As Falco flew them back up to the Great Fox, Fox almost fell asleep in the back, but the trembling of the plane when it went through the atmosphere woke him up again. Fox had to type in the code to open the hanger so they could get in, since Falco couldn't remember it for the life of him. They got out of the plane and discovered that the halls were dark. Everyone was probably a sleep. Falco was in front of Fox, on his way to his room, but his heart slammed against his chest when the alarm went off. He jumped almost four feet into the air and his back pressed against the wall. Fox just walked by him unfazed.

"Congratulations," he said casually, "You set off the alarm,"

Falco glared at him, "I thought you turned it off!" he shouted over the screeching alarm.

"No, I turned off the alarm in the hanger. You were supposed to turn off the one for the living quarters," Fox corrected, pointing at him. He paused when the light suddenly came on then looked forward when Krystal rushed out with her gun out, pointed at them.

"Freeze!" she shouted but she paused when she saw it was only them. She frowned as Peppy and Slippy rushed into the room, lowering her gun.

"Fox, Falco!" Peppy said as the alarm started screeching, "Where on Corneria have you been? We were looking for you everywhere at the general's party!"

Falco jumped on this when he saw Fox hesitate, "Just stepped out to get some air. No big deal,"

"No big deal? For heaven's sakes, if you were going to run away, then you should have at least tell one of us! You had us worried sick!" Peppy said with a very disapproving tone.

Fox held up his hands, giving a sheepish smile, "Sorry Peppy,"

Krystal suddenly tilted her head and reached out, grabbing one of Fox's wrist, making him flinch, "What happened to your wrists?" she asked, "They're all bruised,"

Fox carefully took her hand off his very sore wrist and stuffed his hands in his pockets so they couldn't see his wrists anymore, "I uh... Got them caught in a fence," he lied, but then wanted to smack himself at the awful lie.

"Caught in a fence?" Krystal repeated, raising an eyebrow.


Slippy pointed at them, "And what happened to your uniforms?" he asked.

Fox glanced at Falco for help on that one. "Uh..." Falco rubbed the back of his neck, "We were attacked! Yeah, attacked by this gang! And they yanked Fox around so much by his clothes, that all the buttons popped off and this duck attacked me and tore up mine. It wasn't savable so I just threw it away," he lied.

Krystal put her gun away, looking at Falco, "But you've got claw marks on your arm,"

Fox and Falco's eyes widened at this and they looked at his arm. Sure enough, there were four long cuts down Falco's bicep, and even some on his back. When did that happened?

"Did I say duck?" Falco suddenly asked, "I meant wolverine! Yeah, it was a wolverine that got me! I hit my head so I can't remember all that great. And you know how those wolverines are. Always so blood thirsty! Haha!" Fox definitely had to praise him for creativity.

Peppy sighed, about to tell they were lying. He rubbed his temples as a headache came on, "Enough of this nonsense," he looked back at the guilty pilots, "Just get to bed, alright?" When Fox and Falco nodded, he turned to leave. Krystal and Slippy were close behind him.

The two pilots looked at the door then at each other. "Caught in a fence?" Falco asked, a smirk coming to his face.

Fox turned and started towards his room, "Shut up! It's your fault their so bruised anyways," he glanced back at him over his shoulder, "And a duck? Don't you know that ducks are the most innocent animal there is? You couldn't say something cool like a wolf or a cat or something with claws?"

"Well how was I supposed to know your cut me up?"

"I think I would notice if someone put gashes in my arms!"

"I'm sorry. I'll try not to fall victim to your whimpers and moans next time,"

Fox looked away and flushed under his fur at the way the other put it. He stopped when his room came up and turned to look up at him, "How about we agree to disagree?" he offered.

"How about we agree that you're wrong?" Falco asked, stopping in front of him.

Fox rolled his eyes at this, "Whatever. I'll see you in the morning,"

"Yeah right," Falco leaned down and caught the other a little off guard by giving him a kiss on the lips, "Night,"

Fox blinked in surprised at this, amazed at how easy it was for the other to do that, but smiled anyhow, "Night," he then turned and disappeared into his room.

The next morning, much to Fox's surprise, he didn't feel hungover. He actually felt great. His head was clear, his body was light, and he felt refreshed, like he did any other morning. Puzzled, he tossed the blanket off of him and got up. He pulled on a green t-shirt and kept his sleeping pants on since they were off today. He walked out of his room, his short black claws clicked on the tile floor as he wandered into the kitchen. He fixed him a cup of coffee then wandered into the living room. He sat on the sofa, pulling his knees up to his chest so his feet could rest on the sofa close to him. He watched some TV as he held his coffee cup with two hands and close to his mouth.

He gazed blankly at the screen until he head clicking of claws against the tile floor. His ears perked up and he lifted his eyes to watch Falco walk in. "Good morning," he said, lifting his head some.

"Mornin'," Falco said lightly, plopping down beside him on the sofa with his own cup of coffee. He took a sip and looked at the TV screen, "Whatchya watchin'?"

Fox shrugged and looked back at the screen, "Don't know. Just flipped to something mildly amusing,"

"Ah, sounds like fun,"


The two didn't say anything for a while, but Fox's curiosity was getting to him. He finally spoke up, looking at the other, "Falco, how much did we drink last night?" he asked.

Falco took a sip of his coffee, "Uh... about two six packs of soda rum combos,"

"So like, six for each of us?"


"And you just threw some rum in the bottles, right?"


"Ok..." Fox said quietly, looking away puzzled.

Falco glanced at him when he got quiet, "Why?" he finally asked.

Fox shook his head, "No, I'm sure it's nothing, just... I don't have a hangover this morning," he looked back up at the other, "Do you?"

Falco paused for a moment, tilting his head like he was checking things over with his body, though Fox was pretty sure he would know if he had a hangover or not, but then looked at him again, "Nope,"

"Shouldn't we though? I mean, six bottles each with lord knows how much rum in each... shouldn't we be feeling some kind of headache or sensitivity or something?"

"Yeah we should..." Falco paused a moment, thinking, but his eyes widened. He looked over at his furry friend, "Wait, did we have rum and Coke, or rum and Mountain Dew last night?"

Fox made a face, "It was Coke. I don't drink Mountain Dew,"

"Oooh!" Falco said, drawing out his 'oh', "Oh that's why! I packed the wrong soda last night! It was the Mountain Dew that had the rum in it, not the Coke! That could be why we don't feel like we sucked down a big one,"

Fox pondered this, nodding slowly, but his eyes widened. He looked up at him, "Wait, there was no alcohol in the soda he had last night?" he asked.

"Nope, not a drop. Looks like you got through the entire night without drinkin'. Good job!"

"So we weren't drunk last night?"

"Uh... unless you can get drunk off soda, then no, I don't think we were,"

Fox stared at him, his eyes widen. Falco glanced at him then back at the TV many times without moving his head. He finally spoke up, "What?"

"You knew," Fox said, leaning forward some, "You knew there wasn't anything in those!"

"No I didn't,"


"Ok ok! I knew! But why do you care? You said you didn't want to drink last night and you didn't. Should you be happy?"

"Yes but why did you lie to me in the first place?"

"I don't know,"


"No I'm serious! I really don't know why I lied! I just did, ok?"

Fox stared at him then looked away, letting everything settle in, "We weren't drinking last night..." he said quietly to himself, "Then that means..." he paused again then looked up at the other. Falco's attention was now sucked up with whatever was on the TV. He took a sip of his coffee but as soon as he swallowed and the cup was away from his lips, Fox grabbed the back of his head, turned it, and smashed his lips to his. Falco's eyes widened at this, nearly spilling the coffee still in his mug, but he managed not to. He blinked in surprise but eventually kissed him back, closing his eyes. Fox closed his, tilting his head. The kiss quickly turned deep and Fox found that Falco's arm had been wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer, and his tongue was practically down his throat. He found that he gained great pleasure from just the kiss, and that alone made a shiver run up his spine.

He eventually pulled away from him with a gasp, opening his eyes wide and looking at him. Falco gasped a bit too and looked at him, searching his eyes. "Wow," he said, a little breathless, "Wh-what was that for?"

Fox blinked a few times at his reaction to the kiss, but then kissed him again, putting his cup down. He put the other's cup down too. He was suddenly on the other, kissing him passionately. Falco was taken by surprise at how forthcoming he was with all this, "Hey," he tried speaking, only getting a few words out every time their lips parted, "What are you-... Fox-... Stop, I-... What if-... Peppy-... Slippy-... They-..."

Fox finally pulled away from him. He was now in his lap and all over him. He took his face into his hands and looked down at him, "You deprived me of sex last night," he said, a little breathless, "I'm taking it now," Falco's eyes widened at this but he didn't get another word in before Fox started his assault again.