Severus Snape potion master, Slytherin head, and spy was on a mission. One he was sure would end in disaster. He was being sent to escort a student to diagon alley to get their school supplies. But this student wasn't just any student. In fact this student was the son of his worst enemy and best friend/crush. Not a good mix. The boy's name was Harry James Potter.

Snape snarled at the thought. He could already picture the boy. He would be a perfect copy of James Potter in looks and personality. Thin, messy black hair, glasses, arrogant, cocky, loud, rash, Gryffindor. He shuddered at the thought of another James Potter. He had not wanted to come get the hellion, but McGonagall was to busy, same with the others, and Hagrid had had an incident with a giant spider.

As Snape stepped from Figg's house he sneered. Every house, driveway, and yard looked exactly the same. Disgusting. He glanced at number four and quickly strode over to it. As he reached the place he knocked loudly on the door three times and waited. Ten seconds later the door opened. Snape's vision was assaulted by a thin horse-y woman. His lips pulled back into a sneer. Her smile and greeting died as she saw him.

"Severus." She greeted with a sneer.

"Petunia." He sneered right back.

Silence reigned until a large man with no neck, but a huge moustache lumbered into the hall.

"Who is it dear?"

"One of them."

Mr. Dursely's calm looked vanished and he narrowed his eyes as he seemed to bristle.

"I'm here for Harry Potter." Snape said trying to keep the snarl from his voice.

"He won't be going to that freak school of yours!" The huge man spat.

Snape blinked once, then scowled hard at them.

"Bring Potter here."

The man made to slam the door in his face. Snape, already irritated, flicked his wand out and they paled drastically.

"Go get him." Snape snarled.

Petunia vanished down the hall.

"Now look here." Mr. Dursely started weakly.

Snape snarled and the man silenced. A minute later Petunia returned dragging someone by their arm. Snape could tell he was starring as the boy was pushed forwards, but he didn't care. The boy was short for his age, and thin too. He had long black hair that fell just past his shoulders. It wasn't messy as it was weighed down but the ends did flare a bit. He also had Lily's build with a small nose and high cheek bones, looking quite feminine. But the most noticeable feature was those large emerald eyes. They were much greener then Lily's had ever been, like the killing curse.

Snape stared a moment. This was no miniature James Potter. If it wasn't because of the hair color and the glasses he would look so much like Lily. Snape blinked the surprise away as the boy was shoved out the door, and as the door slammed behind him. The boy stumbled out, and Snape unconsciously caught his arm. The boy flinched away from him and ripped his arm from his grip. When the boy looked up at him Snape saw a carefully made blank mask.

"Come on Potter, we have lots to do and I don't want to waste any time dawdling." Snape snapped in his 'I hate Gryffindors and Potters' tone.

Just as he was about to turn a sort, blank tone interrupted him.

"Excuse me…But who are you and where are you taking me?"

"I'm Severus Snape, Potion master at Hogwarts and we are going to get your school supplies."


"Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry." Snape scowled.


"It's a school for magic." Snape snapped.

"Magic isn't real." The boy whispered.

Snape stared.

"What do you think killed your parents and gave you that scar?"

"A car crash."

Snape would have gaped if he had been anyone else. Then he growled/groaned. 'Didn't the bloody muggles tell him anything? Wait…that means he doesn't know he's famous, which could mean he may not be spoiled.' Snape looked him over and was surprised to see the boy wearing worn clothes three times too big for him, and broken glasses. In an instant his image of a spoiled attention seeking brat was shattered. He stared a few moments longer then sighed inaudibly. He held his wand up and with a 'bang' the knight bus (which also ran during the day) appeared (spelled so the muggles couldn't see it).

"I'll explain on the way." Snape growled.

The boy quickly followed him onto the bus where they sat down just before it was off. As they rode to diagon alley Snape explained briefly about the wizard world, Voldemort, and his scar. He was fairly surprised the boy didn't pester him for more answers and blabber questions. The boy just listened closely and looked thoughtful. Once they reached the entrance diagon alley they hurried off the bus and Snape led him through the Leaky Cauldron and with a nod to Tom, he led him to the brick entrance.

As Snape tapped the correct bricks and they slid apart he glanced to the boy. Potter looked around a bit of wonder lighting his eyes up, before it was shoved under the blank mask. Snape briefly wondered why he wore a mask. Was it survival instincts, politeness, or something else? He didn't question the boy though and just led him through the throng of people to the crooked white Gringots. Potter stared at the goblins a moment as they entered but thankfully didn't gawk or ask questions. As they stepped into the lobby he paused and pulled a gold key and a school list from one of his pockets. He held it out to Potter and the boy took them gently.

"That's the key to your school vault. Get what you need then meet me back here. I have to go get something from another vault."

"Sir…" The boy started.

Snape raised a brow in question.

"I can go get my own things…I've shopped before."

Snape fixed him with a stare. Emerald eyes bore back and Snape saw an odd tone to them, like something in him had been defeated but was slowly fixing itself. To his shame he was the first to look away from the unnerving stare.

"Fine. Do you need me to escort you home?"

"I'll just catch the bus back to my relatives."

Snape had noted the use of the word relatives, not family, or home. He gave a sharp nod and strode off to an open teller. He had the feeling Harry Potter was going shake the pillars of the wizarding world, and maybe not in a good way.


Harry watched the man walk away before heading to a teller. He still had no idea what these creatures were but they seemed to be in charge of the …bank. As he reached the teller the creature looked down at him.


"I'd like to see my …vault balance."

The creature gazed at him before giving a curt nod and motioning another over.

"Griphook take Mr. …"


The goblin stared at him an extra moment.

"Take Mr. Potter to the vault manager."

The creature, Griphook, nodded and motioned Harry to follow him. They exited the Lobby and headed down a stone hall.

"Pardon me, but what are you?" Harry asked calmly after a moment.

The creature gave a grin showing off a mouth full of pointy teeth.

"A goblin."

Harry nodded, glad he hadn't taken the question as rude. They finally stopped in front of a door after about four minutes. Griphook held the door open for him and Harry stepped in. he heard the door shut behind him and Griphook walk off. The office was quite plain holding a desk, a few chairs, and some shelves filled with papers and book. Another goblin sat behind the desk. It looked up at him and peered at him through some glasses,

"How may I help you Mr…"

"Harry Potter. I would like a balance of my account."

The goblin nodded.

"I'm Ragnok. I'm the vault manager."

Harry nodded to him and the Goblin snapped his fingers. A folder appeared and he shuffled though it, motioning for Harry to sit in the chair in front of his desk. Harry sat straight and waited.

"Which vault?"

Harry paused a moment thoughtfully.

"I only know I have a school vault. And I only got the key today."

The goblin stared at him a moment before narrowing his eyes.

"You have four vaults Mr. Potter."

Harry blinked.

"Your school vault, which is obviously made to pay your school fees and your school supplies. It was made by both your parents when you were first born. The second vault is the Evan's vault. It was your mother's vault. Third is the Potter vault. It obviously belonged to your father, and holds a vast amount of stuff from the whole Potter line. The last vault was made by your father and godfather, I believe, and is what he asked to be named the 'go wild vault'. It was made by your father and godfather to give you spending money until you inherited the Evan and Potter vaults."


"Yes. You may take what you wish from the school vault and the 'go wild' vault, but you may not take any money out of the Potter or Evan vaults until you become of age, 17, or become emancipated."

"May I have a sheet with a list of what is in each vault?"

"Of course. I shall also add the properties you own. And to let you know, you are one of the richest people in England."

With the snap of his fingers a long rolled up parchment appeared. Harry unrolled it and looked it over, stunned at the amount.

School Vault: 100 000 galleons

Go Wild Vault: 500 000 galleons

Evan Vault: 367 000 galleons

Potter Vault: 57 628 982 galleons


Godric's Hollow

Potter Mansion

Potter Estate

Nightpale Alley

65% of quality Quidditch Supplies

50% Flourish and Bolts

10% Ollivander's wands

100% Lady's Familiars

"Where is Nightpale alley?" Harry asked.

With the snap of a finger a map appeared in front of Harry. It showed the large Diagon alley and connecting alleys. Connected near the end of diagon alley was Nightpale alley, with Daybright alley right across from it. A little farther up was flyaway alley and even farther up was Knockturn alley, it was closest to the Leaky Cauldron.

"You'll find Lady's Familiar's, a small book store, a café, a music store, a small park, and an inn that attaches to Muggle London, in Nightpale alley. You own all of this alley and can shut down or remove any store you wish in it. Daybright alley contains some stores similar to the ones in your alley, including a robe store. Both alleys are a more high class then the other alleys. Flyaway alley contains a couple restaurants and inns, it's also holds a sweet shop and some gift stores. Knockturn alley, if you haven't heard holds stores that sell more questionable items and hold darker people. It's one most tend to avoid." The goblin said.

Harry nodded and tucked the map in his large pocket.

"I would like to see my vaults. All of them. And if I ever want to a business transaction, can I do it through you?"


"And privacy?"

"Will not be a problem. We are sworn to withhold our client's privacy, none of this shall leave this room."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Griphook!"

The door creaked open and Griphook appeared.

"Take Mr. Potter to his vaults please."

The goblin bowed. Then Harry turned back to the other goblin.

"May I have all the keys to my vault?"

"Of course. I shall summon them from where ever they have been stored."

With an extra snap of his fingers three keys appeared, including the gold key pulled from Harry's shirt. Ragnok's eyes narrowed.

"The Potter Vault key has been spelled. I can not summon it. Is this your doing?"

Harry scowled.

"No. I wasn't even aware that I was a wizard until earlier today."

The goblins both glared at nothing.

"It seems your magical guardian has been keeping stuff from you." Griphook growled.

"Magical guardian?"

"It would be who ever got guardianship from the Wizengamot. In your case Albus Dumbledore." Ragnok scowled.

Harry also frowned.

"We shall replace the locks on the Potter vault and make a new key." Ragnok huffed.

"Could you check to make sure nothing was taken from my vault during the time this Dumbledore held my key?"

"Of course." Ragnok said. "We shall also make sure he has no access to any of your accounts."

"Can you do that?"

"Of course. Unless your magical guardian has your permission he should not be able to access your vaults anyway."

"I've never met him, so I couldn't exactly say yes or no, so I guess he used that to his advantage." Harry frowned.

The goblin gave a sharp nod.

"Thank you." Harry said politely before turning and following Griphook.

"A word of advice young Potter." Ragnok called after him. "Quickly read any books on wizard laws and etiquette."

Harry bowed his head to the goblin as he exited the room. Harry followed Griphook back into the lobby then to a coal-mining-looking cart. Harry sat calmly in the chair as the goblin grabbed a lever and yanked it back. With a whoosh of speed they were off. Harry had the time of his life on the ride, though he kept it mostly hidden, except for the smile on his lips. Their first stop was vault 614. He handed Griphook the small gold key and the door opened to show his School Vault. Griphook quickly explained the currency as Harry scooped some of the money into a pouch which eh found in the room. When he had as much as Griphook suggested he stuck it in his pocket. With another yank of the lever they were off again.

Their next stop was vault 356. It was the 'Go Wild Vault'. After asking if some of it could be changed to pounds the goblin showed him a small credit card. The goblin explained it would take money directly from the vault and it would work in both the muggle and magical world. Harry thanked the goblin and stored the red card with the word Gringots in black letters in his pocket. The next vault was the Evan vault. It just held galleons and with a quick peek they were off to the last vault. The Potter Vault was number 13. When Griphook opened it Harry was left in a stunned silence. It was huge! When Harry stepped in he saw the room was as large as at least five of the Dursely's houses. It was filled with gold coins, with a few scattered silvers. There was a walkway between the piles of gold that led to a group of shelves near the back. Harry found the shelves contained books, lots of books. He was immediately upon them.

Harry, never having had toys, or such had been drawn too books. When he had first started school he had immediately learned he loved reading. He loved knowledge. He loved learning. He had spent every free second at school in the library. And every time he was kicked out of the Dursely's for the day (which was quite often) he would head straight for the public library. He had soaked up the information. He wasn't sure if he had a photographic memory, or if his thoughts were just well organized but he could easily remember most of what he read, even if it was years ago.

Harry found a trunk near on of the many shelves and opened it. He started to go through the book shelves tossing books he chose in the trunk. The trunk automatically shrunk and organized every book for him. He wasn't allowed to take any of the money out but he was allowed to take books out. When he had decided he had enough books he dragged the trunk to Griphook and the goblin shrunk it so he could tuck it away. Then the door shut and Harry made sure the money, the keys, the trunk, his 'credit card' and his map were all tucked away nicely.

When the two once again reached the lobby Harry thanked Griphook and waved to the goblin before walking from the bank. He pulled the school list Snape had given him and looked it over. Then he checked his map and headed off to the first place; Madam Malkin's. As he walked in the store he saw a kid hop off a stool and head to the till. The lady that had been measuring him turned to Harry.

"Hogwarts dear?"

"Yes." Harry nodded.

"Well then, hop up on the stool."

As Harry stood and got measured the woman chatted on happily. When the measuring was finished she pulled out her notebook and wrote them all down.

"What material would you like your robes to be?"

"The finest."

"That's quite expensive deary."

"Don't worry about the cost."

"Then would you like the charms package also?"

"What does it include?"

"Waterproof charms, a heating charm that changes to a comfortable temperature no matter where you are, and a stain-removing charm."

"Yes, add that please. And I'd also like an extra set of robes for anytime. Can they be a forest green with black trim?"

"Of course."

She ripped the paper from the pad and handed it to him.

"Take it to the girl behind the till deary."

Harry nodded and walked to the till. A younger looking girl was manning it. He handed her the paper and she hurried off to get his order. Five minutes later she returned his things already bagged up and shrunk. She handed him an extra bag and he stuck all his shrunken

items inside. He paid her the price with the money from his school pouch, the total coming to 23 galleons and seven sickles. She also allowed him to change into the forest green robes and pull a black cloak on over it before he left.

When he was finished in Madam Malkin's he decided his next stop would be the book store. He reached Flourish and Bolts in a few minutes and grabbed his books in five. Then eh headed through the store adding more books to his collection. After he had paid the store keeper and got him to shrink the books he hurried to the potion store. He quickly bought the scales, the cauldrons, the vials, and the first year starter kit along with a few other extra things to experiment on.

Next was his wand. He easily found Ollivander's as it was right in between Daybright alley and Nightpale alley. He entered the stuffy looking store and glanced around easily. The whole store looked cramped, filled with so many wands. Within seconds of his entering a man with white hair and large glasses popped out from one of the shelves. He gave a misty smile as he looked at Harry.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. I've been expecting you.

Harry just tilted his head as the man rambled on about his parents wands. 'Add a top hat and he reminds me of the mad hatter from Alice and Wonderland.' Harry thought pleasantly. As Ollivander asked him to stick his arm out he did so ignoring the man's ramblings in favour of concentrating. As soon as he had entered the store he had felt a pull. As he continued to try to locate the pull Ollivander stuffed various wands in his hands. After half an hour one wand shot out sparks and Ollivander smiled at him. He set the wand on the desk and looked to Ollivander who frowned.

"It is compatible, but I feel another pull."

The man studied him a moment.

"The wand chooses the wizard." Was all he said after a moment.

Harry took this as a go ahead and walked down a shelf. He followed the shelves to the back of the store where he crouched down and reached his arm back in a shelf. He pulled it out bringing a black case with him. Ollivander, who had followed him and stood at the end of the shelf, gasped. Harry pulled the lid off the box and his eyes met a black wand with shapes scribed into the handle. He gently grabbed it with one hand and a burst of black and silver sparks flew out in the shape of a bird, as a cry filled the air, sounding very beautiful. Harry let the box drop as he caressed the wand. It was like some part of him had been made whole.

"What is it made of?" Harry asked.

"Black lotus wood, twelve and a half inches. Core is the feather of a dark phoenix. The handle is littered with anti-summon runes, and other runes." Ollivander answered quietly.

"What is a black phoenix?"

"As you may know a phoenix is usually red and gold and is considered the most 'Light' creature in existence. But there is another species of Phoenix. A black phoenix. They are black and silver, and though not considered dark are also not considered light. They're neutral or grey. And all black phoenixs are female. As no one has found a way to kill a phoenix and since they are reborn from flames, there are rarely any phoenix eggs, and even fewer dark phoenixs."

Harry hummed a response.

"How much?"

"Seven galleons."

Harry pulled them out and tossed them to the man.

"Is privacy a policy here?"



Harry left leaving the man to watch him walk out of the store. He could swear her heard a soft 'I expect great things of your Mr. Potter,' follow him out the door. Harry tucked the wand away gently and then headed off to Nightpale alley. As he entered he headed towards the end of the alley and a large blue building. The building had a fancy sign reading 'Nightingale Inn'. Harry stepped inside and found himself in a room of pastel colors, antique furniture, and what looked like a restaurant. At the far end of the room there was another door which looked to lead outside and a counter and till. To the left was an elegant wire staircase twisting up. Harry walked to the till and put on a shy smile as he looked at the older woman behind the desk. She had blonde hair and twinkling hazel eyes. She looked to be about thirty. As she noticed him she gave a beaming smile and he held his hands behind his back smiling back shyly.

"How can I help you sweetie?"

"Well I got my Hogwarts letter just before my family and I were going to go on vacation. I wanted to stay here and learn more of the wizarding world, so my parents said I could, as long as I stayed in this inn, as my uncle lives close by on the muggle side."

She made an 'aww' sound.

"Well of course you can stay sweetie. Room 13 is open. You must be a very responsible young man for your parents to allow you to stay."

He looked down acting embarrassed and she handed him a key as he handed her some galleons.

"I'm Lisa dear, if you need anything come get me. Now what's your name?"

"Tobias Smith."

Then he scurried to the stairs and headed up. He found himself in a hall full of doors. He headed down till he reached number 13. The room itself was a olive green with a large queen sized bed covered in brown blankets, a dresser, a nightstand, a desk, a chair, and a door leading to a white and green bathroom. Harry quickly shut the door behind him and pulled out all his shrunken items. He tapped each one with his wand like told to and they enlarged.

He put all his clothes in the dresser and stacked all his potion stuff, parchment, ink, and quills on the desk. Then he put all his new books in his book trunk and pushed it to the end of his bed. When that was finished he pulled two book out to read; Wizarding customs and etiquette, and Wizarding politics and laws. He immediately launched into memorizing the books as best as he could, since he intended to use the information to his advantage. First though he needed to know what he was up against so he started on the laws and politics book first.

It was around six when he finally set his books down to go get dinner. As he entered the restaurant part again he found many tables filled with chatting people. He found a table empty near the wall and slid into a seat. A few minutes later a waitress appeared and took his order. It was when he was getting his food that Lisa appeared with her own dinner. She plopped down across from him and started to chat on. He listened politely and memorized the important parts. When he was finished he excused himself and headed back to his room to read.


When Harry woke early the next morning he had a long relaxing shower before he pulled on his cast-offs. When he was ready he headed downstairs to find a lone waitress manning the till as it was still early. She took his order and he soon had a plate of bacon, toast, and eggs in front of him. He wolfed the food down and hurried into Nightpale alley. Once in the alley he hurried down the roads towards the bank. He needed to have a chat with a goblin. As he entered Gringots he found it mostly empty of people as it was still seven in the morning. With a stroke of luck he spotted who he needed walking towards the hall with some papers.

"Ragnok." He called jogging up to the goblin.

The goblin looked up and blinked once.

"I need to speak with you."

The goblin gave a nod and motioned him to follow him. Harry followed the small goblin back to his office where they both sat.

"What can I do for you Mr. Potter?"

"Call me Harry. And was wondering if you could do a few things for me. I'd pay you."

"What do you need Mr. Po-Harry?"

"I've read up on this Dumbledore character and he sounds powerful and brilliant. But he's my magical guardian and never told me anything, so I wouldn't trust him with my socks."

The goblin smirked.

"I was wondering if you could tell me if I had any tracking charms on me."

The goblin flicked a finger then scowled.

"You have a very strong one on you. No wizard besides Dumbledore could remove it."

Harry raised a brow.

"But…" Harry prompted.

"I'm not a wizard." The goblin grinned showing off his feral looking teeth. "Though if I destroy it he will immediately know."

"…Could you transfer it to an object?"

The goblin's grin was all the answer he needed. He pulled a galleon from his pocket and the goblin waved his hand in an arc. The coin flashed and grew warm before it returned to normal and Harry looked it over.

"Could you transport it somewhere for me?"

"Tell me the address."

"Privet drive number four, little Whinging."

The goblin took the coin and in a brief hum it was gone.

"Thanks. Secondly I was wondering if there was some way you could spell me so no other tracking charms could be laid on me."

The goblin gave a thoughtful frown.

"I couldn't spell you, but I could spell an object that would destroy any tracking charm within a foot of you that isn't your own. It would also make sure you couldn't be tracked by any magical means."

Harry smirked and then tilted his head.

"You said an object, so I would have to keep this object on me at all times? Like jewellery?"


"Would an earring work?"


"Could you make an earring if I gave you the material?"

The goblin gave a nod and Harry dug a sickle from his pouch. He handed it to the goblin, who held it in his palm. The silver coin was covered in a blue glow for about two minutes before the glow faded. Now sitting in the goblins palm was a small earring in the shape of a silver cross with a snake wrapped around it. Harry gently took it setting it into his galleon pouch so he wouldn't loose it, as he didn't have his ear pierced yet. He smiled thanks at Ragnok.

"What do I owe you for that?"

"Nothing. As long as it's to spite the ministry or Dumbledore I'll help." He grinned.

Harry decided he liked this policy. Then he looked at the time. He stood.

"I have to go. Can you point me in the direction of the ministry of magic?"

The goblin gave a wicked grin and hopped up. It led him back to the main lobby and to a fireplace. At the goblin's instructions he grabbed some green powder held out to him.

"This is called the floo network. Toss the powder into the fire, step in, and yell out your destination."

Harry bowed his head to the goblin.

"If things go well I shall see you soon."

The goblin gave another grin and walked off. Harry tossed the powder into the flames and watched as they turned emerald green. He stepped in quickly.

"Ministry of Magic."

The world tilted and twirled in a swirl of green. It lasted a few sickening moments before he stumbled from another fireplace. He found himself in a lobby the door to the ministry guarded by a tired looking guard. Harry walked up to him and handed his wand over.

"Black lotus wood, 12 ½", black phoenix feather. Have a nice day Mr…"


The guard didn't even register his name as he waved him past. 'What tight security.' Harry's sarcasm had kicked in. Harry headed towards an elevator and slipped in as it opened.

"Law enforcement floor please." He said aloud seeing no buttons.

The elevator took off smoothly and he silently enjoyed the elevator music. When it finally stopped he stepped out of the open doors into another reception room. This one had a lady behind a desk. He walked up to the secretary and smiled up at her. She smiled back.

"How can I help you?"

"I'd like to see Madam Bones please."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"No. But it's important."

"Wait a moment please."

She walked to the large door behind her and opened it, popping her head in. A few seconds later she stepped to the side and held toe door open.

"She'll see you now."

Harry gave her a shy smile and slipped into the office. His attention focused on Amelia Bones who was sitting behind a desk.

"How can I help you?"

"I want to file to be emancipated please."

She blinked owlishly.


He bit his bottom lip helplessly and gave her a pitiful look.

"Well I learned about the wizarding world yesterday and I learned I could. I don't want to go back to my relatives." He sniffed.

He made some fake tears and he soon heard the woman slip up beside him and crouch beside him rubbing his back.

"Why not dear?"

"Well they'll be mad I can do magic. They hate magic! They'll make me do more chores, and Uncle will hurt me and then I'll have to stay in my cupboard with nothing to eat for a week." He sobbed.

He felt her tense a moment before gathering him in a hug. He flinched back and she tensed more.

"What's your name dear? Do you have any other relatives?"

"No. My uncle and Aunt are the only ones left. My parents died. And my name's Harry Potter."

She did a double take. She stared at him a second her eyes smouldering.

"And what about your magical guardian dear?"

"Well I just learned of him yesterday, his name is Bumbledoor or something, and he was the one who stuck me with the Durselys."

She narrowed her eyes dangerously but smiled at him.

"Why don't you sit here for a while?"

She guided him to a comfy chair and sat him down handing him some paper and pencils.

"You play here a moment please."

He found it amusing she was treating him like a child but nodded sniffling a bit.

"If you need anything you see Kathy out here okay?"

He nodded again wiping his eyes for effect. When she was gone he started to doodle on the paper, going over his plans. After about half an hour he leaned back in the chair and pretended to drift off. He immediately knew though as Amelia, another man who looked fairly important, and a stupid looking man walked in. He evened his breathing and listened closely.

"The boy's eleven! We can't let him be emancipated!" the stupid man shouted.

"Minister listen." Amelia started.

'He's the minister?' Harry wondered faintly. 'Wow, he looks incompetent.' (You have no idea Harry)

"He came to me telling me his relatives lock him in a cupboard under the stairs, beat him, and starve him for weeks at a time. He didn't even know he was a wizard till yesterday, and he's a half-blood, he should have known he was a wizard long ago. And his magical guardian was the one who stuck him in the abusive home."

The man grumbled and the smarter man walked up to Harry looking down at him. He reached out and rested a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry immediately leapt into his act. He shot straight up, eyes wide and flinching away. He raised his hands as if to shield himself.

"I'm Sorry Uncle! I didn't mean to fall asleep!" he sobbed.

The man pulled back with a start.

"It's okay." Amelia cooed as she crouched beside him.

Then her eyes caught his drawings. They were of an almost empty cupboard with a blanket neatly spread in one corner and spider webs on the ceiling.

"What is this?" She asked kindly.

He looked down acting shy and embarrassed.

"That's my bedroom. And that's my blanket, it isn't very warm but it's nice. And those spiders are my best friends! They don't hit me or make fun of me or call me freak." He said as if happy.

The two men were silent and Amelia forced a smile on.

"Can you do something for me dear?"

He nodded eyes large and innocent.

"I'm going to put my wand by your head and I want you to think of a couple times where your…uncle hit you or some other bad memories, okay?"

He sniffled but nodded obediently and immediately summoned up one of the worse memories he had along with a couple others. He stared at the silver wisps that attached to Amelia's wand. She moved them to a dish like thing on one of her shelves. Then she tapped the dish and what looked like a projection of his memories appeared and started to play.

He could hear the memory him sobbing and screaming as his uncle hit, kicked, whipped, and broke his body. It was about half an hour of the memory before it changed. His aunt was pressing his hands onto the stove as she yelled at him because he had burnt the bacon. He was five. Then there was a memory of Dudley hitting and kicking him as his father cheered him on. When the images faded Amelia looked at him with misty eyes. He just blinked at her.

"See minister." She muttered.

"But we can just put him up for adoption instead of getting him emancipated." The minister muttered absently his face showing disgust.

"No!" Harry yelled drawing attention. "If I'm adopted they'll do the same thing! My uncle and aunt told me adopting is even worse them then! And the orphanage is were freaks go!"

"He's clearly afraid of adults Fudge!" The other man said. "He can take some tests and if he's responsible enough, and financially sound I say we let him get emancipated. He'll be at Hogwarts ten months of the year anyways, and if he's financially sound he can get a house elf to help look after him self in the summer."

"…The Wizengamot." Fudge squeaked.

"We can gather them now! The boy can provide us with memories, Amelia can easily grab the social service records and such, and I can go get witnesses!" The smarter man said.

"...fine." Fudge grumbled.

"I'll start now!" the other man growled taking off out the door.

Fudge slinked out a moment later. Then Amelia turned to him frowning at him sternly.

"Drop that act Potter."

He raised an elegant eyebrow as the innocent air around him vanished replaced by an intelligent calm. He folded his hands on his lap and leaned back.

"So you noticed."

"You're good, and all those emotions seemed real. But I noticed you acted naïve and innocent, but then you couldn't have known about getting emancipated. Also most abuse victims would be terrified, not giving any info out so freely. And to top it off no kid would draw their bedroom."

Harry smirked.

"I'll help though." She said.

He grinned slyly.

"Thank you madam Bones." He smiled charmingly.

She snorted.

"Well I'd best go get those records."

"You won't find any."

She did a double take and gave him a questioning stare.

"Social services never came by the Dursely's."

She stared then narrowed her eyes. Then she looked thoughtful.

"Feel free to do what you wish in here. This may take a couple hours. You can read, or talk with Kathy, or whatever. I'll check in every once in a while. I'm sure you have patience. Oh, and my room isn't watched or spelled for any eavesdropping."

He grinned and she walked out. He slipped up to a book shelf and skimmed it before grabbing a book that caught his eye.


The Wizengamot looked irritated as they saw fudge take a seat.

"Why are we called here to get some kid emancipated? Just ship him off to adoption." A man asked.

"This is a little more serious." The smarter man, Rufus said.

"Whatever." A woman in the back muttered.

Fudge cleared his throat.

"Dumbledore couldn't make it as he is preparing for the year at Hogwarts. Once he learned it was just a quick decision on a kid getting emancipated he said we could handle it and he would trust our judgement." The minister said.

Amelia stepped forwards almost thanking her luck that Dumbledore was so arrogant.

"The child has asked his name be withheld. He doesn't want any past history to interfere with this."

A few muttered.

"Fair enough." One person said.

Amelia started her case off by calling the witnesses up. It was a muggle (who they would obliviate later). After a few questions they learned most people though Harry's bruises because he was fighting. It seemed his uncle and aunt had spread vicious rumours around. After the muggle was let go Amelia brought his health record up showing he hadn't been to a doctor, dentist, or optometrist (he got the glass from a lost and found box), in his whole life, and no social services had ever checked up on him.

Then Amelia brought the memories out. No one recognized Harry. Most people were horrified at the memories. In magical society abusing a magical child was one of the greatest offences. It was because their population was so low any magical child was a blessing, and if the child had some sort of wizarding blood in them they were priceless. Lucius Malfoy (who was on the Wizengamot) even felt disgusted at what these people had done. Even Voldemort would never have even thought of beating a magical child he'd given them quick deaths, and only if it was needed or the child would die without them.

By the end they were all ready to skip everything and just sign the papers to get the boy emancipated. But Bones said she had to test the boy to make sure he was mentally ready to take this on. She returned to see Harry asked him various questions and he answered, the innocent mask on. When Amelia returned to the court she replayed the memory. Finally the Dursely's were brought in. Veritaserum was applied and they all started to ask questions.

It was soon learned that Harry had been living with the Dursely's for ten years. In those years he had been beaten at least every week, almost everyday, he had been made to do an impossible amount of chores since age four, he had been starved and ridiculed, and he had been left by his magical guardians (Harry and Dumbledore's names had been omitted). He had been forced to get low grades in school, and spending money to get him new clothes of glasses was thought a waste. Almost all the Wizengamot were ready to leap at the Dursely's throats. Finally it was time to vote.


Harry's eyes rolled over the words on the page, barely pausing to blink as he took the information in. He didn't even glance up as he heard the door open. He finally snapped the book shut though as the person stopped in front of him. Amelia was smirking as she handed over some papers.

"Sign these, and you're emancipated."

He gave a beaming smile and with the flourish of a quill he had signed on the dotted line. He read over the paper and whistled.

"You actually got fudge, and all of the Wizengamot to sign this?" He asked.

She gave a triumphant smile.

"Even Dumbledore. We owl'd him and when he saw the whole Wizengamot and Fudge signed it he signed it without a second thought. I love ignorance and arrogance sometimes."

"And my name is still kept under wraps?"

"Yes. Everyone was so caught up in the upcoming trail of the Dursely's that they overlooked that small detail. The only one to enquire after your name was Lucius Malfoy. But he gave up as I hinted some Aurors were heading to get the Dursely's and they may need help. The entire Wizengamot is so sure they can make no real disastrous or wrong decisions that they forgo all caution. The only one in that party that has a wit of sense is Malfoy, and he has the dark mark, though he pleaded imperious. So you're now an adult in the wizard world, you are free legally, and the Dursely's will be more then likely spending the rest of their days in prison."

Harry gave a gleeful noise and took a copy of the papers, which Amelia made for him.

"It was nice helping you." She smirked.

He nodded.

"Thank you Madam Bones. And it was very nice to share a pleasant scheme with some one intelligent for once."

She gave a laugh and patted him on the shoulder. He flinched slightly, pulling away from the hand, and she sobered.

"I see some of it was not an act."

"My memories were real. And I hate contact."

She gave a serious nod then glanced at the book he had been reading. It was a record of trials and lawsuits, self updating.

"Would you like a copy?" She asked.

His eyes flickered to the book.

"You can give copies out?"

"There is no law specifically on that." She smirked. "Besides, what harm can you do reading that?"

It was a question not a statement.

"Lots." He smirked.

"As long as it's not directly tied to me…" She shrugged and copied it for him.

Then she led him out of her office.

"Would you catch lunch with me Mr. Potter? It's already two o'clock."

"I would love to Madam Bones."

"Call me Amelia dear."

"Then you must call me Harry."

She nodded and waved to her secretary before walking out of the door. They headed to the floo and flooed to an Italian restaurant in Flyaway alley. The two talked about harmless things as they ate. When they finished Amelia stood and said she had to be heading back. Before she left though, she looked Harry dead in the eye.

"You are quite strong Harry Potter. You've spent ten years in hell and still act sane. I…If you ever need anything come see me."

He gave her a nod and she headed back through the floo. Harry left the restaurant and headed back to Nightingale in. As he reached it he slipped in the door and hurried up the stairs. Once in his room he grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill and ink. He sat down at the desk and started to write a list of what he needed to do.

See goblins about inheritance

See parent's will

Get larger trunk


Glasses (Contracts?)


Get Owl (possibly a second familiar also)

Get ear pierced

Explore Diagon alley more

Go to Muggle London

-get clothes

-get books

-possibly get some music device

-get some lined paper and pens

-get a book bag

Knockturn Alley

-get second wand?

-get books

-get anything interesting


He nodded at his list and stood before grabbing a few things and changing into his forest green robes. They were comfortable, not as comfortable as muggle clothes though. Harry headed out the door and waved to Lisa before walking back into the alley. He wandered into Diagon Alley and started to walk down it, glancing at all the store names. In a stroke of luck he found two places he needed side by side. A healer clinic and an eye doctor; Maude's clinic and Jones Eye World. He walked into the clinic first. He found a wizard sitting behind a desk, writing on some paper. He smiled at the man and the man raised a brow.

"I was wondering if I could have a check up."

"Do you have an appointment?"


"Hmm let me see."

He looked over a calendar and schedule. It was about then a woman walked in from a separate room.

"Hey Josh, who do I have next?" She asked.

The man behind the desk looked to Harry.

"No one is scheduled but this young lady wants a check up."

She grinned and motioned Harry over. Harry glared mentally at the man. He knew he looked feminine, but 'lady?' He was wearing male robes!

"First time I've ever had anyone come in just for the sake of a check up." She said.

Harry smiled at her.

"Please sit on the bed."

He did so. She lifted her want and tapped his head. Her wand glowed a moment and she concentrated. He felt a tingle as her magic sped through his body, checking it over. Then she made a strangled noise as she looked at Harry with wide eyed. She stared a moment in complete shock and horror

"You have three broken ribs and two bruised ones."

'That explains why it hurts to breathe.' Harry thought calmly. 'Good thing I have high pain tolerance

"My uncle got quite mad when he learned I was a wizard." Harry sniffled making his eyes wet.

She immediately melted for him sniffing herself.

"You poor child! Muggles are such idiots!" She spat. "You are being taken care of though?"

"Yes. My friend's mommy came and saved me. Then she brought me here. She didn't know I was hurt though. She went to talk to some lady in the ministry and told me to explore. But I was sore and I heard you were an awesome healer!"

The woman sniffed and moved to a cabinet pulling out some vials of liquid. She handed him five.

"You drink these dear. They'll take pain away, heal the broken ribs, and heal the bruises."

He drank them quickly making a face to improve the act. She smiled through her sniffles. Women were so easy to fool if you acted right, and so easy to get to sympathize with you. He slowly felt his body tingle and slowly he started to breathe easier. Then the woman gave him more potions saying they were nutrient potions. He drank these too and then the woman checked him again.

"Now you're just underfed. You make sure you eat lots young man, and healthy food mind you. Take these nutrient potions once a day for at least a week too. I hope the man who did this to you chokes to death on his own tongue while he sleeps." She said messing up his hair as he took the potions, tucking them in his pocket.

"Bye nice lady!" he waved as he skipped out the door.

Once again he had slipped away without giving a name. Some people were so naïve and oblivious. It was one thing Harry had learned; People saw what they wanted to see and they believed what they wanted to. Harry shook the thoughts off and walked to the eye place. As he entered he found pictures of eyes everywhere, some even blinking, some just following him with their pupils. There were shelves of glasses, sunglasses, and other such objects. At the far end of the room there was a desk with a tall wizard sitting there.

"Welcome to Jones's Eye World, how can I help you?" he asked in a bubbly voice.

"I was wondering if you had something that could cure my sight completely." Harry said.

The man nodded cheerfully.

"We do but it is quite expensive."

"How much?"

"20 000 galleons."

"Success rate?"

"100%, and your eyes will never fail you again, even in old age." He said jollily.

Harry thought a moment.

"Is it a potion?"


"So it just heals my eyes after I drink it?"

"Well it takes half an hour, and there is pain involved. You an also get upgrades."


"Well we can enhance your sight so it is even better then just healed. You can also change the color if you want. And then there are a few other choices."

"Can I get it done immediately?"


"Good. I'll take it."

The man found a large parchment and held it out to him.

"Pick the upgrades you want. Each additional upgrade is 5 00 galleons."

Harry looked down the list and ticked off the ones he wanted.

Sharper sight (he can see better then normal)

Slight night vision (lets him see in the dark just a bit better)

Invisibility proof (sees through invisibility cloaks and weaker disillusion charms)

There were a few others like, slit pupil (just for look), but he didn't really want anything else. He handed the man the list and he hurried off through a door. Five minutes later he came back with a glass of clear blue liquid, slightly darker then water. He led Harry back through another door into a room with a bed.

"You'd best be lying down when the pain comes."

Harry nodded and sat up on the bed. The man handed him the potion and he drank it in one go. He handed the cup back and waited. About thirty seconds later he felt a heat in his eye. Then they felt like they itched, then finally they felt like they were burning. Harry gasped and gripped the blanket under his hand as his eyes seared as if they were melting. He didn't register the time as it passed as he kept his eyes clenched and his moth clamped shut. In some of the more agonizing moments he yelped.

Finally the pain ebbed away until he felt normal. He opened his eyes to find he could see clearly. He sat up and found his glasses, which he had forgotten to take off, slightly bent on the bed. He picked them up and tossed them into a rubbish bin. Then he stood and moved to a mirror by the door. He looked in and smirked. Without glasses he did look a bit more feminine as the glasses had taken away from the soft edges of his face, but he looked much better without them, no matter how feminine the look was.

He walked from the room to find Jones helping another customer so he glanced around at the sunglasses. He found a normal pair of black shades and took them to the till to wait. When Jones finished with the customer he beamed at Harry. Harry paid for the shades and eye potion with his Gringots card and then left Jones standing there smiling happily.

Once back in the alley he headed straight for the inn. He dropped his nutrient potions off and pulled on his cast-offs. Then he walked back down stairs and out the front door, into muggle London. He grinned at the street he stepped onto. Nightingale inn was tucked between a pizza parlour and a clothes store. The street looked like one teenagers would visit a lot as it held a hairdresser, three different clothes stores, a book store, a shoe store, a candy store, and a piercing and tattoo parlour. Harry grinned and headed straight for the clothes store.

As he walked in he was greeted by a girl behind a counter. With a shy smile he asked her if she could help him pick out a new wardrobe. She had almost squealed in delight and got him to practically try on the whole store (even some female clothing which was humiliating for him). He left the store with three bags hanging from his arms. He headed next to the hairdresser; luckily it was a walk in one. He only had to wait a few minutes before he was in a seat. The lady trimmed his hair and evened his bangs, which hung to just a little below his nose. Then she dyed the tips of his hair silver.

The next stop for him was the piercing parlour. The teen behind the till there fit in as he had five different piercings on his face, not including his ears. When Harry asked for his ear to be pierce the man said he needed adult permission. Harry slipped him an extra hundred pounds and he was soon walking from the store with his ear pierced, and the earring the goblin had given in his left ear. His last stop was the book store. He took his time to look over all the books and choose a good basket full. Then he also grabbed some paper and pens from the stationary and supply corner. He also found a nice emerald green book bag, with a black tree stitched onto one side. When he had bought all his books and such he was really weighted down in bags. Waving off help from the cashier he walked outside and crossed the street.

He entered the Nightingale in only to have Lisa swoop down on him and help him carry his bags to his room. Once she had finished chatting he dropped his things near the dresser. His book trunk was almost full, and he didn't want to mix his wizard and muggle books together so he decided he would get his trunk next. Harry walked back downstairs and walked once again back intro Diagon alley. He was almost exhausted but trudged on wanting to get this done with. He found the trunk store easily and stepped inside. A tall witch greeted him.

"How may I help you sir?"

"Do you have any trunks with lost of space and more then one compartment? Cost isn't an issue." He said with a soft sigh.

She nodded and started to show him trunks. The one that caught his eye though was the last one she showed him. It was a good size and black. It also had a locking mechanism that would only open for his magical signature. The top of the trunk had four runes carved above the lock too.

"This trunk is the top of the line, and quite expensive, but well worth the price. As you can see when I open it looks like a regular trunk, but when you close it and tap one of these runes you open it again and it's a different compartment. Three compartments are just as large as they appear and not made for much, but the forth compartment I like an automatic library. It can hold a large number of books and to retrieve them all you have to do it think of the book you wish.

Harry smirked and looked up.

"I'll take it."

She grinned in delight and he quickly paid for it. She showed him how to automatically shrink it by tapping his wand on the lid twice (do the same when it's shrunk to enlarge it). He walked from the store ready to head straight back to his inn and sleep. But as he walked back into Nightpale alley he decided he could do one last stop at Lady's Familiars.

He walked into the store to be assaulted by the noise of so many creatures. He was greeted by the clerk but waved the man's help off. Harry walked to the owl section and looked them over. None of them felt right though. He knew these owls had been raised to be special carrier owls so they were much more intelligent then normal so just anyone wouldn't do. He was about to give up on finding the right owl when a snowy owl caught his eye. She was average size and had pure white feathers, only a few speckled with black, and amber eyes. She sat watching him. He fell in love on first sight. He gently took the cage she was in and set it on the till counter. Then he went and grabbed some treats, food, water dishes, and a stand. He set them all by the till and then went off to glance at the other animals.

Finding nothing else that caught his attention he paid the man at the counter, who helpfully shrunk all of the supplies for him. Then Harry grabbed the owl's cage and walked out the door back to the inn. When he entered the inn one of the waitresses smiled at him and walked up the stairs with him, setting some dinner on his desk for him. He thanked her then set his owl on his window sill. Then he unshrunk his trunk and tossed all his books in the fourth compartment, emptying his other trunk. Then he dumped in all his muggle books.

He switched compartments to the third compartment and put all his school supplies like the parchment and potion stuff in there, packing it neatly in the small space. Finally he opened the second compartment and put in all his clothes, empting his dresser. When that was finished he sat down to eat. He let his owl, newly named Hedwig out of her cage and set the perch up and gave her a treat while filing the water bowls. Then Harry slipped out of his clothes into some newly bought pyjamas and flopped down on the heavenly bed, exhausted from his day.


Harry woke as early as usual the next morning, about six thirty. He had another long warm shower before pulling some muggle clothes on, and pulling one of his plain black robes over top of them. Then he pulled his hair back and tied it with a strip of cloth from one of his ripped cast-off shirts. Then he told his two pets to be good and hurried downstairs. He had a quick breakfast and was out the door by seven. His first stop was Gringots. The building was practically empty of wizards just like the other day so he didn't need to wait in any lines. Actually he didn't even have to talk to a teller as he saw a familiar face. He walked up to the goblin and smirked at it.

"Hey Griphook, can you point me in the direction of someone in charge of inheritance and will?"

The goblin gave him an odd look.

"Of course Mr. Potter. I'm fairly surprised you remember my name though."

Harry raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Most wizards do not bother to remember our names, and if they do they can never tell us apart." He sneered.

Harry shrugged a reply and followed him down a different hall then before. When they stopped it was in front of a larger door then Ragnok's. Griphook popped into the room only to pop out a second later and shoo Harry in. The door shut with a soft click behind Harry as he walked into the stone room. There was a goblin sitting behind a large desk, and another goblin scurrying around switching papers between filing cabinets which filled the room. The goblin behind the desk looked up and sneered looking at Harry through his odd glasses.


"I wish to see my parent's will and claim my inheritance." Harry said calmly yet politely.

"Hmmm. Name?"

"Harry Potter."

"You're too young to claim your inheritance."

"I was emancipated yesterday?" Harry said giving a feral grin. "I pulled one over the ministry and got them to emancipate me without even glancing at my name."

The goblin seemed to like this and also gave a grin. He barked some words at the other goblin in a different tongue and the goblin dropped some files and moved to a different filing cabinet.

"I'm Charfir." The goblin said.

Harry gave a nod and sat at the chair when motioned to. The other goblin popped up beside Charfir with a folded parchment. Charfir spoke to the other goblin who nodded and slipped out the room. Harry turned back to Charfir who held the paper out for him. He took it gently and opened it.

The last will and testament of Lily Nee Evans-Potter and James Alexander Potter.

On the occurrence of our death we give everything to our son Harry James Potter. Harry shall be put under his godfather Sirius Black's care. Should Black not be available for any reason he is to go to the following people in order:

Severus Snape (Lily's Choice)

Remus Lupin (James' choice)

Minerva McGonagall (Agreed on by Both)

If none of these are available he is to be put in a safe comfortable wizarding house. He is in no way to be given to any muggles to raise, this means he can not be given to Lily's sister's family. We wish him all our love and hope he grows up happy.

Lily Nee Evans-Potter

James Alexander Potter

Harry stared at the paper furiously.

"Who was the one to read this?" he asked in a deadly voice.

"One Albus Dumbledore. He then said it would be taken care of and locked it." The goblin said.

Harry took a deep breath but it did nothing to calm him.

"Who is Sirius Black?"

"Your godfather was arrested the night of your parent's death for killing Peter Pettigrew and thirteen muggles. He was your parent's secret Keeper."

"What did he say the reason was in his trail?"


Harry looked up at the goblin.

"He wasn't given a trial."

Harry's eye narrowed.

"And Remus Lupin?"

"He's a Werewolf. If not for the laws against them I am sure he would have cared for you and been your guardian in a heartbeat."


"You should be in his care as he is you godfather, your mother's choice I might add. I'm quite sure he's unaware of this choice though."

Harry felt his power flare and his jaw clenched as his hands tightened. The air seemed to cackle and the temperature dropped.

"What are the laws about wilfully going against a will that had nothing to do with you?"

The goblin gulped at his ice cold tone. Not much could scare a goblin but this kid was giving off a magical aurora that had his senses screaming.

"A large fine and maybe even years in prison depending on the case."

Harry ground his teeth as he tried to calm himself. It took him five minutes to grab the rage in himself and calm it. When he was calm he took a ragged breath. It was about then the other goblin entered the room again and armful of things. Harry sighed and smoothed the paper out.

"May I get a copy of this please?"

"Yes. Shall you be taking Dumbledore to court?"

"Not yet. I do not know enough about this world to get caught in political games. But is should be useful as blackmail if he over steps his boundaries."

The goblin nodded and in the snap of his fingers a copy appeared and he was folding the original back up. Then Charfir pushed a silver knife and an elegant looking parchment towards him.

"Please cut your finger and drop three drops on the paper. This will tell us which vaults you inherit."

Harry blinked. He had just expected to be allowed in the Evan and Potter vaults. He took the silver knife though and sliced his finger, without so much as a wince. The paper seemed to soak the blood up before it started to form words. The goblin leaned forwards with Harry.

Melrose Vault

Borean Vault

Maeneil Vault

Ascots Vault

Gryffindor Vault

Slytherin Vault

Harry stared a moment as the goblin slowly cleared his throat.

"Well it seems you have quite a few." He said.

"How are they mine?" Harry asked curiously.

"The Potter line is a very ancient and noble line. Those vaults are most likely from families that married into the Potter line then died out. As for the Gryffindor Vault, well Potters have always been said to be his decedents."

"And the Slytherin one?"

"Maybe you're mother wasn't a muggle after all. Slytherin was said to have had two children, his son marrying into the Riddle line, and his daughter starting another. You're mother may be from the second line. But even if you were born of either lines doesn't mean Slytherin excepts you as an heir. For it to show up here means his magic and blood has accepted you as heir."

Harry smirked and stood.

"May I go check these vaults?"

"Of course."

"Then thank you. I shall leave you to your work and go find a goblin to take me down."

"May your gold flow freely Mr. Potter."

"Same to you."

"Oh, and Mr. Potter if I may make a suggestion, get some books on elementists."

Then the goblin waved him off and he took the list of vaults and walked out of the room. He walked back to Gringots lobby and headed to Ragnok's office. When he reached the door he knocked softly. When a 'enter' reached his ears he stepped in. Ragnok grinned at him.

"How can I help you Mr. Potter?"

"I was wondering if you had learned if any money or possessions have been taken from my vaults by my former Magical Guardian."

Ragnok's grin turned sour as he sneered and pulled a paper from his desk.

"Mr. Dumbledore has taken out 500 000 galleons from your 'go wild vault' one of the few he can access. He's transferred al that money to the Weasely Vaults."


"A pure-blooded family, considered blood traitors by other purebloods, and very poor. We have no notion as to why he's been transferring money to their vaults but I have a feeling you will find out later. Also an extra 30 000 from the Evan's vault and added to the Weasely vault as a dowry. We have learned Dumbledore was going to draw a marriage contract between yourself and Ginvera Weasely, as you are now emancipated this will not work. Then he had also taken out 500 000 from the Evans vault and transferred it to his own accounts. And lastly he transferred an extra 100 000 from the 'go wild vault' to a vault for an organization called the 'order of the phoenix'."

"Any items?" Harry seethed.

"Yes actually. He has taken all your mother's jewellery from the Evan's vault, all of her pictures, a diary, and her marriage ring. He also has taken an invisibility cloak from your 'go wild vault' along with something called the marauders map and a book on becoming an animagus written by your father and your godfather."

Harry closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind. As he started to feel calmer he looked up at Ragnok.

"Is there any way I can get it back?"

"Some. We can take the money from his vaults but the items we can not."

"Why not?"

"We can not access them as they are either at Dumbledore's ancestral home or in Hogwarts and we can not get to either as they are heavily guarded by wards."

"So if I go to Hogwarts I may get some?"

"You would just have to summon them."

Harry smiled and nodded his thanks.

"Well that was all I wished to ask. I must be off. Thank you for your help."

Ragnok grinned in a feral way and Harry bowed his head once before leaving. He walked back to the lobby and found Griphook. With some quick words with the goblin they were heading off to his new vaults. The Melrose, Borean, and Ascots vaults held just gold with only the few random books, though all the books were rare, and there was at least one of the family history in each vault.

When they stopped at the fourth vault Harry found out that Maeneil, whom the vault was named after had been the very start of the werewolf disease, or at least the first one with it. The goblin told him that he had been born thousands of years ago and had been at first a wolf able to change into a man. He had learned to be human and somehow was almost immortal. He had taught others how to embrace there wolf side starting the werewolf disease, though it had been different then. They had used to be able to change between wolf and human at will, though the pull was quite strong on the full moon. But with wars and other such things they had died out and fewer people learned how to 'embrace the wolf'. People tried so hard to repress the 'wolf' it changed them so they only changed on the full moon when the restrained wolf was to strong. But as the gene had become repressed it had changed changing them into little more then blood driven creatures.

Harry had been saddened by this thought but was quickly cheered as he found books written by Maeneil himself, and others like him. It seems the last of the line of the 'True Wolf' had died out after marrying into the Potter line. Harry, instead of packing these books copied them and took the copies. Then he nodded to Griphook and they headed to the last two vaults.

The Gryffindor vault was huge. So was Slytherin's. They were both side by side and numbered with '1' and '2'. Griphook stated they were the first wizards to open vaults in the bank and two thousand years accumulated a lot of interest. Harry also learned both had magical protections on them. To enter you had to smear a bit of blood on the lock. The vaults were amazing though. Gryffindor's vault was absolutely enormous. It was filled with so much gold it made Harry's eyes hurt. The right corner from the door though held no gold, but something much more valuable. Books. Hundreds of books. Harry had never seen so many books, not even at the public library. He move to them immediately. He refused to take the original copies out and copied the ones he wanted. He was glad they hadn't come up with the copyright charm when Gryffindor had added them to the vault, unlike all of the books he had recently bought.

When Harry had browsed a few small sections of a shelf he stored all his books in his trunk, which he had shrunk and brought along. He then started to move up the isle made between the gold and books to the far end of the room, which was really far back. A large section of the back of the wall though was amazing. It held weapons. Weapons Harry recognized from medieval times, and some he had never even dreamed of. Finally Harry pulled a sword from the wall along with an axe and a large spear which had a long wood shaft and a foot of jagged metal on the top. He stored them both in the last compartment left in his trunk.

Finally he walked from the vault and entered Slytherin's vault. It was just as large as Gryffindor's if not large and held a bit more gold. It held just as many book though. The book, though, looked to be from all over the world, unlike Gryffindors which had all been in English and Latin. Harry realized he would have to learn some more languages if he wished to read them. He was already fluent in French as his elementary had been a French-English emersion. He also knew a bit of German as one of the neighbours was from Germany and spoke German quite a bit.He wa

Some books that really caught Harry's attention were some written with weird squiggle lines which he shockingly understood. He decided to ponder on this later and stored the copies in his trunk. Then he headed down to the far wall wondering if there would be something like weapons also. There weren't weapons. Instead there were large shelves covered in boxes and jars. They were potion ingredients. He didn't know much about potions yet but he knew more then half of these had to be extinct while the rest had to be on the verge of extinction. He didn't touch them… yet. Though he did grab a pair of silver daggers that where displayed dead center of the shelves.

Harry finally stepped from the vault also and smiled at Griphook telling him he was finished. They rode back to the main floor and Harry asked for a list with his total assets. Griphook vanished down a hall returning a moment later with the paper. When asked why he didn't snap his fingers and make a copy he was told client privacy was held in high regards and they could make no copies of any records unless the one watching the originals gave permission. Harry nodded at the intelligence and looked his list over.


School Vault: 99 280 galleons

Go Wild Vault: 400 000 galleons

Evan Vault: 367 000 galleons

Potter Vault: 57 628 982 galleons

Melrose Vault: 1 895 739 galleons

Borean Vault: 1 439 673 galleons

Ascots Vault: 2 673 181 galleons

Maeneil Vault: 33 692 298 galleons

Gryffindor Vault: 3 968 673 039 galleons

Slytherin Vault: 4 087 446 720 galleons

Total: 8 154 413 474 galleons


Godric's Hollow

Potter Mansion - Scotland

Potter Estate - Whales

Melrose mansion – Egypt

Melrose cottage – France

Borean estate - Ireland

Ascots Cabin – Northern Rockies

Ascots mansion – Africa

Ascots get-away - Germany

Maeneil Stronghold – Rome

Maeneil summer home – Italy

Maeneil house – Greece

Gryffindor Castle – Scotland

Gryffindor Estate – Caribbean

Gryffindor Mansion – Japan

Slytherin Castle – Netherlands

Slytherin Hideout – Russia

Slytherin Mansion – India

Other Properties:

100% Nightpale Alley

65% of quality Quidditch Supplies

50% Flourish and Bolts

10% Ollivander's wands

100% Lady's Familiars

50% Hogwarts

Harry almost whistled to himself and gently tucked the paper away. Harry bowed his head to Griphook and walked outside of the bank. He then pulled the hood up on his outer robes and headed into Knockturn. He had some exploring to do. For about three hours Harry wandered around Knockturn alley. It was as large as Diagon Alley at least, but so much more twisty making him get lost once. He browsed more then one store and bought more then a couple books, most illegal or dark. He didn't much care. After three hours though, and exploring most shops, he found what he was looking for; a wand shop. He slipped into the dusty looking store and glanced around. There was a counter, and some boxes scattered around, but it was almost deserted looking. Harry only had to wait ten second before a small man appeared. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was skinny and small but didn't look all that bad. The man gave Harry a grin.

"Ah, what can I do for you?"

"I'm looking for a second wand."

You could never tell when you need one. The man scanned him then beckoned Harry with a hand. Harry followed him through a hall and into a full room. There where slabs of stone, wood, and other such things on shelves on one side, and jars and vials of other things on the other side. At the end of the room were large shelves full of small boxes like Ollivander's store.

"It's costly but I can make you a custom wand. Or you can test out my already made wands." The man rasped.

"Custom made."

He gave a smirk and Harry raised a brow though the man couldn't see it.

"Then concentrate and move to what materials you feel a pull from."

Harry took a claming breathe and closed his eyes. He felt a mental tug to the left side of his room and slowly reached out running a hand over a smooth cool material. The man behind him made a surprised noise but didn't bother Harry as he turned and moved along the other shelf. He stopped to point to a jar before pointing at a second. When he finished pointing at the two, he opened his eyes to see the man starring curiously at him. The man set a smooth black material on a clear table.

"For the shaft you choose wood from a special tree that grows only in extreme cold, mostly found on the poles."

Harry nodded, though he had never heard of the wood before.

"And for the core you surprisingly chose two substances. But most surprisingly you chose two very rare ones, just as rare, if not more so, as the wood. First." He paused to grab the two jars and hold one up. "Crushed ice fairies wings. Ice Fairies are the rarest of all elemental fairies as they also live only in the cold staying mostly in places where winter reigns. Secondly you chose dementor crushed dementor bones. Dementors are creatures that bring a deep chill and feed off happy memories. Not many know, but they originated from Antarctica. You choose three substances that come from very cold places."

"And what does that mean?"

The man shrugged.

"Maybe nothing, maybe everything."

Harry frowned, but saw he would get nothing more. The man started to gather the material together.

"If I may have just a bit of your blood to make the wand more tuneable to you…" The man said slowly.

"Swear you won't use it for anything other then my wand."

Harry wasn't stupid. He had read a bit on blood magic and knew how much power someone could have over him with just a drop of blood.

"I swear on my magic to do nothing with your blood besides use it to tune your wand."

Harry gave a nodded and pulled out one Slytherin's silver daggers, which he had at his waist. He cut his finger gently and let a few drops spill in a vial the man held out. Then the man looked up at him.

"Can you come back in about an hour? It should be ready then."

Harry nodded and turned on his heel. After leaving the building he wandered back down the street until he reached a dingy looking store the sign above it read 'Brogin and Burkes'. Harry slipped in and glanced around. Some other man had been in here when he had last passed and he hadn't wanted a paranoid man throwing him glances as he tried to talk discreetly to the manager. Harry glanced around at all the objects but was finally drawn to a silver necklace. It was a beautiful silver tear drop on a silver chain.

"Ahh, I see the necklace caught your eye." An oily man said as he stepped from a back room.

"Yes. What is it?"

"It's called phoenix tear. It's said to heat up if any dangerous spells or objects are within five feet of you, and become warmer the closer you get to the object." The man simpered.


"It's a picky item. It doesn't let just anyone touch it. Burnt all of the customers trying to pick it up and I can't remove it since it burns me." He said.

Harry reached out and gently lifted the chain. It seemed to cool under his touch. He turned to the man.

"I'll take it. Also do you have any books?"

The man gave an oily smile and led him to the back room. It was full of old looking books and Harry started to look over them. He soon had an armful and was quite near the back of the store. It was about then he started to hear a voice.

'Ssstupid human keepingsss me locked in heresss. Whensss I getsss out I ssshall bite him.'

Harry curiously peeked around a shelf but didn't see anyone. About to shrug it off he spotted a glass tank on a shelf by some books. He walked up to it and blinked at the black snake in the tank. It was only about a foot in half in length, and quite slim. It had ebony scales and glowing blue eyes. It looked irritated as it looked to be uncomfortable in the tank. It lifted its head and tasted the air looking at Harry.

'Another human comesss to look at me. Hopefully he opensss thisss lid. Thensss I will attack himsss and be free!' The snake hissed gleefully.

Harry blinked once. Then he blinked again. 'I…I heard the snake talk.' He thought surprised.

'Um…maysss I asssk how you ssspeak Englisssh?' Harry asked.

The snake seemed to freeze up. Then it made a noise of disbelief.

'A ssspeaker?'


Harry was slightly unsure of what to do. Then the snake gave a hiss like laugh

'I do not ssspeak the human language, you ssspeak the sssnake language.' It hissed.

'I sssee.' Harry said slowly.

It hissed another laugh and Harry just shook his head.

'Did you wantsss out?' Harry asked.

'Yesss!' The snake shouted.

'Okay then. But promissse not to bite me.'

'I promissse.'

He lifted the lid with a free hand and stuck his hand in. The snake curled up his arm and he gently pulled it from the tank.

'Whatsss your name ssspeaker?'


'Well Harry, thank you. I wasss getting hungry and sssore in that cage. Isss like you. I ssshall come with you.'

Harry stared a moment then chuckled. Seems he'd been adopted.

'Fine you may come with me.'

The snake nodded.

'Whatsss your name?' He asked

'Zero.' He hissed.

Harry smiled at it and it slithered up his arm to wrap around his neck. Harry started to head back to the main entrance when a book caught his eye. It was a leather bound book with the title on the spine; 'Elementists and Their Power'. He quickly added the book to his pile remembering the words of the goblin. Then he headed off. As he passed the manager he dropped a handful of galleons on the counter. The man made a gleeful noise. There was enough to pay for everything and some extra.

"I wasn't here." Harry said.

"Who are you?" The man asked playing along.

Harry smirked. He didn't know if it was worth caution or not, but better safe then sorry. He strode for the store and wandered around a little while longer before heading back to the wand store. As he entered the back storage room he found the wand man giggling as he practically skipped around a newly created black wand.

"So powerful and beautiful." He cooed.

Harry cleared his throat and the man jumped and spun to him. A grin spread across his face.

"It's done." He said in a wistful tone.

"How much?"

"158 galleons."

Harry knew that was a lot more the Ollivander's, but the man has said the stuff was rare, and to have a wand that wasn't on the ministry register and couldn't be tracked for the unforgivables was worth it. (His other wand had the tracking spell destroyed when he became emancipated but was still tracked for unforgivables). Harry pulled out his bank card but the man held up a hand.

"Would you like a charm thrown on?"

Harry raised a brow.

"Anti-summoning charm."

Harry nodded and the man waved his own wand over the wand a few seconds. Then he took Harry's bank card and ran his wand along the strip. He handed it back to Harry and Harry tucked it away. He reached for the wand and when eh grasped it he felt a chill sweep though his body, yet it wasn't uncomfortable. The wand felt like a bar of ice in his hands, yet oddly he didn't want to let go, like the chill was a comfort. The man gave a clap behind him and he turned to look at the grinning man.

"Feel that chill?"

Harry nodded.

"If anyone else picks it up they will also feel that, though if the wand doesn't like them, which it probably won't like anyone but you, it may be able to give them frost bite."

Harry raised a brow.

"Does the chill feel comfortable?"

Harry nodded.

"Make sure you read up on elementists."

Harry narrowed his eyes under the hood. Did everyone know something he didn't? He let out an inaudible sigh and tucked the wand away.

"Where can I get a creature you call a …house-elf?" He asked.

"Look in Edwin's store." The man said.

Harry nodded and headed off. He hurried back down the street looking for said store. It took half an hour but he did find it hidden between to larger buildings. He slipped in and saw a bare room. He waited a moment and a man walked out from a back room.

"Yes?" he rasped.

"I'm looking for a house-elf."

He gave a crooked grin, showing a few missing teeth. He snapped his fingers and ten dirty looking elves appeared in a line. They either wore towels, pillowcases, old clothes, or nothing. Harry looked them all over. Most recoiled as he stepped closer. He stopped at the sixth one. The small elf was a green brown color and wore a dirty pillowcase. He looked scared but still excited at the same time.

"What's your name?"

"Dobby sir." It saluted energetically.

Harry nodded.

"I'll take this one."

The man grinned and Harry tossed him the gallons needed. (He had just enough in his pocket). He turned back to the small house-elf.

"Meet me in room 13 at Nightingale inn." He said only loud enough for the elf to hear. "Take a bath and find something cleaner to wear."

The elf grinned and saluted before vanishing with a pop.

"Excitable thing aren't he." The man rasped a laugh. "Got him in a deal a while ago from the Malfoys. They say he's defective."

The man realized he had just gave away something. His eye grew.

"Don't tell them I told!" He said quickly.

Harry smirked. The Malfoy's were supposed to be clean, but to do dealings with someone in Knockturn didn't make that picture. Harry just waved a hand absently and walked from the store. Finished in Knockturn, he headed off towards Diagon Alley. He slipped from the dark alley and pulled his hood down without anyone noticing, easily. He started to walk down the long alley looking around leisurely. He stopped a few stores like the sweet shop, a small café, and a pet store to buy some things for Zero. His last stop was what looked like a weapon store. Harry found swords, books, armour, clothes, and knives filled the whole store making it look quite dangerous.

He stayed in the store a few minutes and left with a book on hand to hand fighting, a book on knife fighting, and a book on sword fighting. He also walked out with black dragon hide boots, and two dragon hide wand holsters. After that he headed back towards his inn. He was greeted by Lisa once again as he entered the building. She immediately steered him to a seat and set a huge meal in front of him saying he didn't eat enough. He ate it all smiling at her when he was finished as she told him to make sure he went to bed on time. He nodded to her and hurried to his room.

As he entered his room he found his window open letting in a nice cool breeze and Hedwig's perch empty. Harry stored his newly bought books in his trunk. He was already wearing the phoenix tear necklace and his wands were both in the holsters. He also made sure to put his bank card in a safe place before pulling out the list he had off all his properties, setting it on his desk. Then he set up Zero's tank and filled it with sand and magically heated rocks. Zero slithered in happily and curled up. Then Harry glanced around.


There was a pop and the house-elf appeared. But now he was cleaner, and wearing an old white tank top. It was big enough for a dress on the elf and it was even tied at his waist with some string almost like a toga.

"Yes master?"

"First my name is Harry Potter."

The elf gave a squeal and his legs suddenly gained extra weight. He glanced down to see the elf hugging his legs.

"Harry Potter is the greatest wizard ever! He defeated the bad man!"

Harry felt his lips twitch. Suddenly the elf gasped and leapt away.

"Dobby is so sorry for hugging master! Dobby will punish himself." He wailed before starting to bang his head on the wall.

"Stop that." Harry said quickly half amused by the actions.

The elf immediately stopped and hopped over to him smiling.

"I will not punish you, or ask you to punish yourself unless you betray me."

"I's will never Betray Master Harry Potter, sir!"

Harry nodded.

"Good. I have a couple jobs for you."

He grabbed the list of properties.

"I want you to go to each of these places and see if there are any other house elves. If there are make sure they start to clean the places up. If there aren't just remember the place and tell me when you get back. Also write down how large each place is and what wards on it. You can do that right?" There was a nod as he paused. "Also write down if the wards are strong or not. And please write if there are any people or magical creatures there. Then find all the dark or cursed objects in each place and lock them in one room so I may see them later. Can you do all that?"

"Of course Master Harry Potter sir!" he said in an almost gleeful tone.

Harry nodded and handed him the parchment.

"Please don't loose that."

"I's won't!" He promised.

Then the elf was gone with a pop. Harry ran his fingers through his bangs a moment before shedding the outer robe and pulling out some books. He plopped down on his bed and started to read.


For three weeks Harry just read and practiced magic, more of the former, while he stayed at the Nightingale inn. He rarely left unless to just get some exercise, which he tried to do daily. He also met Amelia for lunch once in a while. She was nice, intelligent, and as scheming as he was. It was the second day after he had been emancipated, that the word had got out to the papers, though no one knew his name, and they hadn't even got a picture of him. As he found out about the magical newspaper he had also gotten a subscription for it, though most of it was drivel.

He was fed at least three times a day though as Lisa always made sure he ate. He was still going by the name Tobias Smith and gave that name to the few people who asked his name as they passed or talked with him. He didn't see many people though as he exercises early and stayed in his room most of the day. Hedwig stayed either on her perch or outside enjoying her freedom from her cage.

Zero usually stayed in his cage or wrapped around Harry's neck when he went out. No one ever seemed to notice the snake; people only saw what they wanted and no person wanted to see a child with a snake wrapped around there neck so they just believed they had been seeing things. Zero was quite nice to hold a conversation with also. Seems he was much older then a regular snake, being about a hundred years old. He had been caught because of his venom which was very useful in potions and could either be deadly of just a paralyzer when the snake chose.

Harry learned quite about the wizarding world in two weeks along with past corruption. He had somehow found a 'Hogwarts; a History' in Knockturn alley. It was the unedited one which told of the chamber of secrets and the killing, of the forbidden forest, and of the Triwizard tournament. Frankly Harry wondered why they had edited the book as it was only fair to tell of all the dangers the kids would face. He also learned that any book on Dumbledore or any mention of the man said he was powerful, brilliant, and Light focused after his defeat of Grindweld. But it never mentioned how the 'evil' man had popped up or how Dumbledore had defeated him. Harry suspected a cover up.

Also all books on the 'terrible' reign of Voldemort never really described his evil deeds. They just say he killed hundreds, but where were the mentions of these hundreds? Also it failed to say why Voldemort had got these ideas. With a bit of digging he learned Voldemort had once been named Tom Marvalo Riddle. He had been a half-breed. Now Harry could understand the views like purebloods are the best and Muggles and Muggle-born weren't even worth noticing (he didn't follow these ideals though), but that would make half bloods also slightly inferior and Harry doubted even someone as 'evil' as this Voldemort could be such a hypocrite. Frankly he suspected different goals behind Voldemort's campaign.

And did no one question how a child survived the killing curse. There was a brief mention in a book that Dumbledore had said his mother's sacrificed had saved him. And how many other mothers also sacrificed their lives? Harry wondered how stupid the wizarding world was if they saw everything in black and white and listened to every word of a man who hadn't even revealed how he had defeated the 'enemy'. Harry found himself becoming very, very suspicious.

He had decided though that he would have to wait to meet with Dumbledore to answer a few questions. Other then all that dribble, he had learned quite a bit about the laws, customs, politics, and other such things. He had also read quite a bit into magical theory and spells. He found he could easily do the first year spells, but found most of them useless. He has taken up learning spells from his 'dark arts' books. They were much more useful. He also learned that wizards were very unfit. They didn't seem to do anything for themselves having spells for everything, cleaning, cooking, knitting even. It was a bit disgusting. He swore to make sure he stayed fit. It would give him a huge advantage in fights. And he was sure he would at some time get in some kind of fight or duel.

Besides spells he read up on herbology, astronomy, divination, potions, and history. Frankly most of the 'approved' history books sucked. They were so edited they were below vague. And astronomy was the same as muggle astronomy, which he had learned before in the library. Divination was just an absolute joke. Even if a prophecy were true, which there was only about one percent chance of that, it could be interpreted in so many ways it made your head spin.

Herbology was something Harry found he would enjoy, as he enjoyed gardening. He also found a love for potions. He had grown to love cooking and the two were slightly similar. He even bought some more potion ingredients, starting to make his own collection, and started to practice some of them. He had also bought some plants which he grew in some pots near his window. There were so many different plants in the magical world and he desired to learn as many as possible.

And then he had started into the mind arts. He found it very unnerving that people could get into his head. He had read Dumbledore was a master at this. He swore not to look the man in the eye until he had mastered blocking his mind. He found this part of the mind arts actually easy. He had already long ago built a calm mind so his temper didn't brake free so often. The main reason though had been to block out the pain. Pain had been a distraction he could not risk so he had learned to block it out making sure he had a clear organized mind. Thinking of that brought back memories he wished to bury deep.

He had started to meditate each night for a good half an hour building his defence up. First he had cleared his mind then started to figure out how to he would organize all his thoughts and memories. He had, in the end gotten it quite organized. Seems he was a natural at occlumency. His mind now resembled a forest. A very old forest. There where large twisted leafy trees. They reached up high and had few breaks in the canopy. It was dark like midnight. Though there was light. The roots of the trees, which all partially raised from the ground, grew over millions of small orbs that glowed soft purples, blues, and greens. They lit up his mind making a soft glow and few shadows. They glowed well enough, and were hidden well enough that it seemed the roots and bottom of the trunk glowed themselves.

But unlike what some would suspect the orbs did not hold his memories, they just lit up his mind. His memories were in the forms of small fairies. The fairies were only half a foot tall at most and where all naked, their skin icy blue in color and their eyes solid black. They had wings that seemed to be made of ice crystals and were silver in color. These fairies darted around the trees and if you listened closely you could hear them all humming a soft melody. When ever you tried to catch one, though, it would dance away or fly up high almost making it impossible to gain the memories.

The forest was quite large and twisty, but if you knew the path you could find a huge lake that stretched on, in one direction, farther then Harry could see. The shore was made of small pebble and lined with the same trees. Above the sky was dark only light by a full, glowing moon. His fairies rarely came here though. He had learned the lake was his magic core. He had been at first amazed at how clear and blue the water was. Then he had noticed that the water was beyond icy, and if you looked closely you could see a thin sheet of ice over the water. He had puzzled at that. But when he had first seen that he hadn't dwelled to much on the ice. No, what was more important was the huge fence that had surrounded his lake. It had been a wicked metal fence made of rusty wire, glass, large sheets of jagged metal, and barbed wire. Only a small piece of his magic lake had been able to slip out of the fence into a small stream that ran through the forest. He had been stunned by it. He had gone to Ragnok and asked what it meant.

To say he had been furious when he had learned what it was, was an understatement. He had been beyond livid. The goblins had actually locked him in a Ragnok's office until he calmed. It had been a block put on him; a block that would keep most of his magic at bay giving him only enough to be just average in terms of ability. Harry had wanted to kill Dumbledore, the one who had put it on him. He had buried the urge though, for now. But with the held of four goblins they had broke the block and Harry had felt so much more powerful. He had started to learn spells on the first try after that, speeding his progress up very quickly. He had soon after that learned the reason for the thin sheet of ice on his lake. He had learned it by complete accident the day after the block was removed.


Harry sighed as he shut standard book of spells grade one. The book wasn't very useful having only coloring charms, levitating charms, and other such things. They would be useful in a way, and worth the time to learn, but they wouldn't prepare him for the real world. He picked up his drink from the table and made a face as the water was really warm. It was quite hot outside and Harry was already sweating from just sitting there in a t-shirt and shorts. He glared at his window outside to the sky. He hated hot. And it wasn't helping that if he got anything to drink it would be warm and gross in minutes.

He suddenly felt the cup in his hand go ice cold. He blinked and glanced at it in surprise to see ice crystals creeping out from near his hand out around the glass. The water inside the cup froze and he could only stare. He set the cup down on his nightstand gently and prodded it with a finger. 'How in the hell?' He wondered. Then he was suddenly struck by a thought. He practically flew to his trunk and pulled a book out. He opened the large leather bound book and flipped to the first page.

'Elementists are wizards or witches whom can control an element with their will. The magical person does not need to be in anyway strong physically or mental, but they must have magic. It has been proven they must be born with the power, though none are sure why said person gets the power and not others. It seems to be just luck of the draw. Elementists are rare though so not many have been able to add anything to the research.

The most common elementists are those whom control fire, water, wind, and earth. There are others though that can control lightening, metal, wood, stone, and ice. The rarest of all of these is ice. Ice is actually a combination of wind and water. If an ice elementists trains hard enough it has been said they can break down the ice and control water and wind also though this hasn't been proven.

Elementists usually come into their power at the early age of fifteen. Elementists can be quite strong depending on how much they train their power. They can also be very destructive so most are cautioned to practice their powers only a little bit at a time and try nothing bog. It is also wise to be cautious around elementists as if they are very emotional their powers will respond. Example is if you anger a fire elementist you may find your robes lit on fire. Elementists are in no way considered dark though, or considered as magical creatures, nor are they illegal.'

Harry's eyes widened and he gently set the book down. He could be an ice elementist. Was that why his second wand was made with so many things originated in the cold or why the temperature dropped when he was mad? He glanced to his cup of water to see it was melting again. He gently grabbed it and focused as hard as he could on the glass and water freezing.

After a solid minute of concentrating the glass exploded. Harry felt some glass slice his cheek as he automatically dropped the exploding cup and turned away. He opened his eyes again to see frozen glass everywhere. 'I guess that's what they meant by caution. Too much pressure and power, and it becomes destructive.' Harry marvelled. Then a grin stretched across his face and he returned to the book.


He had started to practice the powers daily and found it became easier each time. So he trained and learned because as they say; knowledge is power. It was a week before he left for Hogwarts he met a surprising person.


Harry sighed running his fingers through his bangs, careful not to show off his scar. He was waiting for the sale's person to shrink his new cooler but the man couldn't seem to find his wand.

"Ah ha!" interrupted his thoughts.

'Seems he found it.' Harry thought. He was handed his newly shrunken package and walked out of the store. He was going to head straight back to his inn when he saw a small girl with curly brown hair standing beside two muggles, and what looked like an old woman. The woman seemed to be waving goodbye and the small girl gave her a shy smile waving back. Harry immediately noticed the smile was a fake. A good fake, but a fake none the less. He made his way over, curiously. As he got closer he found the woman and man waved, giving the woman fake smiles as she walked away. As soon as she was gone they both frowned at the girl. Then they led her to a small alley between two buildings out of sight, though Harry followed and watched. The lady, whom he expected was her mother, dropped a bag in the girl's hands and sneered.

"Well there you go witch." She sneered.

The girl gulped and seemed to shrink slightly.

"We don't care what you do now, just don't show up on our doorstep begging us to take you back, heathen." The man hissed silently.

Then the two stalked off and the girl looked after them with a dead look. He walked up beside her and cleared his throat. She spun with speed and took a step back hugging her bags to herself.

"Yes?" She asked in a blank voice.

"I couldn't help but over hear. Your parents didn't seem too thrilled with you being a witch."

"…They're Christian. They believe I got the power from the devil." She muttered.

"And obviously you don't believe that."

"Of course not." She snorted. "Power is just power, it's what you use it for that defines what you are."

He nodded at the wise words and looked her over. She was average height with brown frizzy hair and hazel eyes. By the size of the book bag she was holding, it was filled with shrunken books. She saw him looking and sighed.

"Their last gift to me. They bought me everything I wanted from here, left me with some money, then abandoned me. I believe they just bought the stuff and gave me the money to satisfy their own guilt at leaving their eleven year old daughter alone to die."

Harry furrowed his brows and then gave her a small smirk.

"Are you smart?"

She looked offended as she raised a brow and gave a pretty impressive sneer.

"Top marks in boarding school. I already have scholar ships lined up and waiting for me. I even passed elementary three years early."

He nodded.

"And you're going to Hogwarts?"

"I wouldn't have been abandoned other wise."

He smirked again.

"How would you feel about being my friend?"

She looked at him suspiciously.

"And what would this…friendship entail?"

"You help me if I ever need it, you watch my back, you swear loyalty to me."

"And what do I get?"

"I would make you a ward of the most noble and ancient house of Potter."

He had been labelled as head three weeks ago and now wore four rings. The Slytherin ring (silver with an emerald and an 's' and snake carved in), the Gryffindor ring (Silver with a ruby and a large 'g' and griffin carved in), the Potter ring (black onyx with a sapphire and a large 'p' and threstal carved in), and the Maeneil ring (a steel color metal and a black stone that almost looked deep red and wolf carved in). All the other houses had been too little to have a head after having merged with the Potter line. The girl raised a brow at him.

"You're the head of a house?"

"Four actually." He smirked.

She blinked.

"And you're old enough?"

"I got emancipated three weeks ago. The ministry is full of fools who'll buy a sap story easily if you have at least some evidence."

She stood as if assessing him.

"Would I be like a servant?"

"Kind of, but not in the sense like a maid though, more like a vassal. You would have to listen to a command if I made any and swear never to betray me, but other then that you could do what ever you wished. Also if you become my ward I am to take care of you and make sure you represent my house well. Meaning I have to make sure you always have shelter, food, clothes, and such."

She bit her lip narrowing her eyes in thought. She weighed her money bag and Harry could easily see there was just enough to make it through the rest of the summer (a week). Having no other option she sighed.

"Fine. But I won't be your concubine." She huffed.

He blinked. While being the head of four houses did allow that, he hadn't really ever considered it and still wouldn't. He gave a deep chuckle.

"Of course milady."

She huffed again.

"What do I do?"

"Say 'I swear on my magic and life to serve the house of Potter, under Harry James Potter, until released of this oath or death part us."

She cleared her throat.

"I, Hermione Jane Granger, swear on my magic and life to serve the house of Potter, under Harry James Potter, until released of this oath or death part us."

She glowed softly before she blinked

"That sounded oddly like a marriage vow."

He blinked, then realized it had. He chuckled.

"So you're Harry Potter." She stated.

He shrugged.

"Yes. But please call me Tobias while here in Diagon. I hate unneeded attention."

She gave a nod and then looked to him suspiciously.

"So you really will take care of me?"

"I, Harry James Potter, swear on my magic to take care of Hermione Jane Granger."

He glowed briefly like she had. She seemed to sigh as if a weight had been lifted.

"Thank you." She said truthfully.

He nodded then looked her over.

"Now, let's go get you some more robes, a trunk like mine, and a familiar."

She blinked.

"I've got robes. And I have a suitcase, so I don't need a trunk."

He just smirked and led her off. An hour later they were walking into the Nightingale inn weighed down by Hermione's school supplies, along with extra robes, and cat supplies. Hermione's new familiar was a small American short haired cat which was grey and covered in black markings. It was part kneazle making it smarter then normal. Harry, making a quick story up about his cousin also getting a Hogwarts letter and finding him today, asked Lisa if an extra bed could be put in his room. She had nodded happily and led them both upstairs. She easily transfigured a bed and moved Harry's over so it fit. Then she nodded happily to the two and headed back downstairs.

Hermione quickly set up her turn at the foot of the bed and unpacked everything else into it. Then she set her cat things up and gently set the kitten (newly named Dragon) on the bed. Harry then sat her down on his bed and pulled out a pensive (which he had gotten illegally from Knockturn Alley). He showed her various memories of his child hood, his emancipation, his inheritance, and some of his shopping. He had to hand it to her, she was quite composed taking everything in stride, even a beating he had shown her.

When the memories were finished he dragged her outside again and they headed for Gringots. With a quick word to Ragnok he had gotten her a bank card connected to his vault and told her she could use it when she pleased even if she said she didn't need to do that. Then the goblin made her an earring like Harry's though hers was a small silver panther that looked to be ready to pounce. Luckily she already had her ears pierced and slipped it in.

When they left Gringots they both pulled up their hoods and slipped into Knockturn Alley. They headed to the wand makers and an hour later Hermione had a new, untraceable wand, made of rose wood, and a strong mix of sphinx hair, her blood, and crushed wolf fang. The man had seemed so gleeful when he had handed her that wand. Harry decided to watch her a bit closer but other wise pushed it from his mind. Then they headed back to Diagon where he bought her a wand holster and a dagger which she tucked away.

Then they walked back to the inn, but instead of staying they stepped into muggle London after ditching their outer robes. Harry led Hermione to the hairdresser and got her hair trimmed, layered, and the tips died a black. Then they stopped by the book store. When Harry had said she could get as many books as she wanted she had a look of heavenly pleasure. He left her in the store for about an hour as he stopped by a few food stores to fill up his magical cooler which he bought. He didn't know what he was going to get at Hogwarts but he had found he liked muggle candy better then Magical. He also bought food that magical people didn't eat or drink, like pop. When his cooler was full he returned to the book store and bought a few more books himself before they left the store, Hermione already reading a book as they walked back to the inn.


The last week of summer passed by quite quickly. Harry had started Hermione into some darker spells not in Hogwarts curriculum. He also got her to start clearing her mind to start her occlumency. He didn't give much info away and when she asked why he was being so secretive he replied until she got occlumency down to a master level he wouldn't tell her much because there were people who could read your mind just by looking in your eyes. She had dove into the mind arts more after that.

It was about a day after he found Hermione that Dobby appeared. Appears he only had house elves at the Potter places. The house-elf had taken it on himself to clean all of the others and Harry didn't say no. When Dobby had left again Harry had to explain to Hermione all about House-elves and their magic, at least what he knew. He had learned, that like him, she loved knowledge. It was about at that time he started teaching her to hide it, how to prove she was better and more knowledgeable then others, with out right out showing off. It was quite productive.


Hermione huffed and blew some bangs out of her face. Harry just cast a blank look around.

"So we have to run at the pillar between 9 and 10."

"Yes." She sighed again.

"Hmmm. You're going first."

She just sighed. As they neared the platforms 9 and 10 Harry grabbed her arm and held her back, his eyes wandering to a family of red heads.

"This ways kids. What platform is it again?" The mother asked.

"9 ¾." A smart looking boy beside her said loudly.

"A bit suspicious that they all seem to have been on the platform many times and she has to ask." Hermione narrowed her eyes.

"And they're practically yelling it." Harry pointed out.

"So we avoid them?"


Suddenly the red head parade stopped. The woman glanced around.

"He must not be here yet. Dumbledore said he'd bee here soon though." The woman said.

Harry's eyes narrowed and his lip pulled back in a snarl lightly. He watched as the youngest red head puffed up and smirked smugly at his brother.

"I'm going to be the best friend of the boy-who-lived."

"Yes dear you are. And remember tell him how evil Slytherin is, and how good Gryffindor is. And mention his parents." The mother fussed.

"Of course." The kid said.

Harry's eyes narrowed with Hermione's.

"We definitely avoid them." She hissed.

"Maybe not the look-a-likes." He pointed out.

Two twins stood a little behind their family staring at their brother with barely hidden disgust and contempt.

"We'll meet you on the train." One huffed.

"If you see Potter, tell your brother, dears."

They gave unconvincing nods and headed through the wall. As the red head family glanced around and waited Harry tilted his head away from them and walked side by side with Hermione and chatted in soft tones. The red heads tried to get a look at his face but he didn't look at them just walked through the wall. Once on the platform he saw a large red train surrounded by kids and parents. The two pushed through the crowd and loaded their trunks on, pulling out their book bags for the ride. They walked quickly onto the train and found an empty compartment. They sat down and almost immediately pulled a book each out. It was about an hour later that a tall kid with long black hair and olive skin entered the compartment. He had dark eyes and an aristocratic look. He seemed to be a first year judging by the plain black robes he wore. He lifted a hand in greeting.

"Mind if I sit here?"

Harry gave a nod to the seat and the boy sat down.

"I'm Blaise Zabini." He said with a charming grin.

"And who are you two beautiful ladies."

Hermione gave him a blank look and Harry gave him a calm, concealed glare, while the boy grinned wider.

"Hermione Granger."

"Pleased to meet you." He bowed his head still grinning.

Then he turned to Harry and looked him up and down.

"And who are you, lovely?"

Harry blinked once.

"Harry Potter, a pleasure to meet you." Harry purred back.

Blaise blinked, opened his mouth, then closed it. Then he snorted before bursting into laughter.

"Sorry about that! You look like a girl!"

Harry sent him a nasty glare that shut him up.

"Ah well Potter, I didn't suspect you to be like this. Giving me a Slytherin worthy glare and looking like a girl. The future Slytherins all had a bet going. Many thought you would be loud, arrogant, and anti-Slytherin. But I can see you aren't."

Harry gave a smirk and returned to his book. Blaise just leaned against the seat and seemed to fall into thought. It was about an hour later when the trolley had just passed by that the small red headed boy burst into the room. He gave Harry a wide grin.

"I'm Ron Weasely." He said shaking Harry's hand with out Harry even lifting his hand.

"Harry Potter." Harry said in a blank blunt tone.

Ron nodded then glared at Blaise.

"You don't want to hang out with him. He'll be a Slytherin and Slytherin are all evil." Ron spat.

"Oh?" Harry asked raising a brow.

"Yeah. Gryffindors the best, it's for those with bravery and honour."

Harry let a small smirk tug at his lips.

"Amazing." He said with faint amusement.

"Yeah. Slytherin is for the sneaky and the back stabbers."

Harry let the smirk widen. Hermione had now stood. She cleared her throat and Ron looked at her.

"Who are you" He sniffed.

"Hermione Granger."

Ron looked down his nose at her.

"She's my friend." Harry smirked.

Suddenly the loathing look was gone replaced by a grin.

"Nice to meet you." He grinned.

Then he rounded on Blaise.

"Get out you dirty snake."

Blaise did not look amused. Harry cleared his throat scowling lightly at Ron.

"You are not in charge of the compartment. Since we were her first we can decide who shall sit with us." He said calmly.

"Oh. Right." Ron said sheepishly. "Tell him to get out then."

Harry was sort of surprised by his denseness.

"I believe, that you cannot order me."

Ron scowled at him.

"Didn't you hear anything I just said though? He's going to be in Slytherin!"

"If you are so childish as to believe people who are ambitious and cunning are evil, and at eleven, then I pity you, I really do." Harry said.

Ron looked livid.

"Now out." Harry ordered calmly.

Ron planted his feet still glaring. Hermione, who was still standing set her book down gently on her seat as if it were made of glass and then stood. She punched Ron in the gut hard. The boy doubled over and she took the time to grab him by his collar and drag him out the compartment door. She dropped him in the hall and kicked his side. Then she flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"You mess with Harry, you mess with me, got that Jackass?" She asked.

The boy nodded pitifully and scampered off. Hermione clicked the door shut and sat down, gently picking her book up. Blaise was starring at her mouth slightly open.

"She's much stronger then she looks." Harry said shrugging.

"Bloody hell." He muttered. "I won't be messing with you anytime soon."

She threw him an innocent smile and fluttered her lashes. The rest of the ride was done in a relative silence. Blaise seemed like the quiet type and the other two were glad for that as they just read their books. As they arrived at Hogwarts the two headed off to the boats while Blaise headed off to another group of kids. The two sat down in a boat and some looked like they also wanted to sit with them, but Hermione's glare held them back. Finally a small chubby kid with brown hair had to sit with him.

As they first saw Hogwarts Harry had to admit it did look pretty nice with the large lit up windows and the large welcoming doors. Hermione seemed to like it too. But Harry wondered, if this was only one of the magical schools, what did the others look like? The half giant Hagrid led them from the boats as they landed, up to the large door. After he knocked a tall stern woman showed up. She was the one he had seen with Hermione's family. He glanced to her.

"She's Professor McGonagall, Transfiguration teacher." Hermione nodded. "She showed us to Diagon alley."

Harry gave a brief nod and followed the rest of the first years up to a second set of doors. McGonagall told them to be quiet and wait while she hurried into the room. It was as soon as she left that Ron walked back up to him.

"I see you ditched the Slytherin, Mate." He grinned throwing his arm over Harry's shoulder.

Everyone looked at them as they were quite close to the front of the group.

"Weasely. You have three seconds to remove that arm, before I break it." Harry said a cold voice.

The boy chose to ignore him.

"I told you they're evil. When you get in Gryffindor with me we can prank them."

Ron's grin was broken as he yelled in pain. Harry had grabbed his wrist hard. He twisted it, forcing the boy to his knees.

"If you touch me again Weasely, I will hurt you." Harry said in a deadly voice making everyone take a step back. "Got that?"

The boy whimpered nodding. Harry dropped him and looked back to the doors as if nothing had happened. Ron glowered at him.

"When you get into Gryffindor, don't come begging me to be your friend." Ron growled.

Harry gave an amused smirk.

"Is that a threat?"

The boy just glared. He let a chuckle out.

"Oh well, it does not concern me, as I will not be in Gryffindor."

The boy looked dumbstruck by that and just sat there. McGonagall came back, and with a stern glance at Weasely, she led them all into the great hall. Harry had to admit the charmed ceiling was interesting, but it wasn't that hard of a charm. Instead he looked about the teachers. He spotted a tiny man, Hagrid, a dreamy looking person covered in bangles, a man in a turban, Snape, and a few other people who looked quite average. Snape was glaring about him while trying to tune the turban wearing man out.

Then Harry's eyes landed on the person at the head of the table. Dumbledore. Harry could feel the area around him drop in temperature as his anger for the man rose. He averted his eyes suddenly though and reigned in his temper as he saw the man look at him. He was good at occlumency but not good enough to block someone like Dumbledore. Harry closed his eyes and took a calming breath, ignoring the hat which began to sing.

When he was sure he had a reign on his emotions he returned his gaze to the sorting which had began. When Hermione was called up she glided to the stool with grace and gave the crowd a blank look as the hat was set on her head. She seemed intent on what ever the hat was saying. Finally the seam that acted as a mouth opened and it bellowed Ravenclaw in a loud voice. Hermione gave him a smirk and skipped over to the purple and blue table. Harry only half listened as the sorting went on.

"Potter, Harry!"

Harry looked up as his name was called. He was faintly annoyed as he heard whispers follow him to the stool. He had a quick look at the hall before the hat covered his eyes.

'Ah, Mr. Potter. I've been expecting you.'

Harry quirked his lips in a smirk.

'A great mind here….you are a genius if I do say so, and quite a good chess master.'

Harry knew he didn't mean in the game sense.

'Cunning, very cunning and ambitious. But brave also. And hard working. And there is a lot of intelligence and wit... Where to put you?'

Harry shrugged mentally.

'You're the one who's supposed to do the sorting.'

The hat gave a laugh.

'Well not Hufflepuff. You are hard working and can be loyal, but you wouldn't do well there. You'd have driven them in circles by morning. Gryffindor is also out. While brave, and honourable you are not rash, or the type to stick out. And definitely not one to fight so openly. It's a close call between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You would be at the top in Ravenclaw as you have much intelligence. You could rise above them all with your wit. But you're cunning enough to dig into Slytherin, and definitely ambitious. You also love Knowledge, which is known for both houses, though for different for each. Ravenclaw loves knowledge for knowledge's sake. While Slytherin loves knowledge for its power…. You would be great in both.'

Harry felt his smirk grow.

'Such a hard choice.'

Harry waited patiently.

'Well Mr. Potter, would you like to be great?'

'Of course.'

'I believe the key factor here is your love of knowledge and your plans.'

Harry felt his smirk fade slightly as he became cold.

'Reveal anything and I will burn you.' He hissed with a snarl.

'I am sworn to secrecy. The minds I search are never reveal, no matter how much a certain headmaster is curious.'

Harry nodded relaxing just slightly. He felt the hat dig deeper into his minds.

'Yes, you understand knowledge is power, and use it as such, though you also have a love for it just for its sake. I believe you would do well in SLYTHERIN.'

Harry stood glancing at the silent hall.

'You will be great Mr. Potter.' The hat whispered just before Harry pulled it off.

Harry strode over the silver and green table and sat down at the first year end. He sat politely and half focused on the rest of the sorting. The last one finished with Blaise being sorted into Slytherin. The tall boy immediately sat by Harry and they looked up to see Dumbledore stand up.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I would like to welcome all the first years and wish you a happy year. There are some rules you must be aware of. All Zonko products are banned, and Mr. Filtch, the caretaker has a list of all three hundred items on his door if you care for a look. The forbidden forest is banned to all students and there is no magic in the corridors. Also the third corridor is forbidden, under pain of death."

Some people, like the Gryffindors laughed. The Slytherins all remained silent though.

"Now, let's tuck in."

He waved his hands and the tables filled with food. Harry blinked but then smirked as he dished out a plate of potatoes, corn, some steak, and a glass of water. As he started to eat he glanced back at the head table as he felt eyes on him. His eyes briefly met the blue of the headmaster and he quickly tore his gaze away glaring at his food with a vengeance. He looked up again though as he felt more eyes on him. Across from him was a blonde with silver eyes.

"From your glances, you seem to hate the headmaster." He said curiously.

Harry raised a brow.

"Hate is such a strong word." He drawled gaining some attention. "Yet so appropriate."

Blaise snorted into his napkin and tossed Harry a smirk.

"I'm Draco Malfoy by the way." The blonde said. "To my left are Vincent Crabbe, Daphne Greengrass, and Tracy Davis. To my right are Gregory Goyle, Theodore Nott, and Pansy Parkinson."

Most just glanced up at him before returning to their food and conversations. Harry though shook Draco's hand across the table.

"I'm Harry Potter. I doubt you've ever heard of me." He said sarcastically.

The boy just quirked his lips. Harry returned to his food now preferring silence, responding shortly when drawn into a conversation. After the food vanished, when dessert finished, Dumbledore once again stood.

"Prefects will lead all first years to the house dormitories. I only have a few last parting words; oddment, blubber, tweaked."

"He's mad." Draco muttered as they stood.

Harry smirked.

"Most of the time the true geniuses are truly insane…"

Draco gave him a frown and followed the prefect off. Harry fell to the back of the group. He could tell none of them trusted him at all. He also knew they didn't know what to think of him. They had been raised to see him as a gold boy, as their enemy. But now he was one of them and they didn't know what to do. Even Blaise, who seemed to find him okay didn't give Harry any delusions of friendship. 'Just as I want it.' Harry thought. As they reached a blank wall between two portraits the prefect looked at it.


The wall seemed to melt away into an arch way. Everyone followed him through to find themselves in a common room. It was decorated in silvers, greens, and black. There were many comfy looking chairs and couches surrounding a large fireplace. There were also tables to do work at. Harry noticed a window at the back and realized it was looking into a lake. He watched as the other years walked down various halls, all of the same year going down the same hall. The prefect turned towards all the first years and looked at them sternly.

"Here in Slytherin we have a few rules. While outside of these dormitories you act proud, polite, and calm. While in these dormitories you may do as you wish. If there are any fights or arguments they stay in private, we do not need you making fools of this house outside of here. Outside of these rooms you put all differences away and stand up for one another though, it's us against three other houses; we stand together. If you need any help with your studies ask an older student or our head, as we do not need idiots in our house. Also if there is any reason you need to speak with someone, go to the head of our house, Severus Snape. He'll be the only professor or maybe even adult that will ever be more then fair with you. Got it?"

Everyone nodded.

"Good. That's the first year hall. You may take any room you wish each is guarded by a portrait which should only let you in unless you bring someone else. As we have most of the dungeons everyone gets their own rooms. Curfew is ten, we don't care if you stay up later, but do it in your own room. Oh, and the portraits can be temperamental so they may not let you choose them. There should be two extra rooms as there aren't many of you this year so you should have no trouble choosing. Now shoo!"

The group headed to the hall he had pointed to and entered to find the wall lined with eight portraits, four on each wall. Harry headed straight to the last portrait and gazed at the man in it. He was tall and well built with long straight silver hair past his shoulders, and eyes a piercing gold. You could see his ears were slanted at the ends. He wore a traditional Japanese outfit consisting of white yukatas and a white haori. Both contained silver, icy blue, and emerald green dragons wrapping around them.

He also wore small black leather slippers and a pair of daggers at his waist. He had a regal look as he sat in a large black throne. He was laying in a relaxing position, his legs crossed and his head leaning on his hand which was propped by the elbow on the arm of the chair. The background was dark like there was little light and shadows seemed to flicker across it. The man watched him with half lidded eyes. On his lap was curled up black snake. The man gave him a lazy look.

"Yes?" He asked in a lush voice.

"My I have the room behind your portrait, lord elf?" he asked bowing his head.

The man sat straighter and a small smirk slipped onto his face. Before he could say anything though, they were interrupted by Draco. The blonde was scowling while his two 'guards' were looking sour.

"Who says you get first choice?" Draco asked with a glare.

Harry raised a brow.

"I believe I should get the best portrait, one that reflects my own power and status. Clearly this is the one." Draco smirked.

Draco turned to the portrait and smirked.

"Open up. This is my room now."

The elf lord stared at Draco a moment before flicking some hair away and leaning back into his chair in a relaxed, uncaring way.

"I find your attitude lacking, leave." The man spoke commandingly.

Draco glared at the portrait and bristled at the dismissal.

"He asked you to leave." Harry said crisply after a minute of silence.

"You're a fool Potter. I always get what I want, and you can't stop me."

"He dares to be a fool, and that is the first step in the direction of wisdom." The portrait remarked idly, leaning against his one propped up elbow as he examined his nails on the opposite hand.

Draco shot him a glare and stepped so he was almost nose to nose with Harry. The blonde stared in his eyes and Harry stared back, letting a bit of his power slid into them. Draco must have noticed something in them as he switched from a glare to a curious look. Suddenly a hiss made Draco freeze. His eyes left Harry's to glance down. Zero, who had been wrapped around Harry's neck, had slipped his head up and out of the collar and was hissing at Draco. Draco paled as he saw a drop of venom slid off his fangs. Harry lifted his hand as Draco took a step back. Zero leaned into the touch and seemed to purr a moment before he was back to hissing at the others. All the other first years were starring with wide eyes now. Nott made a strangled sound.

"T-that's a Magical Laevis black snake." The boy chocked out. "They're one of the most poisonous snakes in the world."

Draco flinched back even further as they watched the snake hiss at them before curling around Harry's neck tighter, so he was more like a necklace. The snake hissed a laugh as it tasted Harry's neck.

'Ssshall I bite him?' The snake asked.

Harry shook his head just enough for the snake to feel.

"H-how did you get one of those?" Nott asked.

Harry just smirked.

"Aren't those illegal?" Blaise gulped.

"No." Nott said. "They are able to inject their poison at will and change it to a non-deadly venom. They won't use their lethal venom unless their bonded master tells them to. So they are half harmless. And they're almost extinct."

Harry just smirked at the boy and turned back to the portrait. The man was grinning slightly now.

"You may take this room." He said to Harry.

Then he swung open and Harry stepped in. The door shut with a click and he glanced around. There was a large bed covered in silver and red blankets and pillows, a black nightstand, and a black desk with a chair. Black book shelves lined one wall, and opposite of them was a fireplace with two comfy looking emerald green chairs. The floor was covered in a thick emerald and silver rug and silver pillows decorated the chair. There was also a door on the same wall as the fireplace, leading to what looked like a bathroom.

Harry's trunk popped up near his bed and he smirked. He pushed the trunk against the rear of his bed and unpacked a few books onto his shelf along with his potion supplies. Then he filled his desk with parchment, ink, quills, lined paper, ball point pens, pencils, and other such supplies. He had found parchment and quills time consuming to use so he had got some muggle supplies for note taking. Harry also unpacked Zero's large tank and set it between two book shelves on a transfigured stand. Finally he lit the fireplace and sat in one of the comfy chairs. He glanced around and decided to get some pictures of something to cover the walls later. He stood after a moment and grabbed some nightclothes before heading into the bathroom. He found the room a combination of polished white and a deep green.

The bathroom had a large tub built into the floor at the end with a shower stall closer to the door. Then there was a medium sized counter with a sink and a mirror above it. Between the tub and the shower there was a laundry basket and across from that a toilet. The last noticeable thing was a shelf near the sink holding towels, soap, shampoos, conditioner, face clothes, and other bath supplies. Harry change into his night clothes and returned to his bed where he read before sleeping.


When Harry woke the next morning he found himself addled slightly before remembering where he was. He slid from his bed and changed into some muggle sweat pants and a t-shirt. Then he pulled on some running shoes and walked from his room pulling his hair into a ponytail. He slipped from the Slytherin dorms easily as no one else was up at five thirty in the morning. He couldn't fully break his habit of waking at five every morning. At the Durselys he had been woken at five every morning to make breakfast and lunches for everyone going to work of school.

Harry slipped out of the dungeon and made his way to the front door of Hogwarts. As he reached the outside he sighed happily. The air was a perfect crisp temperature, not to warm. He started his stretches to loosen his muscles. When he was finished he took off jogging. The grounds were very large and there were many places to run; around parts of the castle, through courtyards, near the tree line, by the lake, or around the quidditch pitch. After about an hour of running and stuff he spotted some one waving him down. He jogged up to the huge half giant. The man looked at him curiously.

"What'a ye doin' out 'ere so erly?" He boomed.

"I'm jogging." Harry smiled.

"Oh. I'm 'agrid." He smiled.

"I'm Harry." He said shaking his large hand.

"Well I best be gettin' on. Com' over for tea 'ometime." He waved.

Harry waved back and decided to head for the castle. He entered the Slytherin dorms a few minutes later. The place was still quite deserted and Harry just shrugged. Breakfast started at seven and went till nine and you could go at anytime during then. It was only six thirty or so, so most wouldn't be up. Harry headed back to his room and the elf lord opened up as he saw him. Harry thanked him and walked into his room.

He had a quick but nice shower before pulling his robes on. He packed his book bag with parchment, ink, quills, paper, pens, and other supplies, and some books to read in spare time. Then he set his bag on his bed and braided his hair so it was out of his face. Finally he checked his earring and his necklace. When everything was in place he allowed Zero to curl around his neck. The snake actually looked like a black choker of sorts as he didn't move much, just resting on Harry's neck.

Finally Harry slipped from his room and headed out of the common room. A few people were up now as he passed them by. He first stopped at the library and browsed a few minutes. He signed out a book on Hogwarts' rules as he could have an advantage if he learned them. Then he headed for breakfast. There were a few people scattered about in the great hall. Most were Ravenclaws and Slytherins. No Gryffindors were out and only one Hufflepuff.

Harry noted most up were not first years. In fact he was the only first year in the room. He shrugged to himself and moved to the Slytherin table. He sat down politely and stacked his plate with some ham, some scrambled eggs, a bagel, and a bunch of fruit including apple slices, strawberries, and some pears. He also poured a large glass of water and dug in. By the time he had finished his meal the hall was slowly getting more students in. He had just finished when Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy filed in. Blaise and Theodore followed them seconds later with Daphne and Tracy right behind them. As breakfast progressed teachers started to hand out times tables. When Harry received his Snape just stared at him a moment as if trying to puzzle him out. When the man seemed finished he walked away leaving Harry to look at his new schedule.

Monday, Wednesday;

7:00 – 9:00 – Breakfast

9:00 – 10:30 – Transfiguration

10:30 - 12:00 - Potions

12:00 - 1:00 – Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 – Herbology

2:30 - 5:30 – Double DADA (Double Herbology on Wed.)

5:30 – 6:30 - Dinner

9:00 – Curfew

Tuesday, Thursday;

7:00 – 9:00 – Breakfast

9:00 – 10:30 - Charms

10:30 - 12:00 - History of Magic

12:00 - 1:00 – Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 – DADA

2:30 - 5:30 – Double Transfiguration (Double Potions on Thurs.)

5:30 – 6:30 - Dinner

9:00 – Curfew


7:00 – 9:00 – Breakfast

9:00 – 10:30 - Potions

10:30 - 12:00 - Transfiguration

12:00 - 1:00 – Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 – DADA

2:30 - 5:30 – Double charms

5:30 – 6:30 - Dinner

9:30 – Curfew

Harry memorized his classes for the day and slid the paper into his bag. Then he glanced at his watch, which he had got in Diagon Alley and worked near magic. There was still fifteen minutes till class. Just then the air was filled with the noise of birds. Everyone looked up to see owls pouring in for the morning post. Harry easily spotted Hedwig out of the group. She was one of the very few snowy owls. She dived for him instead of just swooping and dropping her stuff off. Harry stroked her neck and handed her some sausage as he took the bundles from her. She had quite a bit of mail for him.

He moved to the daily prophet first. He read the first article about a break in and then found the rest of it gossip. He set the paper down and looked at the bundle of envelopes. He glanced at the first one and gave a smirk. It was legal papers for Hermione. She was now legally disowned by the Grangers, but still bearing the Granger name. It also made sure she was his ward legally, so now no one could say otherwise. She already was his ward by magic, but this was just for all the people to actually see. He set this by the paper hiding it from prying eyes. Then the letter he had been waiting for. It was from Amelia. He had brought up the issue of Sirius Black being in prison without a trial and she had been frothing at the mouth by the display of illegal conduct. She had finally got him a new trial. It would hit the paper tomorrow. She also had scheduled a private meeting for him.

He gave a dark smirk and resisted the urge to cackle. He noticed the few people near him, which was still out of arms reach, scooted over even more. He tucked this letter into his pocket and looked to the last letter. It was from Ragnok. He had wanted to start investing in some companies in both the muggle and magical world with his money and the goblin had started to look places up for him. This was a list of some such companies. Harry also tucked this away in his pocket. Then he stroked Hedwig again. She had stayed as the other owls had left. He handed her the legal papers and the prophet for Hermione.

"Take these to Hermione, love." He cooed to his owl.

He got a few odd looks from the first years who had heard him, for the obviously affection in his voice. She preened his bangs a minutes then flew off to Hermione before heading back off to the owlry. Harry turned back to his own table to see a few people watching him. He saw Nott starring at his snake in slight fear but fascination as Zero had slithered onto the table by his food and was drinking from his water cup. Blaise was just watching Harry like he was a puzzle, deep in thought. Daphne and Tracy were chatting softly and casting glances around, Pansy was humming as she ate, Crabbe and Goyle were stuffing themselves, and Draco was eating calmly, but sending Harry wary glances. Harry waited till Zero finished drinking then lifted the cups to his lips and drank. Pansy gave a squeak.

"That's gross! How can you do that when your…pet just finished drinking from it?" She asked her nose scrunching up.

Harry rolled is eyes and drank even more. She just made a face and turned back to her food pointedly ignoring him. Harry smirked and stroked Zero. The snake decided to explore the table and when most people looked away it slid between the food and silverware down the table. Harry just hummed softly and stood. He knew Zero would be fine so he set off towards his first class. His day went fairly well he had to admit. McGonagall seemed annoyed he wasn't in her house and saw fit to not give him points even though he had been the first to finish the match stick to a needle.

Potions' was different though. When he had been called on the attendance list Snape had just looked at him then started to fire questions at the Gryffindors. He had had to pair up with Nott, who seemed to view him with fear, curiosity, and suspicion. Neither talked much but their potion finished well. Harry used Lunch well, eating quickly and starting a paper he needed for transfiguration.

DADA was an utter waste of time. You couldn't understand a single thing Quirell said with his stutter. So Harry had taken to reading his text book and swore to practice after dinner sometime.

Dinner was a quiet affair, at least for him. No one really bothered him, actually trying to alienate him. It seemed students stayed together in groups consisting of their years, and as he had struck fear and uncertainty in the first years, and insulted their 'prince', so he was mostly ignored. Not that he minded. After he finished eating he set off to an unused classroom and started to practice his defence spells.

After a good hour he switched to his weapon practice. After he had got the weapons from his vaults and the books from the store he had started to practice using the blades and just hand to hand. He was progressing quite well for having no teacher.

After he had done this for a good hour and a half he headed back to the dungeons. As he entered the common room he found a couple glances thrown his way. He ignored them and walked in. Instead of heading for his room though he headed straight for Nott. The boy, who was sitting near Blaise on a couch reading, looked up at him as he neared. Nott narrowed his eyes in caution. Harry just started unbuttoning his robes. The boy made a strangled sound and everyone else stood gaping. As soon as the boy's outer robe was off Harry looked through it then pushed it to the side. Harry frowned and started to look Nott over who tried to stand but Harry was to close to allow it.

"Hey!" a prefect said moving to pull Harry back.

Harry shot the prefect a look that could freeze hell. The prefect visibly cringed back. Harry turned back to Nott while everyone looked unsure of what to do. Most voted to stand back unless the boy did anything to bad. Harry ran a hand up Nott's leg and the boy blushed in embarrassment as he tried to push Harry away. Harry sighed in annoyance and then grinned. Nott gulped and Harry suddenly reached a hand into his pocket. Harry grinned wider and pulled his hand out, holding Zero. Nott blinked. Harry stepped back and let Zero wrap around his arm.

"So that's where you've been all day Zero, I knew you were on Nott, but in his pocket?" Harry said aloud before walking off for his room.

Nott blinked furiously and then quickly pulled his outer robes on blushing lightly and shuddering at the thought that the poisonous snake had been with him all day.

"Well that was anti-climatic." Blaise muttered. "I almost thought he was going to molest you there."

Nott sent him a cold look.

"His glare was very impressive." Draco muttered. "The prefect didn't even hesitate to back away."

Nott just glared at them all.

"So what did he look like so close up?" Pansy chirped.

"What?" Nott asked in confusion.

"Does he just look feminine from a distance or up close to?"

Nott gave her an odd look.

"Yes." He mumbled after a moment though. "He looks more…delicate closer up. His wrists are tiny, everything about him is tiny, like he'll break under the smallest touch."

Draco nodded.

"I think we should keep an eye on him." The blonde muttered.

There was a round of nods of agreement.

Harry mean while had stopped in front of his portrait. The elf lord was missing, only his snake sitting on the throne. Harry glanced around then turned to the snake.

'Where isss your lord?' Harry asked.

'I'm not sssure. I sssupossse hesss off visssiting sssome other portrait.' The snake yawned.

'Hmm. Can you let me in?'

'Of courssse.'

The portrait swung open and Harry stepped in. he sighed as he laid his bag on his trunk and set Zero in his tank. Then after a moments pause he cleared his throat.


With a pop the house elf appeared

"Yes master Harry sir?"

"How is the cleaning going?"

"Oh! Dobby is cleaning all yours houses good, sir."

"Good. Can you spare some time?"

"Of course!"

"I would like it if you could make a map of Hogwarts for me. It would be magical of course since so many stairs and halls move. I would like it to include every secret tunnel you can find. Also can you add some charms on it so it will only show the map when given a password?"

"Of course master Harry sir! I's will start right away."

He vanished with a pop. Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Then he gathered the little homework he had and started it.


The next morning during breakfast he was interrupted by McGonagall who strode up to him.

"Professor Dumbledore would like to see you in his office after you have finished breakfast Mr. Potter. He's fond of ice mice."

Harry gave a nod and stood having already finished eating. He slid from the great hall and asked a portrait for directions before heading off. When he found himself in front of a gargoyle he cleared his throat.

"Ice Mice."

The gargoyle spun to life and Harry quickly climbed the stairs. He paused out side the headmaster's doors. He took a few moments to take deep breathes and hide all his emotion behind his occlumency shields. Then he knocked.

"Come in Mr. Potter."

He walked calmly yet proudly into the room and let his eyes roam a moment. It looked fancy with all the items and books crowding the round room. The headmaster sat behind a desk and gazed kindly at Harry.

"Please have a seat."

Harry sat stiffly.

"I received word the Amelia Bones needs to take you after dinner for an hour to go visit Sirius Black."

Harry gave a nod. The man's smile turned sorrow filled.

"I have to ask you not to go Harry-"

"Mr. Potter."


"You can call me Mr. Potter."

"Oh, of course."

Some twinkle had died in his eye.

"It's just when you were a child your parents let me call you Harry."

"Well they aren't here to let you now." Harry said crisply.

The man frowned faintly.

"Anyways H-Mr. Potter, I must not ask you to go see Sirius Black. He is still a prisoner and a dangerous one. He may still be guilty and we don't need you hurt."

Harry gave him a frosty stare.

"He is innocent till proven guilty, not guilty till proven innocent, and he has not proven it. And you may ask all you, does not mean I shall comply."

The twinkle faded even more.

"But my dear boy-"


There was a strained silence.

"Fine, let's talk of your sorting then."

Harry raised a brow.

"What about it?"

"Well my boy-"


"Yes, well Mr. Potter, both your parents were in Gryffindors, and spent their whole life fighting against Slytherins. I think they would be heart broken to see you in Slytherin."

Harry clenched his fists tightening them around the chair arm. How dare that filth play with their memory like that?! Harry looked at the floor in fury. He could feel the man start to get smug, misinterpreting his hung head.

"I see you understand." He said in concern making Harry clench his fists harder. "If you wish we could resort you. I'm sure the hat would go along."

Harry stood and looked at the man, furry in his eyes. But even his anger couldn't make him be as foolish as to look into Dumbledore's eyes.



"No. I will not be resorted. Good day Headmaster."

He didn't even pause before he strode out the door and off to his first class. 'That Bastard!' he snarled in his mind. He gave a frustrated growl and slammed his fist into the wall. He tried to take calming breathes as the wall cracked with his power, and frost grew over the stone. When he was calm enough he sighed and took off.


The day passed quickly as Harry stayed silent in classes and quickly did his work, but not plainly showing off. By the time dinner rolled around he was much calmer. He took his time to enjoy a healthy meal before Amelia Bones arrived in the great hall drawing attention as she entered. She looked quite stern and strict as she gazed around the silent hall. Most watched her in puzzlement wondering why she was there. Harry just gracefully rose from his seat and walked up to her. She cracked a small smirk.

"Mr. Potter."

"Madam Bones."

"Come along then. I shall have him back with in two hours." Amelia said to Dumbledore who had stood.

He looked ready to protest but the two were already walking out the door.


Harry spotted the cell Sirius Black was in before they even reached it. The ministry had waiting cell in one of the lower levels and Amelia had led him straight to them. You could tell which one Black was in because three guards stood in front of it. As they reached the cell Amelia told the guards to wait at the end of the hall. Harry ignored them in favour of looking into the grey cell. A man was sitting on the left, his back against the wall his head bowed over. He looked ragged, thin, and tired. As soon as he had heard Amelia he looked up. As his eyes found Harry they seemed to brighten and the man dragged himself to the barred gate. He kneeled in front of Harry, clutching the bars with pale hands.

"Harry?" He rasped.

"Sirius Black." He greeted.

"You were the one to get me a trial?"

Harry nodded.

"You believe I'm innocent then?"

Harry nodded again and the man sagged against the bars as if the world had been lifted from his shoulder.

"It was Pettigrew!" He growled. "I chased him, he ran after blaming me."

Harry nodded more slowly and crouched in front of Sirius black. His black eyes bore into Harry's green ones, showing quite a bit of sanity for one who spent ten years in prison. Slowly, as if unsure Black reached a hand out to Harry. Harry saw the guards shift at the end of the hall and even Amelia, who had stepped back for their privacy fidgeted. Harry reached up and held the hand in a calm grip. Sirius black grasped his hand with both of his own and looked ready to collapse.

"I'm so sorry." He sobbed. "I should have taken care of you. But I just saw the traitor and my dead friends."

"It's fine Sirius. I forgive you."

The man gave a weak tired smile as he leaned even farther into the bars.

"But I can't forgive myself. Just seeing how the muggles turned you so emotionless."

Harry gave a small smirk and then scowled.

"It was Dumbledore's fault."

Sirius hissed at the name.

"Dumbledore! When I get the chance I'll show him how powerful a Black is."

Harry chuckled and shook his head.

"Sorry Sirius. I get first dibs on him."

The man calmed and also chuckled.

"Yes, I guess you deserve it more then me."

A comfortable silence reigned a moment.

"You're trial is tomorrow." Harry replied.

The man nodded.

"When you get cleared, will you still be my godfather?"

Harry really did want him as a godfather, as family, as someone to lean on, as someone to love him. Sirius smiled sadly.

"It makes me happy you think I'm going to be cleared."

Harry just gave a small smile but it faded when Sirius looked up at him with sad eyes.

"I will always be your godfather Harry, and I always have. I love you like my own son. When I first saw you in Prongs arms I felt like I had my own child. I just wish I could have been there for you."

The man blinked away tears. Then he grasped Harry's shoulder. He smiled and Harry sat more comfortably as the man started to talk about his family and himself. Harry listened with rapt attention taking in every detail. After a good half an hour he trailed off.

"Promise me something Harry?"

Harry nodded at the serious tone.

"Never let anyone decide for you. Live you life the way you want it!"

"I promise. But you'll be out of here soon, then you can make sure I hold that promise."


Harry looked into his dark eyes.

"Dumbledore is a chess master. He loves to stick to his plans. You just ruined one by getting me out of prison and getting a different guardian. I…He won't be happy. Watch out for yourself okay?"

Harry nodded. Then Amelia was waving him back.

"I have to go." Harry stood.

He felt a hand grip his and looked back into Sirius's black eyes.

"Take care of yourself… And goodbye."

"You say it as if we'll never see each other again."

Sirius just gave a sad smile and pulled him into a hug. Harry kissed him on the forehead making the man squeeze him tighter. Then he let him go and Harry walked off to Amelia. They walked out of the holding area and Amelia glance to him.

"He's innocent." Harry said with such conviction she believed it.

"Well it'll be proven tomorrow."


The next morning when the morning post arrived, Harry opened his daily prophet.


the title page blared. Under it was a picture of Sirius being released from the trial room with a smile on his face. There was a small article on it. But then a second title made Harry freeze.


There was another picture of him ten steps from the trial room being hit by a slashing charm. His stomach was covered in blood a second later. Harry had to watch as the blood sprayed out then poured down the wound and his body dropped as people screamed. Aurors ran through the crowd trying to find the killer. Harry was pulled from the article as a withered hand reached in front of him and tried to take the paper. Harry refuse to let go as he turned to see Dumbledore behind him smiling in sad grandfather way.

"Harry, I'm sorry about your godfather. I don't think you should look at the article, it's a bit descriptive in the picture."

Harry noticed the whole attention of the hall was on them but ignored them. He gave Dumbledore such a glare the man almost stepped back.

"You have no right to call me Harry with out my permission headmaster." He said, every word dripping with basilisk venom. "And I shall read what ever I like. You can't stop me."

The whole hall seemed to intake.

"I have the right to take something away if it's harmful to a student, and I believe that paper is harmful for you mentally."

Dumbledore summoned the paper and Harry fumed. He saw Hermione stand and chuck him her paper. He caught it and smirked. Dumbledore summoned it to. Blaise tossed him his. Dumbledore summoned it. Draco passed him his. Dumbledore summoned it. This went on till all the first year Slytherins had given him their papers. And some of the older Slytherin students were ready to also give up theirs. Finally Dumbledore dropped the stack of papers and walked off trying to keep his dignity. Harry chuckled and tossed the papers back. He noticed some of the other's watching him. He raised a brow and most looked away, except Blaise who looked thoughtful.

"We all expected the great Harry Potter, the Lights Golden Boy, to be Dumbledore's pet." He said after a moment.

Harry hissed at him in a menacing manner. Blaise leaned away even though the table separated them.

"Dumbledore, is an absolute fool. He can go to hell."

Then Harry stood and walked of to write a letter to Amelia. Sirius was alive at least, but Harry needed to make sure he was in a safe location. Maybe one of his manors. Half the hall watched him go. A sixth year Slytherin swallowed.

"That kid scares me." He muttered.

Others glanced at him.

"He has that look in his eye…like he had been broken, then left to rebuild himself with hate and power…like he has nothing to lose." The boy shuddered.

A couple nodded and glanced after the boy.


Harry sighed as he rubbed his temple. All the first years in Gryffindor and Slytherin were in flying lessons. Ronald Weasely was boasting loudly and the Gryffindors were just making noise in general, The Slytherins though quieter, were also excited and some boasting amongst themselves. As Hooch arrived they all set their brooms on the ground. Harry's was the only one to jump to his hand on the first try.

After they all mounted Hooch started rearranging grips. Harry stayed patient until she finally finished and told them all to get ready to lift up. It was about then a boy in Gryffindor, Neville if he remembered correctly started to rise. All eyes were on him as the broom took off towards the castle. Harry watched blankly as the boy fell and broke his wrist. Hooch quickly took him off to the hospital wing. After she was out of sight Harry saw Draco reach down and pick up a remember-all.

"Look what the dork forgot." Draco snickered.

The rash Weasely strode forwards fuming.

"Give it back Malfoy!" He spat.

"No. I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find, like on the roof."

Harry sighed at the idiocy as Draco rose into the air on his broom. Weasely, being so hot headed rode up also. Weasely started to yell and attempted to fly at Draco and take the ball. Draco snickered and flew a short distance away. Weasely charged after him and missed as Draco flew back again. This continued on until they had reached the edge of the lake. Harry didn't miss the look of quick panic on Draco's face as he saw the water.

When Draco had looked down Weasely had charged again. The red headed boy tried to grab the remember-all but being too clumsy, smashed into Draco. The boy gave a yelp as he was thrown over the side of his broom and down towards the lake. Weasely gave a triumphant grin and then scowled as he realized Draco was still holding the remember-all. As Draco hit the water Harry saw the look of panic come back tenfold. The boy yelled and struggled as he hit the water, then he was under. Most waited for him to come up but after a second Harry realized something. At the same time Pansy screamed.

"He can't swim!"

Weasely looked really nervous as he landed jerkily on land and the other students rushed to the water's edge. Harry sighed as he realized none knew what to do. 'Idiots.' He thought. He started to run to the lake stripping off his outer robes as he did so. When he reached the students he shoved Blaise and Pansy aside, catching their surprised looks before he was diving headfirst into the water. His body tensed for a moment as they icy cold washed over him, but then he was looking around. Luckily Draco had fallen near the shore and Harry caught sight of the boy below struggling to swim up, but robes pulling him down, and lack of lessons also not helping. He kicked hard a couple times and was soon by the boy. Draco looked panic stricken and even under water Harry could see the look.

Harry tore his outer robes off the boy and then grabbed his arms and started to swim up. The boy was already ceasing his struggles, for lack of air. As Harry reached the surface he took a deep breath and swam to shore. The students were waiting and making quite a bit of panic and noise. Blaise and Nott were closest to him and helped pull Draco out of the water. Harry rolled onto shore coughing lightly, and looked at Draco again. The boy was motionless as he lay on the grassy. Pansy was crying and everyone else was panicking at his lack of breathing, even the Gryffindors. Harry gave a sigh again and shoved her aside to give the blonde room. He felt for Draco's pulse and found a soft one under his fingers. But the boy wasn't breathing.

"Dammit." Harry cursed softly under his breath.

Then he grabbed the boy's chin and tilted it slightly before covering his lips and breathing in. He was yanked back by Blaise and Nott who were looking confused and angry.

"What the hell?!" Nott yelled.

"Do you want him to die?!" Harry snarled.

They let go of him looking startled and also slightly fearful at his tone and how his eyes probably glowed with his magic. Harry barely noticed Snape, McGonagall, and Hooch running full speed towards them across the grass as he turned back to the blonde. He didn't really know CPR but he had to try and he got the gist of it. Harry breathed into Draco again then pumped his chest seven times, hard. Harry's magic sparked in him, trying to help, soothing Draco's own erratic magic into cooperating. He repeated the process three times before Draco convulsed and choked up water. Harry turned him to his side and the blonde spit up a lot of water before slowly starting to take regular breathes.

Harry sighed and stood pushing past the student and letting the three teachers swoop down on Draco and Weasely. Weasely was getting literally screamed at by McGonagall and Hooch as Snape grabbed Draco and rushed him to the hospital wing. Harry slipped from the crowd in the lasting chaos and grabbed the robes he had dropped on his run. He wrapped one around himself and set off to the dungeons to get some dry clothes ignoring all looks sent at him.


It was a couple hours later Harry was stopped in the halls by Snape who looked him up and down.

"Thank you." The man muttered. "Poppy said he would have died if not for you as you were the only one to jump in the lake after him and the only one who knew that muggle technique that restored his breathing."

Harry shrugged.

"He's my godson."

Harry blinked.

"He owes you a life debt now, and I owe you now also."

It seemed to be almost half painful him to say it. Harry shrugged again and walked off. As he entered the common room he was suddenly the attention of the entire room. Blaise was the first to step towards him.

"I apologize for almost stopping you early and getting in the way."

Harry shrugged and glanced around once.

"Why did you save him Potter?" Someone called out.

Harry scowled.

"If you believe I did it because I think of him as a friend or even like him then you are utterly mad. I did it only because no one else would and because I could."

With that he walked off to bed.


The next morning during breakfast Draco showed up again. He looked very subdued as he sat down at the table with Pansy fussing at his side and Crabbe a look out on his other side. Many were whispering around the hall as they either looked at him or Draco. Draco sat across from him and cast him a glance before quietly eating his eyes downcast. As the morning post arrived, Harry found a large black owl land in front of him and arrogantly stuck its leg out. Harry took the letter from around its leg and the owl dropped another package by Draco before swooping off. Harry looked at the creamy parchment and frowned before opening.

'Harry James Potter,

We wish to send you our deepest appreciation for saving the life of our only son and heir, Draconis Lucius Malfoy. Should you ever need anything, come ask the most ancient and noble house of Malfoy.


Lord Malfoy and Lady Malfoy'

It was blunt and to the point but very valuable. Harry tucked it away and returned to eating until he heard a yell.


Weasely turned bright red and looked ready to run when the twins hauled him over to the Slytherin table and made him face Draco. The whole hall had gone silent.

"Sorry." Weasely muttered.

Draco gave him a small nod. The twins let the boy go and he bolted. Then the twins walked off back to their table. Harry returned to his breakfast when he felt Draco watching him. He looked up at the blonde who sighed.

"Thank you for saving me yesterday. I now owe you a life debt." He muttered looking down.

Harry studied him a moment.

"Hmm. I shall say one thing, 'That which doesn't kill you...will probably try again.' I suggest you learn how to swim." Then he stood and walked off.


The first two months of school passed quite quickly. Harry would wake early every morning, exercise, then have breakfast. During the breaks between classes he would try to do most of his homework (or during History of magic), then he would have a quick dinner before heading off to an empty room to practice spell work. Dobby had given him a map of the school after the first week and informed Harry that for some reason he couldn't find some parts of the castle like rooms, and passageways. The elf lord portrait had then informed Harry that the founders themselves had created extensive passages and room and hidden quite a few. Harry didn't find any in the first two months.

Harry also found a love for potions. He, after asking permission from Snape, started to use a practice lab for his experimenting. Snape seemed too confused and puzzled about him to bother him or even talk with him long. Like his conscious was conflicting in him. Harry had decided to give the man his space and leave him alone. Most of the other Slytherins, he also left alone, and they him. Some seemed angry and annoyed with him as he didn't stay in their hierarchy system, preferring to ignore most of them. Though he knew they were plotting something. Draco also avoided him, and tried not to antagonize him since he owed him a debt.

He also got a reply from Amelia. She had moved Sirius Black to Harry's Gryffindor estate in the Caribbean. It had some of the best wards being Gryffindors once, and it had good weather. Sirius was healing well, but would still need a while as he was also recovering from Azkaban. Harry had hired a healer who Amelia had suggested then swore her to secrecy. She stayed with Sirius. Dumbledore had tried to go visits as soon as he had learned Harry had moved Sirius. Harry didn't trust the man one bit and as the place was untraceable the man was stuck. Harry had then found out a man named Remus Lupin had contacted Amelia and asked to see Sirius. She told him they were good friends and as he was in Harry's parent's will he felt he could trust the man. He gave the man permission to move in with Black.

Harry had found he was growing to hate Dumbledore more as the man kept trying to guilt him into switching houses with stories of how disappointed his parents would have been. Harry ignored him. Harry ignored most people. He only ever fully responded to Hermione who stayed by his side when ever possible. Harry even ignored many teachers, ignoring their questions and only showing he could do the work. Some of the teachers respected his wishes of silence and peace including Flitwick, Sprout, and Snape. McGonagall tried to get him to respond and was frustrated when he didn't, but she never gave him harsh punishment. Two months had flown by for Harry and soon it was Halloween day.


Harry looked at all the food on the table and scowled. Then he sighed and dug in trying to ignore all the chatter going on in the hall. Suddenly he felt someone squeeze on the bench beside him. He blinked. No one was brave enough to sit with in arms reach of him. He looked over and was fairly surprised to see Hermione. She slid onto the seat and started to dish out food.

"I finished the reading all the Hogwarts laws, and I am allowed to sit here. There is nothing Dumbledore can do unless he declares inter house unity isn't allowed, and then he's going against a whole slew of other laws." She said in a clipped tone.

"Hn." He shrugged.

"What is a Ravenclaw doing here?" Blaise asked raising a brow.

Hermione sniffed ignoring the eyes on her.

"I'm sitting by Harry what else?"

They were all switching their eyes between him and her. They all knew he was anti-social, and despised being chattered at, so why was he letting her do what she wanted?

"Hermione." He said softly.

"Fine! I won't pick fights." She huffed.

Then she started to shovel more food onto his plate.

"You have to eat more. What would I do if you starve to death? Hmm? I'd be thrown back to my parents." She spat the word like poison.

"We've gone over this Hermione." He sighed. "I've got everything set up so you will not have to go back to them. I can't have Dumbledore getting a hold of your parents, and you through them."

She huffed again. Then she practically shoved food in his mouth. He calmly let her chatter away about his habits and try to force feed him. When the food vanished, replaced by dessert, she smirked and watched him.

"So Mr. Sweet tooth, how do you like it?"

He ignored her, eyes roaming the dessert and candy. She was correct; he had a major sweet tooth. He rolled his eyes at her as she waved a candy apple in front of his face. He grabbed it and bit into it while getting some cake and such on his plate. She took only a small amount of sweets and continued to chatter away, also telling him some Hogwarts laws that they could use. It was getting a bit late when the doors suddenly sprang open and Quirell ran in screaming.

"TROLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!" He screamed. "…Thought you aught to know."

Then he fainted. Everyone started to panic and it took three firecrackers from Dumbledore to calm them down.

"House prefects will lead their houses to their dorms, professors will follow me."

Everyone started to mill for the door and the teachers took off. Harry started to swear about morons and one being the Headmaster, gaining attention from the people around him as he rarely spoke, let alone showed such dialect.

"Our dormitories are in the dungeons."

Blank looks.

"…Where the troll is."

The people who heard him started to panic again.

"WANDS OUT!" A prefect yelled. "Everyone watch for it!"

They started the trek down to the dungeons. It was quite nerve-racking, at least for most. Harry himself felt perfectly fine. When they finally reached their dorm area the prefect said the password and everyone bolted in. As soon as the door shut the prefect started to give off roll call. When that was done calm was finally restored.

"Excitable, aren't they." Hermione remarked from beside him.

He blinked. He had only faintly realized she had come with him. Her remark also seemed to draw attention as wands were suddenly pointed at her.

"What are you doing here?" An older Slytherin growled.

She huffed, crossed her arms, and tucked some hair behind her ear.

"I came to watch Harry."

Harry sighed and palmed his face.

"I doubt he needed your help." Another sneered.

"Whatever. It's my duty to make sure he stays safe."

"And why is that?" Draco asked curiously.

"Personal reasons." She said absently looking around.

They slowly lowered their wands.

"When your house takes attendance you'll be caught." A Slytherin hissed.

Hermione shrugged.

"I have plenty of excuses to use. The panic just helped."

Some smirked at that. Then she plopped down on a couch, squeezed in between Blaise and the arm. Harry smirked and sat beside her on the arm. Slowly everyone started to do what they wanted. Five minutes later the house elves popped in food, drink, and more seats. After ten minutes Snape entered the room drawing attention.

"The troll has been caught." He drawled. "Is everyone here?"

A prefect stepped forwards.

"Yes, everyone is accounted for, and one extra."

"An extra?" Snape asked raising his brow.

Hermione popped a hand up and continue to talk to Harry in a low tone.

"She followed Potter, says she has an excuse." The prefect said with furrowed brows.

Snape lifted a brow in amusement.

"And what is your excuse?"

Hermione smiled innocently and batted her lashes.

"Why professor, I got separated from my house in the panic and tagged along with the first group of people I saw, it just happened to be the Slytherins."

Harry would swear he saw Snape's mouth twitch just slightly upwards.

"Come. I'll return you to your dorms then and inform, Filius."

She hopped up and bowed her head to Harry before trotting after the professor. After the wall closed up talking resumed.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Draco asked. "She's a muggle-born isn't she? Filthy things."

"No she's not my girlfriend, yes she's a muggle-born, and no they aren't 'filthy things'." Harry replied coolly.

"All muggle borns and muggles are filthy." Draco sniffed.

"Hmm." Harry said. "Have you ever met a muggle or muggle-born, and talked civilly with them?"

"Well…no." Draco said reluctantly. "But they're all barbarians!"

"Interesting…that's what they would say about wizards."

Everyone blinked in confusion.

"To them, we're a couple hundred years behind. While you dress in robes and have laws that originate in the medieval ages, they're far more advanced in technology."

This left quite a few people blinking.

"What's this technology then?" Nott asked.

"An example? Well let's take music." Harry smirked. "You only hear music if the singer is there, or if you have it recorded by a magical device, which is quite expensive, or old fashioned wind records, while Muggles have a whole system for music. If someone makes a song somewhere in the world it's recorded, then available for anyone at various places."

They were giving him looks of disbelief. He stood and walked to his room. He returned a moment later with a MP3 and connecting stereos.

"This is a muggle music device. I can put up to a thousand songs on this thing and listen to them. Watch."

"It won't work here." A kid yelled.

"Hermione tinkered with it. It is now powered with magic so it will work around magic."

That left some blinking. Harry flicked it on and many blinked as the screen let up. Harry switched a song on and the stereos blasted the music out making more then one person jump. Harry spent the next half an hour showing them different music and explaining the small device. Finally he had enough questions and stood.

"Maybe we can talk more later." Harry drawled while thinking 'not'. "But I'm going to retire for the night."

Then he walked off to his room sighing ready to sleep.


Harry found himself going through the same routine again for about a week just filling his days with learning. Hermione was now sitting with him at the table though and even walking with him to the dungeons. Everyone seemed to see she was his friend and left her alone, except a few Gryffindors who made fun of her. They soon learned to fear Hermione's right hook. The Slytherins all avoided her just as they avoided Harry, just not as much. On the weekends Harry found Hermione sticking to him like a burr. She even stayed in the common rooms with him. The teachers and older students tried to stop her but it said in the rules one may enter another's common room if they had permission.


Harry stared at the group. He blinked as if seeing things and looked again. He lightly pinched himself. It wasn't a dream then. There, filling the common room was a large group of the Slytherins. They had somehow conjured chairs and even some desks as they wrote notes. Hermione was standing up at the front of them with a black board and a desk filled with muggle things. She was explaining what they did and how they worked. Harry slowly sat down in an empty seat. Blaise, who was in the next seat, looked at him.

"What is going on?" Harry asked calmly.

"Quite a few of us showed an interest in muggle things. We know practically nothing about them. Even muggle studies doesn't teach us much. Hermione overheard us talking about it and said she'd teach us. And you know Slytherins. You take what you get. So now she's teaching us. Your system of laws and hierarchy are quite fascinating. Same with daily jobs. I never knew there could be so many different career options for muggles. We all assumed they were idiots."

Harry snorted lightly.

"They made up most of the equations you use in arithmacy." He pointed out.

Blaise frowned but looked back at Hermione. Seems she had become a teacher. She didn't seem to mind though as she started on public transportation. Harry just stood and headed back to his room as she talked on.


Harry looked up from his book as Hermione plopped down by the chair he was sitting in and sat right at his feet.

"Lessons done?" he asked in slight amusement.

The lessons had been going on for weeks now.

"Yes. For tonight." She sighed.

"Getting tired with them yet."

"Nope." She chirped.

Harry shook his head in amusement.

"What are we doing for Christmas?" She asked suddenly.

"We're going to see Sirius."

"The Caribbean." She squealed happily.

He smiled slightly.

"Yes. We'll stay with him a week, then we'll be going to Canada and the Northern Rockies for a week to ski. I own a cabin and ski resort there."

She squealed happily again and he snorted just slightly.

"Did you know," She drawled after a few minutes of silence, "There's a Cerberus on the third floor?"

Harry raised a brow.

"I overheard Weasely talking about it. He ran in there to get away from Filtch and almost got killed along with those Seamus and Dean kids. "

"Yes I do know there's a Cerberus." Harry said flipping a page. "And it's guarding something."

She smirked.

"He thinks Snape's after whatever is in there as he was bitten on Halloween."

"It's not Snape. It's Quirell."

She blinked in surprise.

"The stuttering fool? What makes you say that?"

"I've studied his speech pattern. The stutter is fake. Besides that why would a DADA teacher run from a troll, when he's the one who's hired to do things against stuff like that. And what was he doing anywhere near the dungeons to see the troll on Halloween?"

Hermione nodded absently as she thought.

"What is he after?" She asked.

"That's the big question." Harry said. "I believe it is what was in vault 713, the one that was broken into. It was brought here obviously. It's also small if someone could move it without anyone noticing."

She nodded.

"So we just have to learn about a small powerful and precious object that Dumbledore is involved with."

"What makes you say powerful? It could just be valuable."

"Ahh." He smirked. "But there were plenty of precious items in Gringotts. No one would break into a single vault if they had the power, just to grab one valuable item. They could just as easily break into a large vault and grab more then one precious item."

She nodded again. Then she rested her head on his knees as she leaned against his legs.

"There is absolutely no way that I can get thrown to my parents again, is there?"

"No." he said easily.



He knew she had never gotten along with her parents, and when she was told she was a witch Harry guessed her parents had done something to make her fear them. He stroked her hair a moment setting his book aside.

"They won't get you." He said softly in an almost purring like way. "I won't let them. You're mine now."

She nodded softly closing her eyes and relaxing against him. He stroked her hair softly as he picked up his book in one hand.




So...kick-ass Hermione as a semi-body guard and cool as a cucumber Harry who secretly does care. Harry's main goal is to get complete freedom from Dumbledore. While some take the headmaster's side most people aren't stupidly blind and see he is wrong some times. In the end I think the pressure from the man is insane and Harry leaves to live with Sirius, dragging Hermione or something or other.


Godric's Hollow

Potter Mansion - Scotland

Potter Estate - Whales

Melrose mansion – Egypt

Melrose cottage – France

Borean estate - Ireland

Ascots Cabin – Northern Rockies

Ascots mansion – Africa

Ascots get-away - Germany

Maeneil Stronghold – Rome

Maeneil summer home – Italy

Maeneil house – Greece

Gryffindor Castle – Scotland

Gryffindor Estate – Caribbean

Gryffindor Mansion – Japan

Slytherin Castle – Netherlands

Slytherin Hideout – Russia

Slytherin Mansion – India