"Hey everybody! This is a latest 'Light of the world' Christmas fundraising effort...With each purchase of a candle, you can have your wish written down on its attached tag. Then, we'll light up your candle and along with your wish, we'll place it on this tall, lovely Christmas tree you're seeing right behind me! What a meaningful way to brighten up this season's winter cold...So don't let go of this awesome chance...Your wish on this breathtaking Christmas tree!" Yi Han chanted repeatedly by the crowded street for the past hour, yet no one responded.

Resorting to take a break, she crouched down on the icy cold concrete ground and waited wearily, wondering why such first day of the event would start off this badly. She continued to stare on helplessly at the sea of oblivious passers-by not bothering to give her a second look.

Like the rest who were only interested in their own motives for being about the town at this late hour, he trotted on in the midst of the scurrying people. In spite so, he has no idea of where he was heading towards in particular. Bearing heavy weight of unanswered doubts, his eyes affixed on the dim, plain pavement under him, he kept asking himself deep within what was the ultimate direction of all life existence.

From her spot, Yi Han stood up once more and persistently aimed to scan around for potential supporters in her mission for the night. In about a minute or so, her wandering gaze fell on a certain someone, who stood out from countless others. She was able to notice effortlessly that he wore a rather disheartened expression, despite the dark, poorly-lit area.

She grabbed the opportunity to race towards him and asked if he would like to purchase a candle from her.

He lifted his gaze hesitantly and was initially silent for a moment before questioning back, "What's the point of doing this?"

Yi Han was quite taken aback by his cold reaction. He simply stared on at her with an aloof attitude. She has no other option but to reply with a forced smile and cleared her throat nervously, "Actually, you get more than putting up a wish on a tree...If it's something that troubles you, I can even make it as a prayer request..."

He seemed not to be convinced in any way, "Then,...what will happen next?"

Now, Yi Han was even more at a lost. She thought hard and stammered, "Err...Then, God will answer our prayer!" After uttering, she was overly worried if that was the weirdest answer to give.

He considered her logic. For a while, a barrier of unbreakable silence surrounded them.

The whole time, she was pressured to give up her luck and retreat. Somehow, she did step back a little in preparing to leave.

"Alright, I'll buy from you," he agreed to at last.

After writing down his wish and passing the note back to her, Yi Han expressed with utmost gratitude, "Thank you, I'm sure that God will answer your prayer and may He bless you richly this Christmas!"

He nodded nonchalantly. However, just before going on his way, he advanced forward and added in a subtly serious tone, "If He doesn't, you had better watch out..."

Upon realising what she just heard, Yi Han felt her heart skipped a full beat. When she turned about and saw him walking on and disappearing down the endless stretch of pathway, she swallowed hard with apprehension, "Black coat and shirt...and dark pants...He sure looks like a gang leader..."