Napoleon held his breath as the doctor removed the bandages from his face. He was anxious to see the result of the operations.

"There you go," said the doctor, obviously pleased with her own work, "All original surgery undone."

She was unusually friendly to Napoleon; he was sure that it was because she knew his history and felt sorry for him. The woman reminded him of an opposite of Mrs Stellenbosch - small, thin and frail with dark hair and eyes. She possessed all the magic and grace of a naturally kind soul.

She held up a mirror for him to see. The mirror displayed a boy with very fair hair and light blue eyes. He really was a younger version of Dr Grief, as he should be. He wasn't as handsome as Felix Johnson but that wasn't missed. Napoleon's reflection smiled back at him, it was a genuine smile.

He was pleased with the surgery, so he stated - "Thank you, Dr Levy-Croft."

"That is excellent. I'm glad you're pleased with the results. I will be checking up on you later, after Nurses Fiona and Harry tonight."


He lay in a hospital ward all by himself and was only occasionally seen to by nurses and doctors – there were no guards or people from the prison to check up on him. He didn't know whether they had finally set him free or transfer him to another prison. It would be easy for him to run away from the hospital and never be seen again. Right now that didn't matter to him.

He gazed out of his twentieth floor window – it was busy at night in Los Angeles. The bright lights of the city were beautiful but they made him feel small. It reminded him that his life had no purpose now that Dr Grief and the plans he had were gone. He was a penniless nobody in the vast world. He no longer had any commitment to stay in the United States now that he had no shares to the Johnsons' inheritance - Maybe he would travel the world and live in a different country. He knew he should go to university and study something that interested him. There was always the possibility that he could reconnect with his brothers. Maybe he would find someone as nice as Nicole and live happily ever after in the suburbs with kids.

For the first time in his life Napoleon felt that the future was uncertain, but of course that was because for the first time he would chose for himself.