Title: Thing That I Call Love

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Only the plot so give the credit to Amano-sensei for the awesome characters.

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A scream of pure rage and hatred disrupted the perfect morning in Vongola mansion. Asari, Lampo, Knuckle and Dino looked at the door where the scream burst from. A choked laugh and snicker made them looked behind them only to see the two Vongola bosses were trying hard to suppress their laughter.

Asari placed back his spoon on his bowl and asked calmly with closed eyes and resigned tone, "Okay Giotto, what is it this time?" he asked with a tired tone.

Giotto grinned and innocently answered, "I don't know what you are trying to imply, Asari."

Tsuna snorted which suspiciously sounded like a suppressed laugh. Dino imitated Asari's action.

"What is it this time, Tsuna? And don't try to quote Vongola Primo. I will not fall for that, again." The irritated tone Dino used perked Giotto's interest. Did that meant Tsuna also does this kind of thing?

Tsuna smiled, "Just wait." He answered shortly with a glint in his eyes which made Dino backed down. The men in the room sans the bosses anxiously waited for the door to burst open, which it did a few seconds later. And they all had troubles to keep a straight face.

G stood there, panting with red face. Either of embarrassment or rage, they couldn't decide. The man was wearing pale pink knee length dress. It wouldn't be that disturbing, but the additional laces and ribbons on the dress made it so ridiculously stupid and stood out. Did I mention that it was neck-less? Well, it did.

The spell was broken by Lampo's lazy comment, "Gee, your legs are full of hair like a jungle."

Tsuna grinned, "I told you it was a genius masterpiece." He extended his hand to Giotto.

The blond grinned as well and they did a low-five, "Genius, indeed."

Dino broke into a fit of uncontrollable laughter and Asari politely chuckled. Knuckle for the first time in his life, was speechless.

G was positively murderous at the moment, "WHERE. IS. MY. CLOTHES."

Giotto gave him a thumbs up and grinned with one eye closed, "You look hot, G."

Tsuna was already suffocated at that. Deciding that he'd rather die in G's hand than lack of oxygen which could be written down as the most ridiculous way to die in Vongola's bosses' history, he laughed, hard. Very, very, so much hard.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOD! OH MY, OH MY GOD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" he fell off his chair and rolled on the floor laughing his ass off.

G was twitching violently, "Giotto Taru, give me back my clothes now."

Giotto grinned widely, "Awh, don't be such a party pooper. How about you stay in that dress for the day? I'll give you free-mission day if you agree."

The redhead paused at that. Free-day mission? That sounded so….tempting….. WAIT, he did NOT just think of that, did he? "NO! Oh God, just give me back the damn clothes you bitchy, whiny boss!"

The 'bitchy, whiny boss' pouted, "It's in the storage room." He said reluctantly.

G glared at him, "Wait right there, Giotto. I will slice you to pieces, one, by one, slowly, painfully." The threat passed by Giotto like air. The blond decided that yes, it all worth it. G turned around angrily only to crash to someone.

"Owh! Watch where you're going, bastard!" he glared angrily at the person. Said person raised their eyebrow elegantly.

"What….in heaven's name are you wearing?" Alaude drawled with faint amusement as he looked at the storm guardian up and down. G glared with twice hatred and stomped away angrily. Alaude watched his retreating back then turned his attention to the people in the dining room. His gaze fell on Tsuna and Giotto who looked like cats managed to sweep cream in one swing. He raised an eyebrow again.

"Do I need to ask?" he said in a bored tone as he walked over to Giotto and handed him a folder. Asari sighed tiredly and smiled a bit. "No, it seems Giotto had improved in his prank again."

Giotto grinned, "And it's all because of Tsunayoshi! He was the one who came up with the colour and length! The dress was pure white and long in the first place." He stated proudly. Tsuna chuckled.

"I'm flattered. The master of prank in whole Italy had acknowledged my skills. You hear that Dino? I want everyone on the underworld in our time to know that when we're back."

Dino put his chin on his palm, "How did you managed to get the pink colour anyway?"

The brunet grinned and fished out two objects, "Permanent highlights." He answered proudly as he twirled the two pink highlights between his fingers, "I took out the ink tubes and mixed it with water in a bowl. Then I carefully rewashed the dress. The ribbons came from the leftover of the parts where Giotto and I cut off. We got some helps from the maids."

He put back the highlights in his pocket. Dino was tempted to ask where the hell he got those highlights. But then it hit him that Tsuna always kept unpredictable things at unpredictable times.

"And it's safe to say that you're the one who taught Giotto to say the 'hot' word?" Dino grinned. Tsuna laughed.

"Yes I did. Oh God, I wish I had my I-pad with me. It was so Kodak moment." Tsuna swept away the tears brimming in his eyes.


One week had passed by since the incident. Tsuna and Dino had gotten comfortable in their lives in Primo's mansion. Most maids, butlers and footmen in the mansion thought of Tsuna and Dino as Primo's personal hitwoman and hitman, which had created a lot of commission among other families. They had sent few spies to at least get a detail about the two, which usually ended with Tsuna handed their asses back to them on silver plate. This caused some enemy Famiglia to gotten very cautious of every word about the two.

Giotto looked up from his paperwork and raised an eyebrow at Lampo who had just entered his office. The green haired teen put a white letter on his front.

"What is this?" he asked as he picked up the letter.

Lampo shrugged, "Some letter I got this morning." He turned around and exited the office.

The blond carefully shredded the head letter and fished out one single card. Giotto raised an eyebrow, "An invitation?"


"No." That one word broke the silence that had descended upon the room. G glared defiantly at his best friend who just pouted at him.

"Awh, come on G! I bet it'll be fun. Besides, as the most powerful Famiglia at the era, we should attend the banquet to pay respect to our allies." Giotto grinned when G wavered a bit.

"But you know what consequence it'll bring, right? They'll keep a close eye on the brat and the idiot." G stated seriously.

The blond shrugged, "They handle themselves really well. Tsunayoshi is practically a copy of me and Dino is not an opponent to be taken lightly either."

"Do you think we should tell everyone later that the brat is a guy?" G asked again. The rumours he'd been hearing stated clearly that Tsuna was thought as a girl.

Giotto grinned, "No, let them be. I bet Tsunayoshi would appreciate that too. He'll do anything to keep his identity a secret."

The redhead grunted and stood up, "Anything else?"

Giotto nodded, "Yes, please gather everyone in the meeting room in two hours. I want to tell them after those monsters," the blond glared at a stack of paperwork laying innocently on his desk, "are gone for good."


"So pack your bags tonight. We're leaving tomorrow after breakfast." Giotto announced cheerfully at the people in the meeting room. Alaude grunted and fled away through the window. Lampo lazily gathered himself and exited the room. Knuckle gave them a few words before parting as well.

"By the way, Giotto-san, where's Daemon Spade? I haven't seen him since my first day here." Tsuna asked calmly even though he was shaking lightly inside. Dino, who was the only one noticing his inner turmoil, squeezed his hand beneath the table, an action which did not go unnoticed by Giotto, causing the blond twitched slightly in distaste.

"Don't worry yourself, Tsunayoshi. Daemon has probably by now arrived at the place where the banquet will be held." The Primo gave his descendent a winning smile but inside he was turning into a T-rex.

'RAWR! Tsunayoshi is my cute little descendent! No man can touch him freely without meeting my personal undertaker!'

Just leave the guy with great-great-great-great grandson complex alone.

End chapter.

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