Title: Thing That I Call Love

Rating: T (but it will have some lemon and a little angst, is it okay or should I change it?)

Disclaimer: Only the plot so give the credit to Amano-sensei for the awesome characters.

Summary: Reborn found something in Vongola's library. And it concerns Tsuna and his gene. The Decimo is about to discovers his real identity and real role in Vongola, by time traveling. Tsuna decides that his family is messier than ever. G27

Warning: Lemon ahead, some swearing which you can't ever avoid in any fic that involves Gokudera, Varia and G, OOC Tsuna since he's seven years older.

A twenty one years old Tsuna slowly stretched his limbs. After working for four hours straight since 6am, he was tempted to skip his paperwork and go hiding somewhere. But hey, we all know he cannot do that with a certain ex-Arcobaleno watching his every move. It was like signing his death contract. Tsuna sighed then picked his pen up again and started a new batch of paperwork again. Sometimes, just sometimes, he wished he never won the ring battle and Xanxus can rule the Vongola for all he cares. Tsuna smirked at the thought of Xanxus doing this. He can imagine the face of the man. After all, paperwork is every boss' greatest enemy.

A new set of weight ball for the gym

A new set of frying pan for the kitchen

An alliance with the Barrica Famiglia

Permission for a holiday, Lambo

Tsuna twitched as he read each of the paper. Seriously, what happened to the previous weight ball and frying pan? Wasn't he like, just bought new ones last week? And Barrica, God knows how the boss eyed him with predatory eyes. And Lambo; does that kid has a death wish? 'Coz he can grant it at the moment. He massaged his temple slowly. He would not be surprise if he has grown white hairs and wrinkles. After all, he has witness the impossible. Time-traveling, men-women turned into babies, flames with different colours, an immune to diabetes Barney's clone aka Byakuran, a squad of killing maniac, a tutor that was sent from hell, a melon ancestor that came back to life to kill him,. Long story short, his life was the epitome of impossible.

A knock on the door interrupted his thought.

"Enter." The door was opened and Tsuna saw his tutor strolling in with a bazooka in his hand. Tsuna suspiciously thought the bazooka belongs to Lambo.

"Yes, Reborn? Can I help you?" he continued signing the papers. A shudder makes its way down to Tsuna's spine. He looked up and immediately regretted it. Why, why does the God never shows any mercy when it comes to this guy? What did he do to have this man as his tutor? Reborn was smirking sadistically at him. And Tsuna knew that look. It means trouble.

"Why yes, dame-Tsuna, you can help me. First, put this clothes on." He held up the said 'clothes'. Tsuna choked on his saliva.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" a glare was directed towards him. Tsuna squeaked.

"B-But….it's…?" he eyed the 'thing' Reborn was holding.

"Hurry up, we don't get all day for this." Reborn tossed it to Tsuna. The Decimo looked at his tutor with his doe eyes. Reborn winced at the look. It looked exactly like a puppy asking no, begging for mercy.

"No, you will put it on one way or another." He cocked his gun. Tsuna, if it was possible, looked pitiful than before. He started sniffed slowly like a five year old. Reborn winced again.

Well, his pride was not a matter in this battle, "I'll…..treat you to Apple Cake House if you put it on." He said with a strained and somewhat defeated voice. Tsuna immediately brightened. Reborn, however, knew his offer would have a disastrous consequence. Everyone in Vongola mansion knew better than to feed Tsuna cakes, candies, ice-cream and cookies. The boy would have a sugar drunk that will last for five to six hours. And a sugar-drunk Tsuna is 180 degree different from a normal Tsuna. Let's just say some underworld paparazzi would kill to get a picture of a sugar high Tsuna.

"You promised Reborn!" Tsuna grabbed the clothes hanging on Reborn's hand and proceeded to go to the restroom. Reborn scoffed and sat on the black leather coach. He put the bazooka beside him.

After ten minutes, Tsuna stepped out of the restroom. Reborn looked at his student amusedly, "Wow, I know you had it in you, but really, you look ravishing." He purred. Tsuna blushed from head to toes at his mentor's praise.

The 'thing' that Reborn asked him to put on was a light cream coloured silk kimono. The obi was white and orange sakura flowers was scattered around the end of the kimono. The flowers were small and looked very detailed. He was bare foot thus giving the picture of an innocent goddess from the sky.

Reborn gave a motion to him to come closer. Tsuna followed hesitantly and sat beside his tutor, "Ne, Reborn, what's with this kimono?" he asked as he adjusted the obi. Reborn pulled out two hair clips out of nowhere. How? Well, he's Reborn. The hair clips had several of white and orange coloured flowers each. There were small and big flowers. In the middle of each flowers, they had white pearls base on their sizes. If it's a big flower, it would have a big pearl and vice versa. Both of the hair clips were connected by a string of white pure pearls. Tsuna looked at the pearls amazedly. Reborn smirked smugly. He knew his student has a fetish for white pearls. But it was only known to him, Nana and Iemitsu. Not many knew about this. Hell, if this was known around the underworld, Tsuna would receive the best pearls around the world from his many admirers.

"Reborn, those pearls, they're beautiful…" Tsuna said in daze. Reborn move closer to Tsuna and threw the string of pearls behind his student's head. Then he clipped the hair clips on both sides of Tsuna's head.

"There, look at the mirror." He instructed. Tsuna bounced happily and went to his desk. He pulled out a small round mirror from a pile of papers and inspected himself.

"Wow, are you going to give this to me?" he asked with shining eyes. Reborn chuckled darkly at his student's naivety. He totally forgot that the kimono and hair clips were for a lady when he saw the pearls. Well, it's not like his student was a pure guy by face. He could pass as a girl any day. Hell, he was voted as the most beautiful boss in the underworld by Monthly Mafia magazine, no surprise there. And that was when he was seventeen! Well, he's still lived up to his title until now. Four years in row!

"Why? You like it?" he asked slyly.

"I love it!" Tsuna responded with a big grin. He sat on his leather chair and swung around since the chair was able to swirl 360 degree. He still has the mirror in his hand as he giggled girlishly. Reborn sighed and idly wondered why the boy hasn't been born as a girl.

"Dame-Tsuna." Tsuna looked up to his tutor and boy, was he terrified.

"Don't mess up." Was the last thing he heard before Reborn shoot the bazooka and he was surrounded with purple smoke. Wait, wasn't it supposed to be pinky-winky! Tsuna thought desperately.

Four hundred-something years ago…

Giotto was not having a great day, emphasis on the 'not' word. He was rudely wakened up with a splash of water, courtesy of Florace, the head maid in his mansion. Then the chefs forgot that today was Friday! Can you believe it! They forgot that today he was able to eat as many sweets as he can! But no, they forgot and they don't have anything sweet in their kitchen! So he sent G on an errand to that town to get him all the cakes the town has to offer and now that fucking pink haired man is late! One hour late! It's a torture! Pure torture that makes Alaude's interrogation session sounds like a child's play! And now, here he was, sitting on his chair while trying hard not to poof into a killing machine that will slaughter anyone on his sight.

"GAH! HOW LONG IS HE GOING TO TAKE BEFORE I KILL ANY OF YOU!" he roared furiously. Lampo and Asari flinched.

"M-Maa, I'm sure he have a reason. No need to get edgy." Asari pulled out his one thousand watt worth smile. Giotto growled, obviously not buying it.

"He have five minutes to get here before I carry out his execution." He threatened. Lampo whimpered, wondering why the God hates him so much to be put into this situation.


Well, what do you know, the God answered him! No.

Purple smoke surrounded Giotto. The two guardians immediately brought up their respective weapons. Two coughs were heard, one obviously was Giotto. There was another one that suspiciously sounded feminine. They nodded to each other before Asari waved his hand around to get a clearer view. When the smoke was gone, they were speechless at what they saw.

Giotto suddenly felt an extra weight on his lap and he was sure it was a person since there was coughing. When the smoke was gone, he was stunned. On his lap was a goddess that the God bestowed him to look upon to.

At the exact moment, the door was swung opened and G rushed in like the world was out to get him.

"Primo, I got you your ca…..kes…?" his speech was cut when he rested his view on his boss. His jaw dropped at what he saw. It can't be…..? Giotto, his childhood best friend can't be….?

Sat on Giotto's lap was a young Japanese lady they never saw before. She has a waist length brown hair and some of it was sticking out like a kitten's ears. She wore an obviously large kimono for her. The kimono was light cream and she was barefoot. On her head was two hair clips on each sides and were connected by a string of white pearls which made her looked so cute. But the shocking thing about her attire was the kimono was sliding down and her shoulders were exposed! She looked like a seductress with her kimono like that!

Giotto gulped when he saw the luscious shoulders were presented to him. He tried not to look at her attire and body instead put his attention to her face. Again, he was speechless. She has the most beautiful face a Japanese lady could ask for. She was not wearing any make-up but Giotto knew that make-up was not a list to add to the girl. Her natural beauty was one of a kind.

"Ugh! That stupid Reborn! What does he thinks he's doing! He better hopes I don't get back soon because he's going to broke when I'm done with him! Apple Cake House, here I come!" she talked something in Japanese that no one in the room could make out except Asari. But they managed to catch the 'Apple Cake House' part because it was said in English. The girl then looked around the room with a confused face before it turned into pure horror when she saw his guardians. She looked like she just swallowed a load full of oatmeal.

Trying not to chuckle at the adorable sight, he coughed a little before asked with the best masculine voice he could muster while thinking the possible shop that sells the best cakes in town, maybe on a date sometimes soon? She likes cakes huh?


Tsuna froze. That voice, he knew it anywhere. Hell, he has heard it more than one hundred times in his life! Even though it sounded more real than before, but he was sure whom it belonged to. And if the standing rain, storm and thunder first guardians was no indication, then he was utterly and completely a fool. He slowly looked up, begging the God this was not who he thought it was. Because if it was him, then he better dug his own grave because he was sitting on his lap! When he finally saw who it was, he was ready to break down and cry.

Why? Why the God hated him so much? What did he ever do wrong to deserve this!

'Reborn, when I'm back, you're screwed.'

Trying to hold back the tears, he slowly registered what Giotto just said. Okay, he said hello in Italian. No problem, Reborn has grinded that language into his thick skull since five years ago. And he was pretty good at it. He was damn good at it. Inhale, exhale, there! He opened his mouth to respond.

"Chaos." Shoot! People don't greet a person they just met less than two minutes with a bad word! Stupid Reborn and his disease like habit of greeting people with a cursed word! Why the hell does it has to be 'chaos' anyway! Can't he use another word that would not give him trouble like now! The tears were back. Not just Reborn, he's screwed too now.

'Dear God, if you still have any mercy that is never existed in the first place, please let me live for another day….'

Tsuna looked down, hung his head in depress.

Giotto blinked at the girl on his lap before chuckled. Chaos? That was new to him.

"May I know your name, milady?" he said in a smooth voice. The girl looked up, obviously confused.

It was then Asari decided to speak, "Giotto, she might not understand what did you just asked. Judging by the kimono and her face, she's might be Japanese. Let me ask her." He smiled brightly. It was Giotto's turn to hung his head in depress. How the hell he was going to speak to her if they cannot understand each other's mother language? He thought in depress.

Tsuna looked up, confused. Where the hell questions about his sudden appearance had gone? Why Primo called him milady? Why Asari-san referred him as a 'she'? Why the hell they did not questioned him about his attire? Looking stupid in front of his idol was the last thing Tsuna wished to do. And here he was, wearing a kimono like a pricking girl and greeted him for the first true time with a word that is most likely would get him killed in five seconds flat.

Tsuna was cursing Reborn and probably Giannini to the very core of his black stomach.

"Excuse me miss, may I know who you are?" Asari asked with a calming smile. Tsuna blushed slightly at the smile that reminded him of his own rain guardian. He hesitantly smiled back.

Every man in the room felt their heart skipped at the small smile he was wearing.

"S-Sawada Tsunayoshi." He stammered. But then something hit him. He looked up again and blushed harder.

"HIIEE! I'M SORRY! I DON'T KNOW HOW I LANDED ON YOUR LAP! I JUST GOT THERE! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Tsuna shrieked and immediately get off Giotto's lap. He ran with all his might and hid behind Asari. Giotto looked accusingly at Asari, thinking it was something Asari said that made Tsuna acted like that. Asari was oblivious to the glare his friend was directed at him as he was busy looking at the scared boy behind him.

"Tsunayoshi-san, we won't harm you if you don't mean any. We're just curious. How did you get here and why?" Asari asked with a calm smile. Tsuna immediately relaxed. The sky was always the one that felt the most effect of the guardians, Reborn had told him sometimes ago.

Tsuna opened his mouth to answer but then he felt something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. He'd just noticed something. Why was he seemed a lot shorter than before? He looked up at Asari with confused and scared eyes. Yes, Asari-san was a lot taller than him. He suspiciously looked at his kimono. He frowned, it was loose and the sleeves were longer. He lifted the kimono a bit and grew wide eyes. He was shorter! He was unaware at the blushes on the first guardians' face when he did so.

"A-Asari-san, how old do I look to you?" he asked with a scared eyes and his form was trembling.

"Err…." Asari was hesitated. Why the sudden question? "Fifteen or sixteen?" he said while smiling nervously. Tsuna went stiff. It's official. He was five years younger! Asari looked at him cautiously.

"Are you okay?" he asked with a frown. The other guardians in the room did the same at the worried expression at Asari's face. Tsuna looked down and sniffed a little before he lifted up his face and tears were strolling down his cheeks.

"A-Asari-san, am I cursed?" he asked with a sad voice. Tsuna can't believe it. His life was supposed to be put into shows if it continues like this! What's next! Some random people hitting on him! Oh wait, that happens a lot. Err, Hibari-san smiling and going goofy? Yamamoto going suicide again? Gokudera scream to the world that he fancy maids and even cross dress as a maid himself? Okay, stop. Eww, that last thought was kind of disgusting! Chrome married to Xanxus? Okay, that too was too awful to be true. Sweet little Chrome should have someone like Yamamoto, not a killer beast like Xanxus! Reborn's finally getting married? Okay, that one was too good to be true.

The four men in the room went stiff at the sight of a crying angel. Giotto, outraged, quickly went to Tsuna's side and embraced him protectively.

"Asari, that's no way to talk to a lady! You make her cry! That's bad! Apologize! Now!" Giotto scolded like a mother teaching her child which wrong and which right. Asari blinked. What did he said? What the girl meant by she was cursed? His head was twirling in confusion.

G grew wide eyes, "Giotto! That's no better than what that smiling freak just did! Don't invade a lady's personal space!" G cried out in frustration. Giotto whipped his head to his best friend, finally noticing he was right there with them.

"Oh G, you're here! Where's my cakes?" he asked cheerfully but with a hint of killing intent. The sniffing finally stopped and they all looked at the source. Tsuna looked up with red big eyes.

"Cake?" he asked like a child. Giotto blinked, twice.

"Cake?" the primo repeated. Tsuna blinked.

"I want cake. Cakes help me calm down." Tsuna said with a small voice that only Giotto heard it. Giotto blinked, again.

"Oh, you can speak Italian! Okay! You can share my cakes!" he offered with a big sweet smile that will give you a tooth decay that would never get cure. G, Asari and Lampo choked on air. Giotto never shares his cakes with anybody! Not even his best friend! What the world is coming to! First a goddess fall from her heaven and now Giotto's going to share his precious cakes with said goddess! Where's Daemon when you need him! A demon knows how to handle an angel!

"Nufufufu, oya oya, what do we have here?"

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Oh how metaphoric.

They, included Tsuna looked behind G. There, standing with all his devilish glory, Daemon Spade smirking and eying Tsuna like a predator would. Tsuna shivered at the look he always saw wherever he went.

"Nice specimen you got there, Giotto. Where did you found her? Is she from another family in Japan that was given to you as an alliance gift? I must say, she's quite a beauty. With her look, she can enslave any man she wants. I bet even Ricardo wouldn't refuse her. You wouldn't mind if I have a go with her for one night, don't you?" Daemon strolled in all the while eying Tsuna with hunger. Tsuna froze. He said what?

Giotto glared venomously at Daemon, "Stop your dirty mind, Daemon. She's only sixteen and she can understand what you said perfectly."

Daemon chuckled, "Well, I understand if she's a virgin. She's sixteen, like you said. I'm sure as her master; you want to be the one who claims her virginity. I just hope you would get on with it tonight and I can have her all to myself tomorrow night." He winked at Tsuna flirtingly. Tsuna started trembling. What-what are they talking about…? Claim his virginity? He looked up at Giotto, eyes wide with fear. Giotto noticed the look on his eyes and started to feel fear himself. What if she trusted what Daemon said?

"No! I wouldn't do that! Believe me!" Giotto grabbed his shoulders. Tsuna slowly relaxed, but he's still trembling at the thought of Daemon and Giotto doing it to him. No, he should believe in Giotto!

"Y-You wouldn't. I know you wouldn't do it." He stated with a tender smile. Giotto sighed in relief.

Daemon huffed, "You got an obedient one, didn't you? So you don't want to share her? Fine, if I were you I would do the same too. I mean, come on, she's beautiful, and only sixteen. Hell, I might as well make her my wife so I can have something to wash my eyes with for the next ten years." He exited the office with an annoyed look on his face. But before he was out of their sight, he took one look at Tsuna and licked his lower lip with a smirk. Tsuna froze at what Daemon just did. Tsuna collapsed to the floor as he clenched his raging heart. The guardians looked at him worriedly. Giotto got on his knees and looked at him.

"T-That bastard….. I thought he's loyal to Elena only…" He whispered. Everyone in the vicinity heard him. They narrowed their eyes.

"What do you know about Elena?" G asked. Tsuna looked up with a pale face.

"That…..she's his dead lover…." He answered slowly before realizing what he just said. He clamped a hand to his mouth.

"Not many know about their relationship, Tsunayoshi-san. Who are you?" Asari drew out his swords with a serious face as he said that. G put aside the cake boxes he was holding and grabbed his twin guns from his back pocket. He cocked his guns and pointed one at Tsuna. Lampo also put on his lightning horns and narrowed his eyes. Only Giotto that weren't doing anything, he looked at his friends warily.

"W-Wait, Tsunayoshi can explain herself." He tried to shield him with his own body while trying not to panic.

Tsuna clenched his teeth. Things are just going harder, huh?

And he thought he could eat cakes with Giotto-san then explain everything without bloodshed involves.

Again, he cursed Reborn and probably Giannini to the very core of his black stomach.

And there you go! First they all liked him and now they're going to kill him if he answers wrong.

Tch, tch, tch….. I'm sick…

Well, Giotto is there to save the day! If he doesn't get knock out by his most violently guardians first. That guy would be useless if he is. And he won't get to snog Tsuna senselessly. Poor dame-hime Tsuna~