your clothing. I do believe this isn't why we are here. We are here to talk about a certian human knowing the exist of vampires, which we can have. You know the rules Carlisle," Marcus spoke this time.

"Yes I do know the rules, but I think this is a different situation. Consider there are shape shifters involved. Bella isn't just any human, she is the Alpha's mate, which means she is bound to know why they exist is because we exist," Carlisle said.

" You must know we don't like their kind either. We never liked the children of moon, so we killed all of them. These werewolves or what ever you call them seem to be our only enemies and here you are working with them. What does that say?" Aro asked.

Before Carlisle had a chance to open his mouth Bella spoke up. "Here is the game plan you will leave and never come back here. I am not becoming like you, and you aren't touching the pack. I am capable of taking you whole little gang out, actually more capable then you think. You little shield you got protecting you is nothing to what I can do when I am pissed off, and my pack is threaten."

"Edward was right, you also don't understand ladies aren't suppose to talk like that. Oh when you become a vampire I am going to make you pay for everything you have done," Aro said.

"What to make a bet? I bet you won't because I'll make sure you burn nice and slow," Bella quickly replied.

I should bring that fairy back to his undead life just to kill his sparkly ass, again~Jake

I really don't like them. They keep eyeing us up~ Seth

That is because they are planning on taking us out~ Embry

That won't happen. I know how to break their shield, and I am fairly certain I will be able too. Remember Jake last time I guess pissed off I was able to blow up all those tries with one flick of my wrist. While I am pretty much pissed off, and I think I can bring her shield down and when I do someone needs to phase to human with the matches and light them because then I will try to freeze them. I am not sure I will be able to blow them up after breaking through the shield because it takes a lot of power~ Bella

Paul you phase back to human and grab the matches from Bella. Make sure you are close to her, because when she blow up them trees last time, she pretty much fainted, and I don't want that happening. If it does happen and the shield isn't broken, I want you to phase back and run with here to the place I told you to go~ Jake

What place?~ Bella

Remember Bella I love you no matter what happens today. I don't want you to be sad and lonely if something bad happens to me. Remember it isn't your fault, and I would do anything to protect you because I love you with everything in me~ Jake

This is no time for goodbyes Jake Black. Also so help god if you freaking die I will bring your sorry ass back to just kill you myself do I make myself clear. I love you too~ Bella.

Bella felt the Cullen's looking at her weirdly but she just smiled and went make to watching what Aro and his coven were doing. They seemed to be making plans on how to take the pack out, but Bella wasn't about to let that happen. She knew she could break the shield, while keeping hers up, she just hoped this time she didn't faint.

"Any last words?" Bella asked.

"We should being asking you that," Aro said.

"I told you I would never join your undead world. It is time you take me seriously. I gave you the opinion of leaving willing, and you didn't take me up on that which means I am taking you down," Bella laughed.

"Jane now," Aro spoke.

Bella stared at them for a minute before she felt a tiny pinch of her shield. She laughed, "Is that all you have?" Bella asked.

Bella looked at Jane get anger and try again but it didn't work that time either. Bella knew her shield was strong enough to hold up against them. She also knew what she had to do. She cleared her mind, and muted the pack. She pictured getting through their shield. She pictured all the happy thoughts she had shared with the pack. She lifted her hands and stared at the vampire who was concentrating on keeping her shield up. She flicked her wrist with all the power she had in her. She flew backwards, but Paul didn't let her fall. He was doing what Jacob had said to protect her no matter what. Bella saw the spark that came from her breaking their shield.

She smiled to herself, "I told you I could do it." She quickly lifted her hands to freeze them. She smiled to herself when she did it. Then she unfreeze Aro's head.

"Any last words before This is lite and you are destroyed?" Bella asked.

"You would have been a nice addition to our coven," Aro said.

The last thing Bella remembers is Paul hurrying up and lighting them on fire, and finally for once a feeling of everything being complete. Then she blacked out.

"What happens in Italy now that they main vampires are destroyed?" Paul asked Carlisle.

"It will take some time to get everything under control again. I am sure the rest of the guard they left there will find out shortly and then it will take years, if not centuries for their guard to be as strong as it was before," Carlisle answered.

"Is Bella going to be okay?" Jake asked.

As it was Bella had been out of it for the last hour, and she didn't seem like she was waking up any time soon. Jacob didn't leave her side at all, and the rest of the pack was close by. They took Bella back to the Cullen's since Carlisle had a medical room in his house.

"Yes, I think she just over used her power today. That took a lot of strength for her to do that,and she is just worn out. She should wake up shortly, but there is nothing to be concerned about," Carlisle said.

"What is next for your coven?" Paul asked.

"Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rose are flying out to Italy and seeing how things are once word gets back a human took out the whole coven. There maybe more vampires to come to try to hurt Bella, but I am sure she can handle herself right now," Carlisle answered.

That was what Jacob was afraid of. Once word gets out and other vampires here a human took out them that they would come looking for her. He would do everything in his power to protect his mate. She was something very special. Jacob smiled as he watched Bella sleep. She looked so peaceful, and it has been a while since she has slept. A long while. this was a much needed rest time.