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The King Malcolm C. Rouvelier died in 1547.

He left the throne ofEnglandto his only son, Neah Walker; his country was left deeply divided between Catholic and Protestant.

Neah was nine when his father died, so the rule fell to the advisor that had served his father the longest, an old man that went only by Bookman. Bookman ruled for five years, raising the young prince under the Protestant faith to continue the king's quest of taking power from the Catholic Church, and then gave the throne back to Neah in 1552.

Neah's older half-sister, Alenia, had been furious with the decision, but it had been the king's last wish that his son rule before the young woman; it was with a dark hatred for the younger boy that she left, running to a nearby country to build up supporters so she could take her rightful place on the throne.

And in the meantime, Neah's other advisors, including Bookman, plotted to keep the Catholic Church from ruling the country once more.

"It's the only way!" The younger man sighed heavily, running his hand over his face in frustration.

"I know my daughter!" He snapped back. "There is no way she'll agree to this, ever. She isn't even fond of the idea now- - -I've been dropping hints about it for the past two weeks, and she'll hear none of it! You'll have a better chance of convincing a brick wall to move for all the good it would do!" The cold, aged eyes of Bookman met Adam's own. His pipe, placed in his mouth, was pulled out slowly, smoke filling the air around him.

"Then you had better force the brick wall to move." He said. The old man's quiet voice filled the air, stopping any protests and carrying as well as the smoke from his pipe despite the volume he spoke in. His kohl-covered eyes, previously open, closed as he inhaled his pipe again. "We cannot haveEnglandfall into a church-controlled state once more. It would destroy us as surely as a war."

"Theresa expects to marry Neah." Adam hissed in frustration, rubbing his temples furiously. "Unless the boy tells her himself, she will fight to marry him."

"That girl is our last hope!" Bookman snapped, eyes opening furiously. "She has no choice; she must marry my grandson, and she will take the throne. We can use her as our puppet, and no one shall ever know the difference!"

"It's decided then." They turned to face Cross; the red headed man was sprawled across the couch in an elegant fashion, wine glass swirling in his hand as the crimson liquid created a miniature whirlpool in the glass. "The girl shall marry the Bookman heir, and she will do so as a request from her current fiancée. They can both be used as puppets- - -surely you would be able to control your grandson, Bookman?" The dark eyes narrowed at the jab; his grandson was a foolish idiot who was famous for all but living in pubs and brothels, something that made the Bookman name take a huge blow in pride.

"I can." He said stiffly. "He's completely under my control." Cross nodded, though Bookman could tell the man had little to no faith in the statement at all.

"Then things shall go according to plan." His gaze locked with Adam's next. "The girl could die for her mind, Adam. She's much too bright for a girl her age, and it could cause trouble later if she refuses." Adam's eyes narrowed at the threat, gold eyes sparking in anger, his jaw clenching and hands fisting.

"Theresa won't refuse," He admitted finally. "Not if Neah asks personally."

"There we go!" Cross clapped loudly, the sound echoing in the room. "It's settled then. Now, gentlemen, we drink." He held his glass in the air, the wine inside settling as he did. "To Queen Theresa; long live the queen!"