Klik- under a second

Breem- 8.3 minutes

Joor- 6 hours

Orn- 2 weeks

Vorn- 83 years

A/N: Animated. This story might be a little bit confusing, once I actually get to upload the next chapter. Also, in this story femme bots can get pregnant. Don't ask about my logic, or else I'd have to explain it. I don't own Transformers Animated.

A sparkling, not even a joor old, lied offline on a med-bed. His once neon-green paint with blue and red accents now a depressing grey. His light blue optics were closed and never to online again. The med-bot known as Ratchet sighed sadly.

Optimus Prime comfortingly held a devastated Elita One. Elita then chocked out a name.

" . . . Sparkfire . . ."

As Elita sobbed, Optimus tried to keep strong and not cry - but then found himself overwhelmed with grief and tears streamed down his face-plate.

As a Prime, he was supposed to stay strong and feel no sadness. Even after watching fellow Autobots go into battle and never come back - including his own creators - he had let no tears fall. Though he knew what was to be expected of him, he cried. But who could possibly stay emotionless after watching your own sparkling offline?

Optimus Prime sighed as he looked at what Ultra Magnus was able to give him after being down-graded. After Elita One went M.I.A, Optimus had taken the responsibility and blame, thus leaving Ultra Magnus no choice but to lower Optimus's Rank. Thankfully, Ultra Magnus was able to pull some strings and get him his own ship.

Optimus had been made into a repair-bot, leading a crew with an older med-bot, and two screw-up younglings. The ship was, to Optimus, just a piece of slag. But the med-bot, named Ratchet had said that this ship was more than meets the optic. But Optimus was in no mood to see the good in things.

As mentioned earlier, Ratchet was an old med-bot from the actual wars. He was colored a faded red and white. His face-plate was a faded indigo and his optics were colored aqua green. He had seen much of the wars, the ones Optimus was so intrested in. Optimus could tell by the weariness and slight annoyance in his tone of voice that he wasn't a very up-beat 'bot.

The older of the two younglings was a very large Autobot colored a dark green and bronze, with a dark grey face-plate and semi-dark blue optics. As his file indicated, he was very clumsy and almost anything but graceful. Appearently, his name was Bulkhead.

The youngest of them was a very short and thin 'bot. Optimus was slighlty shocked. Ever since that attack awhile back, he had come to think younglings this . . . young would still be around. He must've been one of the youngest 'bots of this generation.

The youngling had a bright yellow paintjob and black accents, a light grey face-plate, and bright blue optics. Those features reminded Optimus of Elita, but the only way that would be possible would be if . . .

He pushed the thought of his mind quickly, not even going to allow himself to acknoledge it. This particular youngling's name was Bumblebee.

According to his file, he had caught a Decepticon traitor, but screwed up everything else. Suddenly, Bumblebee spoke up.

"So, what now boss 'bot?" He asked, obnoxiousness almost literally dripping from his voice. Optimus hesitated before answering.

"My name's Optimus Prime, not 'boss 'bot'." Optimus stated.

"Ookay then." He replied.

"So this is our ship?" Bulkhead asked, poking a side of the ship. Ratchet growled.

"Yes, and I'm watching the both of you, and if you two destroy anything of this ship, so help me . . ." Ratchet scoffed. Optimus sighed.