Royal Child, Little Love

No one understands me
And I am left alone
They all reprimand me
My heart is turned to stone

Alone and lost, I look to the sky
I long to learn to fly
Without a friend, I fall
Without a well, I crawl
On my hands and knees
I need someone, please

I prefer my solitude
I follow my own will
I reach for higher altitude
But I sink lower still

Alone and lost, I look to the sky
I long again to fly
Without a friend, I'll be
Far too blind to see
A lonely Rose on a star
Tell me who you are

Young and yet so very wise
You teach me how to see
Look not with these blind eyes
But with the heart, and be free

I hold you close, we look to the sky
Together, we can fly
With you, my friend, I soar
We see the stars, they pour
Living water, living laughter
I hear your voice forever after

I return to the air
I hear the sunset's song
I'll never sink into despair
I'll join the joyous throng

Alone, I seek you in the sky
You taught me how to fly
Now, thanks to you, I rise
I see the Rose in your eyes
I'll treasure ev'ry mem'ry of
My royal child, my little love