TITLE: Untitled SeiferxLaguna fic. AUTHOR: Whitebearwrites/Joe WARNINGS: Yaoi, R, Seifer x Laguna, AU DISCLAIMER: The FF8 boys belong to SquareSoft, I don't own them, though I wish I did. A/N: My First SeiferxLaguna fic, please be gentle. This is based on the Australian School System since I'm from Australia and that's all I know. I don't know how they interview teachers but if someone knows and would like to inform me, then I'll be greatly appreciated. Also thanks to everyone that reviewed, I do appreciate the reviews.


Squall took a deep breath and then pulled the chair out so that Rinoa could sit down. He then sat down opposite her, his gaze straying to his old rival sitting by himself over near the window. "So what did you want to talk to me about Squally?" Rinoa asked sweetly, her dark eyes dancing in excitement and expectation. Squall knew what she expected him to ask her, they'd been together now for a year and he knew she wanted to get married, but Squall couldn't see himself settling down with her, actually he couldn't see himself settling down with any girl. "Let's order first," he told her softly, signaling the waiter over to them. Squall and Rinoa quickly ordered then Rinoa looked back to him. "So we've ordered." She told him smiling. "Um..yeah, so how have you been? We haven't seen each other since Friday night." Squall tried to make conversation, but then regretted it when she scowled. "I know, last night you went out with Zell. If I didn't know better I'd suspect I have something to worry about." Rinoa told him seriously, joking wasn't in her vocabulary. Squall quickly swallowed and paled slightly, hoping she hadn't noticed. He laughed weakly, then smiled in relief as the waiter bought their food over.

Seifer sat at his table enjoying his meal when he noticed someone outside the restaurant window watching his rival and ex-girlfriend almost worried. He smiled when he saw that it was the chicken wuss. He quickly finished his meal and paid for it before heading outside, curiosity killing him. "Hey Chicken Wuss, how have you been?" Seifer asked, unable to resist using the nickname he'd given Zell while they'd been in school. "Don't call me that." Zell shot back automatically, but half-hearted. "So what's wrong, you look worried?" "You would too if you're boyfriend was in the restaurant breaking up with his squizo girlfriend." Zell informed him. "Oh my," Seifer said, and then started to laugh. He couldn't feel sorry for Squall and Zell, but Rinoa he figured it would be wise to leave the restaurant before she came out. Rinoa was bad when she was angry, "and you're standing out her, outside the restaurant just waiting for Squall to break up with her. You're brave Chicken Wuss, she thinks that Squall's going to propose to her." Zell groaned at that and turned to Seifer, "Oh shit, could I go to your place for an hour or so, Rinoa will kick my arse." "What about Squall, just going to leave your boyfriend at her mercy?" Seifer asked with an amused raised brow. "Um.." Zell squeaked, blushing bright red. "Real brave Chicken, okay we'll leave a note with the head waiter, I suppose Squall deserves everything he gets for cheating on her in the first place. Come on." Seifer chuckled before leaving a message with the waiter and walking back home with a nervous Zell at his side.

Squall groaned softly as he watched Zell and Seifer walk down the street, he'd specifically told Zell to wait at home for him. He knew what Rinoa would have done if she'd seen him after what he was going to do to her. He was grateful that Seifer had taken Zell with him. "Is something wrong Squally?" Rinoa asked him concerned, obviously hearing his groan. He buried his head in his hands and took a deep breath, he supposed that now was as good a time as any to break the news to her, he figured that Zell was far enough away now. "No, only that I have something to say to you. And I doubt that you'd be happy with it." Squall told her softly, gently taking her hands into his own. He felt like he was on the Springer show about to tell his secrets to the whole world. "Why? I'm sure I'll be fine with anything you tell me." Rinoa smiled breathlessly, just knowing that this was it. She figured that Squall thought she wouldn't be ready to settle down yet, but she was more than ready, she'd been ready since the day he'd first kissed her. "Rinoa, I've." he stopped then took another breath, knowing that he was taking the cowards way out telling her in a public place, "I've been cheating on you." Rinoa heard the words, but didn't quite understand. "I'm sorry Squall but I thought I heard you tell me you've been cheating on me?" Rinoa asked her expressive eyes filling up with tears. "You heard right. I've been seeing someone else behind you're back and think we need to break up." Squall told her feeling guilty. "Who is she?" Rinoa asked softly, tears falling down her face, "Is it Selphie? Or Quistis? I bet it's that Quistis, she's had her eye on you since we met her." Rinoa told him suddenly fiercely. "It's not Selphie or Quistis Rinoa. In fact it's not..it's not a girl." Squall told her. "You.you cheated on me with a boy?" Rinoa screamed, obviously forgetting that they were in public, or remembering and not really caring. "Rinoa calm down, you're making a scene." Squall told her urgently, blushing at the accusing stares thrown his way. "I'm making a scene? You break up with me and tell me you're sleeping with a BOY and all you're concerned about is the fact that I'm making a scene. Ooh who is he, Seifer? I knew there was more behind those taunts, I'll kill him." "SEIFER?" Squall was shouting now, "ewwwww, who do you think I am, I'm not going to sleep with the guy that made my school life hell." "If not Seifer, then who?" Rinoa asked, then her eyes widened and Squall swallowed, guessing that she'd guessed the other man. "ZELL, you're dumping me for that little, Chicken Wuss?" "Don't call him that." Squall warned her softly in a deadly voice, "He's not a chicken." "So every time you were going for a boys night out, you were fucking each other at his place? How dare you? Zell of all people, where is he, I'm going to tear his hair out." Rinoa demanded, still yelling and standing up. The waiter's were staying well clear of the arguing couple. Squall watched her warily, not even bothering to defend himself. He knew what he'd done was wrong, but he also knew that he didn't care, he loved Zell and no one was going to come between them. He watched as Rinoa threw her napkin down and stormed out of the restaurant, Squall followed at a more sedate pace and paid their bill, collecting Seifers note on the way out.

They entered Seifers apartment, and Seifer showed Zell around, turning on the television as they entered the living room. "Want something to drink?" Seifer asked Zell heading out into the kitchen. "Um..soft drink if you have some." Zell told him softly sitting down on the couch, worrying about Squall. "How's Coke?" Seifer asked from the doorway, at Zells nod he threw Zell the can he had then went and joined the short blond on the couch. "How do you think Rinoa will react?" Zell suddenly asked quietly. "Honestly? I think that if we hadn't gotten you away from the restaurant then Rinoa would have stormed out and killed you." Seifer told Zell smiling slightly. "Oh man, I shouldn't have left Squall alone to deal with it himself." Zell explained ashamed. "Zell, did Squall ask you to be at the restaurant at that time?" Seifer asked the blond concerned, knowing that Squall wouldn't have asked that of someone he said he cared about. "No he didn't, I went there against his wishes. I just didn't want him to deal with it himself." Zell told him softly. Seifer nodded his head in understanding and flipped the channel. "You should have listened to him Zell, Rinoa is definitely Squizo when things don't go her way. And expecting Squall to propose and having it not happen like that will further put her over the edge." Seifer said worried.

Rinoa vaguely remembered hearing off Raijin Seifers address so made her way to the apartment. She needed someone to talk to and she figured that Seifer was the person she needed to talk to. That's if he wanted anything to do with her after the way she'd treated him in the past. She sniffled then stopped outside the door she believed to be Seifers apartment, hesitantly she knocked. "Who is it?" she heard Seifers deep voice ask from inside. "It's me, Rinoa." She called back sadly. She thought she heard a curse and some scrambling around but shrugged her shoulders and waited for Seifer to answer. "What's wrong?" Seifer asked as he stepped outside his apartment. He discretely looked over his shoulder to make sure that Zell was out of sight, then shut the door behind him, effectively blocking off Rinoas entrance into his apartment. He needed her out in the hall so he could keep a look out for Squall. So it was that he was surprised when Rinoa hurtled into his arms crying into his shoulder. Seifer sighed and put his arms around her shoulders. "Squall broke up with me." She wailed. "I'm sorry." Seifer told her embarrassed, not knowing what to say. "He dumped me for that Chicken Wuss Zell." She snarled, "when I get my hands on that spiky haired freak I'm going to pull him apart." Seifer widened his eyes and gently patted her shoulders, knowing she was serious, or as serious as it was for Rinoa to get. "Now that wouldn't be wise Rin." Seifer tried to tell her, "Awfully messy and you'd end up in some women's prison for life." "I don't care, I'm going to destroy that fucking faggot for everything's he's done to me, both of them." Rinoa told him fiercely and Seifer narrowed his eyes. Faggot was a particularly sensitive word for him. "Swearing's not like you Rinoa?" Seifer told her instead of biting her head of. "Do you think I give a flying fuck?" She asked sneering, "How dare he, how dare he?" "Tell me exactly what happened Rinoa?" Seifer asked sighing, then looked up as he heard the elevator door ping open. He spotted Squall step out and widened his eyes, Seifer urgently signaled for him to step around the corner, which Squall did. "Can we go into you're apartment?" Rinoa asked him wide eyed. "No it's awfully messy in there Rinoa, I like it clean when I'm entertaining pretty ladies," Seifer told her, flirting outrageously, anything to get her away from the apartment. Rinoa giggled and nodded, "we should go for a walk." "Where would we go?" Rinoa asked him softly. "Wherever you wanted." Seifer told her gallantly leading her towards the elevators signaling for Squall to stay.

Five minutes later Seifer and Rinoa were in the lobby then Seifer clicked his fingers. "Damn I forgot something important. You stay here and I'll be right back." Seifer told her urgently and Rinoa nodded. Seifer sprinted back to the elevators with one last smile in Rinoas direction and went back up to his floor. He reached the floor and saw Squall still where he'd left him. "You have no idea what I'm doing for you and Zell here Squall." Seifer warned his rival quietly, handing Squall the key. "Rinoas on a rampage, and I have to listen to her. You both better still be in my apartment when I get back." "Thanks Seifer." Squall told him smiling thankfully. "Yeah, well you owe me Leonheart. Have fun, oh and if you and Zell have the urge to fuck like bunnies? Use the spare bedroom."