A/N: Sorry about last chapter being titled "Finding Shelter"

when they didn't do anything like that.


Chapter 3. Making Shelter

Jon had just finished making a shelter for the three, and Garfield

was laying on the soft, cool grass. Odie was sitting inside, looking


"Garfield, come in! It's getting dark!" Jon yelled through the door.

"Huh, just like Jon. He still is afraid of the harmless things in the

dark." Garfield snapped.

Then, at night, while Garfield was resting outside, a loud hissing

came from nearby. Jon heard it and said,

"GARFIELD! RUN!" Jon yelled.

"Umm, what?" Garfield Replied.


"AAAAARGHHH!" Garfield said as he got a game over.

(don't worry, garfield Respawned and ran straight for the shelter.)

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Garfield Yelled.

"That was a Creeper. AKA a miners worst nightmare. They run up behind you

and start hissing. Then they explode." Jon said.


"I'm going to head straight for the house at night now." Garfield said.

Garfield walked into a cave to look for Iron. Instead, he heard some 'UURGGHS'

and ran straight for the opening to the cave.

Jon walked in with his stone sword and took care of the zombie. Then he heard bones clicking and a spider in the same place.

He ran extremely fast to the entrance of the cave.

"What's got you so scared, Jon? I thought you said you were a pro at this game." Gaarfield Remarked.

"A spider jockey."


"A spider jockey. It's when there's a Skeleton Archer riding a spider. They're very rare, and very dangerous."