TITLE: Untitled SeiferxLaguna fic.

AUTHOR: Whitebearwrites/Joe

WARNINGS: Yaoi, R, Seifer x Laguna, AU

DISCLAIMER: The FF8 boys belong to SquareSoft, I don't own them, though I wish I did.

A/N: My First SeiferxLaguna fic, please be gentle. This is based on the Australian School System since I'm from Australia and that's all I know. I don't know how they interview teachers but if someone knows and would like to inform me, then I'll be greatly appreciated.


Seifer Almasy looked at his watch, not for the first time he cursed himself for arriving 20 minutes early. It was his first interview for his first teaching position, having just graduated from University a fully qualified English Teacher. He looked around the office and nodded his head, it was painted a cheerful blue and the curtains were whispery and yellow blowing serenely in the cool wind. The desks were made out of some kind of wood that was almost red, he knew next to nothing about wood, the office also had a cheerful homey air about it, there was sweet smelling flowers on the reception desk, and a painting of a young girl and boy playing with their pet dog.

"Mr Almasy, Mr. Loire will see you now," The Principal's secretary, Kiros Seagil, the badge said, showed him the way into the office.

"Thank you," Seifer smiled politely before entering the office.

Kiros studied the young man that had just entered Laguna's office and frowned. He could tell that the graduate was going to be trouble. He was going to cause a near riot with the student's if Laguna hired him, and Kiros knew that Laguna would hire him, the man had a steady weakness for beautiful things, it was so bad that it got to the point that Laguna had almost had discriminatory charges bought against him a few times. The only reason Laguna wasn't in court now was due to some steady talking by Kiros himself. He shook his head ruefully every man had his weakness' but why did Laguna's weakness have to be bordering on the law.

Laguna studied the young man before him with wide, green eyes. He blushed then let his eyes move downwards, he knew what he was doing was wrong, but still Laguna had an eye for the beautiful and this kid was one of the most beautiful that Laguna had ever seen. With short, soft looking, golden, blond hair and dancing, emerald eyes. He was wearing a pair of black dress pants and an emerald shirt that matched his eyes perfectly, Laguna gulped then mentally shook himself. He was supposed to be interviewing for the English position, not ogling the hopeful candidates.

"Hello Mr. Almasy, I'm Laguna Loire, the Principal here. You can call me Laguna," Laguna introduced himself smiling.

"Hello Sir, please call me Seifer." Seifer smiled offering his hand for the dark haired man to shake. Laguna shook his hand then moved his hand to offer him a seat. The blond sat down and gave Laguna his full attention, but Laguna was drowning again.

Seifer was confused, Seifer was very confused. This man was just looking at him like he'd suddenly grown another head. What was so fascinating about his face?

"Sir?" He questioned slightly, leaning forward.

"Hmmmm.." Laguna murmured, still staring.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, um..oh yes I'm fine, where were we?" Laguna asked panicking and blushing again. Seifer almost chuckled, that was what? Two blushes in five minutes? He hadn't known that there existed anyone that still blushed.

"You introduced yourself sir," Seifer informed him concealing his amusement; he secretly wondered how someone like Laguna had become Headmaster.

"Oh that's right, oh please call me Laguna, sir make's me feel old." Laguna laughed before looking at what Seifer assumed was his resume, "Okay it says here that you've just finished University? What University did you attend?"

The interview lasted an hour. Seifer exited the room and let the breath he'd been holding out. They always said the longer the interview the better the chances. Seifer hoped that they were right. He nodded to Kiros then headed out of the school, oblivious to the various glances being thrown his way from students, male and female alike. Mentally Seifer was going through the interview, trying to figure out how it had gone, he remembered each question and he remembered his answers. Finally he smiled; he thought he'd done quite well. Before long he was back at his apartment. An almost empty two bedroom flat about a ten-minute drive from the school he was hoping to begin teaching at in the next month or so. Seifer's apartment was not cluttered; it was empty and had almost no personal belongings in it. In the Living room there was a huge entertainment unit with a huge television, a DVD player, and a cd player. There was also a Playstation 2 in the bottom cupboards of the wall unit. In front of the entertainment unit there was one 2-seated sofa, black leather with a table beside it, seated on the table was his remote controls for the Entertainment unit and the latest book he was reading. Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan. He'd always had a thing for fantasy. His kitchen consisted of nothing but the barest of necessities since Seifer couldn't cook if his life depended on it. A Microwave, a fridge, a freezer, coffee maker and a stove. There was an assortment of cutlery and crockery in the cupboards and a frying pan and pot set that he had never used. In the master bedroom was Seifer's huge Queen Size bed with a linen set decorated with oriental designs, a huge wooden set of drawers and a walk in wardrobe. The bathroom was white and clean, if anything Seifer was a clean freak, it consisted of a shower and a bath and the toilet was separate. The spare bedroom had a double bed in it that Seifer used for visiting friends and family that had a deep blue bedspread on it and another walk in wardrobe. He entered his bedroom taking his clothes and shoes off on the way and changed into an old ratty pair of blue sweats and an old partly bleached t-shirt. He picked up his mobile then got into the car and headed down to the gym. It was time for his daily work out session.

Laguna looked over the applicant's and frowned. Seifer was by far the best applicant, but he was wondering himself if he was seeing Seifer from a professional viewpoint or a personal one?

"Kiros you had a little time with the applicant's, which one do you think would fit in here?" Laguna asked his best friend.

"Who do you want Laguna?" Kiros asked him just looking at him with those penetrating brown eyes.

"Honestly, I personally think Seifer would be the best, but am I seeing that from a profession opinion, or a personal one?" Laguna asked beseechingly. Kiros smirked, at least Laguna was well aware of his weakness.

"Why don't you ask the one's you think in for a second interview and we can interview them with a panel? That way we'll know for sure?" Kiros asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmmm…okay if you think so?" Laguna mused before heading back into his office to decide which applicant's to see again.

"So how did your interview go today?" Seifer's best friend Raijin asked while he was watching Seifer lift the weights.

"Okay I guess," Seifer tried to shrug. Though obviously he couldn't.

"Well do you think they're going to hire you?"

"I don't know," Seifer sighed truthfully, placing the weights carefully before sitting up and grabbing his towel to wipe the sweat off his face, "I think it went good, but I heard that Laguna has a reputation. It's rumored that half of those teacher's at the school were hired on the basis that they were good looking. He didn't really care about the degree."

"That can't be true, or he'd have found himself up in court on discriminatory charges," Raijin offered his legal viewpoint. Raijin had gone to university with Seifer, but he'd done a law degree and was now a junior partner in one of the countries top law firms.

"I suppose you're right, he said he'd call tonight. So I better be going then." Seifer smiled slightly before leaving to have a shower.

Laguna took one more look at the applicants he'd decided to see again and mulled over them thoughtfully. They were all qualified for the position so Laguna felt happy.

"Kiros, could you call them up for me?" He asked his friend with puppy dog eyes. He had some thinking to do.

"Okay," Kiros sighed, before getting on the phone again, "Hello, this is Kiros Seagil from Balamb Secondary College, how are you this evening Sandra?"

Laguna watched Kiros for a minute then turned and reentered his office. Closing the door behind him. He sat at his desk and thought about things.

Seifer entered his apartment just as the phone was ringing. He dropped the groceries he'd picked up on the way home onto the couch then headed into the living room. He quickly picked up the phone and answered breathlessly.


"Seifer Almasy?" A familiar voice on the other end asked politely.

"Yes speaking,"

"Hi, it's Kiros Seagil from the Secondary College. We were wondering if you could come into the school next Monday afternoon about 2.00?"

"Um…sure," Seifer answered flushed with happiness.

"I don't want to get you're hopes up, it's a second interview. I look forward to seeing you again." Kiros finished up then hung up leaving an ecstatic Seifer still staring in disbelief. He had a second interview. That had to be good right?

That weekend was the longest weekend Seifer had ever had. He was forever trying to pick out a new outfit for his second interview and when he couldn't decide on anything he went shopping. He walked through his closest Shopping Center and went through his favorite men's store's till he finally decided on a blue-gray shirt he liked a lot. After buying the shirt he moved on and just looked around the center. He bought another pair of pants that he liked the look and feel of and a new pair of shoes.

"Seifer?" a familiar feminine voice called as he took a seat in his favorite Japanese Restaurant.

"Hello Rinoa," he smiled pleasantly, though inwardly he groaned. He and Rinoa had dated a short time during university before she'd dumped him for his rival Squall Leonhart, and he still had no idea why Squall was his rival since Squall had been in a business course while he'd been in a Teaching course.

"What brings you here?" she asked taking the spare seat uninvited.

"Lunch," he told her indicating the sushi the waiter had just given him, "what brings you here?"

"Squall invited me, I think he's going to finally propose," she squealed causing stares to be pointed in the couple's direction.

"I'm very happy for you." He said sincerely.

For the next 10 minutes Seifer was forced to endure Rinoa's constant babbling. He had no idea what he'd ever seen in her, but still he listened, even if inside he was screaming for her to go away. But soon Squall arrived dressed in his usual leather and belts. Surprisingly his arrival didn't cause the usual jump of his heart it had done during University, now it was just detached amusement that he was now the one putting up with Rinoa.

"Ahh there you are Rinoa." Squall smiled a strained smile at them walking over.

"Oh Squally, don't you ever wear anything other than leather?" she asked pouting after she'd given him a brief hug.

"I like leather," was his noncommittal answer as he swept his eyes over Seifer, "Seifer you look good."

"You still look the same puberty boy." He smirked not containing himself, Squall just rolled his eyes then offered his arm to Rinoa to lead her to a table a little across the ways. Once they were gone Seifer sighed in relief and then started to eat his meal.