Love At First Sight

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Summary: Starting Hollywood Arts in 9th grade, Beck Oliver went on a date with Jade West, but they didn't feel the connection. Jade introduces him to her best friend, Cat Valentine. It was love at first sight.

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Chapter One

Picture Perfect

"Jade, I don't know about this." A short, young girl with bright red hair said with nervousness as her taller and tougher best friend dragged her towards the other side of the school. "I thought you were going to go out with him!"

Jade West: 14 years old and a complete rebel; that about summed up that freshman girl. Jade rolled her eyes and kept a strong grip on the shorter girl. "For the millionth time, Cat, he and I didn't work out. I really think you and he will. Now shut up and walk faster!"

Cat Valentine: 13 years old and the bubbliest teenager you'll ever meet in your life. Cat bit her lip. "What if he doesn't like me?"

"If he says that, I'll break his nose." Jade bluntly told her as they walked out to the school lunch tables. It was the end of the day and everyone had gone home, except Jade was introducing Cat to a freshman, who she went out with the night before. She didn't like him that way. She thought she could trust him with her practically sister. Jade looked around. "That jerk is late?"

Cat fiddled with her fingers when Jade finally let her go. "Maybe he had to stop at his locker or he's talking to a teacher."

"I told him to be here at exactly 3:15 and it is now…" Jade checked her cell phone and growled with annoyance. "3:20."

"What if he did come at 3:15, but we weren't here so he left?" Cat asked with a hint of relief in her voice.

Jade scoffed, sitting at one of the tables and Cat sat next to her. "Trust me, Cat, I showed him a picture of you; he would wait."

Cat blushed. "What did he say to the picture?"

Before Jade could answer, someone else interrupted.

"I said that she was beautiful and I'd love to meet her." A gentle, smooth voice said from behind them.

Cat turned around and blushed again. "Hi." She stood up as she realized how tall the guy was. She was 5'1'' and he looked to be over 6 foot. "I'm Cat Valentine."

"Beck Oliver." He smiled and ran a hand through his wild, brown hair. Cat fell in love with his brown eyes. "You're even prettier than the picture Jade showed me."

Jade gagged and stood up with her bag. "This is getting boring. You kids have fun." She glared to Beck. "Hurt her, you die." And with that, Jade left the lunch area.

Cat ran her fingers through her hair, rubbing her lips together, not knowing what to say.

"She can be intimidating, can't she?" Beck asked her, chuckling.

Cat nodded shyly. "Yes. She's my best friend though. She protects me."

"I can tell." Beck put his hands in his jean pockets. "So…um, do you want to go grab some coffee?"

Cat suddenly looked bummed. "I don't drink coffee. The taste of it is icky."

"Icky, you say? Hmm…" Beck motioned for her to follow him. "I'll show you this café that has awesome fraps I know you'd like."

Cat walked with him. "I'll trust you on that."

Beck and Cat laughed at something Beck was saying when Cat realized what time it is. She gasped. "Oh my goodness, have we really been hanging out this long? It's almost 9! My father hates it when I'm late!" She panicked. "I should go."

Beck stood up with her. "Wait, let me walk you home."

"I take a bus." Cat told him, as they both walked to the exit and stepped out into the warm summer night. "How do you get home?"

"Same." Beck smiled. "Come on, I want to make sure you get home safely."

Cat felt butterflies. "Kay-Kay." And they waited for the next bus in silence and when it came they sat in the middle of it. "So what are your parents like?" Cat asked timidly.

"My dad is a stunt double in Hollywood and my mom is a TV show host." Beck said. "They're awesome people. They do anything and everything for me. I don't have any siblings though, but I'm cool with that." Cat giggled. Beck fell in love with her laughter. "What about you? Parents? Siblings?"

Cat sighed. "My father is a NASCAR racer and hasn't lost a race yet. My mother is the most respected lawyer in the Los Angeles area. I have an older brother…he's…odd."


"That's a long story."

"Ah." Beck nodded in understanding. "Cat…today was really…fun."

Cat bit her lip. "Does that mean you want to see me again?"

Beck smiled to her. "Yes, ma'am."

Even though they didn't tell each other that night, but both felt it inside…

It was love at first sight.


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