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Life Before His Eyes

The bullet from the gun tears into my body and leaves me bleeding on the diner floor. I wonder if I'm going to die and wonder if I want to. Jenny Shepard died in a diner when Franks was with her. I remember feeling this way when I went to get Maddie and drove the car off the pier into the water. If Tony hadn't of been there both of us would have died. Tony saved us that day with plague damaged lungs, but he wasn't thinking about himself he was thinking about us. People think that Tony thinks about himself, but he really doesn't he cares about people, but like me doesn't show it. It's because of his childhood that he's this way.

I see my wife Shannon and my daughter Kelly in the booth and Shannon says. "We've been waiting for you."

I sit down and watch both my wife and child as they welcome me. Then suddenly it's almost like one of DiNozzo's movies that he's always talking about.

All at once I'm transported to the first time that I meet Abigail Scuito the new forensic scientist. At first I didn't know what to think of her, but then she grew on me. I watch as this woman shows up for work in Goth clothes with a spider web tattoo. I wonder if she's smart and wonder why she would dress like that. Mike Franks is always making me bring Caf Pow's to this girl and I stand in the doorway watching her work. It takes time, but she's good at her job. She may dress a different way, but that doesn't matter because she's a good forensic scientist. After a while I treat her like a daughter.

Then another little movie is playing. I'm undercover in Baltimore. A Baltimore Police Officer is chasing me. He catches me and throws me to the ground. I try to hit him, but he takes his gun and points it at me. He arrests me and I'm sitting there watching Tony and his partner Danny work. I tell him that I'm an undercover NCIS Agent and watch as he calls The Director. Later in the week he finds out that his partner Danny is a bad cop. I see him inside Danny's place after Danny leaves and walk in on him. Once again I have a gun in my face, but he lowers it once he sees who it is. I know that it's not safe for him to be in Baltimore anymore, so I invite him to NCIS and he shows up. I tell him that you don't waste good and he's good. I show him Human Resources and he's on my team. It takes a while until I trust him. He's sometimes so immature and likes to talk about everything and nothing. He grows on me. When he had the plague I was worried that he would die and then I told him that he wouldn't and then he got better. I was worried about him when he went missing looking for Atlas. I was also worried about him when he was chained to Jeffrey White. Kate was trying to get me to show my feelings, but I couldn't. I couldn't tell her that I was worried about him.

Those two grew on me and I consider both of them my children. They couldn't take Kelly's place, but I do have enough room for both of them. They may not be my children by blood, but they are still my two children and I am so proud of both of them. I stand up and try to find my way out. I don't want to die.

I see Mike Franks there. I tell him that I'm not done. I still have stuff to do. I have to get back to my children. I know that if I died it would wound both of them. I've already left both of them when I went to Mexico and I can't die on them. I love them too much. I have to find my way back. I can't die and leave them.

The End