This is not an update (considering this story is complete) but I feel I need to make something clear. Recently I've received a few reviews for this story. Normally, I'm pumped about reviews and can't wait to hear what people think of my writing, even if it's something I wrote a while back. But when it's a "guest" review that just bashes on something or asks stupid questions just to ask them, I get annoyed and immediately delete them. If you have questions or a criticism and you want to ask it like a human being, then log in (or create an account if you really don't have one, at which point it begs the question: why even review then?) and ask me or comment. That was I can actually PM you back with a response, which I'd assume is the reason you'd be asking the questions in the first place. So people please, thank you for reading my story but if you review as a guest and say something stupid or nasty, I'm going to just delete it. I'm sorry to my lovely reviewers who this is not directed to who read this, but it is starting to get on my nerves and makes me much less motivated to post the couple of things I am working on currently. Hope everyone understands, thank you.

Xox B