Translation of the story by Sayuri-Ooo-baka

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Pairing: Gray/Natsu

Rating: T

A/N: Hello! This is my first fic about Fairy Tail, so please be nice, and I hope you like it.

I found that Gray and Natsu made such a cute pairing, while I watched Fairy Tail, so I finally decided to write a story about them.

Well, I better let you go to the prologue! ^^

When dreams come true


"Natsu, are you alright? You seem strange!" said Happy.

"Yes, yes, everything's fine."

If Happy's asking me this I should really be paling or something like that…

I'll explain myself, yesterday I had a very strange dream… I was in my room when suddenly Gray stood over me and said something like, "Natsu, I love you…" and that's when I woke up with a jump in the middle of the night. I was so upset with my dream or nightmare, my nightmare-dream, that I couldn't sleep during the rest of the night!

That must be it, the reason why I have a strange look, oh well, now I have to get myself together and think of something else.

After having chomped a large pile of chicken legs for lunch, I stood in front of the missions' board, looking for a mission worthy of me and, especially, a mission that pays well! Ah, that one's worth 600000 Jewels! I'll take it!

I'm about to take the flier when, at the same moment, another hand gets it. I grab it immediately and pull it towards me. The other hand pulls it too.

"Hey! Gray, you're pissing me off! I saw it first."

"No. I had seen it before you did!" Gray replies. "Give it to me!"

"Don't you even dream it!"

"That's enough you two!" yells Erza. "Among friends, we compromise in these kinds of situations. You are friends, aren't you?"

Gray glares darkly towards me and I pretend to whistle to avoid having to answer.

"Ah, I see…" says Erza. "But you had promised me to behave. Just for that, you're going on this mission together, as both of you wanted it so much…"

I look at Erza, my mouth open wide, and I wonder if she's insane. Then I yell, pointing at Gray.

"With him? No way!"

"Just the two of us?" asks Gray.

"Yes, just the two of you!" answered Erza with a small evil smirk.

Erza can be really sadistic sometimes. And not only sometimes. Usually, in a mission there's at least her and Lucy but now it's just me and that imbecile of Gray. Scenes of my dream come back to my mind and, that's really it. I don't want to be alone with him!

I hit my head against the wall and Lucy, who had just arrived, looks at me strangely.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Lucy… Help me!"

"No!" Erza cuts in, categorically. "Lucy's accompanying me in another mission. If you don't obey I will bring the big guns."

A small, scared, cry leaves my throat and I look at Gray to see him doing the same, horrified.


"Anyway, we have no choice…" Gray says, defeated.

Well now, I still can't believe it! I'll have to stand mister-I-piss-the-world during a whole mission? No, I can't! It's not the right time! But, hey, at least there's a good thing – I'll be able to beat the crap out of him without interruption…

I set up my things for the mission and then meet Gray, who's waiting for me in front of the door. Finally, we leave – but I'm weary of this situation that will surely be quite agitated.


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