Harry Potter, the Forgotten Son

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Due to some difficulty on my end, I am forced to use a 'screenplay' format on this first part in order to insure that the proper effects are thought of within you, the reader's imagination. I will reframe from using it later but I want just the right thing going through the readers mind for this prologue. I apologize ahead of time it you don't like it.


(Opening: Everything in the background is pitch black except for a throne-like victorian era armchair covered in ornate carvings and deep emerald green cushions. The arms of the chair had two snake shaped carved ends below the small green cushion and the back had a black snake head baring it's fangs stitched with a silver border around it. Sitting in it was a young man dressed in fine clothing that had all been tailored to his size. His pants were a pair of black slacks with dull black dress shoes on his feet and a black belt with a silver buckle around his hips. He had on a white long-sleeved button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up neatly to his elbows while a green tie with small white stripes was neatly tied around his collar. Over the shirt, he had on a dark, ash gray vest that had three silver buttons and a silver and green patch attached to the left breast.)

"Let me tell you a story," the young man hummed with a small twitch of his lips as he leaned back into the chair and adjusted his slim rectangle shaped glasses before running an hand over his scarred forehead and raven black hair.

"A story about a boy... whom was neglected by his parents in favor of the younger sister." he mused coldly with a sharp glint in his emerald eyes, "The boy's name was Harry... Harry Potter, or better known now-a-days as, 'The Girl Who Lived's Older Brother,'."

"Harry Potter was not abused, so do not allow me to give you that impression, but his parents neglect was arguably worse than any physical harm they could've imparted onto a young child. It least if they had hit the boy then he'd know that they knew he existed."

"But no, the boy only three years older than his sister found himself feeling out of place, as if he didn't belong. A house elf by the name of Twilly had been charged with caring for him by his parents after Voldemort attacked and was seemingly destroyed, making Rose the 'Savior' and leading them to believe that they needed to give her all their attention."

"And so, the child faded from the light casted around the Potter family and became a near permanent fixture within the Potter Library, diving into the world of knowledge as his only true escape from the harsh reality of being the 'Forgotten Son', as some of the younger house elves sadly called him when they believed than no one could hear."

"The boy grew in time, not only physically but mentally. By the age of six he had the entire book on pureblood custom by heart as well as many of the ancient and current laws still in effect today."

"By the time his Hogwarts letter came in, the eleven year old had barely anything to do with the others except for his sister, but even then those meetings were few and far between. His parents, shocked by the letter and suddenly remembering that they did indeed have a son, chewed over the fact on how to approach their son turned stranger..."

The young man trailed off, "This story... this is the story of Harry James Potter and... this is my story."


Standing in the middle of their kitchen just after breakfast, James and Lily Potter both stared at the letter sitting on the bar between them... or better yet, James was glancing between the letter and his fretting wife who paced back and forth while ringing her hands and barely holding back tears.

"How could we?" she mumbled loud enough to be heard, "He's our son James, our son!"

"I don't know," the man admitted with his own depressed sigh, "It was only suppose to be until Rose was old enough that we didn't have to always keep an eye on her,"

The redhead finally stopped pacing and sat down heavily on the stood sitting next to the island bar in the middle of their kitchen. "How can we face him?" she asked with a single tear breaking through, "After what we did..."

That single tear was but a harbinger and soon, the dam holding her tears back broke, leaving her crying and muttering how they were terrible parents.

A small pop reached their ears and they turned to see the house elf that had been given the job of doing what they should've done from the beginning.

Twilly, like most house elves, stood just over two feet tall with spindly arms and legs, an oversized head with large eyes, and large floppy ears. But one distinctive difference between her and their other house elves was that she wore a black maids dress with a white apron while the others tended to wear oversized and or mismatched clothing.

When asked about it, seeing as they didn't have any dress code for them, she stated that she wanted to look proper. Add the fact that, while her voice was till high-pitched and squeaky like other house elves, they had been stunned when she spoke in proper english rather than the usual third person that others did.

"Excuse me Masters, but Master Harry has asked me to see if he received anything from the post. I'm sorry to bother you with this but I can't seem to find the post in it's usual spot," Twilly said, her voice expressing that she was mortified and ashamed at being unable to fulfill a simple daily routine that she usually did each day.

"It's ok Twilly," James said to the house elf, "We'll take it to him ourselves."

She looked a dumbfounded for a moment but recovered, "Master James, you don't need to, I'm more than happy to deliver it to him."

The man just waved her off, "No... this is something we need to do."

The small creature looked from James to Lily, noticing their distressed looks and decided against continuing to insist that she take the letter, "Of course... now if you'll excuse me,"

She gave them a small bow and vanished with a pop.


Twilly reappeared with a pop and gave a small bow, "Forgive me Master, but James and Lily got to your Hogwarts letter before me," she spoke with a remorseful tone.

There was a short silence followed by a hum, "I see..."

The house elf glanced up and looked around the bedroom of her young master before finding him sitting near his window in a light blue high back armchair with a book in hand and a glass of orange juice. Next to him was a round wooden table with a silver serving trey on top of it that carried his own breakfast that had been personally cooked to perfection by the best house elf cook the Potters had in their employ.

Setting down a glass of orange juice next to his unfinished plate, which was a full English Breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, black pudding, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, half a tomato, and a piece of toast, the boy slowly placed a bookmark on the page and closed it softly before standing up.

Thanks to the various meals of healthy food that the house elves cooked for him, he was in very good shape and his body showed it. Standing just over four foot seven and weighing over eighty pound with a decent amount of developing muscle.

"So..." he started while wearing his light blue long sleeved button up pajama shirt and matching pants, picking up a folded robe from the back of his chair and pulling it on. "I take it that they came to the realization that I exist?"

She nodded as he tied the robe shut around his form, "Yes Master, James said that they'll be delivering it personally. I'm sorry for not being quicker,"

The boy sat back down, "It's fine Twilly... it was only a matter of time before this happened anyway." he mused before picking his book back up, "Be a dear and prepare a hot bath, I have a feeling that I'll need to relax very soon."

"Of course Master, do you want me to gather your clothing as well?"

"Yes, I'm planning on going to Diagon for my school supplies soon so choose accordingly."

Twilly bowed and started to pop away but stopped, "If your going to Diagon, shall I inform Lord Ragnok that you'll be visiting?"

He nodded and checked the clock on the wall , which looked more like a library than anything else, "Tell him that I'll take him up on that offer for lunch if it's still available,"


Harry settled back into his book to wait for the inevitable meeting between him and his parents. He had finished a chapter on advanced runes and was nearing the end of another that took the previous concepts and added them into a rune matrix when there was a near silent knock on his door.

"Enter," he called softly, never looking up from his book as the door opened with James leading a nervous looking Lily behind him, said woman holding his Hogwarts letter to her chest.

"Ah..." James started, not really knowing what to saw. After all, what do you say to a child that you've ignored for the past seven years? "Can we... ah... talk?"

Harry held up a finger, signaling for them to wait a minute before he flipped to the next page. "I'll be with you in a moment,"

The man nodded unsurely, not like he really knew what he was going to say. But this gave them both the chance to look around at his room for the first time in years.

Aside from a small twin-sized bed pushed into a corner with a small bedside table next to it, a dresser, the armchair he sat in, and the small table next to the armchair, there wasn't much else except for a whole wall full of books and tomes, some of which weren't even in english. The other walls were bare, the off-white paint staring them in the face.

This was so much different from Rose's room, she had toys, games, clothes, and various other things littering the floor that they weren't even sure what her carpet looked like. Her walls had been painted at least twice a year and was covered in posters of her favorite bands and Quidditch teams. But his room was... bland, unexpressive... cold.

Harry bookmarked the page and closed the book with a light snap before looking at them and deciding to act like he didn't know what they wanted, "Now... Can I help you?

The bluntness of his question felt like being struck dead on in the face by a beaters bat.

"Your, ah... your Hogwarts letter came in today," James said starting off, stepping aside and motioning to Lily who was holding the repackaged letter.

Harry nodded, "Ah yes, I've been expecting that," he mused while standing up and approaching them slowly, making them feel as if he were a lion stalking up on two wounded animals. "But you did not have to trouble yourselves with delivering it, Twilly would be more than happy to take such a burden off your shoulders,"

He stopped a few feet away from his mother and held out his hand, waiting for her to hand it to him, only, she seemed to freeze and just stare at it. "Might I have my letter?"

Ever so slowly, she gave it to him.

"Thank you," the boy hummed before turning away and pulling the letters out to read.

"H-Harry!" Lily called, more like croaked.

He turned to the woman with a raised eyebrow, "Yes?"

"When would you... like to go school shopping?" she hastily asked, hoping not to screw up in her nervousness.

"Well I was planning on taking a bath and going just before lunch."


He nodded, "Well... yes, I've been making regular trips for quite awhile now, it's the only way for me to get the things I need."

That made both of them flinch, "You could've asked us," Lily squeaked out, only to flinch when Harry suddenly lost the neutral look on his face and gained a ice cold look in his eyes.

"Let's stop playing games, I know exactly why you both are here and honestly, I'm not in a forgiving mood. So how about you both go take care of your daughter until I inform you that I'm ready to talk."

"But Harry we're sorry!" James pleaded with his son only to get a glare in return, "Ok... ok I get it... come on honey, let's give him time to think,"

With that the man vacated the room.

Lily, close to tears and breaking down in the doorway, slowly turned and looked to her son, "When... when do you think you'll be ready?"

Harry just gave her a cold stare, "I don't know, but I'll let you know... that is, if I remember."


The next year at Hogwarts was... interesting to say the least. Harry had been sorted into Slytherin and quickly established himself as one of the 'Head Slytherins' of the house when Marcus Flint, a student two years over him, tried to strong-arm him around like many upperclassmen tended to do the the new first years, but he figured it was because he was the older brother to Rose Potter. No one really knew what happened but the way Flint kept glancing at the boy and flinching whenever Harry looked in his direction told them that whatever happened was not pleasant.

As such, the other upperclassmen started to be wary of the boy and focused on other students instead, fearing that what happened to Flint would happen to them.

After the first few weeks of class, each professor he had classes with were shocked and awed by how he seemed to know the answer to any question they asked and could perform any spell asked. What was even more shocking was that Snape, a man who was notorious for his hatred of James Potter, had a grudging respect for the man's son and mainly left him to his own devices.

Not long after Halloween, he was considered to be the de facto leader of the Slytherin first years with them listening to what he said and to the surprise of many, had stopped a number of fights from happening between his house and the others, but mainly the Gryffindor students.

He really didn't stay in touch with his family, sending Rose some candy for the Holiday's but that was it. He never really made true friends with any Slytherins, they respected him... and feared him so that was good enough for now. But he did meet a few other students from other houses, mainly from breaking up a few of the many fights his... underlings were involved in.

One such fight happened with five first years ganging up on Percy Weasley when the boy insulted them, calling them dark wizards in training and filthy slimy slytherins...


"What is this?" Harry mused coldly as he approached the six boys in the middle of a empty corridor, having started to explore the castle in his free time to keep in shape. "Five Slytherins all fighting one Gryffindor second year? I must say that I've never been so ashamed."

"He started it!" one of the five growled, glaring at the redhead who had curled into a ball as the younger students had been kicking and stomping him.

"That may be," Harry snapped coldly, "But we are Slytherin, the house of cunning, ambition, and most of all intelligence. Yet here you are acting like a bunch of hotheaded Gryffindors and rushing into a fight."

Their cheeks reddened, writher it be from anger or embarrassment he didn't know.

"Now, leave and go to wherever you belong." Harry ordered coldly before turning to Percy as the five Slytherins left, "Do watch what you say Weasley, next time I might not be able to stop them and I heard what you said. In all honesty I should've left you to their mercy..."


Due to his action, the red head's brothers, Bill Weasley, a seventh year student, and Charles Weasley, a fifth year Gryffindor like the others, thanked him for keeping his brother in one piece and out of the infirmary. Promising him that they'd return the favor later.

But as the winter season passed, the snow melting as everything heated up, students and teachers alike found themselves facing the most stressful time of the year, final exams.

Naturally, Harry scored the highest and even set a new school record concerning the testing scores.




Rose Potter, age 11 smiled as she sat down on the three legged stool in front of the entire school to be sorted. Not nervous in the least, she looked around and spied her older brother watching from the Slytherin table. Just before the fabric of the old sorting hat covered her face, their eyes met and she felt a instant surge of heat engulf her cheeks followed by the voice of the sorting hat snickering at what it found in the forefront of her mind.

'Sorry child, but you will not fit in with the house of your sibling, you'd best go to...' "GRYFFINDOR!"


Watching from his spot at the table, Harry hummed and listened to the mutterings of his house mates as Rose made her way over to the cheering table of Gryffindor students, offering a small polite clap for his sister along with some of the others.

"Should've known that the golden girl would go there," a young blond haired first year sneered a few seats down, "Stuck-up little-" The boy was cut off by a second year elbowing him in the side, "Ow, hey what was that for?"

"Be careful about what you say Malfoy," the boy next to him said lowly, "Don't want to say the wrong thing and end up on the wrong person's bad side."

Malfoy looked a little confused but noticed how the few second and third years close enough to hear them nodded, "What's that suppose to mean?"

A third-year across from the second-year next to him answered the question, "I means don't insult her without a good reason unless you want her brother after you,"

"Brother?" The blond repeated before scoffing, "What's a Gryffindor going to do? If he even looks at me wrong then my father will-" Another jab stopped the boy short.

"Trust me Malfoy," the second-year told him, "Her brother isn't in Gryffindor, he's in our house..." the boy looked away from the blond for a moment and grimaced, "... and he's looking right at you,"

Malfoy turned his head to see who the girl's brother was, ignoring the sorting and soon finding a pair of stony, green eyes looking directly into his own. The stare shattered his confidence and he quickly found it hard to breath, moments later, he was forced to look away or else he'd pass out under the intense stare.

"Listen, here's some advice," the third-year spoke after a minute, "I'm in the same year as him so trust me when I say this, Potter isn't someone you want to piss off. He might be the brother of Rose Potter but he proved that he's more of a Slytherin than anyone else here."

Draco sneaked another glance and to his relief, found that the guy had turned away as the sorting ended. The welcoming feast started and Draco frowned, those two didn't know what they were talking about. He was way more Slytherin than Potter was, in fact, he was the best! Just like his mother said!

And he'd prove it too, he'd show that guy his place and take over the whole house in no time.

In his arrogance, Draco Malfoy seemed to forget just how frightening he thought it was when Harry stared coldly at him or the fact that he was just a first-year while the other was a fourth-year... a highly-skilled and well connected fourth-year at that.

In his brooding, Draco missed the announcement at the end of the feast that the new history teacher had just arrived, revealing the fact that the class would now be taught by Lily Potter.

To be continued...



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