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Fandoms: The Devil Wears Prada

Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Andy/Miranda

Prompt: Feb 4, 2012 by mxrolkr on the DWP community on LiveJournal. "Once is an occurrence, Twice is a pattern, Three times...is a problem."

Summary: Touching someone once is indeed an occurrence, or should be. Andy is in the car with Miranda and unlikely things happen. Touching someone a second time, is a pattern, yes? How can you blame such a thing on a fork? Touching someone a third time, can be a problem, if it's the last time. But what if it is really the first. Does this saying start all over again?

A/N: This story is in three parts and it's ready to go up, I just need to make sure it's as proofread as I can manage. Part 2 should be up tomorrow (Feb 7).


A MirAndy A/U fan fiction

By Gun Brooke

Three Times… is a problem…

"So, it's your last day at Runway tomorrow." Nigel stopped by Andy's desk. "How does that feel, Six?"

"You really should call me Four these days, Nigel." Andy smiled broadly at the fashion director. "And it feels great, for the most part. I'll miss all of you."

"Ah, don't be silly. We'll still get together." Nigel winked at her. "Even old Em over there is thawing."

"I'm not." Emily huffed. "I'm busy trying to train that horrible little person that's taking Andy's place. I mean, how I'm supposed to rely on her to do what Andy does…" Emily gave a dramatic sigh.

"So, do I take it you don't think I've been completely worthless?" Andy wrinkled her nose and laughed.

"Only barely," a familiar soft voice said from behind. "And your new editor-in-chief will no doubt benefit from all you've learned here. Goodness knows that rag can use some work ethic." Miranda looked coolly at the trio. "And as you're still being paid by Runway and Elias-Clarke, I hope we'll benefit from your efforts today and tomorrow."

"Absolutely, Miranda. What can I do for you?" Andy refused to let Miranda intimidate her. As much as she was mourning for not being able to see Miranda anymore, Andy knew it was right for her to move on. Working as a junior reporter for the Mirror was going to be her launching pad.

Miranda blinked. "Deliver the 'Book' tonight, and then hand your key over to Emily who will take over that duty until New Girl turns out to be reliable. Although from what I overheard, she has some major shoes to fill."

"At least she doesn't have to fill my size of clothes," Andy dared joke. "I'm a four and she must be a two, or even smaller."

"There is nothing wrong with your size." Miranda spoke darkly and then walked into her office, flipping open her MacBook.

"What was that?" Nigel hissed, his eyes huge.

"No clue." Andy shrugged. Miranda had been acting odd for weeks, and when Andy handed in her two week notice, she had been aloof and downright withdrawn. While Andy walked around with mixed emotions and trying to hide the half that was heartache for having to leave the woman who'd come to mean everything to her, Miranda showed nothing.


Andy unlocked the door to the townhouse after waving goodbye to the driver who'd brought her, Miranda's dry-cleaning, and the 'Book' safely there. She didn't mind walking through the streets to the metro. She was used to it, and this last time, she wanted to experience it once more.

She hung the dry-cleaning in the closet across from the staircase, and was about to place the 'Book' on the side table when she heard Miranda's, "I'm up here, Andrea."

Andrea gazed up the stairs with trepidation. Did Miranda mean she should bring the 'Book' up? Why else would she tell her where she was? Muttering under her breath, Andy held the 'Book' as a shield. Who knew what mood Miranda was in?

Miranda sat on the couch in the den. A fire crackled in the large fire place, and two—two?—glasses of red wine sat on the coffee table. Was there someone else there? Had Andy interrupted some secret tryst or—"

"Sit down, Andrea. I thought we'd talk some in private. Tomorrow the rest of the staff will fawn over you all day, no doubt."

"Oh. Okay." Andrea handed over the 'Book', which ended up on a shelf behind the couch without as much as a glance. Aiming for the armchair, Andrea flinched as Miranda spoke again.

"No. Not there. Sit here, by me."

Moving, Andy sat down a couple of feet from Miranda, lacing her fingers on her lap. "Feels weird," she confessed.

"What does?" Miranda raised an eyebrow as she handed Andy a glass.

"That this is the last time I'm delivering the 'Book'. I'll miss it."

"Late evenings, when you could've gone out with friends, or lounged around at home, or carried out a hobby? You'll miss that?" Miranda's words were taunting, but her voice sounded sad.

"I'll miss the occasions when you actually showed me some of your notes, confided your thoughts about designers and layout in me. Those evening were worth waiting for." Andy sipped her wine. Smooth and soft it ran down her throat, warming her belly. "I also want to thank you for the letter of recommendation you gave the editor-in-chief at the Mirror. I was worried."

"That I would go back on my word?"

"No. That I had done something to anger you, or disappoint you, since—" Andy stopped talking, her throat suddenly clenching.

"Yes?" Miranda leaned back against the couch, her position almost the same as in the car several months ago, before her necklace broke. Now, Miranda was dressed in a soft, light grey cashmere top, and dark-blue True Religion jeans. Holy smokes, Miranda in jeans. It was almost too much for Andy's heart. Miranda tilted her head, reminding Andy she was still expecting an answer.

"Well, you've been busy, of course, lately. And you've had a lot to do with finalizing the divorce, I know that too. And still…" Andy swallowed hard. "I've felt as if you've been displeased with me, or something about me. I don't know what I did, or didn't, do. I just know I don't want us to part with anything unspoken, or unresolved, between us."

"You're right." Miranda twirled her glass, looking down at the dark red liquid. "I've kept a distance, yes. Or I've tried. I don't know what it is about you, Andrea, that makes it damn near impossible for me to stay away."

Andy gasped. She felt her hands begin to tremble and she quickly placed the glass back on the coffee table before she spilt red wine on the light blue rug or broke Miranda's crystal. "What do you mean?"

"Let's go back to that time in the car. I take it you remember the time when I had a, hm, jewelry malfunction?" Miranda put her glass down as well and shifted until her knee barely touched Andy's.

"Oh, God, yes. How could I forget? I was so sure you were going to fire me." Andy groaned as she actually could feel the sensation of Miranda's breast against her fingertips.

"And I was certain that I had overstepped enough boundaries for you to sue." Miranda spoke so quietly, Andy had to lean in to hear what she was saying.

"Sue? Whatever for?" Andy frowned. She wasn't following.

"Honestly, Andrea. What took place in the car was more than enough for you to have a successful sexual harassment case against me."

"But—but why? Surely you must've felt that it was not just—I mean, I was affected. I wasn't sure about you, of how you were feeling, but…I would never have betrayed you like that. I've never had reason to feel coerced in any way."

Miranda raised a trembling hand and placed it over her mouth. Her eyes, huge and darker blue than normal, gazed at Andy. Drawing several deep breaths, Miranda let her hand fall into her lap. "Then there was the second time. In the Closet."

"Yes?" Andy tried to follow Miranda's train of thoughts. "Did you think this emphasized the risk of me suing?"

"No. Well, it could have, theoretically, but most of all, it showed me that I needed to keep my distance. Whenever I looked at you, I saw that sight from the dressing room. I've seen enough naked women in my time, being around models on a daily basis. It never bothered me one way or another before."

Andy's heart beat so hard it hurt her ribcage. "So what was different now?"

"The difference is you. You. A girl half my age. My subordinate." Miranda sounded angry and in pain. Andy acted on impulse and took her hand in hers.

"Miranda, I think you know that I would do everything for you." Andy spoke with emphasis. "You know that. I have jumped through hoops at work for almost two years. Even if I hadn't, I would do that and more for you in private. I realize that you will have to be safe around the people who work for you, but trust me when I say this didn't enter my mind. Call me naïve, but that time in the car, I felt I was the one using you. I was afraid that you'd accuse me for taking the chance to 'cop a feel'."

"Andrea!" Miranda looked scandalized.

"Well, yeah. Since we're sharing our secrets here, sort of, you might as well know how scared I was that you'd know how my body chose to react to your closeness, to touching your skin, even if I did it to help you." Andy kept Miranda's hand in hers. She let her thumb caress the back of it, tracing the soft skin, and the knuckles.

"I want to hear about this reaction." Miranda swallowed hard.

"Really?" Andy looked up. "You sure?"


"All right, all right. You're sure." Andy squeezed Miranda's hand. "You started by leaning back and arching your back. I'm not sure if anyone's told you how sexy that looks? Either way, it is. Super-hot."

"I see." Miranda didn't give anything away, but she clung to Andy's hand. Always something.

"So, then you wanted me to do an ocular examination of your upper body. I thought I was going to faint. I've studied you many times in secret, and now I was this close, and you'd given me permission to more or less ogle you."

"Andrea, really." Miranda huffed. "I never said 'please, ogle me'."

"Not in so many words, but you get the point." Andy closed her eyes briefly. "Then, and that's when I thought I was going to die young in a heart attack. You told me to just dive in there and fish out the heirloom. I don't think you can imagine what it felt like." Andy couldn't look at Miranda, but clung to her hand. "You smelled so good, you always do. Your skin was velvety, warm, and so soft. I tried to be quick, but the darn thing was wedged in and when fumbled to dislodge it, part of me…well, let's just says, I was ready to howl."

"You paint a very vivid picture." Miranda's soft voice didn't give away much of her emotional state, but the fact that she was not shocked or angry, was encouraging. "Guess it's only fair that I return the favor. Let's skip forward a few weeks, till that morning when you came to work in old jeans and a ratty t-shirt."

"All right." Andy carefully raised her eyes to meet Miranda's, only to find her in the 'sexy arching position' again. Swallowing, Andy pressed her legs tightly together.

"I enjoyed choosing clothes for you in the Closet. I've done this so many times, professionally, for models at shoots, and so on. Now, all of a sudden, I felt quite giddy, and I enjoyed it, even your confusion since you had no idea why I was doing this."

"I still don't."

"So, when you asked for, what was it, oh, yes, a sturdier top, I wasn't thinking. I pulled the curtain back and there you were. Half dressed. Looking so beautiful, so sensual. Now it was my turn to hide my reaction. I found out in no uncertain terms just how strong I could react to you. It was very powerful, but nothing like when you knelt at my feet and pushed your hands up my skirt."

"Miranda! I didn't do that! I mean, I sort of did, but it wasn't intentional."

"I know. Sorry to say." Miranda raised her head and met Andy's eyes.

"Sorry? You're sorry I wasn't coming onto you and assaulting you under your desk?"

"I admit the timing was lacking, but yes, I must admit my imagination played with such scenarios, before and after."

"B-before?" Sure she was having audio hallucinations, Andy squirmed at the ache between her legs. Her nipples were now so hard, every movement against her top was almost painful.

"Oh, yes. Am I alone in that? Have you never fantasized?" Miranda began to look alarmed.

"Yes. Yes. Of course I had, I just never thought you did. About me."

"Andrea. If you'd known, I would've been in so much trouble. The only reason I can tell you know is that you're leaving." Miranda moved closer and slid her hands up Andy's arm. "You're leaving and I don't want you to."

"I'm leaving Runway." Andrea breathed deeply. "Not you."

"I hope you mean that." Miranda sounded like she dreaded the possibility that Andy might not mean it.

"Oh, I do." Andy "I'd do anything for you."

"So if I asked you to undress, you would?"

Andy looked at the clear and present vulnerability in Miranda's eyes. "Yes."

"And if I asked you to kneel at my feet, and part my legs, push your hands up my skirt, you would?"

"Yes." Andy could hardly speak, but she had to be honest.

"The question is why?" Miranda tilted her head, running her fingers under Andy's collar. "Why would you do this so willingly?"

"Because it's you." Andy sobbed as tears spilled over. "It's been you, only you, for a long time."

"Andrea." Miranda wiped at the tears, as if trying to erase them from Andy's cheeks. "Please, don't cry. Trust me, I'm not worth crying over."

"I'm not crying over you." Andrea hiccupped. "I'm just relieved. I didn't want to leave Runway feeling the way I do and never be able to tell you. I would've always wondered if I hadn't."

"And my feelings? Where do they fit in?"

"I never dared to dream you'd regard me in any personal way at all." Andy sighed and leaned forward, hiding her face in Miranda's lap. "I never thought I had any effect on you whatsoever. Now…I'm confused. I would do all that you ask of me, want from me, and if you want me to leave you be, please, tell me now?"

Miranda ran her fingers through Andy's hair, over and over. "I can't. I can't tell you that, no matter how some part of my conscience says I should." She pushed Andy up and back onto the couch. "What I want is to see you smile and laugh, and light up a room, something you do so well…such a unique quality. I want to watch you succeed and be the amazing writer I know you'll be." Miranda began unbuttoning Andy's top. "And I want you naked, with me, in my bed. I want you under me, over me, between my legs, straddling me, any which way we can think of. I want you to demand things of me, and I want to bury myself in you."

She leaned in, agonizingly slow, and brushed her lips over Andy's. Miranda's lips. Soft as petals, but strong as they returned and parted hers. Andy was more than willing, she was desperate to touch and taste. She deepened the kiss, welcomed Miranda's tongue and finally—finally!—her senses began to fill with the sensational, mind-blowing drug that was Miranda Priestly. Andy knew no one had ever made her feel this way, no kiss had made her body react like this, pulling all the stops. Almost bracing for impact, Andy wrapped her arms around Miranda's neck, tilting her head for better access. Miranda moaned into her mouth, which made all her little hairs stand up. Andy shivered and pushed her fingers into Miranda's silver-white hair.

"I just can't keep my hands off you. God knows there have been times I thought it was possible, but all you had to do was turn on that breath-taking smile…or look at me with that…that hunger in those eyes." There was something desperate in the way Miranda spoke. She drew a hot trail with her tongue up along Andy's neck and then nipped with sharp teeth along her jawline.

"God, Miranda!" Andy pulled Miranda's blouse from her skirt. "I've dreamt, fantasized, and gotten myself off thinking of you." She gazed at the black La Perla lace bra, her breathing labored. "You're so beautiful." Cupping both breasts through the bra, she felt the hard nipples against her palms.

"Andrea, come to bed with me?" Miranda ran her index finger along Andy's lower lip. "Please? And stay the night? You can ride in with me tomorrow."

"Oh. Wow." Andy rose and extended her hand at Miranda. "Show me your parlor, my queen."

"Silly girl." Miranda made sure the fire was dying down and then guided Andrea to her bedroom. She methodically undressed Andy, hung the garments over a chair, and then pointed at her bed. "Go sit over there."

Andy complied and watched with eager eyes how Miranda undressed without any drama, or seductive moves, which made it all the more sensual to Andy. Once she was naked, Miranda looked almost shy as she approached the bed.

"I've never had a female lover, Andrea."

"I haven't had a female lover, per se, but, with the risk of sounding like a college cliché, I did fool around with a girl in a semi-innocent sort of way. Our clothes were never off, and we only did some kissing and fondling, so I suppose it doesn't really count."

Miranda motioned for Andy to slide back against the pillows. "Then we'll learn together, yes?"

"Yes. Oh, God, yes." Andy sighed. She wanted to feel Miranda against her, but on the other hand she wanted to look, wanted to see that it was indeed this woman, the amazing, beautiful woman whom she'd desired and loved for so long, without ever daring to hope that any of her dreams might come to fruition.

Slender, but curvaceous, pale, but warm, and sexy, but approachable, Miranda laid down next to her, supporting her head in her hand as she studied Andy in a similar manner.

"Tell me, what you thought of when you touched yourself. Show me how you touched yourself."

"Miranda?" Andy squeaked. "I can't do that? You'll think…what if that turns you off?"

Miranda laughed. A thoroughly happy sound that filled Andy's chest with even more tenderness. "Don't be ridiculous, Andrea. Do you really think there is anything about you that could turn me off? I should be awarded a medal for not pouncing on you and having my way as we speak." Her eyes radiated a fierce arousal.

"I'm all for that, actually." Andy smiled faintly. "Pouncing."

"So am I—after you tell me your fantasy. Would it help if I hold my hand over yours while you touch yourself? That way I'll know what you enjoy when it's time for me to pounce."

"Damn. This is setting a terrible precedence. You'll most likely be able to talk me into just about anything." Andy groaned and pressed her head back into the pillow. That could be a problem."

"No problem from my perspective. At all." Miranda placed her hand over Andy's right one. "Yes?"

Taking a few deep breaths, in case she forgot to breathe later, Andy moved her hands to her stomach and then slowly slid them upward. "I thought of us in the car," she confessed, feeling exposed. "Even before the jewelry malfunction, I used to fantasize that we'd be going somewhere out of town and Roy would bring the privacy screen up so we could rest. We'd both fall asleep and I'd accidentally slide toward you and end up with my head on your lap." Andy cupped her own breasts and rubbed them until her nipples prodded her palms. She thought she could hear Miranda breathe faster, but she didn't dare look at her directly. "You'd wake up, and be all annoyed at first. I'd apologize profusely, saying I was sorry, and begin to pull back. Then you'd take me by the shoulders and keep me in place, asking pointed questions about 'what I was trying to pull'."

Andy tugged at her nipples, rolled it between her fingers. She whimpered quietly, feeling Miranda's hand on top of her own, the slender fingers following in the pinch-pull-roll kind of dance. "That's when I could sense your arousal again. Your scent, that seductive, amazing scent."

"Again? You're saying you've smelled me? I mean me, not my perfume?" Miranda sounded vulnerable.

"I did. Twice." Andy began pushing her right hand down her stomach. "In the car, and…when I knelt next to you to get the fork. It sure fed my fantasies. So, there we are in the car, I can sense you and all I want is to please you. I ask permission, and you turn your head away, looking, not angry, but apprehensive."

Andy spread her legs and knew Miranda must be able to smell her now. She was so wet, she was afraid she might ruin the duvet. She ran her fingertips up and down, barely touching herself, just grazing the trimmed curls. "When I hear you say yes, I carefully push your skirt up and that's when I see…you aren't wearing any panties. That's when I know how much I truly want you. " Andy pushed her fingers in between her folds. "I want you so much and…oh…oh, God…" Miranda added to the pressure between Andy's legs, as she caressed herself. "I put my lips against you, spread you, taste you, over and over and over…Miranda…"

"So you had me there in the car, naked under my skirt, your lips on me, licking me as we ride the car through Manhattan?" Miranda growled softly and pushed Andy's hand away, replacing it with her own. "You wicked, wicked girl."

"Ah!" Andy arched, close to screaming at the sensation of Miranda's fingers among all that wetness. "Oh, please, Miranda. I'm not going to last. I can't… the way you touch me…how do you know? How?" Andy saw tiny sparkles behind her eyelids, and they grew in size as she undulated against Miranda's hand. When she opened her eyes, she saw Miranda study her with greedy eyes. "Please, Miranda. Oh…please."

"Come for me, Andrea." Miranda pushed her fingers inside. "Now."

Andy moaned and her hips began convulsing and soon engaged her entire body. She burned and came again, curled up around Miranda's hand as she rubbed her palm against Andy's clitoris. She slumped back and was immediately wrapped up in strong arms that rocked her, accompanied by Miranda's infamous, soft-spoken voice that somehow made Andy feel so safe and warm.

Andy greedily inhaled, trying to clear her head after the massive orgasm. She had not expected it to feel like this. World-changing. Next to her, Miranda was shifting restlessly, her breathing uneven. "Oh, Miranda. I know. You need me." Andy rolled onto her side and wrapped her lips around Miranda's left nipple, sucking it deep into her mouth. Her hand found the drenched folds between the silky white thighs that had been on her mind ever since she touched them inadvertently in the office. "Is all that wetness for me?" Andy didn't hesitate. She just knew Miranda wanted her to take charge, to claim her without preamble, and so she did. Andy began a slow thrust with her hand, Miranda gave a low growl, which turned into a keening sound as she pressed her hips closer to Andy.

"Andrea…Andrea." Miranda cupped Andy's face and kissed her. She deepened it, her tongue mimicking the movement of Andy's fingers. To her surprise, Andy's body began to throb again. Miranda's sexy sounds, the whimpers and moans, the way she sucked at Andy's lips and played with her tongue, was enough to get her going all over again.

"Miranda." Andy spoke into Miranda's mouth. "Touch me."

"Yes!" Miranda cupped Andy, rubbing her palm against her. "So hot."

"You too."

It didn't take Miranda long after that before she arched, jerked, and cried out Andy's name several times. "Andrea! You burn me. God, you burn me." Slumping back, she pulled Andy with her and pushed a leg between hers. "Move against me. Let me feel you on top of me. Please…" Miranda gasped for air. "I need to feel you."

Shaking from the new onslaught of arousal, Andy rode Miranda's slender, slick thigh in long, languid movements, which quickly escalated from calm to frantic. Miranda pulled her closer, kissed her neck with parted lips

"I'm so close. So close." Andy held onto Miranda's shoulders. "My nipples. Touch me."

Miranda cupped her breasts and then began to roll the pebbled nipples, pinching them until the pleasure was almost pain. Unable to stop what was happening, and why would she want to, Andy thought foggily. Suddenly, Miranda let go and flipped Andy over onto her back. Kissing her way down Andy's stomach, she hummed and murmured inaudible words. Andy missed the pressure of Miranda's thigh and whimpered as she moved restlessly beneath the voracious lips.


"You never asked about my daydreams or fantasies," Miranda said and nipped at the skin above Andy's hipbone.

"Uhm…I…oh, God…tell me?"

"You imagined going down on me in the car, right?" Miranda looked up and smiled ferally.

"Yes?" Andy could hardly believe she heard the words "going down on me" from Miranda's lips. Miranda normally spoke so precisely, with a vocabulary that was as scathing as it was extensive.

"I had a similar dream." Miranda drew maddening patterns with the tip of her tongue. "But not in the car. Oh no. In my mind, there was only one place I would have my way with you."

"Mmmm." Andy couldn't form any sort of work no matter how she tried.

"I would take you to Paris again. When you came to my room to discuss my itinerary, I would be waiting in my robe. The grey silk one that made you look at me with those imploring eyes." Miranda moved further down, nudging Andy's legs further apart. "I would have some excuse to make you undress. Try on something for a function." Out of breath, Miranda moaned as she settled between Andy's legs, running her nails through the wet folds.

Andy whimpered, her hips moving restlessly. "Oh, God…"

"When you were undressed, I'd 'help' you try the dress out and then take it off. In the meantime, I would make sure I'd touch you in a way that was perfectly innocent, but overt enough for you to be so turned on, you would be panting like you do now. Begging me with your eyes, like you do now."

"Oh, damn, Miranda…"

"I would help you relax on the couch, offer you something to drink, seduce you softly, slowly, and when you were delirious, like you are now, I would do this." Miranda parted Andy's folds and plunged her tongue inside. She flicked it from side to side, teased the entrance until Andy was sobbing from the near-pain.

"Please. Please." Andy could hardly speak.

Miranda flattened her tongue against Andy's clit, pressed at it in small circles, humming as she caressed it. Andy closed her eyes, arched her back and cried out Miranda's name as the orgasm tore through her. Tears flowed freely and Andy thought her chest was going to implode from the strength of it all. Sobbing, she felt for Miranda, wanted the closeness from earlier.

"Andrea…" Miranda suddenly had her arms around Andy, rocking her gently. "There. It's all right."

"I-I'm not sad." Crying quietly, Andy hid her face against Miranda's neck. "I never dared to hope for any of this. Let alone the fact that you had your fantasize about touching me back."

"This was just one of them." Miranda kissed the top of Andy's head.



"I have a confession," Andy murmured, knowing she had to say this now or she would chicken out.

"What is it?" Miranda pulled back enough to gaze at Andy. Her look was soft, but apprehensive.

"I love you."

Miranda stared at her in silence for a few moments. Then a tiny smile curled her lips. "You are nothing short of amazing. I don't deserve you, but nevertheless, I love you too, Andrea."

Andy blinked. "Yeah?"


"I know we have lots to talk about, soon, but right now, that's all I need to know."

"I agree." Miranda tucked the duvet in around them. "Close your eyes, Andrea. We have to be up early tomorrow. My assistant is leaving me, and my, uhm, girlfriend, has entered. A lot going on as you can tell."

"Busy day, yeah. I hear you." Nuzzling Miranda's soft neck, Andy listened to the steady heartbeat of the woman she loved. Tomorrow would be busy. No doubt the Runway minions had planned some send-off for her. On Monday, her new life as a reporter would begin.

Andrea kissed Miranda's neck again. "'Night."

"Good night." Miranda held Andy closer, pushing her hair back from her face.

So many wonderful things were about to happen, but the best thing of all had already occurred. She loved Miranda, and, miracle of miracles, Miranda loved her back.