Being with you is...

She is still not quite sure how she ended up here. Married to an almost complete stranger, though they were getting to know each other, Naruto claimed in due time everything will make sense and they will fall into sort of comfort with one another, and moving in with him three months before getting married will benefit them both. Again, something he has initiated, but didn't push her to agree.

Dating him had started off clumsy, in her opinion, though he would simply dismiss it with a smile that would charm a rattle snake. Her kisses sloppy, didn't help that their first kiss was embarrassing enough, completely missing his lips and smashing into his nose. While she blushed red covering her mouth in horror, he was breathless.

They still hadn't made love, made love, just the thought of acting out in such uncontrolled passion frightened but excited her, though he made no move to push her, she can tell he wanted to take it to that next level. And how could she miss it? Their kissing had gotten a lot better since the first time, she's gotten comfortable letting him take control, but to a certain extent of course.

Every Friday night they had movie night, she chose the movie much to his dismay, and he brought the sugary snacks and popcorn. They would never get around to the middle of the movie though, what with his lips hovering delicately over her ears right along to the softness of the crook of her neck was a lot more enticing than the comedic American films she so adored that was currently on. And when he used his tongue to massage the pulse on her neck, the fire in her belly began to illuminate and spread like wild-fire, a feeling no other man dare to make her feel.

In a brave move, she slowly climbed on top of his lap, giving him free reign of her back side, sliding his strong hands over her hips and occasionaly her rear end. Too caught up in the feel of him between her legs to restrict any more boundaries on him, too lost in the heat that was bouncing back and forth between them, and when he slide in his tongue in her mouth she found another thing to love about him. They've spent months heading towards this direction, breathing hard into each other's mouths, hearing him gasp as her tongue danced to his in an perfect rhythm. She could still taste the barely eaten nestlé buncha crunch he had been devouring before hand. Her fingers roughly sliding and grabbing his spiky blond locks to his ears.

They were at a place she felt comfortable until she felt his growing erection press directly into her, followed by the sultry grunt he lets out when contact is made.

"N-Naruto, we should stop" she carefull slides off his lap, he tries not to look hurt but complies none the less.

"You're right, sorry, I really should learn to control myself better than that" he says rubbing the back of his head. A habit of his he tends to turn to when feeling guilty or when reprimanded.

"I'm going to use the restroom real quick, need to uhh, calm down a bit, heh"

She waits until she hears the door click and throw her head back on to the couch they were smothering each other not even five minutes ago. The need to ravish him and tear his clothes off of his body has been tempting her the more they do this. She's not sure what's stopping her.


Of course

You gotta stop this Hinata!, she berates herself, she is in her mid-twenties and still afraid of intimacy in the sexual variety. She was on the road to spinster-ville with twenty or so cats. And she didn't even have one cat. She Shakes her head from such pathetic thoughts, because really, it helps with nothing.

She gets up off the couch when she hears him exit the bathroom, timid and shy, and she almost started biting her nails, a habit she quit as a child

"So, umm.. you wanna finish the movie or should we call it a night" there's something in his voice, hope, maybe?

"No, let's finish the movie" she smiles

"Oh good, thought I scared you away", he lets out a breath he'd been holding, grabbing the remote restarting the movie

She giggles at his comment,"no, you're not getting rid of me that easy" walks over to him as he sits down, reaching his hand out to her and casually wraps his arm around her.

He places a kiss on her forehead breathing her in, "I'm glad".

A week later he suggests she moves some of her things in, and at her own leisure, she begins doing just that.

There are things they still don't know much about one another, and some things the other won't dare ask. His past is a mess of broken love, betrayed lovers and forgotten family. Her past is a puzzle she left behind years ago and won't bother putting back together.

Slow story is slow...

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