Summary – "Hermione should have thought up a better plan that day. Now she is hiding what happened from Harry, Ron, Ginny, the rest of The Weasley Family, and half of Hogwarts. Also on top of that other secrets are coming out and she is learning new things about herself that she never knew. Along with the troubles of two Veela, but especially one Fleur Delacour and her family."

Rating - Older Teen to Mature (For later chapters)

By- WolfDragonGod and Asher Henry

Beta -Lash_Larue



To Hate is To Love –Chapter Nineteen

Hermione woke up with a feeling she had never experienced before. She had woken up happy before, even excited or giddy, but never had she woken up with a feeling such as the one she had now. She felt like she was in heaven. She was sated in a way she didn't know was possible. A weight on her chest reminded her of why that was.

Taking a deep breath, she took in the mixed scents of herself and Fleur. The feel of her lover resting upon her, the scent of them as one filled her senses, and as the memories of the previous night washed over Hermione she let out a low purr. All was perfect in the world and she hoped this moment would never end. A contented sigh from the girl resting atop her let her know that Fleur, even in her sleep, was in agreement. A delicate hand made its way up Hermione's side and came to rest over her heart.

"You seem to have finally calmed, my love," the sleep-addled voice floated to her ears. Hermione smiled at that and wrapped her arms a little tighter around her love.

"Only took most of the night," Hermione answered back in an equally soft voice.

Fleur moved to snuggle closer to Hermione before speaking. "I wish we could stay here forever."

Hermione let out a light giggle and Fleur looked up at her.

"I was just thinking the same thing," Hermione said, and she leaned down to place a soft kiss on Fleur's forehead. The blonde smiled at her mate and leaned up to capture Hermione's lips.

The two quickly melted together, their hands once again mapping each other's body. The light, loving exchange turning into a heated embrace the more they explored one another.

A moan was pulled from Fleur's throat as Hermione's hand slipped between their bodies and brushed against her core. Hermione let out a low growl at the sound, the moan adding to her own lust. She gently pushed her hand between Fleur's thighs and pressed against her moist center. The Veela moaned again, this time louder, nearly crying out in pleasure. Hermione took the opportunity to flip them over and Fleur readily surrendered to her mate.

Hermione pulled her lips away from Fleur's and began to make her way down the blonde's neck. She licked and nipped her way down to Fleur's shoulder and then made her way across to the girl's chest. Fleur was squirming under her. Hermione was rubbing her center so achingly slowly that she felt like she was being tortured. The warm tongue and sharp teeth lapping at her flesh soon found her breast. When Fleur felt the warm mouth of her lover wrap around the sensitive peak she let out a wanton moan and pushed her chest closer to Hermione.

The two young mates began to lose themselves in the feeling of each other. Hermione began to once again make her way down Fleur's body. Kissing, nipping, and licking every part of the Veela, relishing the moans and whimpers, gasp and groans that made their way from the blonde's mouth and echoed around the room. Fleur's twisted her hands in the sheets beneath her, trying to keep herself grounded. When Hermione's teeth grazed her hip she let lose a nearly feral moan and pushed her hips up, a strangled "please" making its way into the air. A satisfied grin crossed Hermione's face and she lightly planted kisses across the milky white thigh in front of her.

The muscles tensed under her soft lips and the scent of Fleur's need was intoxicating. The world began to fade away as Hermione made her way closer Fleur's center. The roar of flames went unnoticed by the two as Hermione drove her tongue into her lover and savored both her taste and the cry of pleasure that accompanied it. The two once again lost themselves in each other and melted together. They climbed to the heights they had the night before, kissing, biting, and grinding one another. After what seemed like an eternity they came crashing back down to earth, screaming each other's name.

Hermione collapsed on top of Fleur, her weight a welcome feel to the blonde. Hermione made an attempt to roll off the Veela but was quickly held in place. The two lovers lay in bed, once again covered in sweat and breathing heavy with exhaustion.

"I love you," Hermione said, planting a light kiss just below Fleur's ear.

The blonde giggled at the tickle it caused and echoed the feeling, "And I love you."

"Merlin it's hot in here," Hermione said as she slowly became aware of her surroundings.

Rolling off of Fleur she sat up in the bed and looked over to the fireplace. She knew she had put it out the previous night, and yet it had blazing fire burning. She reached over to the bedside table and picked up her wand. With a quick wave she extinguished the flames. Looking to floor in front of the flames she spotted three letters lying on the ground. A muttered 'Accio' had the notes floating over to her hand. Looking over them she found them all addressed to Fleur. Hermione turned to the woman lying next to her, her eyes heavy with exhaustion from their morning activities and handed her the letters.

"For you, my love," She said and leaned down to place another kiss on Fleur's already swollen lips.

Fleur welcomed the affection and accepted the letters, asking "From who?" when they broke apart.

Hermione shrugged her shoulders and reached over to the foot of the bed for the comforter. She pulled it over them and rested her back on her pillows. Fleur sat up when she recognized the writing on one of the letters as that of Madame Maxime. She opened the note from her headmistress first, and read through it.

It was a quick note informing her that if she wished to stay the rest of the holidays at Hogwarts she would need to inform her headmistress as soon as possible. Fleur made a mental note to speak with Madame Maxime. Fleur swiftly broke the seal on the second note without paying attention to where it had come from. She unfolded the parchment and was shocked by the opening line, "Dear daughter." Fleur read through the letter faster than she had the first and promptly re-read it. Hermione could sense the change in her demeanor and slipped a warm, comforting arm around her.

"What is it, love?" She asked the blonde wrapped in her arm.

Fleur didn't say anything, but quickly folded the letter and opened the third one. As she suspected it was from her mother, a warning. Fleur let out a huff of frustration and buried her head in Hermione's neck.

"What is it love, has something happened?" Hermione asked again. The worry was starting creep into her voice. Fleur reached her hand up and cupped Hermione's cheek, and placing a light kiss on her lips.

"It seems mon pere would like to meet you" She said to Hermione, who only responded with a confused look. Fleur smiled at her and translated. "My father." At that Hermione's face fell and Fleur couldn't help but feel a little bad for the girl, especially since she had more to say.

"Apparently he had come to visit for the holiday and decided to surprise us today. He uh…he decided to surprise me first and found my room empty." At that Hermione turned pale and her ever so clever mind pointed out an alarming fact. The letters had come to her room. That meant he knew where Fleur was and whom she was with.

Hermione uttered the only word that ran through her mind at that realization. "Shit."

"Don't feel too bad love. Ginevra spent the night with Gabrielle, and according to mother Gabby pushed her out the window when she recognized my father's voice," Fleur said in an amused voice. Hermione did not see what was funny.

"Fleur," Hermione said in a serious voice, "you spent the night in my room."

Fleur made a show of looking around the room before turning back to Hermione. "It would appear so."

Hermione let out and exacerbated sigh and said, "No, you spent the night in my room and your father knows."

Fleur could sense the panic growing in Hermione and once again took hold of the girls face by cupping her cheeks.

"'Ermione, I know this is scaring you but my father knows what it is for a Veela to find its mate. He experienced it with mama and has been learning about it since I was born. He knew this day was coming and we have prepared him for it. Don't worry." She finished, looking into Hermione's eye in an effort to calm her.

It didn't work.

Hermione looked to her mate and said, "Fleur, anyone can plan for something. I can plan for a fire but that doesn't mean everything will be okay when the building is on fire."

Fleur let out a sigh and said the only thing that she could think of the help ease Hermione's panic. "At least you won't be alone. Gabby and Ginny will have to go through the same thing."

Hermione nodded and snuggled up close to Fleur before kissing her on the shoulder. "I guess we had better get ready then."

Fleur nodded and said "We don't have to meet with them until later tonight." Hermione moved to get up out of the bed and stretched, jumping when she felt a slight pinch to her behind, she turned and saw Fleur smirking.

"Did you just pinch my bum?"

Fleur grinned and got up herself before saying "I did, it was how do you say…very temping, and it is a sexy bum if I do say so myself, now come join me in a shower." With that Fleur walked off with a slight sway in her hips.

Hermione stared for a moment before grinning and saying, "Yes ma'am." With that she went after Fleur into the bathroom.


Hermione and Fleur walked into the great hall with smiles on their faces. Hermione had her arm around Fleur's waist and Fleur leaned into her mate's warm and soft embrace, enjoying every moment they shared. Walking up to the table where the others sat, Hermione saw the grim look on Ginny's face and felt her own face grow pale. Sitting down with Fleur, she said, "Guess you already had a talk with Gabby's father."

Ginny nodded before speaking "It was so scary, Mione, I thought for sure he would hex me into next year."

Gabby moved closer to her love and snuggled into before speaking "But he didn't, love. He will warm up to you eventually, I promise. Daddy couldn't hurt you anyway, he knows what it's like to be in love with a Veela, so he wouldn't hurt you because it would hurt me."

Ginny nodded. "Yeah, well he doesn't like me, that's for sure".

Gabby nodded and kissed her on the check. "This is true, but that's just because you're dating one of his daughters. At least he didn't catch you in my room this morning, and thank God mother is more understanding." Ginny blushed at the mention of what had happed this morning and her grand escape out Gabby's bedroom window.

Fleur chuckled at the look on her sister's mate's face. Hermione also chuckled a little but her face still grew whiter at the mention of bedrooms. Hermione was positive the father of the two sisters would know instantly what they had done the other night, while Gabby and Ginny had shared a bed, it was nothing compared to what Hermione and Fleur had done. She was sure he knew Fleur had stayed with her in her room, which meant Hermione was as good as dead if he knew about the sex.

Fleur felt Hermione tense and reached a soothing hand down under the table to rest on Hermione's thigh. The comforting move caused Hermione to jump and she quickly removed Fleur's hand.

"What is the matter, love?" Fleur asked.

Hermione shook her head and mumbled "nothing," while she loaded up her plate with food.

Fleur gave her a confused look but chose to let it go. Instead she turned to her sister and asked about staying over the holiday. It was the wrong question to ask and the young Veela told her to wait until after speaking with their father before making plans and talking with Madam Maxime.

The rest of the morning had Hermione on edge and she nearly blew up half the transfigurations classroom attempting to cast a simple spell. After that McGonagall gave her the rest of the period off. She left the class and headed for her personal sanctuary, the library. She made her way to the back of the room to a table hidden from view and sat down. She didn't have any books with her and simply reached over and pulled a random book off the shelf and opened it. To any other student it would like she was deep in study but if they looked closer they would find her eyes glazed over and her mind wandering. She sat there lost in her own mind until a loud bell rang. When she looked up she found students flooding into the library, more than just those stopping by between classes.

"There you are! They are waiting for us." A voice called to her. It was calm and warm and instantly lifted Hermione's spirits.

Fleur was standing at the end of the row of shelves hiding Hermione. She was in her Beauxbatons uniform and carrying a satchel with her. She looked stunning as always, but for some reason today it was different. Hermione felt her world stop like it never had before, and everything faded away. Today she would truly make Fleur hers in the eyes of the girl's family. Today she would prove herself worthy to the one person who truly needed to see it for themselves.

"Best not keep them waiting then," Hermione said and gathered her things, quickly stuffing the long ignored book back onto the shelf. Her new-found confidence sent a smile to Fleur's lips, and the two walked out of the now bustling library hand in hand.

They walked down the halls, stopping for a second when Harry and Ron nearly ran them down on their way to the great hall. Both boys give Hermione a sympathetic pat on the shoulder and wished her luck. Fleur simply rolled her eyes at the overly dramatic trio. After that they set off on their way again, Hermione fighting to keep her confidence up the whole way. It isn't until they were out of the comfort of the castle and heading to the shimmering carriage on the Hogwarts lawn that Fleur felt Hermione's hand begin to shake and sweat a bit. She looked over to the Gryffindor and found a mask of self-confidence covering up the nervous teenage girl inside. Fleur let out a sigh and pulled Hermione to a stop almost half-way to the carriage.

"What is it?" Hermione asked, confused.

"I love you," Fleur said with all the confidence, love, and truth she could muster.

A smile made its way across Hermione's face and she wrapped an arm around her mate.

"And I love you," the bushy-haired girl whispered, and she leaned down to place a chaste kiss on her lover's lips.

When she pulled back she found Fleur with her eyes still closed and smile splashed across her face. The sight filled her chest and she was about to speak when a shout broke through the trees.

With little thought, Hermione gripped Fleur to herself and spun so she is between her mate and the forest. Fleur barely acknowledges the quick move before she hears the sound of a spell crashing into Hermione's back and sending the two girls to the ground. Fleur's back slammed into the ground but Hermione's weight didn't immediately crush her. Her blue eyes looked up to find blazing golden orbs staring down at her. Before she could do anything Hermione was on her feet, wand in hand, eyes searching the shadows of the forest. A light gust of wind from between the trees told her all she needed and without second thought Hermione began casting curses into the forest as she stalked closer to the tree line.

The sound of running from behind her had Hermione spinning around to see who was heading towards her mate. It was a man she didn't know, but clearly Fleur did. The blonde Veela had her wand in hand, as did the man approaching her. Once he reached Fleur he immediately placed himself between her and forest as Hermione had. A quick swish from the trees reached Hermione's ear and out of the corner of her eye she spotted a purple light heading for the man in front of Fleur. A snap of her wrist erected a shield and blocked the spell's path, and once again Hermione set her eyes on the forest. She knew Fleur was calling for her but she needed to stop this threat before returning to her. The first curse was aimed at Fleur's back and that was something that Hermione would never forgive.

As soon as she passed the first tree the smell of fear hit her nose and the sound of crunching leaves her ears. Through the shadows she spotted two lone figures tripping over themselves and every twig in their path, both trying to get away from her and back to the castle. Hermione raised her wand and waited for them to come to a small break in the trees. As soon as the first figure was in her sight she cast an Incarcerous and the ropes shot out of her wand and tangled themselves around the legs of her attacker. As soon as he slammed into the hard ground his accomplice came tumbling over him. With another snap of her wrist Hermione had both attackers tied up on the forest floor, begging for mercy.

She wasn't surprised to see who it was, nor was she surprised that their fearless leader was nowhere to be found. A Levicorpus spell then had both Crabbe and Goyle's massive bodies floating through the forest and towards the tree line. Through the thick foliage they could hear teachers speaking frantically, as well as a few thick accents. The two oafs began yelling for help, shouting that Hermione was going to kill them. Hermione stayed quiet as she led them to the crowd gathered out on the lawn.

When they broke through the trees the group of teachers, as well as Madame Pomfrey, rushed towards them. Both Crabb and Goyle were still hollering like madmen about how Hermione had attacked them and tried to kill them. Fleur flew into a rage at their words, letting out every curse word she knew in both French and English. Hermione lowered the two screaming boys to the ground gently and released them from their bonds. It took a few tries before they made it to their feet, and when they did they had the gall to draw their wands on Hermione. Professor McGonagall snatched both boys' wands and pinned them a look of such burning hatred that they actually began to sweat. Hermione walked past everyone and over to Fleur, who was being held back by the man that had run to help her and Madame Maxime.

Once Hermione had tucked her wand back up her sleeve, the Headmistress let her student go. Fleur yanked her arm free of the man's grasp and ran to Hermione, throwing her arms around her mate. Hermione hugged Fleur close and took a breath before she pulled back, scanning Fleur over with her eyes she found that her mate had no wounds and she breathed a sigh of relief. Turning, she saw that the teachers had already gone on their way with the students that would need punishment. Only the man remained.

Fleur clutched at Hermione's arm and stepped forward a little and said, "Father, this is Hermione."

The man gave Hermione a once-over before saying, "So, my wife tells me you are a werewolf, and from two of the purest bloodlines in history."

Hermione nodded and said, "Yes sir, that is all true." Fleur's father nodded and began to walk along the path once again, signaling for the girls to follow.

"I want you to know that my wife has also told me everything else about you, Miss Granger." He stopped next to the edge of the forest and said, "Which means I know exactly what you and my little girl were doing last night."

Sighing, the man paused before turning and staring Hermione down. "I did come to find you to tell you that I was angry for the you taking away my little girl's innocence, and for not waiting until after marriage, but watching you today, how you defended her, and the way you were worried about her after the threat was already gone has made me change my mind, Now…while I am still not exactly happy with this turn of events, I will accept your role in my daughter's life as long as you never hurt her. Do you hear me, young lady? Because werewolf or not, if you do I will kick your ass and then bury you somewhere."

Hermione nodded and smiled a little at the man; she liked has attitude. Fleur grinned as well before leaning into Hermione's warm body.

Fleur's father smiled and said, "Now that we have gotten that settled miss Granger, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Monsieur Delacour," holding out his hand he waited for Hermione to shake it.

Hermione grinned and took the hand in a firm grip and gave it a solid shake "It's a pleasure to meet you too, sir."

Monsieur Delacour smiled. "Now then, I am going to go head off to find my wife then meet up with the teachers to talk about what just happened. You two have a lovely day." Patting Hermione on the shoulder and kissing Fleur on the cheek he took off back down the path they had walked.

Hermione and Fleur watched him walk away before turning and smiling at each other, Fleur leaned into Hermione's embrace and said, "See, I told you things would work out."

Hermione giggled and felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders, pulling Fleur tighter to her body she nuzzled the top of Fleur's head and gave it a light kiss before pulling back and capturing Fleur's lips with hers.

Fleur groaned into the kiss when Hermione's hand gave her ass a firm squeeze. Hermione pulled broke the kiss and smiled. "You were right, everything turned out okay, now let's head back inside, okay?"

Fleur nodded and followed along behind Hermione, heading back towards the castle.


Meanwhile, Hermione's parents were meeting up with the Weasley's to go see Hermione. Normally they would never bother their daughter, but with all that had been going on and what had happened to her they felt it was necessary to go visit her.

Hermione's mother watched as the dishes washed themselves, while Mrs. Weasley went on about how much Hermione was a part of her family because of how great of friends she was with Ginny and Ron. "She really is a great girl, Mrs. Granger, Hermione is so bright and focused, I couldn't wish for a better friend for my children."

Michelle looked away from the self-cleaning dishes and smiled. "Yes, my dear Hermione is a bright child, though I fear she isn't going to be a child for much longer, already she is growing so much."

Molly turned to the other woman and sat down beside her "I know what you mean. I look at all my children and see that they are all growing up so fast, even my youngest seems to be maturing at a fast rate." Molly looked to the pictures of her children on the wall before smiling "But, while it is true they will grow up, I am happy to be a part of their lives and watch them reach their dreams and goals in life."

Michelle nodded and stood up as well. "Let's go see if the men are ready to travel, I am so eager to see my Hermione in her school, and meet her friends."

Molly nodded. "Yes, let's go see if they are finally ready."

Both women headed outside to where their husbands stood near the flying car. Upon spotting the women they both smiled, and Arthur said, "Just in time. We are ready to take off!"


Hermione and Fleur had just reached the inside of the castle when a loud scream of "HERMIONE!" reached their ears. Before either could react, Hermione found herself in her mother's arms being squeezed to death in a giant bear hug.

"Mom…." Hermione smiled and pulled her mother up into a big hug when she felt a hand on her shoulders. Turning, she smiled even bigger while setting her mother down. "Dad, you're here as well. What's going on? Not that I am not happy, but why now?"

Michelle was about to respond when she finally saw Fleur still standing a few feet away from them.

"Oh, ummm, hello there."

Hermione pulled back from her parents a little and held out her hand. Fleur smiled and took her mate's offered hand and felt warmth spread through her body and soul when Hermione gently pulled her close and said "Mom, Dad, this is Fleur Delacour." Hermione gently used the hand that was still holding Fleur's left hand and brought it up to her lips, Fleur's ring shining in the light. Kissing the ring and Fleur's hand softly, Hermione smiled before saying, "She is my fiancée."