This idea has been on my mind for some time. In the early days of my KP fanfiction reading frenzy, I came across several involving deaths and/or funerals. When I finally saw So The Drama, I kept thinking of where things could have gone horribly wrong if only it wasn't a Disney cartoon.

I made a list, with a few notes. That's how it stayed for some time.

My own mother has been dead for over a decade, but I had a backup, so to speak. A friend of my mother's, a matriarchal figure who gave a damn about me. She passed away late last year, and her family seems a little lost without her. The aftermath helped me flesh out most of the potential chapters.

Reaching So The Drama in Between Bouts is what finally crystallized the concept and got me into a decent editing mood.

Ann was never going to die, partly because the opportunity never particularly arose in STD, but because it was a little too close too home.

The opening punch Kim gives Drakken at the start of the final confrontation could have been fatal, but Drakken's survived Shego this long, so even a hit enhanced by the battle suit is unlikely to kill him. It would have been a rather anti-climactic end, regardless, unless Shego really tried to kill Kim afterwards, and that's already been covered.

And it just wasn't plausible that Ron would go batshit crazy and kill Drakken for ruining Bueno Nacho and having trouble remembering his name.

As for what I actually wrote... I'm not sure why I had to start each chapter the same way, but I did. Perhaps because each chapter is self-contained. Rewriting STD so that one person after another dies isn't what I was trying to do with this; I guess I could try it sometime, but currently feel no compulsion to do so. Maybe after I finish The Fall, assuming I ever do.

I also tried to do not just a different pairing per chapter, but different characters. It led to a series of impausible conversations that didn't fit the mood of what I was trying to do. Talraticide comes closest to that, but it still makes sense to me.

Maybe I should do this chapter by chapter. Let's give it a go.

Bad Beat, Fouled Hand

If the poker references don't make it obvious enough, this is the first opportunity to get someone killed after Drakken's line. Kim has never looked hotter... so let's contrast that by removing her face and having Shego wiggling her fingers in Kimmie's brains. What worse time for it to happen than right before That Smirk, am I right? If I watched horror movies, I might know of a shot where a redhead gets something nasty in the face; splice it in, and Shego's tugging would mean something completely different.

Ron has a habit of not butting in on kigo fights. He'd be kicking himself for not doing it here. Hence the way he steps up after Kim's death. He may not be ready to go all monkeymasta like in Graduation, but we know it can kick in when he calls on it. Which he'd have to. Whether or not he kills Shego the next time they cross paths is beyond the purview of the story. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief these days, it's good to leave some things hanging forever.

Never Wear a Lifejacket Again

If you haven't seen Jaws, you're a young whipper-snapper who needs to get off my lawn. Otherwise, you should get the title reference. From the state of James' cothes, he appears to have been chewed without any real damage; it never really works out like that. Ocean predators don't do that. And given the fact that the man was completely submerged... well. Disney cartoon, all that needs saying, really.

Ron's crippling guilt isn't something parents like his could cure, but the Possibles can. They'd have to. Kim's dad's life is at stake, and it's still sidekick hijinx as usual? Here's a dose of reality for you, buffoon. You've got a synthodrone to fight in the big finish!

James' death doesn't stop Drakken's plan from unfolding - I doubt he'd feel enough remorse to stop, if he feels any at all - so Erik is present, and of course he's the hottest mourner of them all. I'm thinking Armani.

Automatic Choke Failure

What can a bunch of itty bitty bots do to a person? Pinching, poking, not much else. But wait! What if they can produce miniaturized versions of their state of the art weapons? Then you've got an extremely uncomfortable way to go. When the small are many, they are stronger than the strongest. And if Ron Stoppable can't do anything, not getting his scooter started as he tries to flee is the most obvious way for him to scew up and get himself killed.

Without Ron and Rufus, Kim fails utterly, due to emotional distraction and the lack of back-watching. Drakken wins, but she's still in play, so it's up to Erik to deliver the winning move. You know it's coming, it's just a question of when... and there's no need to see what happens after checkmate, unless I really want to stick a pin in it. Erik carrying the unconscious Kim back to her family only to deliver her into Shego's hands when she pops up, or something like that... but I think my ending is better.

Peine Fort et Dure

The French used to put increasingly heavy stones on a suspect until they confessed; it was a legitimate courtroom tactic. The tweebs got off light in comparison. The idea was inspired by the thought: if these things are toys for kids, won't a whole mess of kids be the first casualties when the whole thing pops off?

Everyone spends such a long time reacting to the command signal; what took the diablos so long? Dramatic licence, of the cartoon variety. How about a pair of bloodstains instead? I'm assuming the Possible parents pull together in a crisis enough to get the rocket scooter finished regardless, but it raises questions. What would have happened differently at BNHQ? How would Shego react, having young twin brothers of her own?

As well as Kim losing her innocence in the worst possible way, I felt compelled to point out something mentioned in the KP slash haven forums, that Ron made his move on Kim at the worst possible time. We have enough difficulty believing a romantic relationship between them would work in the first place; I have no problem making it even worse.

Lazy Graviton Field

I can't remember how I chose the title, but I'm sure it was scientifically relevant. It's always kinda bugged me how everyone says Shego's power is plasma. When I started posting Getting Things Rolling in the KP slash haven forums, the first page of the thread was consumed by scientific debate about how hot she can burn. I maintain in my fics that it is NOT plasma... though I have no alternative to speak of. They never really explained how Superman can do half the things he does, either. Lasers and X-rays? How do those eyes work?

Shego goes crazy with the glow in that fight (though not in the rematch, did you notice?) and Kim 'bubbles' before playing catch. What if Wade assumes what everyone else has guessed and, as a result, cocks up big time? The only drawback is that I refer to Shego fans as "everyone, including Global Justice." Insult or compliment, it's bad news either way.

Of course, I have about as much idea of what he's talking about as Ron, but I do recall the reason people gave as to why a bunch of furballs beat an entire legion of the emperor's best troops.


Tal being mole, of course.

Shego's busy enjoying bondage fun with unconscious Kimmie when she hears a snap. She turns and sees Erik with Rufus in his hand, bent at an extremely unhealthy angle. When Drakken learns of it, Shego gets another close encounter of the gooey kind... but the fact remains, our heroes are left tied up with no way out, a broken little body getting cold next to Kim's backpack.

This should satisfy everyone who hates how Disney forced the writers to add an over-intelligent animal to the mix. I've always wondered if they chose the most penis-like one on purpose.

Kim has failed, Drakken controls the world, and Shego... is being nicer to her Kimmie than expected. Perhaps now would be a good time to stop ignoring the subtext, eh?

Global Justice is usually believed to pick up the slack when it comes to the villains of KP's world. If Kim should ever fail, it's up to them to finish the job. I'm not sure they'd succeed in this particular instance, so I'm glad I don't have to decide. Besides, Betty's really hot. I haven't written enough of her.

What They Really Hate

This one has been a favourite of fanfiction writers, I think. What if Shego doesn't survive Kim's hate-fuelled kick?

Hego's the easiest of Team Go to write for various reasons, but it made the most sense for it to be him since he's the most likely catalyst for Shego's departure. This chapter also revisits earlier themes like loss of innocence and guilt from killing.

You know what? Trying to write about it now, I think it really is just a setup for the last chapter.

What They Really Love

...I hope it was a surprise.