The cemetery was beautiful. Everything was trimmed grass sectioned off by flower beds, surrounded on most sides by woods that were just big enough to seperate the place from its surroundings. The result was a colourful, peaceful place to lay the recently deceased to rest.

Mourners gathered. Words were spoken. The coffin was lowered into the grave.

The ceremony ended, those assembled began speaking among themselves.

One among them caught a hint of movement at the edge of the woods, a figure they believed they recognised. Excusing themselves with a whisper, they left the congregation for the treeline to seek the figure out.

"You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Ron said angrily, glaring up into the trees, even though he couldn't see anything.

"Guess not," Shego's voice grumbled from above.

"Why don't you come on over, say hi to the doctors Possible and their two children?"

The villainess dropped into view, surprisingly close, yet Ron didn't flinch. "Don't push it, doofus." They glared at each other, eye to eye, until Shego noticed something that took the frown off her face. "My eyes used to be brown, y'know."


"Before the comet made me green, my eyes were brown. I remember your eyes used to be brown. Now they're blue." Shego paused as Ron's expression showed his mind was catching up, then continued, "Well, I guess that explains how the sidekick stepped up. Did a space rock crash through your treehouse too?"

Ron's frown was back. "No, and why should I tell you?"

"Because I wanna know."

Again, the blond was preplexed. The sincere tone of her voice was unexpected. "You... you actually want to..."

"Ron," Shego said, surprising him further still, "Tell me what happened."

There was no attitude in her voice. No superiority or sarcasm, no hostility. Ron blinked several times, then answered, "Mystical monkey power."

"Magic, then. Wait, I thought Monkey Fist had the power..."

"He does. So do I. It was that or let him kill me. Turns out there's this whole prophecy thing, I'm destined to be the master of the stuff."

"You know monkey kung fu?" Shego asked with a disbelieving raised eyebrow.

"Well, I wouldn't say know... I mean, I've had some training, but... uh, I probably shouldn't have said that..."

Shego sighed and muttered, "Whatever," as she turned back to the gathering across the clearing. "I guess you all hate me now. Don't you."

Ron stared at her for a long moment, then blurted out, "Where were you?"


"The final showdown, Bueno Nacho HQ. You weren't there. I was expecting you, not the synthodude."

Shego turned back to the former sidekick. "What synthodude?"

"You really don't know?" The green girl shook her head, and Ron decided to believe her. "Synthodrone with a human head that had an actual face, and talked, and stuff. Drakken upgraded him. Apparently he was going to put him in our school and use him to distract Kim while he took over the world, until you..." Shego flinched, and Ron skipped over the rest of the sentence. "He was hard to take down until Rufus gave him a puncture. Then it was just a case of beating up the henchmen and capturing Drakken. He never even got his little robots working."

"Another robot army?" Shego groaned. "He never learns. So... you stepped up to go on a revenge kick, huh?"

"No," Ron answered with an unfamiliar edge to his voice. "It wasn't Drakken who killed her."

Shego looked down at her left hand and shuddered, then moved it out of sight and hugged herself with just her right arm.

Ron's serious face was back. "I answered your question, now you answer mine. Why weren't you there."

"You think I'd go back to Drakken after that?"

"Why not? You're the girl who killed Kim Possible. Now you can do anything."

"Shut up," the villainess hissed, turning away from him. Unfortunately that meant facing the clearing, which didn't do her mood any favours.

Another moment of silence, then Ron told her, "I saw your face, when you did it. After you did it. Was your newfound rep worth it?" When Shego didn't answer, he added, "You can't even admit it, can you."

"I didn't mean to."

Okay, maybe she could.

"Sometimes, I'm so sick of her showing up to save the day. Others, I look forward to it. All depends on my mood at the time. She's... she was the only one who could last more than one round with me. She was a fighter, an artist, like me. Just like me." Now Shego had started, she found she couldn't stop the admissions flowing from her mouth. "I hadn't tried to kill her for a while, you know. Once I recognised her for what she was. It was like we were meant to fight each other. I never wanted that to end. That night... I was enjoying champagne and strawberries and Drakken getting tossed around by Brotherson's muscle, and then she showed up to ruin it. So yeah, I went at her hard. I never-" Her voice broke, but she tried again, "I never thought I'd actually..."

Shego stopped talking. She knew if she tried, she'd start crying; and she wasn't going to do that.

Ron stepped around her until they were face to face. "You regret what you did. That's half the reason we're just talking right now, the other half being where we are." He nodded his head in the direction of the fresh grave. "Next time I see you, you're going down. Hard."

He turned and walked away before she could form a response. Nothing she said would have mattered anyway. As he made his way back to the crowd, he remembered the sequence of emotion that played across Shego's face on that poker table. Surprise. Horror. Panic. It was all he cared to remember of that moment, but he knew it would haunt Shego for the rest of her life, however long that turned out to be.

The only thing Shego would ever remember was her frantic tugging, trying to dislodge her hand from what was left of Kim's face.