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Warning: Just some Fluff (despite the explosion xD)

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Clay Figures

Deidara stomped angrily through the halls of the Akatsuki lair.

It had been a horrible day, a really utterly horrible day.

He really couldn't wait to return to his room to-

… see Tobi pottering around at his work table.

"What are you doing, un?"

Tobi spun around in his chair in front of the blond's desk with a bright smile on his face that could not be seen but clearly heard in his voice as he called out, "Senpai!"

"Look, look! I put so much effort into it!" he said, animatedly pointing at his work.


On the desk stood a clay figure barely recognizable due to the brunet's lacking artistic skills. Unfortunately Deidara could clearly imagine what Tobi had wanted to create, resulting in his grotesque figures of…

Tobi and Deidara holding hands.

Anger, annoyance and only the slightest hint of affection rushed through his body.



A bright explosion lit up the room and Tobi jumped up and away from his creation, sending his chair clattering to the ground.

He clutched his elbow that had probably been hit by the small but still dangerous bomb.

"Ouch…," he muttered, rubbing the sore spot, still looking rather downheartedly at the remnants of the figure he had been so proud of.

"That's for playing around with my clay," the blond said, his voice sounding suddenly directly behind him.

The brunet spun around only for his mask to be grabbed and pulled off his face.

"And that's," the smaller male said, his voice dropping to a whisper as he stood on his toes to press his lips softly against the other's, "for being so damn endearing."

Just a drabble I wrote in school today but I hope you enjoyed anyway and review :)