Klik- under a second

Breem- 8.3 minutes

Joor- 6 hours

Orn- 2 weeks

Vorn- 83 years

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers Animated. I'm really sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Writers block just hit me hard. I'm also really sorry that this chapters ridiculously short. No inspiration anywhere. Forgive me!

"What happened?" Sari asked, turning to Ratchet. Ratchet grit his teeth as he looked back to see both Sari and Bumblebee staring curiously back at him.

"Jazz told you already, didn't he?" Ratchet said quickly. Sari looked down for a moment, then looked back up.

"He didn't say anything about Bumblebee loosing his voice." Sari started, glancing at Bumblebee, who only looked down sadly. It wasn't right for Bumblebee to be quiet. Ratchet sighed.

"Well, um-" Ratchet was about to explain when Optimus walked into the med-bay.
"Oh, Prime, uh-" Ratchet quickly tried to change the subject. Bumblebee and Sari looked back at Optimus. Optimus eyed Bumblebee, who smiled sadly. Optimus shuttered.

"Um, Ratchet. I was wondering if I could ask you something. In private." Optimus asked. Ratchet looked to Sari and Bumblebee.

"Sure." He responded, then turned completely to the two kids.
"Bumblebee, no moving too much - Sari, no touching anything." Ratchet ordered.

"Okay." Sari replied. Bumblebee nodded. Ratchet nodded in approval as he walked out of the med-bay with Optimus.

"What is it, Prime?" Ratchet asked. Optimus looked over his shoulder, then back to the medic.

"Have you seen Sentinel around?" Optimus asked. Ratchet raised an optic ridge.

"Um, no. Why?"

"Well, earlier, we were . . . kinda in a small conflict."

"Go on . . ."

Optimus explained the previous conversation between him and Sentinel and Ratchet nodded.

"I see. Well, I haven't seen him or the twins around." Ratchet stated. Suddenly, Jazz came running down the hall and once he skidded to a stop, he panted through words in an alert tone.

"Ratchet - twins - crashed - need - assistance!" Jazz made out through gasps. Ratchet rolled his optics.

"What did they get into now?" Ratchet started, then looked to Optimus.

"Watch Sari and Bee for me, would ya, Prime?" Ratchet asked. Optimus nodded as Ratchet rushed out with Jazz.

Optimus shook his head and turned to enter the med-bay but paused. He heard Sari talking quietly to Bumblebee. Optimus knew eavesdropping was never a good habit, but felt obliged to just listen. He peeked over the door edge barely to see Sari sitting on Bumblebee's berth. Sari looked guilty almost.

"- and I . . . kinda punched her in the face afterward." Sari explained. Bumblebee smiled as if he tried to hold back a laugh. Sari smiled teasingly.
"It's not funny, Bee! I punched the most popular girl in the school on my first day!" Sari continued. Bumblebee shrugged. Sari giggled.

Optimus smiled the slightest bit. Sari seemed to be managing already. But Bumblebee not having a voice . . . it's going to be bordering impossible for Optimus to leave Earth now. Optimus knew he couldn't take Bumblebee to Cybertron, because he had to help out Sari. What was he to do?