Sora the Warrior: Into The Wild

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, Warriors, or anything from them. I do however own the design of Sora's Cat form.

Prologue I

Destiny Islands

Sora: *sigh* I wonder what Axel's doing right now.


(The vines of the place inside the treehouse part so that an unsuspecting Axel is spit out of the Kingdom Hearts insignia behind it)

Axel: I'm alive? But that means… I'm whole! Am I on Sora's homeworld? Yep, definitely Destiny Islands. SORA! Huh? This book… I'm sensing a Keyhole in it.


?: SORA!

Sora: Axel?

Axel: (running out to him on the beach) Sora, I'm alive!

Sora: Good to know.

Axel: Check this out. This book has a Keyhole hidden away inside it, but something's wrong. If it's here then there should be…


Axel: Sora, let's go! Then we can see if we can find some sea-salt ice cream! Got it memorized?

Sora: Definitely.

(They fight off the heartless, and soon they disappear but not before a Shadow swipes something from the book)

Axel: Is the book damaged?

Sora: The cat on the main picture is missing!

Axel: I've heard of something like this. In order to restore the book, you must take that cat's place in the book. Hopefully you'll be able to restore the cat to its form. Here, take this lucky charm. It'll allow you to bring your Keyblade into battle if you need it. Just wear it around your neck. Good luck. In order to work the magic to get into the book, you need to read the first few pages. When you go in, I won't be able to help you much.

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