The darkness cradled him in welcoming warmth. It was and empty space of blackness and he was just like a falling feather in wind. His weary eyelids felt like weights, he could barely open them to peak….but there was blackness. He blinked several times, but no image emerged. He felt as though he awoke from deep, deep slumber, like he had been asleep for a thousand years.

Where am I? He thought to himself. He held out his mitten covered hand in front of his golden eyes, he can see them clear and bright as day in this unusual darkness. am I dreaming? He held his drowsy head and concentrated hard to find his recent memories.

Soon in his mind emerged eight glowing green eyes, the faint silhouette of a four headed dragon with a sort of crown on its highest head. He can barely see the fearsome scowl on its face; he felt a chill down his spine. Landia? He could hear the sirens and in the pure white hull, flashing white to red and back. My, my ship! He felt the abyss temperature rise. He saw even more images and he remembered the violent crash in a paradise, he saw the blurry image of pink ball.

Kirby? The temperature raised more; he felt an uncomfortable dampness in his clothes. He heard his own anxious voice as the memories of places in the paradise and creatures in it passed by.

"Kirby beat the dragon," the voice hissed. He saw Landia, split into four smaller dragons by what seemed to be a lava pool. Kirby was by its side flailing his stubby pink arms and dancing on his red feet with a smile on his face. There were three other silhouettes but they were blurry to figure out.

And…and the-

"And the crown….you got the crown," He heard his own voice reply, but it was deeper and sinister. The temperature was now uncomfortably stifling, He began to breathe heavily, and He saw himself in his blue regal outfit, white cape and his blue cap with the crown on top of it. "Limitless power." He saw his body transform into a red gaseous body, his hat become black and resembled a jester hat. His scarf that covered his mouth now black against his white face and purple eyes.

The glory….the POWER. He felt the air become hot and his skin felt a burning sensation He thought: You had it all Magolor, the world, no; the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was your oyster! WHAT HAPPENED?

"And then Kirby took it from you….." The voice replied in a deepened almost monstrous voice. He saw Kirby in his green sword cap with needles and a star on its crest. He pulled the Ultra Sword, 10 times higher than him and slashed it toward Magolor's powerful form…one...two… and enlarged it, preparing for the third strike.



SWISH! A slight pause before the being began exploding in a loud moan in pain. The entire picture of the memory shattered like glass as it faded white.

Magolor opened his eyes to see nothing but crimson, the flouting feeling before now was plummeting at an incredible velocity. The burning sensation he felt before became far worse, Magolor found the pain downright unbearable. He raised his hand slowly as it ached in pain to see what was happening to him. The hand is engulfed in white hot flames, he screamed in terror of the intense agony. The flames spread up his cape and body (fortunately he had no legs or feet) it engulfed his hat and every part of his body but his eyes. His whimpering and cries became shrieks and bloodcurdling screams. He could feel the blisters forming on his skin and hear the crackles of burning skin.

PLEASE!...JUST LET ME DIE! THE PAIN….ITS TOO MUCH! He became like a white fireball, falling through the crimson abyss into the purple gaseous looking cloud below.

"Such a foolish child…" the mimicking voice echoed… the cloud grew closer, looking as endless as the abyss. "You're already DEAD." The cloud seemed to swallow Magolor whole. The flames, the pain, and his sight it all seemed to be dulling a little. It wasn't enough to stop Magolor's screams of pain and thoughts pleading for mercy, but at least he could hear his own thoughts now.

Dead? He thought. So I am going to Hell? But!... what did I do wrong? He could not remember everything quite yet, but judging from the memories he saw and what the voice had said, he may have deserved it. The purple gas formed like a tunnel with no end in sight. In then a small red light appeared, it grew bigger, was this the flames of hell? No the light did not flicker like flames and it was cooler, almost cold. It grew bigger…bigger….CRASH!

The white fireball had hit not flames but solid sand, the flames burned like a bonfire before vanishing; leaving behind Magolor with his clothes slightly charred by the flames but was actually unharmed. The chill of the gust blew red sand onto Magolor's white cape. He moaned, and his body throbbed, but it was nowhere near as bad as it was a few, painful minutes ago.

He rose to a stand and slightly hovered over the ground as he had no feet. The desert sands were a bright red, and high. The sky was reddish, yellow with what seem to be a large orange sun high about. The brown clouds moved across it from time to time. In the distance, he could see spread out dead trees on the sandy hills.

"Well…at least it's not a blazing inferno." Magolor spoke to himself out loud. A gust of wind blew strong against him and almost knocked him over. "I can't just stand here." He began to walk across the red, lifeless waste land. The temperature felt as though it were 70 degrees. A chill temperature for a place known as Hell.

The only hellish part about this place was that there was no end in sight to this desert. It felt like he had been walking for hours. A sudden but powerful gash was lashed to the back of Magolor's head; it knocked him across the sandy hill and sent him tumbling down it. Magolor rose a little; he pulled down his white, blue belted scarf to spit out and wipe the sand from his mouth, leaving a sensation more intense than a mint flavored gum. Before he could rise to his feet, he felt a sharp point on his back keeping him down. Magolor turned himself over to find a demonic looking Waddle Dee. It was darker tint than normal, friendly ones and it had narrow yellow eyes with small bat wings on its back and a spear in its hand; pointed at Magolor.

"Well now, what do with have here..." the Demonic Waddle Dee growled, although it had no mouth it face seemed to form a sinister smile in the place it should be. Two more seemed to appear out of purple dust.

"Fresh meat?" The one on the left looked at the others.

"The best kind, with no defense!" They flouted closer to Magolor and drew their spears. Magolor shivered in complete fear.

"Don't you guys want to eat some one much bigger and tastier than me? I mean, I don't have anything on me that taste good any way!" Magolor pushed his hands out in pathetic defense.

"We don't get too many off of Pop Star anymore!" Said the middle one. "You're the first one we've had in five years!"

"Pop Star? I'm Halcandran! I'm not tasty at all" Magolor only visited Pop Star once, unwillingly.

"Even better! We only had one from there over 20 years ago, he tasted great!" They came closer. Magolor prepared himself for another painful session, he shut his eyes tightly. Waiting for the first stab, but he instead heard a high pitched screech. He opened them to find one Demon Dee flying in the desert sun.

"What the-UFFF" another one was sent flying, by a…beach ball?

"Wha? Hey!" The last one was sent away by the beach ball that relayed over Magolor's head. He is too stunned to realize he escaped a second death.

"Well now, look at who we have here…" On top the ball was a little jester, with little brown shoes and a red bowtie. His eyes were large, but innocent and his jester hat was split red and blue, He had no arms however. "You're a new type of face, what did you in?" The jester bounced on his beach ball gleefully as he waited for a response. Magolor was speechless, he finally meet someone else who wasn't a demon….or so it seems.

"It's really complicated….let's just say I tried to take over the universe and a little pink ball ended up killing me…"

"Wait." He froze on top his ball. "Did you say a little, PINK ball. What was his name?" His black eyes concentrated on Magolor's golden eyes.

"…Kirby." Magolor was a little confused, but then he remembered the stories he heard of Kirby and feats against other villains. The jester looked down at his own feet and scowled in thought.

"So you too….how did you fight him?" At the end the jester's words, a golden object fell from Magolor's cape, it was a golden crown. Magolor's eyes widened. The Master Crown was still with him? In his cape the whole time? It must have been destroyed along with him in his death.

"Er…with this!" Magolor scrambled for the crown and showed to the jester. "The source of limitless power, the Master Crown!" The jester eyes widened.

I heard the ancients created this too, but I thought any power greater Nova was a myth! The jester pondered. "Well then" he jumped back on his ball. "Unless you want to wander in this desert for years longer, you should come with me. I'm living with other beings of great power in a stylish mansion."

"Wow, wait…REALLY?" Magolor jumped for joy, finally someplace comfortable and safe! And in a mansion at that! He followed the jester on his bouncing ball through the desert. It was only about a few minutes until they reached a dirt road leading to a darken sky in the desert.

"It just down this road…." The jester turned to the Halcandran. "Say, what's your name anyway?"

"Me? Oh I'm Magolor."

"Magolor, eh? Well then Magolor, my name is Marx." He winked at Magolor who seemed to smile under his scarf. All will be well for him in this hellhole…for now.

-End of Chapter 1-

Author's Note:

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