A/N: Hello! Welcome to this silly little story. Where it begins, just to refresh anyone's memory, it's in the middle of Torment (canon-verse timeline) but in later chapters veers into AU territory, though still canon-compliant (mostly).

"Um, where are we going?" Luce asked in an agitated voice as Cam veered down an unfamiliar road. She was trying her best to remain calm and aloof, but the fact of the matter was the Cam sort of scared her. He always had. When they first met she credited the uneasy feeling he gave her to the proverbial butterflies of a new crush, but maybe somehow she'd always been able to sense how dangerous he was. Even so, he had just sort of saved her life...allegedly. And he was sort of being nice. Well, as nice as he could be after all that had happened between them.

"I can't take you back to Shoreline." he said coolly. "Not right now. It's not safe."

Luce scoffed. "I thought Shoreline was the safest place on Earth...or whatever. That's how Daniel made it seem, anyway. And you both keep telling me to stay inside like a good little girl and never leave the campus-"

Cam laughed at her remark causing her to momentarily lose focus. She'd never really heard him laugh before, not in a genuine funny-joke kind of way. More just in an evil, maniacal way. This way made her stomach twitch in a dumb way. Luckily, he filled her awkward pause with an explanation.

"Shoreline is safe for you, Luce. Don't get me wrong. But after what just happened..." he trailed off, fiddling with the knob on his truck's radio, "I just have a bad feeling, okay? We drew too much attention to ourselves just now."

"Somehow I feel like that's more your fault than mine." Luce retorted, recalling the brutality Cam had used against the Outcast. The memory of her bones snapping made Luce involuntarily shiver.

"You cold?" Cam asked, flicking the heater on high.

"Yeah." Luce lied automatically, not wanting to say anymore to Cam than she had to. He took another seemingly random turn. "Please tell me where we're going."

"My place." Cam answered like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Your place?" Luce repeated failing to hide the sudden panic in her voice. Her heart-rate quickened in fear. She didn't truly believe Cam would hurt her, but being alone with him in an unknown place still frightened her. She wondered/hoped if by chance Daniel would swoop by the school, notice her inexplicable absence, and come to her rescue. Unlikely, but the thought set her mind at ease for the moment.

Cam just looked annoyed. "Where else would we go? We can't go back to the school right now, as I've said, do you have any secret locales in the area you're holding out on? If so, now's the time to enlighten me."

"You could just take me to Daniel. I'd be safe with him." Luce regretted the words the instant they'd escaped her mouth.

Cam's emerald eyes darted toward her, then quickly back to the road. "First of all," he said tightly. "I can't take you to Daniel. Literally can't. And second of all, you're safe with me. I wish you'd realize that." His voice softened at the last few words making Luce feel something dangerously close to guilt. But she didn't have anything to feel guilty about, she quickly reminded herself. Cam was evil, afterall, even if he was doing her a service tonight there must be some ulterior motive to his actions.

"Why can't you?" she asked softly, unsure what else to say.

"Because." Cam said slowing the vehicle as he turned down a steep road.

Luce sighed, kicking her legs up against the dashboard. "I'm getting really tired of everyone treating me like I'm an idiot."

Cam's dark brows knitted together in confusion. "Who's treating you like an idiot?"

"You!" Luce barked. "Daniel. Everyone. It's like everytime I think I get a little bit closer to understanding what's going on in my life there's someone in front of me telling me I'm not ready to know or that I can't handle it or that it's for my own good."

"It is for your own good." Cam replied evenly.

"Maybe," Luce said uncertainly. "But how would you feel? If everyone you cared about was keeping you in the dark about everything?"

Cam nodded slowly. "I see your point." He sighed, "Luce. It's not that anyone thinks you're an idiot, trust me. We all care about you. We just want you to be safe."

"Who's we?"

Cam shrugged. "Daniel, of course. Roland, Arriane, Gabbe..." he made a point to look at her again. "me."

Luce felt her cheeks flush slightly. She quickly looked out the window, watching streetlights blur as they drove.

"Even Molly." Cam chuckled, bumping Luce's knee with his knuckles.

Luce felt herself smile. "Now that I find hard to believe."

She looked at him suddenly, for the first time in what felt like forever, allowing herself to take in his undeniably handsome features. For a moment she felt like she could really talk to him, confide in him, like she had back at Sword & Cross, before her life got turned upside down and she wasn't really sure what to believe.

"So you really can't tell me anything?" she asked quietly.

Cam shifted uneasily. "What do you want to know?"

"Why can't I leave Shoreline ever? Why am I never allowed to do anything? Why can't Daniel see me? Why can-"

"Whoa whoa whoa." Cam laughed cutting her off. "Can I try to tackle these one at a time?"

Luce just stared at him impatiently.

"Oh," Cam said changing his tone abruptly, "Here we are."

Luce looked around curiously at the grassy landscape that surrounded her but didn't see anything that remotely resembled a residence. "And where is that exactly?"

"Home sweet home!" Cam whistled, getting out of the truck and walking around the front to open Luce's door for her. The gesture made her feel weird. "Why thank you sir." She quipped sarcastically.

"My pleasure, miss." Cam replied in the same mocking tone, even going so far as to take her hand as she hopped out of the vehicle.

"Come on," he said still holding her hand as he advanced into the darkness.

"Hey!" Luce jerked backward. "Where do you even live? Some creepy killer log cabin in the middle of the woods?"

Cam laughed again, that same hearty genuine laugh from before. Luce smiled in spite of herself, finding the sound to be infinitely pleasing.

"Not quite." Cam whispered, his green eyes lush with mischief. "Just follow me. It's a surprise."

Luce wasn't sure whether to laugh or run away. "You're crazy." she finally breathed.

Cam had lead her through a dense patch of wooded area until they came upon what appeared to be an abandoned boxcar. In the light of day it might have been a harmless hunk of metal but in the shadowy light of the moonlit forest, it was pretty damn creepy. A million different slasher movies rippled through Luce's mind. She continued to stare at Cam in disbelief. "No way I'm going in there."

"Oh, yes you are." Cam replied authoritatively. "Don't be so quick to judge." He trudged noisely through the tall grass to the other side of the boxcar, shielded from Luce's view.

"What are you doing?" she asked shakily.

She heard him chuckle. "Would you like me to narrate for you?" He called out through the darkness. "Okay: Cam walked, perfectly poised, up to his boxcar house, and took out his boxcar key, and opened his boxcar door." There was a loud, terrible scraping sound which Luce only assumed could be the massive doors being wrenched apart. Cam continued to narrate himself loudly, "He then entered the house, and then turned on the light, with poise." and with that, light flooded out from Cam's side of the scructure. Luce reluctantly trotted around to see. Sure enough, Cam was standing at the makeshift entrance to his "house" with a disgustingly satisfied smile on his face.

"Well?" he asked, gesturing behind him.

"Luce was unimpressed." Luce replied, playing along with Cam's narration. "She thought living in a boxcar was the dumbest thing she'd ever heard of. And also that Cam was weird."

"Cam was very troubled by this news." Cam pouted dramatically. "In fact legend has it that a single tear slid down his cheek-"

"Oh, stop it!" Luce said fighting back the urge to giggle.

Cam just grinned at her, obvious pleased with himself. "Come." he said, retreating into the "building". Luce rolled her eyes and followed him.

"Wow," she said as she tried to take in her new surroundings. It wasn't at all what she expected. Inside it just looked like a normal apartment room. To the far left was a small built-in kitchen with a sink and miniature refrigerator. In the center of the room was worn in looking black futon facing a decently sized television set.

"Look," Cam said strutting over to the right side of the room and opening what Luce hadn't even realized was a door until Cam was swinging it inward. "Working facilities."

"How did you do all this?" Luce asked a little awestruck.

"Oh sweet, simple-minded little Lucinda." Cam cooed walking over to her and taking her hands in his. "How did I not do it?"

Luce yanked her hands away. "So remind me of why this place is oh so safe for me again?"

Cam shrugged. "It's not, really."

Luce stared at him wide eyed. "But you said!"

"I said Shoreline wasn't safe for you right now." He replied. "In all honestly, nowhere is. But I'm the only person that knows about this place. So it'll buy us some time for the Outcasts to get tired or bored for the evening, and then I'll take you back to Shoreline all safe and sound. Deal?"

"No." Luce said indignantly, even though she knew she didn't really have a choice. Just how long was Cam planning on holding her captive here anyway? She wondered. She crossed her arms over her chest like a child.

Cam sunk onto the futon lazily and smiled up at her. "Has anyone ever told you how cute you are when you're pissed?"

Luce felt her cheeks flushing again. "Um. no." she stammered uselessly.

"Glad I could be the first then." Cam's grin broke into a staggering smile. Luce held her ground.

"Maybe because you're the only one who manages to piss me off all the time."

Cam threw his head back and laughed at that, this being the third time Luce had made him laugh in the past hour. She wasn't sure why but she couldn't help but relish in it. It made her feel like she had some sort of special connection with him that no one else did.

"Babe, I take that as the highest compliment you could give me."

"I am not your babe." Luce said sternly. Now he really was pissing her off. "How long do I need to stay here?"

"Not sure." Cam said unwavering even from Luce's obvious disdain. He got up suddenly and walked over to the kitchen area of his living space. "Sit down." he commanded softly. "Might as well make yourself comfortable."

"I'd rather stand, thanks." Luce said a little more coldly than she'd intended to.

"So stubborn." Cam chided playfully as he rummaged through his mini fridge.

Luce's emotions were short circuiting. She was angry with Cam for forcing her to come out here, angry at herself for acting so bratty when maybe he was just trying to help, and angry for being angry when it was Cam she was dealing with, who was evil incarnate, right?

"Hey." Cam's silky voice scissored through her stream of consciousness. "Do you want some applesauce?"

Luce's mind sputtered. "What?"

"Do you want some damn applesauce?" Cam repeated in an offended tone. "You act like I just asked you if you wanted to pick up a knife and stab yourself."

Luce couldn't help but laugh. Daniel was always so serious about the situation that was at hand. It was nice to have someone who didn't mind making a joke every now and then, as inappropriate as they might be.

"Sure." She said finally, making her way over to the futon and tentatively sitting down.

"Aw yeah," Cam said pulling out two plastic packets of applesauce and joining Luce on the futon. "Now we're having fun."

Cam handed one of the plastic containers to Luce and tore his open excitedly, tossing the foil aside absentmindedly.

"Um." Luce said, "How about a spoon?"

"Spoon?" Cam asked like the word was unfamiliar to him.

"Yeah," Luce sighed sarcastically, "You know that little thing that you eat food with?"

Cam shook his head. "No spoons."

Luce rolled her eyes. "Then how am I supposed to eat this?"

"Like this." Cam said knocking his applesauce container against Luce's as if they were shot glasses, then tipping it directly into his mouth.

"Gross." Luce made a face, but she was laughing.

"Don't be such a prude." Cam taunted with a mouth full of applesauce. "I find it gives the applesauce a more satisfying flavor." he raised his eyebrows on the word satisfying.

"Whatever you say," Luce said ridding her own plastic container of its foil lid. "What do you want me to do with this?"

"Just throw it anywhere." Cam said nonchalantly, clearly more invested in enjoying his applesauce than the cleanliness of his home.

Luce placed the lid gingerly on the table in front of them. Hesitantly, she brought the container to her lips and took a sip.

Cam eyed her, an amused expression on his male model face. "You know what would go great with this?" He said devilishly licking his lips.

Luce raised an eyebrow." "I don't know...apples?"

"No girl," Cam shook his head, his green eyes narrowing. "Murder."

Luce stared at him in horror. "Haven't you had enough of that for one night?"

"Never," Cam said, dipping down under the futon to search for something frantically.

"What are you looking for?" Luce asked growing annoyed. "A knife to murder me with?"

Cam popped up with a remote control in his hand. "I'm offended, Luce. I'd never hurt you. How many times do I have to tell you that? I gave you applesauce and everything."

Luce smiled wryly. "Oh yeah, the old symbolic giving of the applesauce. How could I forget? You now have my unadulterated trust."

"Your sarcasm hurts my feelings." Cam pouted, joining her on the futon once more, a little too close for Luce's liking.

Cam pointed the remote at the televison to turn it on, and what looked like an old grainy episode of Murder She Wrote began to play.

"Wow," Luce rolled her eyes. "Are you serious right now?"

Cam ignored her and scooted closer. "If you get scared, you can jump into my arms, I won't be offended."

Luce scoffed. "That's very kind of you."

Cam smirked and relaxed against the back of the sofa bed, turning his attention to the televsion. "Ooh," he remarked. "This is a great episode."

Luce had to admit, she found his adoration for an old tv show kind of cute, but she had more important things on her mind. "Cam." she said evenly.

"Hmm?" he asked momentarily flicking his gaze toward her.

"I thought we might able to use this alone time for you to give me some of those answers you promised me, not watch Angela Lansbury ride a bike."

Cam gasped dramatically. "Do you have any idea how impressive that is for a woman her age?"

"Cam!" Luce grumbled exasperatedly. "Can you please be serious for 5 minutes?"

"5 minutes," Cam repated, turning to face Luce directly. "Okay. I can do that."

"Just tell me why it's so important that I stay on campus." Luce demanded softly. "I hate being treated like a child."

Cam sighed. "Because Shoreline is safe, Luce. That's really all I can say. Everytime you leave it's like you send up a big red flag to the Outcasts to let them know exactly where you are. If you want to go out and party with your little nephilim friends, okay. But running around town late at night by yourself is a no-no. Got it?"

"Yes, daddy." Luce mumbled, not appreciating his condescending tone. "That still doesn't explain the way Daniel's been treating me lately. Hot one second cold the next..."

Cam's voice turned bitter. "I think you and I both know if Grigori could spend every waking moment with you right now, that's what he'd be doing. Keeping you all to himself is his favorite thing to do."

"So why can't he?" Luce asked, blushing at Cam's obvious jealousy.

"Because," Cam spoke slowly, like he wasn't sure how to continue, "He sort of...promised he'd stay away from you...for an undisclosed amount of time. As did I. And as you can see, we're both staying pretty true to that promise."

"Oh," Luce said anger rising up inside her, "So it's okay for you two to run around and break the rules but I can't? What are you guys even playing at? Am I really just a game to you?"

Cam took her hand in his. "You are not a game." He said softly. "Not to me. Not to Daniel, either." His tone became serious. "You have no idea how much danger you're in right now. And if anything happened to you, I'd never forgive myself."

Luce sucked in her breath, daring to meet his intense gaze. "How much danger am I in, Cam?"

"Too much." he said solemnly. "I fear the Outcasts know where you are by now. Especially after the little stunt you pulled tonight."

It finally began to click in Luce's brain. She felt like an idiot. Why hadn't she just listened to Daniel in the first place? She placed her half-eaten applesauce on the table. "I feel a little sick."

In one fluid motion Cam stripped off his shirt and handed it to her. "Here, take my shirt. You can throw up in it."

The gesture was so random and silly, she found herself smiling in spite of everything. She sighed, balling up the shirt in her hands. "Is that offer to jump into your arms still on the table?"

Cam leaned in close to her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Always."

Luce realized she should probably feel more awkward that she was sitting here, alone, with a topless Cam, but somehow she didn't. "You're sweet." she said gently flicking him on the nose.

"I'm not usually." Cam argued softly, bringing his face inches from hers. "I guess you just bring out the worst in me."

"Guess so." Luce whispered, her heart beating rapidly. The closeness between them was making her head spin. She closed her eyes in hopes to regain some form of control over her emotions. She didn't have time to open them before Cam was kissing her. It was different from the last kiss they'd shared which at the time felt rehearsed and fake. This kiss was rough, passionate, and over as quickly as it has started.

"I'm sorry." Cam said, pulling away abruptly. He looked embarrassed. "I don't know what I was thinking...I just-"

"It's fine." Luce squeaked, blushing madly. "I mean it's not fine but I...just...don't worry about it."

Cam sighed heavily and looked away. "I hate the way things ended between us." he said after a long moment of silence. "I want us to be friends, again."

Luce was still reeling from the unexpected kiss. His words were just as shocking to her. She sighed and looked down at her feet. "How can we be?" she asked honestly. "I mean I'm with Daniel and you're, like, evil." The word felt wrong coming out of her mouth.

Cam looked at her, then, his eyes burning. "You really think I'm evil?"

Luce shrugged, still staring at the ground. "I don't know what to think anymore."

Cam nudged her knee with his. "Look at me."

Luce shyly turned her head up to meet his eyes. So green. They were gorgeous, just like the rest of his face. And body, as she had come to find out this evening. She tried to shake the impure thoughts he was making her think from her mind.

"Sometimes I wish I could just run away from all this." Luce said, surprising herself. She loved Daniel, or at least she thought she did. But if what Cam told her was true, maybe it wasn't worth putting herself and the other humans she'd grown to care about in danger.

Cam raised his eyebrows. "I wouldn't blame you." He leaned back against the sofa again, stretching out his legs. "In fact, I probably wouldn't stop you."

Luce smirked. "With what you've told me tonight I'm guessing I'd be dead in ten minutes, anyway."

Cam scowled, then his face softened. "I'd keep you safe."

"How?" Luce asked curiously, tucking her legs up onto the bed in an indian-style position.

Cam shrugged. "Follow you around forever, destroying anyone who dared to touch you."

Luce giggled. She untangled her legs, letting them drape over Cam's lap. "How selfless of you."

"Do you feel like you're stuck here, Luce?" he asked her, letting his fingers graze across her legs.

"With you?" she asked, feeling goosebumps rise at his touch. "Not really. Actually, this is the first time I felt like I could really talk to someone in a long time."

Cam smiled widely, still tracing arbitrary patterns across her skin. "I meant, here, in this fucked up situation, with all of us."

Luce frowned. "I don't know..." she said quietly. "Sometimes, I guess. But I can't just abandon Daniel, after all he's done for me-"

Cam scoffed loudly, his bare muscles tensing. "You mean all the times he's killed you? Yeah, I see your point."

Luce winced. She hated when anyone brought up her imminent death, and no one had ever put it so bluntly.

Cam sighed and put his hands over eyes. "I'm sorry." he said flashing her a rueful look. "I shouldn't have said that."

"I guess you're right, in a way." Luce said robotically, finding the words hard to say. "But he loves me, doesn't he?"

"I'm sure he does." Cam said sincerely. "Do you love him?"

"Of course I do!" Is what Luce should have said, but instead she found herself asking, "Can we talk about something else?"

"Anything you want." Cam said, picking up her hand and squeezing it lightly.

Luce was desperate to change the subject but nothing was coming to mind. She hopelessly gawked at Cam's perfect chest, afraid if too much silence lingered between them they'd fill it with more kissing. Cam shifted his shoulders awkwardly, momentarily exposing the sunburst tattoo at the back of his neck. Luce reached up and touched it uncertainly, like it might burn her fingers. "So tell me about this." she said playfully, hoping it would kill any of the leftover awkwardness.

Cam's face twitched in a strange way, jerking away from her touch. "It's just a tattoo." he said shortly.

Luce felt embarrassed for being so forward. "I'm sorry. I just thought it might mean something to you."

"It doesn't." he said quickly. "It did a long time ago, but now it's just there."

"Well, I like it?" Luce said hopefully, trying to bring back the lightness of their conversation. "Maybe I'll get one just like it."

Cam smirked. "Oh yeah?" His eyes glinted slyly. "Where?"

Luce blushed. "Oh, I don't know. My ankle?"

Cam lifted up one of her legs and inspected her ankle intently, gently running his fingertips across it. "I don't know." he said in a mock-serious tone. "I'm not convinved."

Luce wriggled her foot from his grasp and kicked at his side. "Jerk."

He laughed, reaching under her bent knees and pulling her closer to him. "What about here?" he asked, brushing the skin behind her ear. The sweet intimacy of his touch made her tremble.

"Why there?" she asked, furrowing her brows in confusion.

He brought his face close to hers again, breathing against her ear. "It's a nice place."

Luce felt heat all over her body, like slowly sinking into a warm bath. She bit her lip. "Are you trying to tell me my ankles aren't nice?"

"They're lovely." He murmured, his lips still pressed against her ear. "Just like the rest of you."

Luce snorted, turning her head away from him. "How would you know?"

"How would I not know?" He challenged.

"That doesn't even make sense!" Luce laughed, turning back to face him.

"You don't even make sense." he repeated, still teasing her.

Luce boldly traced her index finger along his jawline. He closed his eyes and tilted his back, enjoying her touch. "Do you think I'm a bad person?" she asked him suddenly, moving down to graze his bare arm with her fingertips.

He opened his eyes and studied her, confused. "Not at all. Why would I think that?"

"Because." Luce sighed. "All the people I care about are in danger, partially because of me, I have no idea where my boyfriend is right now, or if anyone is worried about me, I haven't seen my best friend or my parents in I don't even know how long, but all I can think about right now is how much I want you to kiss me again."

This time she could feel the muscles in Cam's arm tense. He sat up straight, angling his body away from her. "We shouldn't."

"I know." Luce said automatically, feeling stupid. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," he said, still turned away from her. "You know I want you."

The words hit Luce like a brick. I want you. Her legs felt heavy and her head felt light. "I want you, too." she said barely above a whisper.

Cam pushed himself completely away from her, with a strange sadness in his eyes. "Don't tell me that."

He reached over her for his rumpled t shirt and pulled it back on. Luce had never felt more embarrassed in her life. She wanted to curl up and disappear.

Cam turned his attention back to the television. A bunch of old people were gathered in some sort of fancy sitting room, a classic scene in most whodunit stories. Luce tried to pay attention but her mind was swimming with guilt and rejection.

"I've seen this one," Cam said more to himself than to Luce, trying to fill the horrible, gnawing silence between them.

"Maybe I should go back to school now." Luce offered numbly.

"Not yet." Cam answered, still looking at the television. He began to flip through channels rapidly, hardly taking notice to what was on each one. "Maybe in an hour or so."

An hour or so? She didn't want to spend another minute here. She curled her knees up against her chest and stared at the television as Cam continued to pass up channel after channel, the random blips of noise were better than nothing, at least it occupied her mind enough to not be able to think. Suddenly, an all too familiar fuzzy image of Audrey Hepburn appeared on the screen, Cam hesitated. Luce couldn't stop herself before she blurted out, "I love this movie."

Cam's eyes drifted to Luce for a moment, then back to the screen. He turned up the volume and tossed the remote aside. "Charade, right?"

"Yes!" Luce said a little too excitedly. "It's one of my favorites. I love Audrey Hepburn."

Cam smiled slightly. "She's alright. But I'm a big Cary Grant fan. This era of film is some of the best, in my opinion."

Luce felt her chest drop, like she was on a rollercoaster. The only other person in her life who had shared her affinity for old movies was her best friend, Callie, who she hadn't spoken to in ages. She fought the urge to whip out her phone and text her immediately. She would die if she knew Luce was with a boy who liked Cary Grant, especially a boy as gorgeous and alluring as Cam.

"In my opinion, too." Luce said finally. "How come I never knew this about you?"

Cam shrugged. "You never asked." He reached over to a switch on the wall behind them. "Mind if I turn out the light?"

They watched the movie in silence for a long time. She thought if Luce from a year ago could see herself now, she'd think she was in Heaven. Curled up on a couch with a beautiful boy watching an old movie. If only the matter at hand was so simple. She glanced at Cam, his handsome features illuminated perfectly in the television's harsh light. Even in the semi-darkness his emerald eyes were still bright. She sighed audibly.

Cam turned to her, giving her a strange look. Luce looked away quickly, her heart pounding.

Luckily something from the movie diverted Cam's attention. "Oh, this is my favorite part."

"Oh, you should see your face." Cary Grant's familiar, crisp voice rang out in the silence.

"What's the matter with it?" Audrey replied, her famous big brown eyes as wide as saucers.

"It's lovely." Cary remarked as romantic music began to crescendo.

Cam turned to Luce again, a smirk spread on his lips.

"What?" Luce asked, embarrassed by his gaze.

"Nothing." he said, shaking his head. "I was just thinking, this is nice."

"What is?" Luce asked as dazed as Audrey had been.

Cam smiled broadly. "Being here with you, watching a movie, like normal people. It's nice."

Luce nodded. "I can almost believe it's real."

"Isn't it?" Cam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, we're not normal people, are we?"

Cam chuckled. "No, I guess not. What would normal people do in this situation, anyway?"

"Well..." Luce mused, "If you were a normal boy I suppose you'd be spending half the movie wondering how you were going to get in my pants."

Cam snorted. "Maybe I am normal, after all."

Luce shook her head. "Yeah, right. I think you made it pretty clear you're not interested in any of that."

Cam shifted toward her. "Excuse me?"

Luce realized she'd said something stupid for the thousandth time tonight. "Never mind."

Cam shook his head in disbelief. "Are you really that clueless, Luce?"

"What do you mean?" Luce asked defensively.

He leaned forward, narrowing the gap between them. "There's nothing I want more right now than to pull you over here and kiss you as hard as I can."

Luce blinked. "Okay."

"But that would be the wrong thing to do," Cam said bitterly. "I don't want to take advantage of you."

Luce rolled her eyes. "I'm sick of being treated like a fragile piece of glass. I'm not a child, Cam. I told you I wanted you to kiss me earlier, and I meant it. And maybe it's really really stupid, no it definitely is. But it's the first thing I can honestly say I've wanted since my life became such a damn mess, and you're the one who rejected me."

"Rejected you?" He asked incredulously. "Is that what you think I was doing?"

"Whatever!" Luce growled, turning away from him. "It's not like it matters, anyway."

Cam slid his arms around her waist and pulled her roughly to him. She gasped at the unexpected contact. "What are you doing?" she asked, her hands resting on his broad shoulders.

"Rejecting you," he answered before his lips crashed down on hers. Hard. Her hands pushed against his shoulders for support. He tightened his grip around her waist, making her sigh. His mouth moved against hers frantically, like at any moment she'd be torn away from him. She broke away and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"Slow down," she panted. "I'm not going anywhere."

She waited for him to make a smart remark, but instead he just cupped her face in his hands and kissed her again. Softer, this time. He sucked on her bottom lip gently, then slowly pushed his tongue in her mouth. Soon enough her tongue found its way into his, and his hands traveled up and down her sides, making her shiver. She sighed into his mouth. "Better?" he asked breathlessly, moving his lips to her ear. He kissed down her jawline and began pecking at her neck sensually.

"Mmmhmm." Luce said, falling back against the bed of the futon. Cam hovered over her, his hands gripping her hips tightly.

Luce's hands began trailing up his arms and down his chest. She giggled, tugging at his t shirt. "This is in my way." she whined.

"You want it off?" Cam asked, laughing. "As you wish." He pulled off his shirt for the second time and discarded it carelessly behind him. Luce's hands raked down his bare chest. He closed his eyes and moaned softly. "You're killing me." he murmured.

"Really?" Luce asked coyly. "I thought we were making out."

Cam groaned and dipped down to kiss her neck again. He stopped at her ear to breathe. "I want to do unspeakable things to you."

Luce's heart flipped in her chest. She suddenly felt very aware of her body and all its flaws. This was wrong, and she knew it. But Cam's lips felt so good, she wanted his hands all over her, she wanted just one night just one moment of something good with no consequences. Even so, this was not exactly how she imagined the loss of her virginity taking place. Especially with Cam, who she had to remind herself, was not her boyfriend.

"I'm not going to have sex with you." Luce said simply.

Cam didn't skip a beat. "That's okay." he planted a sweet kiss on her lips. "We can do other things."

Luce felt dizzy as she attempted to quietly enter her dark bedroom back at Shoreline. It looked like her roommate, Shelby, was sleeping for once, and the last thing she needed after all of tonight's events was to wake up a sleeping giant.

She stumbled into her bed, her lips already swollen and raw from the past hour she'd spent with Cam doing "other things". His scent was still all over her, in her clothes and her hair. It made her feel like a part of him was still with her. Holding her, kissing her, touching her. And she was surprisingly okay with that. She pulled her cellphone out of her pocket. "Call me if you need anything." Cam had said when he'd dropped her off at Shoreline's entrance. He'd kissed her one last time, short and sweet, before adding "Or if you don't."

Luce didn't know what to do with that. She didn't even have Cam's phone number. Did he expect her to send out some sort of signal, or to throw herself in front of some onslaught of danger the next time she was in the mood? It didn't matter, anyway. She rationalized what happened with Cam was a mixture of wanting to get back at Daniel and being horribly lonely. She wouldn't let it happen again. Cam wouldn't tell Daniel, she didn't think, because then Daniel would know that Cam was breaking "the rules" by seeing her, whatever that meant. She sighed. How on Earth did tonight even happen?

"Are you just going to keep making weird noises over there or are you going to tell me where you've been?"

Luce bolted upright in bed. She turned and looked at Shelby's bed, where a peacefully sleeping Shelby had been replaced by an awake, annoyed one.

Luce cleared her throat. "I don't know what you mean. I was just out, you know, walking around. Doing some thinking."

Shelby scoffed. "Oh please. I could see the stupid smile on your face the second you walked in. You've got lovesick written all over you. Plus, you shirt's on backwards."

Luce blushed madly, gripping at her shirt, trying to turn it around as if that would help. "Ugh." was all she could manage to say.

"Spill." Shelby commanded. "I haven't heard a good sexy-time story in awhile. And here I thought you and Daniel were the immaculate couple."

Luce couldn't possibly tell Shelby what she'd been doing, let alone who she'd been doing it with. But for some reason she wished that she could. It'd be nice to at least have another girl's opinion on the whole thing. Shelby would probably just hate her more, anyway. So Luce went with it.

"It's really none of your business." she said, trying to remain diplomatic. "But I had a nice time with someone tonight, if that's what you're asking."

Shelby snorted, "O-kay. yeah. Someone."

Luce couldn't help but smile. She did have a nice time with Cam. The sudden memory of his lips on hers made her feel weak.

"God." Shelby sneered, "Look at you. He must finally be doing something right. I've never seen you look like this."

"Like what?" Luce asked breathlessly.

"So.." Shelby shrugged, "I don't know, happy."

Luce bit her lip and looked away. She wasn't sure if she was happy. She was sure that she shouldn't be. What could come of a relationship with Cam? He was...evil. But how could she think that? Especially after tonight...maybe it wasn't really as black and white as she thought.

"Hey Shelby," Luce said cautiously, thinking of how to phrase the next words she planned to say. "What do you think about Francesca and Steven?"

Shelby gave her an odd look. "Um, besides the fact that that question is totally out of left field, what do you mean?"

Luce sighed. "I mean, the fact that they're together. But she's an angel and he's-"

"a demon." Shelby finished. "I don't know, I don't really think about it all that much. They seem happy with each other, I guess."

"But don't you think it's kind of crazy for them to be together?" Luce persisted. "I mean yeah they love each other and everything but, like, I don't know how it doesn't drive them insane. They must fight all the time."

"I bet they have great make-up sex." Shelby nodded.

Luce threw a pillow at her. "I'm being serious."

Shelby giggled, "So am I! But where is this coming from, anyway? It's not like it's something you have to worry about. You've got your perfect little Angel Boy to love you up or whatever you guys do together. Are you worried that Daniel is thinking about joining the Dark Side or something?"

Luce fell back against her bed, emotionally and physically exhausted. "No..." she said finally, "I just...I don't know, I'm being weird. I think I need to sleep."

Shelby raised an eyebrow, but soon fell back into her own bed as well. "I can't believe I don't even get one measly detail about your wild night."

"It wasn't that wild, trust me." Luce mumbled sleepily, rolling over onto her phone. Instinctively, she picked it up and checked the time. There was a notification of a new text message flashing across the screen. It was from an unknown number. Luce frowned and opened her mailbox.

Two pixelated words glinted against the bright white background: Goodnight, beautiful.

Luce's frown quickly dissipated into a goofy smile. Cam. He'd said it about 20 times tonight, when his mouth wasn't smashed up against hers, "You are so beautiful."

She drifted her thumb over the reply button, unsure of what she should say back. Nothing, she scolded herself. But then began punching in a quick response, just for good measure: Goodnight, handsome.

Luce felt like she had barely hit send when her phone lit up again telling her she had a new message. She took a deep breath before opening it, but her heart was racing.

Next time I say we eat pudding and watch Golden Girls

Her breath caught in her throat. Next time? There wasn't going to be any next time, she forced herself to remember. She knew she should write Cam back right now and just tell him flat out that she was sorry, that she loved Daniel, and that what ever happened between them tonight was a mistake, a one-time thing, and he should leave her alone forever.

Instead, she turned her phone face down on her nightstand and rolled over in bed, yearning for sleep to come. When what felt like an eternity later, sleep still nowhere to be found, Luce defeatedly rolled over and grabbed for her phone. She groaned internally. Another text from Cam: I'll take that as a yes?

Luce smirked and typed out the first four words her sleep deprived mind thought of.

You're the boss, applesauce.